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Health NZ lawyers threaten Liz Gunn to takedown whistleblower data

Health NZ news

Gunn told viewers she had received a letter from lawyers accusing her of breaching the compliance orders made by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) on 6 December 2023.

That ERA case related to the employment dispute between COVID jab whistleblower Barry Young and the Ministry of Health.

Lawyers Simpson Grierson headed the letter ‘Private and Confidential – Not for Publication’.

The compliance orders required Gunn to ‘remove and make no further use of the database, the information or any other unlawfully obtained information.’

Gunn said the orders were ostensibly there to protect privacy, ‘but here’s the rub – not one name, not one single name have they been able to identify from the anonymised data that was put out.’

In any event, Gunn said the exposure of criminality by leaders was a civil duty on every citizen, which outweighed issues of privacy. The data showed ‘criminal behaviour by our previous government in pushing these [ie. COVID shots], and our current government, in looking away from the harm they are doing,’ said Gunn.

The legal letter went on to give examples of ‘infringing content’ and required Gunn to take down, disable and delete it all by 4pm on 22 April, failing which the ministry would take further action. Non compliance could result in the confiscation of Gunn’s equipment, three months imprisonment, or a fine up to $40,000, the letter threatened.

A defiant Gunn asked supporters to stand with her.

In a video yesterday Kelvyn Alp of Counterspin Media vowed to upload the videos for reasons of journalistic freedom and the public’s right to know. He reiterated the fact the data was anonymised.

‘It is a sad day when journalists who should be holding these people to account are forced through compliance to remove information that is of vital interest to the public, especially when you are trying to save lives from the very criminals that are intent on taking them.’

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  1. Do the mental midgets at the ministry really not know how the internet works?

    Do they really think that if Liz takes the database down it’ll be gone forever?

    • Me too.
      …The exposure of criminality by leaders IS A CIVIL DUTY ON EVERY CITIZEN, which outweighs issues of privacy….
      YOU, Simpson Grierson Inc, should be ashamed and be run out of town! Nuermberg Trials? Get it? Maybe do some history research on how ‘public confidence’ can change on a heel.
      Spot the globalist bankster team?
      BTW, MoH are at the moment:
      Hon Shane Reti, Lead Minister (Ministry of Health) …ah, swipe that “Hon” and make it “Con”.
      Then David Seymour, the dude you probably thought who would hold up the flame of accountability (mate, I really thought I could trust you), is associate Minister of Health (Pharmac…says a lot, ay?. YOU dude need to really spruce up, or YOU are OUT!)
      Then Matt Doocey,
      Then Casey Costello.
      What do these public servants not comprehend???
      It’s WE THE PEOPLE!!!
      Get it?
      We will NEVER foregt!!!
      Hell hath no fury like mothers scorned!

  2. Threats of fines and prison for publishing data?
    Back in the day it was: Yoo’s might have an accident if yoo’s talk too much.”

  3. Today, in 1942, the National Socialist government has asked the Reich newspapers to not publish details of the medical experiments conducted upon the Jews. Some reporters were reported to have said that the information is in the public interest but have been stifled by the threat of arrest by the Gestapo.

    • “Today, in 2024, the National Socialist government has asked the corrupted newspapers to not publish details of the medical experiments conducted upon the sheeple. Some reporters were reported to have said that the information is in the public interest but have been stifled by the threat of arrest by the globalist cabal.”
      See, fixed it for you 🙂
      Sry, but I trust u approve.

      • Yes, very much.
        I was making a comparison, perhaps harsh, between what is happening now and what happened in the past.
        It seems that things go around in cycles – different players but similar situations – like we are stuck on a merry-go-round that we do not know how to get off.

        • Mate, “merry-go-round” is EXACTLY how THEY play us.
          As much as we may differ on the j3 thingy, I think we hve something in common 😉

    • I forgot to add that I chose the year 1942 because it is 20 -> 19 and 24 -> 42; i.e. subtract the hundreds digits and reverse the tens digits.

      However, it may be interesting to note that the “final solution” was agreed in the 1943 meeting (a year later than 1942) and the Deagle (?) depopulation forecast is for 2025 (one year later than 2024).

      Umm …

      • Did not forget. Was making deliberate comparison between Nazi medical experiments upon Jews then and Globalist experiments upon the Earth population now. Cycles of repetition – different time, same stuff – coercion and no respect for individual sovereignty.

        It’s always about science, never about love and respect for people.

        • There were no “medical experiments” performed in “death camps” on the joos, no Gods chosen, no promised land, all a great big lie by the “international clique”, they’re demonizing Christian Putin, just like they demonized Christian Adolf in 1930s Germany after the Great One booted out the globalist bankers.

          • You get it.

            We’re fighting the same war Hitler was only this time it’s global and much of the world citizenry is asleep and programmed.

            Keep waking people up. I usually ask, who owns the banks, big pharma, Blackrock, the oil industry, gold diamonds (joowelry) media etc etc.

            Get people questioning everything.

  4. What is Health NZ trying to hide ….when everyone knows someone, who knows someone who sadly demised or has been significantly adversely impacted through the receipt of the vaccine. Surely an aspect of common sense needs to prevail, otherwise the entire vaccination/immunisation programme in New Zealand will be at risk forever. Every medication has a risk of side effect for some individuals…..that includes any Vaccine.

    It is time Health NZ, IMAC, CARM, Medsafe, Health Quality Safety Commission and our Govt faced up to the reality of this situation, front up and help those individuals in need and stop laying blame on the individuals trying to do the job that these entities consciously blindsided and refused to do themselves. Our new Govt has an opportunity to acknowledge, review and put this right, but will they?

  5. Anonymous public health data of this kind shiuld be made public as a routine matter of transparency. Instead the clowns are trying to keep it secret from the public, no doubt on the orders of Pfizered. Health nz are a f***ing disgrace

  6. Can they fine etc without a court order?
    Court orders can be fought.
    Don t let you be intimidated and fight back. I would

  7. I stand with you Liz – exactly what is moh hiding, we all know, so funny and we pay these clowns to hide public information what a joke – ministry of death is their new name

  8. By the time this makes it to court there will be more high profile turbo cancers and sudden deaths. You can’t hide dead people MOH..

    I also stand with Liz and Barry. Good people.

  9. Perhaps the Ministry of Health (Department of stealth?) have not heard of the “Streisand effect”?

    Sensible decisions by Whistle blower and Liz Gunn, she has exposed the Health Department’s elephant in the room.
    There will be no response from the Health Department because there is no excuse for a health Dept causing injury & death.

    Sad that the Ministry of Health continue to kill and injure, just give the false appearance it was safe.

    Sad medical times for New Zealand, and much of the world.
    Condolences to the families of vaccine deaths, and my heart goes out to those injured.
    Please protect our children from financially driven false medical ‘science’, they rely on us and we have let them down.

  10. This is why those who stand with Liz Gunn should ditch the uniparty political system consisting of Labour / National / Greens and for once,…just one time, vote for the NZ Loyal Party in the next election..
    That is, if we all live to see such barring the Deagel Forecast, nuclear war, and the possibility of invasion from whomever…!
    Liz Gunn was attacked by the NZ Police at Auckland Airport, and she is still nursing an injured arm, as are those who went to Parliament 2 years ago and were injured while exercising their Civil Rights.
    & then there’s ‘Operation Katipo’ that always coincides with election day…

      • Operation Katipo is a military exercise held by the NZDF at (s)election time, and is an exercise that could go ‘full-hot’ in the event the major two political parties were booted from office by the voters, and a minor political party won the government and refused to take orders from the Globalists.
        The PTB / Globalist controllers of N.Z. can’t have that, so the (s)election results would be cancelled, and the NZDF and NZ Police working together under Martial Law would then quash any uprisings that would then protest the (s)election cancellation as directed by the PTB / Globalist and the minions of corrupt politicians that serve the same!
        “He who cast the vote decides nothing. He who counts the vote decides everything!”
        – Joseph Stalin

  11. Of course they do…that’s all the political establishment in this now rotten, little banana republic, have left…threats……


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