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Israel launches missile attack on Iran’s Isfahan Province

ABC News has reports Israel has launched a missile attack on a site in Iran.

Iran’s Fars news agency noted explosions in Isfahan province, with state TV reporting flight suspensions in several cities.

There were also explosions reported in Syria and Iraq.

The escalation follows Iran’s retaliation for an Israeli attack on its consulate in Syria, which killed 13 people, including two Iranian generals.

These events occur amid Israel’s ongoing conflict with Gaza, raising concerns about further violence in the region.

More to follow.

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  1. Clearly Israel wants trouble.

    Anyone who doesn’t understand this conflict, research the Balfour Declaration, who was behind that, and the Nakbar.

    The “Israel” of today was set up by Britain and America so they can have some power and control in the Middle East.

    This “Israel” you see is not the Israel in the bible. Innocent Palestinians and Jews have been used as human collateral by their “leaders” and the deep state. Is disgusting on all fronts.

    Make no mistake, if world war 3 clocks off it’s the US deep state and the so called elites in Britain and Europe who started it.

    Don’t for one moment be fooled by the whole October 7 argument. How did a bunch of Hamas people parachute in? Past borders and defences that would alert the IDF if a rat passed by……no no no…..Hamas were ALLOWED to breach the border. There always has to be a false flag to get wars started.

    Sadly innocent people on all sides are the victims of these bankers money games.

    NO WARS.

  2. If anything good comes out of this, it would be that the Mullah regime is destabilized enough such that the Iranian/Persian people can overthrow it. The Iranian/Persian people HATE the Mullah regime and have asked on multiple occasions the US government to help them: In all instances the US refused.

    If the US can give billions of dollars to Ukraine and supply weapons, why can they not supply lots of money and small arms to the Iranian/Persian people? Perhaps it is because they would rather have a large war with bombs/missiles/fighter planes which are expensive (good for the bankers and MIL-Industrial complex) rather than a genuine authentic uprising by the people which is much cheaper.

    It is interesting to note that the US has recently allowed to lapse, sanctions upon Iran that would have stopped it being allowed to buy weapons. The US has also released frozen Iranian assets. Under Obama, Iran got two planes loads of money on pallets.

    • But the iranian people can really take care of themselve. They threw the Shah, a US asset out of Iran, and got rid at the same time of the US domination over Iran.
      Do you really think they need ” the help” of the great satan ??

  3. Israel have declared war on humanity.
    The nanobots they created to be injected into humans were picked up by pfizer.
    Now the suspicious machinery seen in the blood samples of the injected resemble the Israeli created nanobots used to deliver payloads and connect to the internet giving the injected a mac address as stated many times but dismissed.
    Now we have the evidence.
    Truly sick talmudic cultist psychopaths.
    They are waging war against us humans.
    Who do you support?
    Satanic cultists or Godly truthers?

      • Well. It has been patented..
        Invented in Israel.
        The presentation was in 2013.
        Then pfizer got involved.
        The images of the nanobots match those found in blood samples and “vaccine” vials.
        These nanobots are designed to connect to the wifi.
        Sorry… Which part is not true?

        • The part whereby you can pick up MAC addresses with your phone of vaccinated people. That is IMHO not true. The phones pick up various MAC addresses from various electroninc bluetooth emitting devices.


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