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Help RCR get back on air

Reality Check Radio news

Reality Check Radio is off air, and donations are being called for to bring it back on.

The development was announced today on multiple social media channels and on RCR’s website.

‘Uncensored information is LIFEBLOOD for you and your family….allowing you to understand multiple aspects of an issue, and make fully informed choices for your life.


‘RCR needs our help now!!’

‘A New Zealand without Reality Check Radio is a country without a media which holds the government to account and which actually reports what’s going on the world,’ said legendary broadcaster Peter Williams.

Donations can be made on RCR’s website.

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  1. Hardly the only source of alternative news and to be honest, I’m personally a little luke warm about RCR, as I am about he BFD……

    I can’t remember the last time I tuned in……

    • The problem with advertising is that you’re beholden to the advertiser, more so corporates. The potential is for a watered-down RCR, sounding much like MSM. Also, it becomes increasingly difficult to say no once you’ve opened the door to one or two key advertisers.

      • Small time business donations could be useful. Just give them a quick shoutout on air, let listeners know who they could be supporting in turn.

  2. I will admit to being a grifter and listening and not paying. Unfortunately I earn very little, last week nothing at .all. I am not able to work much due to an injury. I am hanging out for retirement as I’ve been working since the age of 14 doing quite manual stuff. Only another 9 years to go! 😂😂😂.

    I do feel guilty not donating any money. RCR – everyone – thanks for all your work I absolutely LOVE everything about RCR and their long form interviews, fantastic guests and excellent hosts. There’s something for everyone.

    I do feel the one thing lacking is talkback though and I am not so into the music either although I live Marie Buskes choices – similar age to myself. 😂

    Surely there is some super rich person who can be a mega donor? I am sorry I have let the side down. I was down to my last $20 the other day and didn’t earn anything last week but I will try and donate next week once a couple of invoices have been paid. Sorry for being a grifter guys.😔

    I hope it’s not long before RCR aid back on air.

  3. We love RCR, awesome people, great interviews, heaps of good information. We will be looking at donating or becoming a foundation member. Suggestion for RCR, do advertising in the style of Brian FM.

  4. When RCR suddenly went off air this morning I thought it was some sort of attack by dark powerful forces. Emails from them & VFF, as well as RCR web site all pointed to the same donation request pages. It looked very suspicious, but seeing this news article it seems like a genuine fundraising tactic, and my fears were unfounded. I love RCR, but that does seem a bit of an extreme scare tactic!

  5. We love RCR and have benefitted massively from the the truth and insights they have imparted, all for free. Sorry to see them succumb to the dollar, or lack of. We’ve just become a Foundation Member. It’s imperative they stay on the air! Come on EVERYONE who listens and feels the same and doesn’t want us living in Orwellian 1984, so set up a monthly donation as well.

  6. Well here’s why I stopped frequently listening very early on initially, and then stopped listening altogether.
    Initially there was too many truly awful music segments and I couldn’t be bothered waiting for those to be over to tune back in to hear the interesting stuff. (If they needed a filler a replay or a talk back/call in segment would have been preferable) and secondly I would have preferred to see the presenters and not just listen to them.
    When I decided to give it another go the final nails were the clear political bias toward favouring NZ first instead of remaining neutral during the election and then the combined RCR/VFF campaign against the wistleblower release. Any remaining desire to support financially was killed off and I dare say was the same for thousands of others

    • I agree about the music, get rid of it and get some talkback happening. As for the other matters, I didn’t mind their political bent, pretty much it was really only anti labour. The problem was that most MPs wouldn’t come on and talk so that left ACT and NZ First to benefit. Good result in the end due to the arrogance of National, Labour the Greens and Maori party.

      Everything else was pretty great.

  7. I was a hard core listener until they rubbished the data drop by NZ loyal in an extremely sad way.
    I witnessed many many half truths where important facts were skirted and significant events played down.
    What is the RCR mission statement?
    To ride the wave of truth for a buck or to expose the deception and empower our people to see “the naked emperor” and guide us towards facility to unify and deal with these saboteur penetrators.
    I believe the former judging by what i have heard.
    Placation. Rodeo clown radio. Scooping up the alts and feeding them sedatives.
    They have the platform. They have/had the audience.
    There are plenty who will work for free for the cause.
    If RCR wants support, they have to take the safety off and make a difference.
    At present they are not delivering.
    The saying is, “sht or get off the potty”
    I will only fund those i trust and rcr blew it.

    • So what? Harden up mate. I don’t agree with them lots of times. That’s OKAY. 🙄

      I don’t like Cam Slaters and Olivia Pearsons views on Israel, but I do agree with them on other matters. I figure I can’t be right about everything so my mind is open to learn and listen to all sides of an argument. I do believe they have lots of waking up to do about Israel, Zionism etc, but I didn’t “WAKE UP” all at once. These things take time.

      Sometimes we have to agree to disagree.

      There js room for RCR and the Platform. I listen to both. Out of principal I will never listen to TV News EVER again. I am grateful to have other options and am mourning RCR being off air.

      Perhaps RCR can just have recorded segmented interview replays and get rid of the music, that will save money. There is little advantage to live broadcast if there’s no regular news bulletin’s or talkback.

  8. For those of you bagging RCR you’re entitled to your opinion but if they go, we the aware, will have NO voice. Do you want that? They may not be perfect but I’m pretty sure without RCR we would currently have a Labour/Greens/Maori Party Government and we’d be screwed- signed up to the IHR and Tribal privilege etc. Think about that.

  9. I never received anything of value from RCR. I had previously wasted too much precious time listening to crap music and bull on RCR while wishing I might eventually hear something useful but never did after wasting far too much time. And I haven’t tuned in for ages. I won’t waste precious prime time just after work on TV news either. I sometimes turn the radio on in the car and might get hit with occasional news bites intermittently. I therefore have no reason to take RCR seriously and won’t contribute.

    It’s also a fallacy to present RCR as the only alternative to corrupt news media. Real news is not anyone’s monopoly. Gossips always existed in human societies for thousands of years – and news media are just professionally-organized gossip-mongers. So the news will continue in one form or other and it’s my choice what I think of it at the time and whether I consume it or not at the time.

    And by the way, I remain unjabbed against covid as a result of simple logical scientific deduction – and nobody else helped me reach my conclusions. Perhaps I’m not in the target audience for any news media because (a) I think for myself and (b) if it ain’t useful, I switch it off.


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