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Gardening with Wally Richards: Minerals from the ocean

Ocean minerals opinion

A reader recently asked me to write an article about the advantages of using pure salt from the ocean in the garden for its mineral and sodium component and also using the same to kill weeds.

Lets firstly look at the weed control aspect of salt; this can be refined salt like table salt that is just about straight sodium chloride having had all the other minerals stripped from it.

Then there is pure ocean salt which has been sun and wind dried from ocean water that ideally has 114 minerals and elements in it.

As a weed control either will work but the better one to use is the unrefined salt sold in 25 kg bags from farm supply places branded as Dominion Salt, Agriculture salt, Grade 11.

Salt comes into its own when there are weeds growing in cobbles, paving, paths, tracks, driveways, waste areas and where there are well established trees and shrubs.

For instance if you have a wooded area that has been taken over by wandering jew and you throw a lot of salt at it, the weed will die without any adverse effect on the trees.

To make the job easier with wandering jew would be to cut it down low with a weed eater or slasher and then throw lots of salt at it.

Later if any new growth is seen spot treat with more salt.

On cobbles etc cover weeds with salt and lightly water to start it breaking down and killing the weeds.

Do not use in gardens where preferred annuals and perennials are growing as it is likely to harm them also.

The other use is for the minerals which is Wallys Ocean Solids (not refined table salt) that is used to get all the minerals from the ocean into your gardens to improve the health of the plants.

The deep blue water of the ocean is rich in minerals and elements, in fact all the 114 elements known to man.

These elements are also in perfect balance for living organisms, health and well being.

Back in the 60s/70s a Dr Maynard Murray did a incredible amount of research into ocean solids and wrote the book ‘Sea Energy Agriculture’ Nature’s Ideal Trace Element Blend for Farm, Livestock and Humans.’ It is currently published by Acres USA.

Maynard dissected hundreds of ocean creatures and never once found tumors or disorders in their organs.

Doing the same to fish from streams and lakes, many were found to have tumors etc.

In one case he dissected a 100 year old whale and found its organs in pristine condition as good as a newly born whale.

Maynard realised it was the ocean water, rich in minerals that allowed the creatures living in it to be so free of the ills that effected fresh water and land creatures.

We know that at various times, all land masses were for periods, under the sea.

When a land mass arises from the sea it is mineral rich and once plant life establishes on the land it too is rich in minerals.

But over time through rain, erosion and leaching a lot of the minerals gained by the land are lost back into the sea.

It is interesting to note that in isolated pockets on the planet, where because of the terrain, that leaching does not take place.

People living in these pockets more often than not live to over a 100 years of age, in excellent health.

The reason, Maynard says, is because of the mineral rich diet they have, which allows the cells of the body to replicate perfectly, slowing right down the aging process and maintaining very healthy organs.

Maynard believed that if you give a plant all the possible minerals and elements it may need to grow as it should, then that plant would not be susceptible to diseases common to it.

Trials proved this point by supplying Ocean Solids to say nectarine trees in a row. Every second tree received the solids, the others being the controls.

Then curly leaf disease was sprayed over all the trees.

After three years the controls had all died and the Ocean Solid trees never showed any signs of the disease.

A number of similar trials were done on various plants with the same results!

Maynard took this a stage further by growing various crops of grains with Ocean Solids and feeding them to 200 female mice (C3H) that had been bred to always develop breast cancer which in turn causes their death.

200 more of the same C3H mice were fed conventional foods of whom all died within the normal 9 month period that their condition dictated, during which time they produced the normal two or three litters (all to die later).

The Ocean Solid fed group were sacrificed at 16 months and a definitive examination revealed no cancerous tissue.

This group also produced ten litters and no sign of the cancer in the off spring! The Ocean Solids grown foods had removed the cancer.

If we take this to the next stage then people that grow their own vegetables and fruit with Ocean Solids will be able to have in their food chain all the minerals that those vegetables are capable of taking up.

Maynard found that vegetables etc were capable of taking up about 20 to 60 odd elements dependent on the type of plant.

On the other hand wheat and barley are capable of taking up all the 114 odd elements if available.

This is why wheat grass juice become a very important plant in our health/ food chain.

Two aspects of this have become very important in my concerns for plant health and people’s health.

If we use Ocean Solids in our gardens along with other natural plant foods, building up the soil life populations, including the worms, then we will have very healthy plants that will not suffer from diseases unless they become stressed for some reason, or reach the end of their days.

If we grow our own vegetables, fruit and wheat grass with Ocean Solids our health can greatly improve, markedly reducing the possibility of many ills such as cancer.

Think of it, healthy roses, plants and gardens along with better health for you and your family.

Use rates are: New or existing gardens; 35 grams per square metre on gardens, sprinkled on and watered in.

Use at the above rate for first year and then at half the rate for years 2 to 5. No further applications then for 5 years.

For trays or container plants use at a tablespoon per 4.5 litres of mix. (Scoop supplied does 18 Litres Mix).

As a spray: One tablespoon to 4.5 Litres of water spray over foliage to run off. The Purpose for the spray, is as a natural insecticide, fungicide and foliage feed.

Use only Bi-Monthly and late in day when sun is off the plants.

As plant food: Use at 1 gram per Litre of water. (Also same for adding to Hydroponic solutions).

Bear in mind that the above use rates on to gardens will over time, with other natural products, bring up the health levels of the plants.

Some plants will respond fairly quickly where others may take a season or two to see really good changes.

Plants in stress because of lack of moisture etc can still have problems, even with this program.

Good gardening practices are also needed.

If you are a fishing person and go out to the blue waters of the ocean then take a Jerry can with you to fill with ocean water.

Back on land dilute 1 to 10 and spray that over your soil and plants. Repeat about every three months.

If not fishing at sea then use the product Wallys Ocean Solids. Apply to you food crops for your better health.

Now here is an interesting thing I came across this week.

Some cities in Belgium have offered free chickens to households and one of these would supply three hens to any household and 2000 families took up the offer.

They put the hens in a moveable wire cage with a nice weather proof little house attached and moved them every couple of days around their lawns or property.

The first month the landfill food waste dropped by 100 tons. (Wow a hundred tons in one month from 6000 hens easting scraps and producing about 3 eggs each day for the families).

On a different note ever wondered why Israeli has such power of America?

Well this may help explain why from a short clip.

Image credit: Mathyas Kurman

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  1. My goodness Wally, two for the price of one. Interesting item on seawater and to cap it off a link to a brilliant expose of the Israeli modus operandi. You’ll be falling out of favour with Rodney & Cam at RCR if you keep this up ! Well done.


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