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High Court orders Baby W be placed under temporary guardianship order

Baby Will has been temporarily placed under the guardianship of the High Court.

The decision was released today just after 6pm.

NOTE: The Care of Children Act 2004 prohibits publication of particulars that may lead to the identification of Baby W.

A summary is provided on the Courts of New Zealand website as below. The full judgment which DTNZ is currently analysing is available in PDF here.


Urgent application for order that six month old Baby W be placed under the guardianship of the Court pursuant to s 31 of the Care of Children Act 2004, for the purpose of surgery and related medical issues including the administration of blood and blood products. Te Whatu Ora, Health New Zealand, Te Toka Tumai seeks to have the medical specialists appointed as agents of the Court for the purpose of consenting to surgery and related medical issues, and the parents otherwise appointed as general agents of the Court. The parents oppose the application. The parents accept the need for surgery but have not consented to blood transfusion because of concerns that the blood will contain COVID-19 mRNA vaccine with spike proteins that are not safe for Baby W. The overriding issue is whether the proposed treatment is in Baby W’s best interests. Parents seek to join NZ Blood and Organ Service (NZBS) and seek an interim order against it. Two interrelated factual issues underpin the dispute:

  • (1) whether the clinicians’ proposed use of NZBS blood products is safe; and
  • (2) whether the parents’ proposed use of directed blood is a safe and viable alternative.

HELD: Parents’ application for joinder of NZBS and interim order declined.

Substantive orders made:

  • (1) placing Baby W under the guardianship of the Court from the date of the order until completion of his surgery and post-operative recovery to address obstruction to the outflow tract of his right ventricle and at latest until 31 January 2023;
  • (2) appointing Dr Finucane and Dr Magee as agents of the Court for the purpose of consenting to surgery to address the obstruction and all medical issues related to that surgery, including the administration of blood and blood products to Baby W. where the administration of blood and blood products is in accordance with the good clinical practice and in the best interests of Baby as assessed by Dr Finucane and/or Dr Magee;
  • (3) other than the matters in (2), appointing Baby W’s parents as general agents of the Court for all other purposes;
  • (4) directing Dr Finucane and Dr Magee to keep the respondents informed at all reasonable times of the nature and progress of Baby Ws condition and treatment; and
  • (5) reserving leave to the parties to apply to the Court for a review of these orders should this be warranted.

Update to follow.

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  1. Sickening!! This has opened the door for the government, injustice departments, surgeons and the like to override parents wishes for their children. Tomorrow I will be speaking to and emailing nz blood. I will be withdrawing my unvaccinated blood donations effective immediately. Nz blood have lost my trust, and my support and have shown to be sneaky and without moral conscience. While my blood is still mine, and while I can still choose what to do with it I cannot and will not in all good conscience ever be donating again.

  2. The judges are all indoctrinated into the Great Reset. If it was about health, then they could have simply used the un-vaccinated blood.
    Who was the judge, by the way?

      • Wasn’t possible ? who said why not – is the Judges name God ? No it is Not. That Judge does have the power to grant a stay of proceedings for further consultation even if he does not have the power for the final decision or outcome. The Govt. just want this over and done with so they can carry on with the NWOs Infanticidal Genocidal Depopulation orders they are beholding to. This BS from the NZ Govt is going to come to a head much soon sooner than they expect, the feeling on the ground now is of a deep seated white hot anger !!!

        • Justice Ian Gault formerly of Belly Gully. Belly Gully assists NZ government in global negotiations to secure COVID-19 vaccine portfolio. This is a major conflict of interest!

      • The family and friends had spent many hours preparing and arranging for people to get appropriate screening by doctors to select suitable donors for baby Wills operation. There had been time to collect the blood before this blew up into a court case. It does not make sense that direct blood donation be mentioned. Although the fact that the Judge had been involved with the law firm that signed off for the “vaccines” to be purchased for supply to NZ sheds some light on why that excuse came forth.

  3. Is it appropriate to turn to violence yet?

    I mean, are we all REALLY just going to sit back and watch them legally euthanise this child?

    I’m finished. I’ve reached my limit. Don’t want to be here anymore. These two little islands of North and South Soddom and Gamora need to sink back into pacific’s crushing depths forever.

    I’ll be looking into emigration from tomorrow morning, I’d advise any of you who love your children to do the same.

    Fuck this shit

  4. A cruel, callous and cowardly decision by a truly pathetic unethical judge, but completely unsurprising sadly. The corruption of New Zealand ‘s judiciary is extremely concerning.

  5. Devastating for Wills parents. I don’t believe this decision is in the best interests of Will. Deeply saddened. I have completely lost faith in NZ health system and the Justice system. Lost faith in the Government and Jacinda Adern approx 2 yrs ago when the decisions and advice coming from both were contradicting and confusing, with further research Jacinda Adern was lying to NZders and her lies have continued. Shameful

    All we can do now is pray that baby Will has the best outcome for his life ahead

  6. Effectively vaccinating the baby with blood they have no evidence is safe. And we all know of the risks – life shortening cardiac events, deaths and blood clots, many of which can only be detected by D-dimer tests. The judge may be signing a death warrant. A tragically sad day for NZ. No justice in our courts, for sure – a heartless, misguided judge with no empathy for the agony the parents are going through, and clearly he hasn’t done his due diligence over these injections, but ignorance will be no defence.

  7. Shocking! Crimes against humanity don’t get much worse than medical experimentation on babies.

    I really feel for baby Will’s parents trapped in this grotesque nightmare.

  8. All New Zealanders should take a lesson from this incredibly sad situation for this family.
    This loving and caring family wanted the very ‘best’ for their child..overruled through a Court process. Informed consent for all things health has become a white-wash of one sided indiscretion by the Medical fraternity.
    I was once fit to be an organ donor and passed all the workup Pathology testing and 2 months later received a vaccine. I was literally ill, now have severe autoimmune issues and have been medically classified as ‘hyperimmunised’. This cannot be solved even through the use of ‘immune suppressing type medications’ without further side effects. The WHO recognise this, yet the NZL medical fraternity refuse to!
    I would happily be a donor of blood or organs but now I presume they would not accept me!
    My Medical records tell the story, but the profession will only pick the pieces out that fit the political narrative.
    The NZL blood service would probably accept my blood donation but would they think to test to see what my hyperimmunised state and associated (now abnormal immunological blood results due to vaccine) would do to a recipient…of course not…they are desperate!
    If Medsafe can’t state with honesty and CARM can’t collate with accuracy and transparency pivotal information surrounding adverse reactions, then how on earth can the NZL Blood service stand by their processes? And then there is the Medical fraternity under duress by the MOH officials and the Immunologists attempting to hide the issues under the mat….v
    Vaccine adverse reactions appear to be NZL’s best kept Medical secret!

  9. Way back when this pandemic started, NZ took the view that the virus was to be eradicated.So our wonderful politians (on the instruction from WEF) shut the borders. I guess it seemed a good idea at the start, but I am sure Billy Te Kahika’s documentary will show the lie up for what it is a Dammed Lie. I digress.
    It seems to me that the idea of shutting the borders also extended to learning, observing from what was being revealed abroad regarding these vaccines and the harm they cause. Anyway I am no expert and sometimes the scientific stuff confuses me. I read the reports of the Pfizer executives telling the European Parliament that the “vaccine” was not tested before roll out. All over the Internet experts are telling the truth about these “vaccines”. Our experts seemed to have closed their eyes, ears and mind to all the scientific data available about the horror of these “vaccines”
    Experts like Michael Baker and his ilk have done irreparable damage to the people of New Zealand and need to be cancelled. Better they should be bought to trial.

  10. The symbolism is apparent.
    Helpless baby comes to earth at Xmas time. The authority figure has the power to protect him but doing so would jeopardise his own personal power and position. It’s difficult to stand up to this frenzied, bloodthirsty mob who demand their own way and won’t back down. The mob make clear their intention to kill the innocent one. The authority figure knows what he is doing is wrong, but he chooses to follow the path of least resistance and hand over the baby to the mob as a sacrificial lamb. He can stay comfortably removed from any consequences by washing his hands of the matter.

    • His hands will never be washed of this matter, Will’s blood and life are now forever upon them, there will never be any comfortable remove for this judge.

      I feel greatly for Will’s parents!

  11. This Government and all its machinery has at last revealed its blackened soul. That this can happen in New Zealand of all places, sickens me to the core. The Judges are not judges but lackies. They will do what they are told, the courts are blind and deaf to reason, to the rights of Kiwis to judge for themselves what is best for them.

    It is now established, we as citizens no longer have any rights in this country. Neither do we have a voice. Neither will we be listened to as signaled in Wellington earlier this year. Enough is enough. The Government it’s ministers and servants have crossed the line, and will soon learn what kiwi resolve really means.

    They could have saved themselves a lot of pain and anguish but it’s too late now. Whatever may come will be laid at their door…

    • The NZ Govt. crossed the line when they made the first payout to the parents of children who died from the the jab. That ‘hush’ money sealed their fate as being party to the Genocide. They knew damn well what caused the deaths of those young children but still pushed the jab to keep NZ ‘safe’. It is we the citizens that need to be kept safe from them. They violated the Nuremburg Codes and are therefore guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. They are keeping baby Will locked in a medical facility under guard to perform a medical procedure that is not going be in baby Wills best interest using any form of contaminated blood against his parents wishes. This is a Josef Mengeles WWII Nazi Germany scenario being played out right now in the eyes of the NZ public. This is a War crime and all those involved in the mechanics of this need to be hanged.

  12. I guess this case now officially nullifies the Health and Disability Commission – Patient Code of Rights.
    Is this the next pending Govt announcement?
    An incredibly sad inditement on our 3rd World Medical fraternity.

    This amazing little man has now in effect made history for every NZLrs medical treatment going forward …let’s hope little Will gets to have a long, happy, healthy and fun filled future ahead! Full credit to his parents for putting him first, for their immense Love and care…our hearts and thoughts are with them…this is all so very sad!

    • Good luck to the doctors and lawyers and politicians. Hope they enjoy the victory lap, all those shiny new precedents they think they’re setting. Fuck bodily autonomy, fuck the Bill of rights, you will have nothing and you will be nothing and you will be happy.

      No, I’ll be flying off into the sunset shortly, but they’d better hope and pray to whatever corrupt satanic idol they believe in that nothing befalls one of MY children in the interim. Because I won’t take this horse shit lying down, I won’t politely go to court and let a bunch of other rotten corrupted people decide MY child’s fate.

      I’ll end up in prison for doing something indescribably horrific to someone important. There will be STUFF articles and Netflix documentaries about me for years to come, THAT’S what will happen.

      And just to be clear, that isn’t hate speech or a call to violence, it’s just a statement of fact. This is a deep simmering anger. This is a rage from something primal still buried somewhere deep in the human DNA, and I KNOW I’m not the only one feeling it. These people, our so-called elites, have crossed the rubicon. They’ve taken and taken and taken from us almost to the point where you ask yourself what’s the use in even paying taxes or being part of their society anymore. And now they’re literally taking our children away from us. This is an irreversible betrayal, people need to start hanging from street lights over this.

      I can’t be here anymore. For my own children’s sake, I have to remove us from the equation. If you’re still good and decent and love your children, get out now while you still can. This is an evil country, sorry/not sorry.

      • I feel as you do, something in me as you say the primal instinct to protect your children from this sort of medical tyranny. I love it when these Doctors say that baby Will needs their blood to save his life are these Doctors Dr. Josef Mengeles reincarnation or what ? Blood from the vaxxed is contaminated forever the jab was designed that way. The jab is not a vaccine it is a depopulation bioweapon as I stated it was 2 years ago. Yes I am an anti vaxxer yes I am a conspiracy theorist but I tell the truth because all Ihave been saying over the years has come true. This could be the sword Jab sin da and her evil Govt. fall on. If anything adverse happens to baby Will I think NZ is in for a civil war. And yes I predicted that 2 years ago as well. I moved to Aust. 30 years ago after the Rugby Apartheid protests and Waterfront reforms when NZ started playing with big bully boy tactics. But the NWO rot is starting to take hold here too in fact all Commonwealth countries. Good countries to move to include Columbia of all places Portugal Bulgaria but I am startind to warm to Penang in Maylasia.

  13. Utterly disgusting! It’s OK to flat out refuse blood on religious grounds, even if that decision results in death! I’m not saying i disagree with that, in fact quite the opposite. Medical autonomy and freedom of choice are paramount! But if that’s ok then how on Earth can people even begin to think this is wrong. And not just that they are refusing them these basic human rights, but to now use it to remove their guardianship!!
    Mind blown 🤯

  14. Natural justice denied in the vassal state. Shocking to see the claibre of the judges, which can be traced back to the poor quality eduction the Universities are providing for decades. Most lawyers have become greedy and using the justice system to enrich themselves. Social degradation is happening and we will hit the rock bottom as a society soon. The pillars of a fair society are the judiciary, police and the civil admin servants. These pillars are now showing the rot and the fairer society wilkl collapse.

  15. There are no decent words for the judge who would not support the parents. They were asking to do the procedure in the lowest risk way possible. To increase the risk to this baby in order to push a tyrannical agenda is more than inhumane. God will judge this man harshly just as we the Godly people do! I pray the parents find a positive path. Perhaps appeal with negative outcomes from tainted blood, or travel to a more rational country if he can withstand the trip.

  16. This is beyond horrendous What has New Zealand become? What have THEY done to my country, to my people? This will end badly, very badly.

  17. Judge Gault’s full decision is available from the High Court at:
    I have read it all and it appears to me as a rational analysis of the arguments and evidence put before him.
    Baby W will be in safe hands at Starship.
    Judge Gault at s[69]:
    ” [69] I make the following substantive order:
    (a) Placing Baby W under the guardianship of the Court from the date of
    the order until completion of his surgery and post-operative recovery to
    address obstruction to the outflow tract of his right ventricle and at
    latest until 31 January 2023.
    (b) Appointing Dr Annabel Kirsten Finucane and Dr Alan Magee as agents
    of the Court for the purpose of consenting to surgery to address
    obstruction of Baby W’s outflow tract of his right ventricle and all
    medical issues related to that surgery including the administration of
    blood and blood products to Baby W, where the administration of blood
    and blood products is in accordance with good clinical practice and in
    the best interests of Baby W as assessed by Dr Finucane and/or
    Dr Magee.
    (c) Other than the matters covered in (b) above, appointing Baby W’s
    parents as general agents of the Court for all other purposes.
    (d) Directing Dr Finucane and Dr Magee to keep the respondents informed
    at all reasonable times of the nature and progress of Baby W’s condition
    and treatment.
    (e) Reserving leave to the parties to apply to the Court for a review of these
    orders should this be warranted.”
    Note partucluarly (c) and (d).

    • No Douglasr, it’s not a “rational analysis of the evidence put before him”. Not by a long shot.

      What it is, is unprecedented government overreach, a nullification of the Bill of Rights, an absolute railroading of the parents sacred and natural duty of care over their children and a DANGEROUS precedent for the rest of us who have kids of our own. It is precisely a MISCARRIAGE of justice, yet another example of our corrupt institutions working in service of their masters and against the will of the people.

      NO ONE is worried about the baby being in good hands at starship hospital. No one doubts the doctors, as woefully deluded and brainwashed as they are, will do everything in their power to save this child’s life. What we’re concerned about is what happens AFTERWARDS, when the doctors and lawyers and politicians and media have all pat themselves on the back for a job well done, and the parents are released from their de facto imprisonment in the hospital and finally get to take this baby home. What happens in the months to come when he starts developing strange symptoms that “baffle” all the so-called experts? Excuses and arse-covering are all these parents will get while they watch their baby slowly suffer and wither away. We all know it already.

      Jesus Christ, how are we allowing this to happen?!

      Everyone can see the numbers ticking up daily. All the sportsmen, the celebrities, the fucking DOCTORS worldwide mysteriously “dying suddenly”.

      Gee whiz, nobody can say for certain just what’s causing it, but we definitely know it CANNOT be the mass medical procedure governments FORCED 70% of the world’s population to take part in. That’s just CRAAAZY conspiracy theory! Here, have another Big Mac and STFU 😉👍

      They can arrogantly laugh and mock and call us every name under the sun, but those strange coincidental deaths just keep ticking up, don’t they? Nothing they say or do can stop it.

      This child is going to die because he had the misfortune of being born in a geographic location inhabited by a moronic cult of low-information zombies who are too lazy to think for themselves, so they just do and say and believe whatever the nice government news man on TV tells them to. This is murder, pure and simple.

      But hey, at least we have clause (c) and (d) right? At least Doctors Baal and Satan’s mistress will keep the parents informed as they poison their baby 👍

      • I agree. What I’m struggling to get my head around is that mRNA is not approved for children under 5 yet in this poxy country. So how can this evil judge be working within the law if even the most miniscle amount of this toxic shit is in blood that is given to baby Will. How does it work for pregnant mums who’s baby’s uptake everything through the umbilical cord or is that just a conspiracy theory now? Unborn babies, and children under 5 do not have approval for mRNA shots in this country, yet they are getting it!!!
        Time to stretch some necks me thinks, or good old fashioned street justice.

      • Just to give you an overview into the NWOs plans for NZ it includes depopulatrion by 80%. Alarmed at that ? it gets worse much worse. You may have heard of IKEA wanting to buy up large cattle and sheep stations and the like to plant pine trees for green farming carbon credits. Well these plans are now in full swing. You see the ‘Elite’ want NZ to be one big hunting gaming and fishing lodge. Did you note all the huts in the Ureweras being removed. The ‘Elite’ want to put their own massive lodges there. Remember the movie ‘The Hunger Games’ ? well the ‘Elite are so smarmy with themselves they show you in a hollywood movie what they are going to do in future years. The Hunger Games movie was about hunting people which is still practised in some parts of Europe today away from the public eye. You can thank the Govt. for selling the country out to this type of dystopian nightmare world NZ is soon going to become. If that does not make you angry make sure you can run fast or leave the country in the soon near future. The Govt. does not value human life anymore they are just there to free load self serve for everything they can lay their hands on before they will probably leave too..

  18. New Zealand’s shame….I’ll never donate to a blood bank again and I will make plans to leave this country behind as soon as its practical.Why should I pay taxes for a system I see as utterly, irredeemably, broken.

  19. Has anyone addressed the elephant in the room? This was a winnable case. If you read through the Judgement, there are some errors that had me scratching my head.

  20. It makes sense that evil has a particular penchant for attacking the good. Evil hates the good in people. And bullies hate the good in people. So evil and bullies hate good people per se. It is no coincidence therefor that evil sent one of its darkest, most zealous minions – Arderne – to lead the take down of traditional New Zealand society. The kiwis, like the Canadians, are known to be decent, family orientated people many of whom have a strong faith of one form or another. These are the values that create a communal strength in society to be reckoned with. And that is exactly the kind of society that evil is most anxious to destroy, seeing it as a threat to both its existence and its agenda.


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