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Hipkins’ popularity plummets according to latest poll

1News Verian poll news

The latest 1News-Verian poll reveals minor shifts in party seats since the October election, with Labour gaining one seat while ACT and NZ First each lose one.

Despite these changes, the coalition of National, ACT, and NZ First would still hold a majority with 65 seats, surpassing the required 61 needed to form a government.

Opposition leader Chris Hipkins suffered a major downturn in popularity, with a 10-point decline in his preferred prime minister rating.

Party standings are: National – 38% (48 seats), Labour – 28% (35 seats), Greens – 12% (15 seats), ACT – 8% (10 seats), NZ First – 6% (7 seats), and Te Pāti Māori – 4% (6 seats).

For the preferred prime minister, Christopher Luxon remains steady at 25%, while Hipkins drops to 15%. Other notable figures include Winston Peters at 6%, David Seymour and Chlöe Swarbrick both steady, with Swarbrick rising two points to 4%, and Jacinda Ardern up one point to 2%.

The poll surveyed approximately 1000 eligible voters and carries a margin of error of 3.1% at a 95% ‘confidence interval’.

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    • Polls mean literally nothing (especially when conducted by 1news).

      “We asked 8 left wing voters and 2 conservative voters who they were most likely to support. Ardern would win an election today by 80% of the vote!!”

      Uh huh, fascinating.

      “Scientific” polls 😒👍

  1. Whats really apparent from this is none of these people have the support of anything close to the majority of New Zealanders….good to see people “wake up”, if only a little…..

  2. Looks like at least 44% of New Zealanders are brain-dead.
    But there is a silent majority who never answers these wrought polls and who have given up trusting government.
    When the s*** hits the fan, and it will soon, financially and economically, this will change. Not the trust, but being silent.

  3. Ardern Hipkins and Bloomfield should have been jailed
    Instead they are rewarded
    How do You become a multi millionaire on a PM’s salary?
    Which the results of their maleficent actions are likely to rebound and reverberate throughout the fabric of NZ Society for generations to come
    A massive deception and fraud perpetrated against the people of NZ in lockstep with the aspirations of their WEF puppet masters
    The actions of Trevor Mallard as Speaker of the House it would seem would also have to be drawn into question
    With China crashing the NZ economy is now in a fragile and perilous condition which is likely to have disastrous consequences and outcome
    What people should be focusing on now is the WHO Pandemic Treaty which if signed will take the criminality of these actions up another gear and into overdrive

    • “The actions of Trevor Mallard as Speaker of the Housewould seem would also have to be drawn into question ….”.
      How can a C* like trevor walk freely? Really? A traitor to the people he was supposed to speak for? Turning on sprinklers and laughing! Calling in the fascist brigade to clobber free-spirited New Zealanders??? Does this trevor creature have descendants in Godzone? When is Enough really Enough?
      2) The WHO Pandemic Treaty seems to have been derailed because it’s so obviously wretched.
      But what has not been derailed yet is the minions of the WEF (the same scum that forms all of the think tanks…WHO…UN…NATO…Trilateral Commission…AIPAC…
      And now check out who is in these ‘think tanks’.

      • We are actually members of at least 58 international letter agencies, with how much membership dollars going abroad? Let alone the donations – read money laundering – going to “Aid”. And yet half of Wellingtons water is lost to leaks. Aucklands compost bins litter the streets and break windscreens. And what is with all the “picture frames” polluting the landscape.

        What the actual …… is wrong with these people?

  4. This needs to be the end of the Labour Party for good. Then national can become the left of centre party that they are and the rest of us conservatives will vote for Act and NZ First. National are too weak and too woke to be called conservative.

    • I agree. In approx 4 to 6 month ‘THEY’ will have no clue what hit NZ and the rest of the world.
      Alas, not even ACT or NZ1 will have a chance to avert what is coming.
      And the ‘security forces’ will be just the last paid stooges to uphold that charade.
      GOD help us all.

  5. Anyone have a cheap cabin in the woods for sale? Between the destruction done to NZ by the UN WEF owned labor party and the current Gov that is basically Labor in a blue dress I would rather have nothing to do with the bought and paid for NZ Gov… Credibility ratings.. NZ Gov 0. NZ Police 0. MOH 0. Medsafe 0. Mainstream Media 0.

  6. Aw, diddums.

    Nobody likes the creepy communist midget turd anymore.

    Oh well just like the ‘vaccine’ it’s a “choice” I guess aye Chris?


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