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How Valuable is Your Right to Decline Medical Treatment? – NZDSOS

Medical rights news

New Zealand Teachers Speaking Out with Science (NZTSOS) Appealing Justice Cooke’s Decision.

In March 2022, the High Court in Wellington heard the case that New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS, healthcare) and NZTSOS (education) presented, challenging whether a vaccination mandate breached the Bill of Rights Act 1990, and specifically the Right to Refuse to Undergo Medical Treatment.

Justice Cooke decided that the Right to Refuse to Undergo Medical Treatment for the healthcare and education workers was not absolute and that it was “reasonable and demonstrably justified” in “a free and democratic society” for the government to override it by mandating those in the healthcare and education professions to be vaccinated.

Given the limited evidence put forward by the government and the extensive independent expert evidence put forward by the healthcare and education workers, we believe the court has set a very low bar for overriding this fundamental right.

NZTSOS is now in the process of appealing this decision. This means it goes before the court again, but this time in front of a team of judges, who will review Justice Cooke’s decision.

The main reason for this appeal is that NZTSOS is concerned that the science and the evidence, particularly relating to vaccine safety, were not addressed.

Justice Cooke even went so far as to detail the shortcomings in his judgment. He stated (among other things):

  • that there were ‘factual matters that are in dispute’
  • that there was ‘plainly a contest of expert evidence’
  • that ‘many of the opinions expressed by the applicant’s experts were not responded to’,
  • that he had ‘two sets of expert evidence, effectively in parallel’
  • that the court was ‘unable to make findings on some of the more technical aspects’

If there is that degree of uncertainty, and expert evidence can go unresponded to when making such a significant decision, how can it possibly be “reasonable and demonstrably justified” in a “free and democratic society”?

This is a very important case for all New Zealanders, not just teachers and healthcare workers. A precedent has now been set that the Government:

  • can make laws with minimal scrutiny at short notice (the Covid Response Act was tabled on 12 May 2020, read three times in quick succession and became law on 13 May 2020 with no scrutiny or public discussion)
  • then decide themselves what is a “reasonable and demonstrably justified limitation” on our rights
  • and when that is challenged in court, they can ignore the science and evidence that is presented.

If this Right to Refuse to Undergo Medical Treatment is so easily overridden, are we at the top of the slippery slope of forced medical procedures? What medical procedure will YOU be expected to submit to next? If you value your medical freedom and you want to be able to say No Thanks to other medical procedures for you or your children, please support the appeal by NZTSOS.

If you want to know more about the court case and Justice Cooke’s decision, see here for a short review, or here for a longer, more detailed review.

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  1. Not very important at all according to Central Otago Mayor, Tim Cadogan. It is interesting that a court lawyer, who spent his days in court defending people’s rights under the NZ Bill of Rights Act, would then advocate a complete breach of it when he became a politician. I went to law school with Tim. Well before he made this statement, I sent an email to him with research from some reputable doctors and scientists outlining the possible harmful effects of the Covid shots:

    “Get your vaccine,” he urged.

    He is in no doubt that the number of people with Covid-19 will increase throughout New Zealand unless vaccination numbers increase dramatically.

    Those who choose not to get vaccinated put people’s lives at risk, Cadogan said.

    “It is an untenable situation to think that you have the right to not vaccinate.”


    • I am starting to wonder just how much some of these people have been paid to spout this rubbish???? Wow and they can’t have firm morals either to discriminate in such a cruel way. Gutless.

      Anyone with half a thinking brain can now see that it’s the vaccinated people catching and spreading covid. Leah Panapa has just holidayed in Fiji (who only lets vaccinated people enter) and has just caught covid over there and bought it home. She’s vaxxed and boostered and has been on air previously telling us how she had to go to hospital for heart issues. When is the penny going to drop for these people that they have been fully conned? Their immunity is munted, and THEY are the spreaders.

      Mark Richardson was on another rant about antivaxxers yesterday I see. Poor dear is going to have a very hard fall once the penny drops for him. He simply has failed to realise that some of us extensively researched the details surrounding this vaccine as they were trying to roll it out and force people to take it. Just because he’s too lazy to do his own research doesn’t make US the stupid ones.. LMAO.

      Mark claims he wouldn’t fight in the trenches alongside an antivaxxer, well I would be surprised if someone as weak willed as him would ever fight for anything or anyone except himself. So yeah bud, us warriors who resisted the pressure and gaslighting from our fellow citizens and our govt aren’t really interested in the sheep like you, we are only interested in the other lions. ????????????????

        • He is a disgusting little devil. A very very average Rex cricketer masquerading as a panel member for that comedy of a show called 7 sharp. Noticed how that other mouse Jessie mulligan immediately after interview of the nurse repeated how pro jab their entire panel.
          Yeah go on Jessie, keep repeating the ignorant mantra, scared mummy vaxcinda may slap you around.

      • Agree with the last sentence. Mark and most rugby (thugby), and cricket (crooked) players would NEVER EVER serve in the Armed Forces, let alone hold-up in an actual war!!!
        Everyone lauds the Olympic medalists, but very few recognise those in the NZDF who were awarded medals under very trying conditions. They only get mentioned one day a year, whereas we are bombarded with ‘Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalists’ seemingly every day!
        Run fast and jump into a pile of sand, and get a medal…
        Get shot at, run the risk of death in a foreign land for Queen & Country, and get discharged…!
        BUT…let’s see how many of those ‘Olympic Medalists’ actually take the vaccines…and the ‘Professional Players’ of Rugby, Cricket, Football, etc. react post-vaccinations!

  2. @Jack… When in fact it is the opposite to Cadogans uttering. Doesn’t he read/research anything?
    Unvaxxed are more likely to be just fine and then have natural immunity. Children especially. Old and sick not so much.
    Even Pfizer say natural immunity is best.

    • Yes, he needs to do some research on the polio outbreak, and the polio vaccine too, before he makes such sweeping generalizations.

  3. It is justifiable in a free and democratic society to be denied your freedoms when the Government says so? well 5% of us told the Government to F**k off and they didnt do sh*t, I take that as a win

    • There’s more than 5% of us. That’s just their spin to make us sound like there aren’t many of us. Well there’s the unvaccinated, the willingly unboostered and the forcibly boostered who are all pretty angry at the govt right now. I think if you tallied us all up we would easily be over 50% of the population.

      The only people still on this vaccine bandwagon are public servants, people who have no ability or inclination to read or research, and people who are being paid to spout a narrative.

      Many people who have been jabbed and are now silent are being that way because they haven’t got the guts to admit they were conned. Underneath they are quietly seething.

      • Very, very true!!!
        And just look at the cognitive decline on the roads due to the brain being invaded by spike proteins that have crossed the blood / brain barrier!
        Lazy people eventually die by their own volition, due to not being bothered to research the science and leaving it up to those who the THINK THEY CAN TRUST, but nothing is further from the truth…
        Especially the lies spewing from narcissistic, psychopathic MSM presenters.
        Unfortunately, we are paying their massive salaries, while single parent families sleep in cars!!!!!

  4. The government ran roughshod not only of the ‘Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment’ but also:

    Right not to be deprived of life
    Right not to be subjected to torture or cruel treatment
    Right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation

    It’s concerning that the NZ judiciary have chosen not to uphold the law, but simply to act as enforcers for the whims of a corrupt authoritarian government.

    • Yes and what of the UN universal declaration of human rights? Seems the judiciary are unfamiliar with that also.

      • Absolutely. The NZ government and judiciary have clearly acted unlawfully.
        ‘Article 6.1’ I believe is the relevant clause.

        Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights
        Adopted by the UNESCO General Conference, 19 October 2005

        Article 6 – Consent
        1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.

        • Article 6 runs parallel to the Nuremburg Code under International Law.
          These ‘Judges’ are mostly Masonic and distant cousins to one another, as noted by Vinny Eastwood after he researched the same.
          The Judges, along with the politicians who are pushing this Nazi-styled authoritarianism upon us, are no doubt being paid well for doing these illegal things in spite of the law!
          Governments have NEVER given their citizens ‘true ‘liberty’, let alone ‘freedom’…
          Citizens have traditionally risen-up to take either one or both back usually by force of law first, then revolution second.
          & Mark Richardson, Hellary Barry, and the entire lot at government-funded TVNZ and U.S.-owned ‘Newsflub’ are all touting the Party Line of being deceptive in their contempt, spite and hatred for us thinking that they are ‘special’ in the eyes of those doing these things.
          They too, as noted by Jay Parker in ‘Illuminati Sex Ritual Abuse part 3 will also be “thrown under the bus!”

  5. Amazing how the govt can implement these laws so fast YET they are unable to do anything about the actual real problems in this country like unaffordability of housing etc.

    This is just more evidence that THEY DO NOT WORK FOR US. Self serving narcissists who sold their soul to the devil for money and media attention.

    • And give tax payer money to Ukraine without any due diligence (actually to the American MIC) and flying the Ukraine flag on our Parliament.

  6. This judge needs to go back to law school and learn the basics again by the sound of it if they can’t understand basic human rights

    • Oh he understands the concept, he just doesn’t care. Towing the line like the rest of them. The whole notion of the “free and independent judiciary” is a fantasy, they’re government employees each and every one of them. They may pretend to rule against the establishment every now and again to keep up appearances, but in every way that counts they’re always there for their buddies. That’s why Ghislaine Maxwell went to prison for apparently trafficking children to nobody ????????‍♂️

      Rights ARE in fact supposed to be absolute (that’s why they’re called RIGHTS)! Sacrosanct, ie not to be F*cked with under any circumstances.

      Anyone who starts their bullshit excuse peddling with “No right is absolute,” or “this isn’t about freedom” cannot be talked to or reasoned with – these are the dangerous people history warns us about. The fact that they’re brazen enough to even say such things is terrifying enough already, but we can expect to hear a lot more of this rhetoric as well as more talk about “recalibration” of rights in the coming years as the politicians begin to starve us in the name of climate change. Bank on it.

      I don’t wanna be a downer, but I can’t see this legal battle ending in a win. The criminals are never going to hold themselves accountable, not when they have the power to tell you to your face that “no right is absolute”. Jesus.

      The entire world is heading backwards, back into feudalism and famine and war. My children don’t deserve this.

      • I remember reading an article last year on one of the MSM outlets, how the judiciary was under pressure to support the mandates- nuff said.

        One thing I still can’t get my head around, how people in the medical industry who KNOW the harm this poison is doing are looking the other way. How the judiciary CLEARLY KNOWS the government is illegally forcing people to take the jab and still rules in favour of a crime being committed against the citizenry. I mean how the F*** do they live with themselves???? It’s beyond comprehension!

    • The ‘Judge’ and others like him / her need to be REMOVED BY GOVERNOR-GENERAL DECREE!!!
      But-we know that that will never happen, let alone the Attorney-General taking action to remove such a beast from the bench…!

  7. AS far as I’m concerned my right to personal bodily autonomy is absolute. Lawyers can argue philosophical and legal contrivances all they like.

    • IF they show up on your doorstep, ignore them
      If they remain persistent, simply say “I do not wish to contract with you, now leave the property; you’re trespassing!”
      IF an armed branch of the government arrives at your location, then exercise your UN Humand and Legal Right to self-protection, which, since NZ signed on to the same, over-rides domestic restrictions on limiting your right to self-protection from grievous bodily harm and fear for you life!


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