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Kids roll-out begins today: ‘Before you inject your child’ – a message from Robert Malone

Today marks the beginning of the offical roll-out of the COVID mRNA injection for children aged 5-11 in New Zealand.

The New Zealand government has reassured its people that the mRNA injection is ‘safe and effective’ for children.

Dr. Robert Malone has a different view. Malone was a key figure in the development of mRNA vaccines, and held the original nine patents for the technology. He has been a vocal critic of COVID mandates, COVID mass vaccinations and the use of COVID mRNA vaccines in children. He has been de-platformed from legacy social media and attacked in the legacy mainstream media for speaking out.

On 14 December 2021, Dr. Malone made a short video explaining to parents why they should not inject their children with COVID mRNA vaccine. On the first day of the child roll-out we have decided to publish this important message with a transcript as we believe it is important for parents to be aware of the risks, both short and long-term.

Transcript of ‘Before you inject your child message’ from Dr. Robert Malone:

My name is Robert Malone, and I am speaking to you as a parent, grandparent, physician and scientist. I don’t usually read from a prepared speech, but this is so important that I wanted to make sure that I get every single word and scientific fact correct.

I stand by this statement with a career dedicated to vaccine research and development. I’m vaccinated for COVID and I’m generally pro-vaccination. I have devoted my entire career to developing safe and effective ways to prevent and treat infectious diseases.

Before you inject your child – a decision that is irreversible – I wanted to let you know the scientific facts about this genetic vaccine, which is based on the mRNA vaccine technology I created.

There are three issues parents need to understand.

The first is that a viral gene will be injected into your children’s cells. This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs, including

  • Their brain and nervous system
  • Their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots
  • Their reproductive system
  • And this vaccine can trigger fundamental changes to their immune system

The most alarming point about this is that once these damages have occurred, they are irreparable:

  • You can’t fix the lesions within their brain
  • You can’t repair heart tissue scarring
  • You can’t repair a genetically reset immune system, and
  • This vaccine can cause reproductive damage that could affect future generations of your family

The second thing you need to know about is the fact that this novel technology has not been adequately tested.

  • We need at least 5 years of testing/research before we can really understand the risks
  • Harms and risks from new medicines often become revealed many years later

Ask yourself if you want your own child to be part of the most radical medical experiment in human history.

One final point: the reason they’re giving you to vaccinate your child is a lie.

  • Your children represent no danger to their parents or grandparents
  • It’s actually the opposite. Their immunity, after getting COVID, is critical to save your family if not the world from this disease

In summary: there is no benefit for your children or your family to be vaccinating your children against the small risks of the virus, given the known health risks of the vaccine that as a parent, you and your children may have to live with for the rest of their lives.

The risk/benefit analysis isn’t even close.

As a parent and grandparent, my recommendation to you is to resist and fight to protect your children.

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  1. Be interesting to see how the millions of people who had the experimental gene therapy are doing in 5 to 10 years, i mean me & all my family are fine as they will never get that sh%t near us but hardly looking forward to telling people “i told ya so”
    Those poor kids…. we failed!

  2. It’s encouraging that the NZ Herald reported front page today an article: Bid to halt Kids’ Jabs. 8 kiwi parents, names currently suppressed, claim the provisional consent process was flawed. They want it revoked and are trying to get the roll-out revoked until a full judicial review can be held. The claim was filed in the high court on Jan 15. The health of the children should be the only consideration, the group claims. Hope the full article is available online.


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