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‘They killed my boy!!!!’: Aussie boy allegedly dead after COVID jab – Facebook remove dad’s posts

A seven year old boy has allegedly died in Australia from a massive heart attack hours after receiving the COVID jab, according to a Facebook post on the Reactions and Feedback Australia (RFA) group page.

RFA is a private group for those wanting to share positive and negative experiences with the COVID vaccines.

The post was shared to the group by Peta Ward-Taalili.

In a concerted effort to silence the grieving father’s voice, Facebook have allegedly deleted his posts on at least four occasions. The boy’s mother is allegedly in hospital suffering from shock.

A screenshot of the father’s (Steve Leary), post has been circulated on social media, before it was permanently removed.

The roll-out of the experimental mRNA injection for children in Australia began this month. Daily Telegraph New Zealand is aware of other Australian children who have died from the medication or suffered severe adverse reactions, and we will be bringing you their stories in due course.

Has your child suffered an adverse event from the COVID vaccine? Contact the Editor – privacy is assured: editor@dailytelegraph.co.nz or dailytelegraphnz@protonmail.com.

Facebook post of Steve Leary:

Hi everyone, I’m not sure how long my post will last as I’ve had it removed 4 times already, the disgusting inhumane fb fact checkers and our corrupt government will not allow my comment to stay up.

Everyone, I lost my son Lachlan last Wednesday to the vaccine. He was 7 years old. He had been unwell on Wednesday night with a fever and we monitored him closely, 6am the next morning he started having breathing difficulties so we took him to westmead hospital. They tried to stop us going in with him but it did not work as I threatened to contact Rebel news and have a reporter there within minutes and they backed off, we were allowed in. 4 hours passed after many tests. He was sent home 5 hours later. Friday morning at 4am we heard him yell out, he was on his bedroom floor, he was not breathing, my wife and I began CPR, I called the ambo on loud speaker. Ambo arrived within 7 mins, my son passed away in the ambulance. He had a massive heart attack.

My wife is now hospitalised in westmead hospital heavily sedated. I am trying to hold everything together for our 2 year old daughter Sammy. The government has ruined my family, they have taken away our only son, we put our trust in the government to keep us safe and they killed my boy!!!

I have been banned from Twitter, posts deleted on my fb page and warnings issued on community standards. So the death of my beautiful boy is being censored!!! I have taken the time this afternoon to email PM and have demanded an immediate explanation!! My message to parents now is do not allow these people to touch your kids!! I have been abused for allowing my son to be vaccinated but as parents we thought we were keeping him safe. We have to live with this for the rest of our lives. Please please don’t let your babies be subjected to this. I can’t bring my boy back and my family is now broken while our PM lives the high life of luxury probably.

The post we have ends at this point, and it is not clear if there was further information. DTNZ is working to determine if the post is still up on the RFA page.

A Twitter thread calls into question the authenticity of the post, with one user debunking Leary’s claim that he was not allowed in the hospital:

‘My sister in law works at Westmead hospital. Parents are allowed with paediatric patients.And no threat from an online media company would make them change their visitor policy. It’s garbage.’



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  1. Thanks Daily Telegraph for providing this poor father a platform.
    Humanity dictates that he get justice, or there’s no reason to save this Godforsaken species.

    • My Heart ????and Prayers ????go out to the Family…Please Accept my Heartfelt Sorrow…Laughlin
      ????Rest in Peace ????????Sweetheart.????????????

      • My heart aches for this family and at the same time am so angry that children are being subject to experimental vaccines that are not required . Children do not not die from covid but they are from the vaccines. Please take the hands off our children.

    • I’m with you mate, can you belive what has happen to humanity some people are heartless be a different story if it was their child

    • There is no evidence anywhere about this story. This is not a responsible journalism whatsoever – I’d expect DT to interview the dad directly if he really wanted to spread the words…not just taking circulating stories/screenshots as facts. How unprofessional and amateurish.

      • Why wld anyone want to create such fake news? You do not know that the account is not true. So don’t make judgements which you can’t support. Or do you consider your accounts and those of like-minded brethren of yours as reporting the truth?

        • Are you kidding? If you think anti-vaxxers can’t get any lower, just you watch!! They are the ones hoping this and similar stories doing the rounds on SM are actually true. There is no journalism involved in sharing a facebook post but you’ll note their use of the word ‘alleged’ in the headline.

          • It seems you have swallowed whole, the news-media narrative condemning everyone who would rather not be vaccinated, as being anti-social, dangerous public menaces. You even use their derogatory label “anti-vaxxers”. I am not vaccinated, but do not object to other people being vaccinated if they so choose. It’s their decision, not mine. Think for yourself, and don’t condemn everyone who is not vaccinated, as you have been told to.

          • I live in Thailand a d know of young people who died after jab last year. Fact fact fact. Not an anti vaxer but the human race is a failure big time

          • Do not be so quick to put everyone that isn’t vaccinated into one group. I’m on here checking the validity of the story and instead now am just irritated that people like you use labels instead of logic.

          • Firstly, any who opposes the mRNA jabs is NOT an “anti-vaxxer”. mRNA is not a vaccine.

            We see it is not only ineffective at fighting covid it is actually counter-productive, making those who are jabbed more vulnerable to omicron.

            Furthermore, the several medicals studied now out show beyond any doubt that mRNA modifies DNA and reduces immune systems in those who get jabbed with. Not to mention the short term effects on a large number of people as well of coruse.

            All of this shows that the trials were sexed up and NZ should have taken more care and asked more questions when falling in bed with Pfizer, an organisation that has been held criminally liable for previous over sexed claims.

            BUT if calling me an “anti-vaxxer” (in spite of having shed loads of vaccines in the past) makes you feel less vulnerable to snake oil salesmen’s claims, then feel free to do so.

            You cannot be un-jabbed and free of the fear of short/long term jab effects, while I am happy, based on science, the data and logic to trust my immune system.

          • “anti-vaxxers” (which in reality is about a few percent of the anti-covid narrative community) don’t spread disinformation in any meaningful volume, compared to the mainstream media an tech giants. You are clearly not being honest with yourself. To deny that there’s only one message being allowed in the mainsteam media and tech platforms is just plain silly.

            You are just repeating silly mainstream media talking points about “anti-vaxxers” designed specifically by behavioral psychologists for the very reason of motivating you to attack the people trying to help you. How many anti-vaxxers were there before covid? Now amazingly it’s about 30% of the population and they’re all “crazy liars spreading disinformation”. Sad that you are so easily manipulated, but you’re not the only one.

            Best educate yourself on what is actually going on rather than cheerlead for the people organising this destruction of your society.

            Some people just can’t be helped. Even after thoudands of people tell you that you’ve been lied to and taken advantage of, you will still revert back to the mainstream media (owned by the people organising this) most like to justify living in an unreality. It’s pretty cowardly imo.

    • All my sympathy to this family. I have a son of 9 years and I can understand the pain of loosing a child. The parents are in NO WAY AT FAULT HERE. This drama is the responsibility of the government that pushes this death jabs to unsuspecting citizens. We have the same criminals over here in France who want to inoculate every breathing human beings. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Feel sad and angry at what’s happening. Time is ripe for an insurrection I guess.
      A friend from abroad.

  2. This is such a sad story, perhaps your dearly beloved son has died to save thousands of other children as parents will realize that this jab can kill. Love and blessings to your family.

    • Are you listening to yourself? Why don’t you do some research and look up the risk of a child dying of covid then think about your comment. Even for healthy adults, the risk of an adverse reaction or death is higher than with covid. I pity you for being so naive.

      • You totally took Liz’s comment out of text, there are more injuries and death to our young people than any other and thousands of adverse reactions and death in adults, if you believe all the numbers our governments put out then you need to do real research

      • Today, I visited the Australian Government Department of Health’s website page on Coronavirus (COVID-19) case numbers and statistics. There I learned that as of today (21/01/22) there are 121,476 confirmed cases of coronavirus among children under 10 years old, and 3 deaths (all with serious underlying health problems). Among young people from 10 to 19 years old, the number of confirmed cases is 180,113, with 3 deaths (also all with serious underlying health problems). It’s clear from these Public Record posted numbers, that children do not need vaccinating. So why vaccinate them when we know there will be severe adverse reactions and some deaths? Government policy it seems, is informed by delusional hysteria.

        • Quite simply, it is all about how a drug receives its ‘vaccine’ status and falls into the category of being immune from prosecution. if they do not jab kids then it fails the litmus test and therefore cannot be regarded as a ‘vaccx’

    • Seriously, the jabs do not prevent spread, children themselves are at very very very little risk from this jab, no healthy child has died from covid. Asymptomatic spread is a myth.

      Time to arrest the people coercing children into getting these jabs, in media, in government and in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, teachers too. We know they are far more dangerous to kids that the so called virus, 100x more dangerous.

    • As I look at my precious 7 year old son with tears streaming down my face I can only imagine this family’s heartbreak????. What an absolute nightmare, and to now be factchecked by some arrogant bleep and dismissed by even the medical profession, what the hang is happening to the planet!!!

    • As well meaning as your comment may have been, Liz. I can assure you that your words of comfort are anything but.
      I know, I’ve lost a child myself. It’s heartbreaking to be given empty platitudes.

  3. Utterly terrible.

    God bless that poor little boy and his grieving family.

    The things that have been done to us in the last two years, the lies told, the lives and families wrecked – were all terrible enough on their own, but to now pull innocent CHILDREN into this nightmare. These are genuine crimes against humanity.

    The elites, the “leaders” and their media enablers well and truly deserve the fires they’re stoking. In the years ahead there will be an avalanche of bullshit excuses, pleas of innocence and passing the buck. DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT. Remember who said what and when, because there will be a reckoning at some point.

  4. He is a prime minister in Australia? This was what I was told but I cannot find him in a search, so I am not sure. If he was, perhaps this is raw and potent Karma. So many are dying in Australia from this jab, as well as around the world. Anyone who forces anyone to take a jab is a criminal. Anyone who denies employment for not jabbing is a criminal. Anyone who forces anyone into quarantine for not taking a jab is a criminal.

      • What kid do you know that actually likes to get shots? LMFAO

        I had something decades ago and needed one. I was not a fan to be honest. I had to get stuck to donate blood. Didn’t like it either. That was as an adult

  5. why do so many trust the government so much? We know they and the media lie for a living,So why oh why the huge disconnect. I dont get it

  6. Many people have been hoodwinked into believing that a jab with protect everyone else and those who have not been jabbed are now being treated as outcasts & not permitted to go anywhere to enjoy themselves, like pubs, concerts, restaurants etc.
    I pray the truth of these so called ‘vaccines’ will be revealed very soon before any more damage is done.

  7. So Devastating, my heart is breaking. keep speaking the truth with compassion and tolerance. Feel the conversation needed is why can’t we put all the information on the table, it is ok to have different opinions but important To listen to each other and have healthy debate to reach mutual understanding and best outcomes. I think Majority will see the truth if we can get to this. People power can over turn this evil.

  8. Absolutely horrible world now!!!
    Never really trusted government but wow now will never trust em again!!!!
    Poor kids only can hope alot of parents wont subject them to medical torture.

  9. Dear God. 5 kids collapsed after the jab at NorthShore Event Stadium today and they got the parents to take them to hospital instead of calling ambulance as they didnt want to worry the people waiting. Fact. I have the video.

  10. They are killing all the young men just encase they can’t be brainwashed into having sex changes.

    This is all part of the U.N’s plan to take over the Western World and Donald Trump was in on it the whole time.

    He did this!
    He convinced you all to sit back, trust the plan, trust him as he pushed socialism and medical experiments onto the whole world.

    • Airplanes aren’t real! The windows are just high def screens used to trick us while the plane actually runs through underground tunnels!! What we see in the sky as planes are really extra-terrestrial creatures NASA has been hunting for decades, the government is just trying to keep a lid on it!

      If you ask me to repeat this, I’ll deny it.

      Do not contact me

    • Actually if you look up the facts Trump wanted to pardon Assange and Snowded but was warned by the deep state it would trigger an impeachement

  11. I am against the forced covid vaccine. But this has proven to be false. 3 people claiming to be the sister in law, posting identical comments. And this so called sister in laws are heavily into pushing all political boundaries. They are anti everything.

    • There are known paid trolls to set up fake accounts to discredit families stories like this and censor them any way shape or form from being heard. Shame on you for adding to this when a family is grieving.

      • I don’t believe there is a grieving family, because there is no evidence of it. None! Until you prove me wrong, I think it’s actually “shame on you Belinda” for harassing someone who’s just asking questions about the reliability of the story.

        • Who the hell asks for funeral details for proof? My mum died want proof of that? There are people dying get a clue the government and elites are covering up.

          • The issue is mentioned because early on funeral details were mentioned in various antivaxxer posts as being confirmation that the story was true. Since the story is not true, a better question from you would have been “who the hell lies about funeral details just to help propagate a lie about a vaccine injury?”

  12. There is no evidence whatsoever that this “story” is based on anything other than a malicious antivaxxer fabrication. None. This is very, very poor “journalism” from you, Daily Telegraph New Zealand. Those of you in the comments section with genuine concerns about vaccine harm who have fallen for this should realise that spreading falsehoods only weakens your credibility and reduces the chances of anyone taking you seriously.

    • The truth will come out. If this is true then there is a big problem with reporting, or should I say, lack of. Vaccine hesitency is because of trust and if trust is lacking then expect exactly that.

      • Well, the truth may come out, but truth is not what concerns antivaxxers, unfortunately. Antivaxxers believe things like this not because of evidence, but because they really just want it to be true. So people here make comments like “Don’t know if this is true but there are plenty of injured from the vaccines”. So there is no conceivable evidence – not e.g. a coronial report, or a hospital statement or a confession from a prankster – that would possibly change the minds of people with this mindset. I don’t know why it is so. It is sad.

        • What a crock of rubbish . So far I’ve found it’s those that are juiced that are blind and refuse to do any research other than msm and Facebook and stand up an accuse those not needled . Why don’t you go check out the TGA website follow the links to the database of adverse reactions type in the vacc names and see how many deaths and adverse reactions come up . TGA is the Australian government drug administration website

    • Let me guess…. you’re about to line up for your 3rd or 4th shot of something that even the developers say doesn’t work, which is why they’re concentrating their efforts on making a completely new one. Who’s fallen for what now? Laughable.

      • You seem to be saying that because you believe in the falsehood that vaccination doesn’t work that believing in a falsehood about vaccination injury is inconsequential in comparison?

    • Just because someone doesn’t get one vaccine doesn’t mean they are antivaxxers. This vaccine is experimental so if you want to believe in the government paid science and not know what is even in the vaccine or the long term risks then please feel free.

    • Same could be said of the lies being spread about the efficacy and necessity of the vaccine. Hospitals in Queensland have mostly double jabbed people ,not unvaxxed, media now pushing the narrative that it’s because they aren’t triple jabbed (funnily enough as predicted by us ‘antivaxxers’ 6 months ago) And this poison being forced on children now as ‘protection’ against a virus that isn’t even dangerous to them. Average age of death in Aus at this point is 84 lol. Open those eyes mate. You really think neccesary for anyone under 60 to get this medical experiment?

    • Wait untilvyou give an accoubt of a death in your iwn family due to the vaccine. Then you would claim that you are reporting the truth, and nothing but the truth.

  13. Amazing no child has died from the vaccine worldwide but evidently they are dropping like flies in Australia. But no it’s all true says the gullible.

  14. I’ve read many comments everywhere and if its false information then hey…but now the daily telegraph are presenting this! have we all done our research into the mrna?? if you haven’t you should!
    were all in the negligent box if we dont look into what’s been spoken about on many platforms! if things are bring covered up they need too be brought into the light???? truth and transparency is what’s required stat!!!
    my heart breaks ????with what I read…
    ol nurse of just under 35yrs…we also take an oath ????too do no harm…
    theres harm being done! it’s time too check things out as opposed too just believing….please
    too these poor parents…I’m so so sorry ????you had trust..
    that was broken…
    was a lil different when the oldies as such were dying…
    but our babes ahhhh my gut wrenching ????????

    • You are saying Kerry that it is OK to knowingly pass on a likely falsehood about vaccination injury because you perceive so many instances of falsehoods elsewhere that it makes you feel that telling the truth about anything doesn’t really matter any more?

  15. I am also very impressed by the source they quoted supporting the Facebook post oh wait they didn’t they just re quoted Facebook. Honestly for the people who believe this rubbish Covid and the vaccine are the least of their worries.

  16. I really feel sorry for all the people that do not believe and for that poor family. My heart is with you for tomorrow at the funeral.
    There is lots of truths out there you just have to listen to people who know people.
    Myself I have a type 1 diabetic daughter who did suffer after having 2nd vaccine very heavy bleeding rashes all over her body and a lump on the back of her neck as a lady my sister knows had the same lump on her neck. Then there is a friend of my sons pregnant partner that lost her baby after the jab. There are just too many and doctors and hospitals will not report them they just say its not the jab!
    Both my husband and myself my daughter and my son have all just suffered Covid my daughter and husband double vacced. Myself and son unvaccinated it was just like a cold/flu we are all fine!! Do not be scared thats want they want.

    • Firstly, there is no grieving family – until there is evidence most of us have to regard them as fictitious. And unlike you, most reasonable people would not regard a suspicious post copy-pasted by various antivaxxers as evidence. Secondly, medicine does not want to scare anyone – in fact that is what antivaxxers want. Check out some of the comments above. Making people scared: that’s exactly what antivaxxers want to achieve. Thirdly, sure plenty of unvaccinated people get infected and don’t suffer serious illness – but that’s down to chance. The fact is that unvaccinated people are much much more likely to suffer serious illness or die than vaccinated people. Finally, it is always good to hear about people coming through the illness and I am sincerely glad that you and your family are OK.

      • That is so untrue I think you need to investigate more inregards to overseas where they are up to 4th jab and still no protection will you be ready for your 4th and 5th go right ahead but from what I hear the unvaccinated immune systems are fairing much better!!

      • You are brainwashed. Stop with the antivaxxer crap it is just pathetic. people are not antivaxxers if they are against one vaccination. You are incorrect the vaccinated are dying and going to hospitals. But feel free to have you boosters for the rest of your life and keep thinking the government loves you

      • Whether or not you believe in vaccine injury is up to you. But dismissing anyone who talks of this as false is gaslighting. My colleague literally called me today with news that her 13-yr old niece is in hospital with myocarditis, has now been assigned a cardiologist and has been advised that it’s now a long road to recovery and no exercise must be undertaken to avoid putting strain on the heart. One look at Australia’s TGA adverse effects register and you’ll see this is a trend and very real. It was only a matter of time that a child died with heart issues. Myocarditis and pericarditis are known and documented Pfizer side effects.

        • This particular story is a lie. It’s not something from a responsible vaccine-hesitant parent, it’s a deliberate piece of propaganda from a militant antivax zealot. How do you expect anyone to get an understanding of the true prevalence of vaccine injury by encouraging the propagation of falsehoods?

          • Because true vaccine injuries and deaths are NOT being reported. They have no platform to get the message out because real posts are being heavily censored. How do I know this?? Because after my Dad was taken to intensive care immediately after his first AZ shot, spent 5 days there, two weeks on a normal ward, then laid up in bed at home unable to move for a further two months. Subdermal bleeding to 70% of his body and pericarditis. He had already had a triple bypass and should never have been given the ok by his GP to get the shot. But GP’s in Australia have been gagged by AHPRHA for speaking publicly about adverse reactions, or anything that may encourage vaccine hesitancy. It’s pure obstruction of truth and there are literally thousands of adverse reactions and deaths being covered up. In my personal friend circle I have three friends who ended up hospitalised after the shot, with neurological reactions and heart problems. My housemate’s mother died three hours after her second Pfizer in October 2021.

            The people further up in this thread who are saying there’s no truth to these “stories” are promoting a pro-vax agenda that’s based on their personal beliefs, not facts. There’s not a single bit of data you could supply to prove your claims that unvaxxinated people suffer more seriously with covid and end up hospitalised or dying from it. It’s just not supported by the data – 95%+ of those hospitalised and dying are fully vaccinated. The government’s own health minister tells you the numbers on the news every day. Wake up.

            If you’re not seeing the real-life stories of adverse reactions and deaths, such as my personal experience with my Dad and close friends – you are simply not following the right channels and platforms where this information is not censored. You will see NONE of it on main stream media, Facebook or YouTube. You need to start following applicable channels on Telegram, Bitchute, NewTube etc. to get uncensored information enabling you to make informed choices, untainted by government propganda.

      • “Antivaxxer” You’re very quick with your labels aren’t you? Prove these people are lying? You must be the sort of idiot who think poeple who died with Covid actually died of Covid even if it was a car accident. You aren’t finding any causal link between vaccines and death and injuries simply because they are NOT INVESTIGATING, and it’s deliberate.

  17. I really feel sorry for all the people that do not believe and for that poor family. My heart is with you for tomorrow at the funeral.
    There is lots of truths out there you just have to listen to people who know people.
    Myself I have a type 1 diabetic daughter who did suffer after having 2nd vaccine very heavy bleeding rashes all over her body and a lump on the back of her neck as a lady my sister knows had the same lump on her neck. Then there is a friend of my sons pregnant partner that lost her baby after the jab. There are just too many and doctors and hospitals will not report them they just say its not the jab!
    Both my husband and myself my daughter and my son have all just suffered Covid my daughter and husband double vacced. Myself and son unvaccinated it was just like a cold/flu we are all fine!! Do not be scared thats want they want.

  18. No one thinks it’s strange that a bloke who willingly took his child to be vaccinated just happened to threaten to call a militant anti vax news site. Do those two things go hand in hand? The list of be in this post is outstanding.

  19. No its not strange not here in Australia because no one else will listen.
    Obviously you do not have a small child and could not imagine what you would say or do to be with that child in time of an emergency when they will not let you stay with the child!!

  20. The ambulance had another 3 bodies of children today… deceased after the jab… the chief health minister quote on Twitter, only 3 deaths was a great result, we were expecting much worse… absolutely despicable comment… tell that to the parents that it was a great result…

  21. It’s a parent’s right to determine what they think is right for their child. My personal decision in relation to my 6 year old daughter is that she will not take the vaccine. I have weighed the risks and benefits, and this process requires every parent to do their own research and not simply listen to the government and media. I am satisfied that the chances of my daughter dying from covid are minimal to the point of being virtually zero. And I am also satisfied that there is a sufficient body of scientific evidence showing the known risks are not insignificant and that in reality the long term risks of mRNA vaccines at this stage are not truly known. Therefore the risk of the vaccine is not worth the benefit at this point in time.

    • However it is not all right for anyone to tell lies with the purpose of frightening parents into making poor health decisions, as is the case here. This story is an antivaxxer lie – why do so many commenters here think that lying is OK?

  22. For all you ass clowns who say this is fake news or misinformation give yourselves an uppercut. My 17 and 18 yo daughters both had adverse reactions to the jab. The 17 yo not a severe but the 18 yo was hospitalised after getting the shakes, having trouble breathing and turning blue. She was even diagnosed as such. Being 17 and 18 their immune systems and strength in general is better than a 7 yo. We also have a 5 and 7 yo and I’d sooner pull them out of school than let them be someone else’s science experiment.

    • I’m sorry this happened to your family my friend. Protect the little ones – I’ve already pulled mine from school, we have everything they need setup for them to get an education at home (and frankly a much better one than the current LGBT/Climate change indoctrination curriculum).

      I’m not waiting until after the fact, for my child to tell me she was jabbed by some idiot who thinks they can override my parental rights because they have the government in their corner. Stuff that ????

      • TOTALLY AGREE!!! Our 3 are also schooled at home – and while you are at it, think twice about pushing the theory of evolution into your curriculum without a good look at both sides of the argument – it is too easy to just go along with what we have been taught in school 🙂 Along with Attenborough’s videos, we also show the other side of the story. Check out ‘Unlocking the Mysteries of Life’ , ‘The Programming of Life’ and Professor Walter Veith’s ‘The Genesis Conflict’ STAY STRONG & AWAKE!

  23. Pro temporarily approved mnra vaccine humans ought to look at some research from different views and learn what’s in them… the govt has never cared about our health, in fact, they do the opposite. Politics and law are corrupted we all know that…Those that didn’t finish g high school also probably haven’t learnt to discern the mainstream media… Read a journal article or two pro CV-19 vaxxers and you might learn something! Listen to people with masters degrees and PHD’s… not the media, govt or politicians…

  24. To all the ignorant deniers. Is the story of the little girl in america who was in the pfizer trial fake aswell. Her name is maddie she has been left in a wheelchair with the only source of nutrition threw a peg into her stomach, and has many more problems. What did pfizer do they ignored the family. There are thousands of injured and dead people. You lot just keep playing russian roulette you karma will see its day with the lot of you rotten souls

  25. The agenda behind of the virus & vaccines has been experimenting for sometime planned by the rich & famous & powerful ppl, such as B.Gates & Fauci & the gangs. To make this agenda happen & successful reducing the world population, need the world govt. Support & cooperation and we are seeing this is happening to all govt in the world. Including my country forcing to take Vax. Our X PM has agreed with the agenda in 2015.

    Kindly Google search a group of German lawyers & the team has completed a summary study on this agenda.

  26. No matter where you stand on VAX what we now know are the facts after 2 years.
    Get yourself a Copy of AHPRA’s orders to Doctors and Nurses and see for yourselves the Criminal Network that was created.
    This Criminal Network of Doctors and Nurses ordered the family to stay outside while their SON was dying and being treated untilt he Father fought back with the threat or Rebel News because every other Network is in this up to the bottom line.
    Now AHPRA”s Criminal Actions that created Australia’s Largest ever Workers Compensation Fraud in our History is only the tip of the Iceberg.
    AHPRA admits this and admits that their orders cause deaths across Australia illegally but they Say in their Defence, But we were ordered by the Health Department?
    The Question is then who has the power to order silence across every platform in Australia and New Zealand?
    But be warned about this, These Criminals are now exposed to light and they will get even more dangerous because the people will soon be demanding the death penalty for these Genocidal crimes against our Families so they will soon be going even further than just murdering innocent children that’s parents should have researched better the facts around this.
    The death toll is exploding with the Vaccinated falling like flies across our Nations and now our Babies are following them with Criminal Doctors and Nurses ordered to lie and not record or Report the truth? so today they swapped Gas Chambers for Needle lines? can you imagine your thoughts as your taking your last breathes that the Gas Chambers they were tricked into a quick shower and here they stand for hours on end for their injection or Days for their test to then go and get injected with the permanent cure.
    You cannot cure stupid with anything less than death.

  27. Thankyou to NZ Telegraph for reporting on the truth, you may just SAVE SOME KIDS, because let’s face it, if it’s not on MSM it’s not real,???? At last, some doing the job they were meant to do.

  28. As already mentioned above, it’s interesting that someone whose child was one of the first in Australia to have the jab, also threatens hospital staff with Rebel news. I’m not in favour of giving this to children, but fake news like this only serves to discredit those seeking medical freedom and informed consent. Shame on all concerned.

  29. This is extremely appalling!!!
    The government has waged war on their own population for whatever reason.
    This must end and investigation initiated both locally as well as by the international courts for human rights. All immunity must be revoked and the responsible entities in all categories must face trial and possible capital punishment.

  30. My heart goes out to all families who have suffered from vaccine injuries/deaths. Also to those who have been coerced into taking part in this drug trial. To those who have been discriminated, bullied, separated from families and friends. To those who have become jobless and homeless.
    I have not wanted to take part in what seems like futile, never ending bickering. BUT….why, oh why is no one talking about the THYMUS GLAND IN CHILDREN??!! Parents/carers. PLEASE!! Before you inflict this, irreversible procedure on your children read about this important gland and its function. It is your duty, as a responsible parent!
    To the Daily Telegraph, you owe it to your readers to write an article on the Thymus gland’s function in children. You owe it to THE CHILDREN! They do NOT need to be vaccinated!

  31. This is a load of BS it is only one of the many fake stories circulating social media. My son gets treated at Sydney childrens hospital which is linked to westmead and there have been no deaths linked to the vaccine. The picture of ‘Steve leary’ is a mayor in America. Shame on the daily telegraph NZ for helping these liars continue!

  32. I took Sinovac which is a conventional vaccine using weaken Covid19 viruses. What I do not understand is that why the US and the West do not recognize or even acknowledge that there are safer vaccines made in China. Sad to see normal Westerners dying from their government’s anti-China stance against using Chinese vaccines.

  33. My sincere condolences ,
    Unfortunately your precious boy is the victim of greed. , & a great many others not reported .
    If this has saved just one life by making parents think twice about injecting these deadly poisons , then it won’t be in vein , it’s killing hundreds around the world .
    Do you think the passengers on the Titanic would have raised alarms or gotten off if they knew that out of 163 fire attendant personnel only 3 stayed on the ship at its first port of call , before setting off to America , it’s the same with our hospital’s medical staff , leaving in the droves because they have first hand knowledge of what this shit is doing & don’t want the jab .

  34. The post was a fake! Steve Leary’s name and image was stolen from an American guy. Please Daily Telegraph how dare you post an article which is not even true which scares parents and was clearly set up by an antivaxxer. You are inciting fear. Please prepare a retraction immediately!!

  35. Fake or real? “Pedro Martinez and Federico Delbonis rush to the aid of a ball boy who collapsed at the Australian Open this morning.”

    • Simple truth of Conjob 19

      Coronahoax was created by David Rockefeller around 2008 or before as a mechanism to sleaze in the jew world order
      No laboratory anywhere in the world has been able to isolate the Conjob 19 “virus”
      This is because it doesn’t really exist
      People either die of the flu, or from co morbidly or are murdered by the Mossad in support of Coronahoax
      The jewjab bio-weapon is designed for population reduction, there can be no argument that this is their agenda, it’s written in the Georgia guide stones
      Many of the leading experts in medicine and research have said so, in public

      Many people still suffer from Cognitive Dissonance, and believe that the “government” is actually trying to help, not so, the “government” is absolutely corrupt and under the control of the Zionist banking cartel

      Nuremberg 2 commences shortly, so hopefully the truth will come out

  36. I tried and got: “Jan 16, 2022 · Australia’s Prime Minister Steve Leary and his family need our support and peace during this difficult time.” (Australia’s Prime Minister?)

  37. Sad part is: “They” will manipulate content, pictures and anything they can. I’m an American living in USA, I’ve said it before “DON”T TRUST ANYTHING coming from America!” YES!, That’s how bad it is here!

  38. The American “Steve Leary” didn’t die, and none of his 3 triplets died either! The article is about an Australian man ALSO named Steve Leary who claims his 7 year old SON died!

  39. Investigation/charges filed: International Criminal Court (The Hague) Case number: OTP‐CR‐473/21
    The complaint alleges (among other things) misfeasance and misconduct in public office; gross negligence manslaughter; corporate manslaughter, murder, conspiracy to murder, genocide and crimes against humanity.

  40. What a load of shit ???? head line goes from boy dies hours after
    Vaccine to in the article stating he apparently didn’t pass away until Friday hahaha great job ????

  41. WHO chief scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan said at a news briefing on Tuesday, adding that “there’s no evidence right now” for administering them to otherwise healthy children and teens.

  42. Where is your evidence DTNZ? Got any interviews with parents/relatives etc rather than the someone said something somewhere kind of journalism? Thanks

  43. I had a meme on a 7yr girl on FB that died in Australia and they removed that too. Fact checkers are now called Fact Blockers as it`s become obvious to me its all about the kids and always was. There are millions injured and many have died globally and anyone in denial of this is a pharma or government shill and lets not forget the 1000`s of unborn babies that have been murdered.

  44. American journalism:
    “Monkey on the loose: Locals told not to approach lab monkey missing after Pennsylvania crash.”
    And the pic provided? A group of Afghanis in the mountains with a Tiger in a pick up truck! “Cut and paste” American style.

    • The mere fact you referenced a “fact-checker” site shows how gullible the jabbed truly are.

      And no, I won’t get jabbed because it is not a vaccine. It is a Bill Gates money making machine.

  45. This father’s experience is far too common. Over 21,000 people officially dead from the tax in the USA. Over 32,000 people officially reported dead from the vax in EMEA. Unofficially the death toll is easily 20X higher.


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