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‘Labour f**ks the constitution’ – David Farrar

Three Waters news.

Last week Labour and Greens included ‘entrenchment’ provisions for some parts of the Water Services Utilities Bill (ie. the proposed ‘Three Waters Act’).

This means a future government will need a 60% majority to repeal the Act, rather than the usual 51% simple majority.

The use of entrenchment is governed by the Electoral Act and Constitution Act, where the law for its application is outlined in six circumstances. Generally, these circumstances relate to the fundamentals of voting and enfranchisement, and the composition and purview of the Representation Commission – to protect the basic consitutional machinery necessary to ensure New Zealanders have the right to vote in fair elections.

Entrenchment should never be included in legislation concerning ‘mere questions of public policy’ like Three Waters, and certainly never where there is not bipartisan support – both National and Act oppose the Bill.

Labour and the Greens will bind future parliaments to Three Waters, a policy issue, even if those parliaments have been given a clear mandate to repeal it.

To make matters worse, the proposal is being pushed through ‘under urgency’, bypassing normal parliamentary safeguards and processes.

‘Labour have basically f***ed over the established constitutional order, under urgency without notice or consultation’, wrote political commentator David Farrar on Kiwiblog.

‘What Labour and Greens have done is vote for to entrench a clause relating to something which is merely a public policy issue, and have done so without bipartisan support. This is repugnant behaviour.’

Read Farrar’s full article here.

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  1. Honestly, this is no surprise and it will happen more often as Jabcinda does nothing but lay the groundwork for the Globalist take over.
    The Great Reset, The New World Order, Agenda 2030 call it what ever you want all we know for sure is that it’s coming and it will be no good for most of humanity.

  2. So, nothing new there in the continuing saga of Ardern stomping on the rights and lives of New Zealanders. Are we surprised, not really, we knew what this urgency mega was going to produce and what it means for us all. A lot of hard work overturning it a bit further down the road. And we can if we have a mind to. Or we can just surrender. The end is not inevitable yet, but it’s getting closer day by day..

  3. The Labour Govt assemble cares not for the people of NZ. I did vote Labour when blissfully unaware of what lay ahead, I apologise, what a deep regret. Do they understand that they are all disposable in both the eyes of the people of NZ and in the eyes of the evil they are being puppeteered by.

    • They don’t care, they just want their bill passed no matter what, come hell or high water.

      I think the MRNA content of our water supply is about to tick up drastically

      • Agreed, remember the article in stuff about the $1M machine installed at a laboratory in Washdyke Timaru that is used in the manufacture of “vaccines.” The govt contributed a hefty sum towards this laboratory producing “vaccines” for NZ. Things that make you go mmmmmm

  4. A repugnant decision from a repugnant Govt. does anybody expect anytning else from this dissociated mob of halfwits. The opposition are no better they are just as bad. The whole of the hive needs to be smoked out and the voting public not vote for any single one of them. NZ is not NZ anymore its been sold off.

  5. In enacting the water grab.
    Originally Labour/Greens wanted 75% revocation majority needed.
    Nat/Act refused, so Govt had to settle for 60% majority needed. Still more than the 50% usually required.
    Now Labour/Green’s NZ Herald spin this say this is to ensure those (stolen) water assets remain in NZ hands, and not controlled by foreign interest.
    Hmmm, seems control by NZ minority interest is fine.
    Wonder, who that group is?

  6. A vassal state does not need a Constitution Act. Just take orders from time to time. They all fall under the “rules based international order” but never ask what those rules are and who agreed to them or else you will branded as a national security threat.

  7. Wokes are a ground swell movement, Corporations adopt wokism for business reasons (they want mass immigration for cheap labor and open borders for easier trade) Wokes think they can bring down corporate fascism from the inside by infiltrating their businesses but Corporations respond by setting up the WEF and using that vehicle infiltrate governments to circumvent wokism, Ardern is a WEF stooge masquerading as a Woke.

  8. Prior to the last election senior Labour ministers met with the Maori king and iwi leaders at Turangawaewae marae in Ngaruawahia.

    Co governance was promised on the basis Maori support Labour and further and most importantly…. provide through Hapu nationwide the means to secure three waters consent at local and regional levels. Today that network or pathway has been secured. Things are more advanced than NZers know

    Ordinary Maori were not represented at that hui nor indeed do we count iwi leaders as our leaders. They are proxy government agents whether they vote red, blue or yellow.

    What NZers need to know is that the rights to our infrastructure have been sold. Not going to be but sold. Labour is covering a theft using urgency in the chamber

    That infrastructure will be upgraded and rented back to us by a financial entity

  9. Maori deceit and treachery everywwhere. Wait till the public discover the spirit of Maui which drives that. It is not possible to mix old tikanga with modern Pakeha. Would any legislation ever be possible to interpret?
    What have they offered Ardern for her collaborataion? How else could she agree to Mahuta walking all over her? The implied rejection of the convention around Parliamentary mandates has been abused. That makes the govt unfit to continue. The Gov General has a duty to terminate this Parliament.

    • In the main I agree with you but people also need to understand the political powers of whichever persuasion and iwi leaders of whichever tribe…. Are all working to an agenda that does not reflect the values of their constituents or people

  10. Yet another outrageous cynical attempt by this corrupt government to to ride roughshod over democracy.

    It’s become very obvious that Jabcinda’s government is nothing more than a criminal gang.

  11. This govt is the worst in New Zealand history. They have wrecked this country and divided the people. They are doing it on purpose and they make me sick to the stomach. Spend the rest of your miserable sell out lives looking over your shoulder mother F**kers. 😡


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