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Liz Gunn emergency message, whistleblower’s house ‘surrounded by police’

New Zealand Loyal Party leader Liz Gunn releases video with emergency message.

Speaking from a car at 5pm this afternoon Gunn said she had received a call from Ministry of Health whistleblower ‘Winston Smith’ that his house had been surrounded by police since 2.15pm.

A third person, a female, who Gunn said had ‘backed up’ the information release and had contacted her with Smith, had also had her house surrounded by police.

The police action follows Smith’s video interview with Gunn published recently in which he released previously unseen data obtained from the Ministry in the course of his work which he claimed showed a link between the mRNA gene therapy roll out and New Zealand’s rising excess death rates.

In today’s video Gunn called on the new government to show they were different ‘from the tyrannical Ardern government.’

In a plea direct to Winston Peters, Gunn implored the NZ First leader to ‘help these people’ and ‘make sure Luxon calls off the police.’

‘Make sure this whistleblower is honoured as a New Zealand hero, for telling the people the truth. The eyes of the world are upon New Zealand, Winston Peters.’

Gunn also pleaded with supporters to contact Peters and ‘demand that he stands up as well.’

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been edited since it was first published following release of the Employment Relations Authority decision in ISV v ZCM & Others [2023] NZERA 718.

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    • Winston Peters said in the House in response to a question that quote ‘The good Book says that no man is above redemption’
      That is an absolute lie
      Which smacks of Judaism
      Nothing goes up that did not come down
      Maybe we should rename the Beehive the ‘Big Top’
      Getting worse by the day
      I wouldn’t hold too much faith in Winston Peters

    • Judge Holden
      ….just the name implies Truth.
      So grateful you spend time commenting.
      What else do you have to contribute?

    • Yip, you can tell everything she reported is totally fake by the fact that the police only surrounded and besieged that guy’s house like he’s Pacino in Scarface.

      They only do that when there’s no real evidence to worry about 😉

      • That’s what she said happened, but she’s a cooked lunatic. You’re someone so gullible that you actually believe her.

        • lol, I see you spreading your mental retardation through the comment sections of various articles on this website. There are two possibilities here:

          1) You’re a troll just trying to be a contrarian asshat (in which case GREAT job by the way)

          2) You actually BELIEVE there really was a deadly pandemic and that MRNA injections saved the world, and that even though the “crazy people” warned there would be illness and disease from these injections such things never happened, and that the notable increase in illness and disease now being verified across the world are just a big coincidence even though they’re all the same conditions that the “crazy people” warned about, and that the “crazy people” are still the ones living in denial. (if this is the case, then there’s really nothing more I can say beyond “You’re a vaccinated imbecile and may God have mercy on your soul.”

          Now please help me to decide which of these two categories you fall into by coming back with some low-level wit and another asinine comment. Go ahead, the floor is yours…

    • With all due respect, you sound extremely vaccinated.

      Unfortunately the glaringly obvious difficulty with your position is you can’t become unvaccinated.

    • No she is not they are telling the truth our data in USA proves it also .Wake up !all of government are liars cheats and corrupt.

  1. No surprise there really. Just confirms my disdain for the police.

    Arrest the guy trying to do something good, protect the ones hurting the country.

    Shame. Just like their display march 2022

    • Kim Dotcom had posted it to his over 1 million followers. The New Zealand police can’t arrest gangsters, people who kill their own babies and rapists but they can surround the house of a guy trying to expose our corrupt health officials and former govt? Yeah tells you everything you need to know. Why haven’t they surrounded the house of baby Ru s killers? Yeah we know why. The police lost my respect at the parliament protest.

      Anyway. The Genie is out of the bottle. The whole world knows our health officials and former government are corrupt now.

    • I’m looking forward to the M.O.H publishing the full anonymised dataset for public scrutiny.

      It won’t happen obviously, for blindingly obvious reasons.

  2. While the URL links still work, this explosive story has been deleted from front page mainstream news sites. In cases such as this, police do not act unless there has been a complaint. Who made that complaint? Who did they complain to, and what action did that police person take? There is absolutely no denying the evidence these has been deaths from the vax. It is long past time for Government and law enforcement agencies to pick a side. The police must choose to be the investigator and prosecutor or just another goverment department who are covering up crime. Prison awaits those who commit or cover up murder.


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