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Whistleblower arrested – reports

Winston Smith news
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A report published in state-funded outlet 1News says a 56-year-old man has been arrested and will appear in the Wellington District Court tomorrow.

Police told 1News the man has been charged with accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes.

In addition the Employment Relations Authority has granted an injunction in favour of Te Whatu Ora which prevents ‘publication of any of the data’.

CEO Margie Apa said the man had downloaded a large amount of information, but authorities were still working to determine the full extent of his activities.

Image credit: Caspar Camille Rubin

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  1. “In addition the Employment Relations Authority has granted an injunction in favour of Te Whatu Ora which prevents ‘publication of any of the data’.”

    -People with nothing to hide 😉👍

    • The data is nonsense. Publishing nonsense is dumb, because gullible morons like you actually believe it and results in you harming yourself.

      • Uh huh 🙂

        “The data is so fake and so totally not-incriminating at all that we’re banning anyone from seeing it”.

        And you tell me I’M the stupid one for not buying this statement? GFY Judge Fudgepacker 🖕😆

        • What’s with the weird homophobia? I know you’re very angry because of how well the pandemic was handled, but there’s no need to be abusive.

          • *Calls me a gullible moron.

            *Then accuses me of being abusive.

            *Supports fudge packing.

            You are comedy gold, sir. Thank you, I haven’t laughed this hard since those celebrities started getting Bell’s palsy.

          • Judge Holden there’s no homophobia, its because youre a scared poofter because of a “virus”. Go home to mummys basement , get youre 8th booster and put your face nappy on. Thats why youre a poofter. Nothing to do with homophobia

  2. There is a huge Andrew Bridgen conference in the UK parliament tomorrow with many experts, an d they will discuss the data. They will not be able to hide this from the world. It is nearly game over for these murderers.

  3. Just another example of the govt using whatever means available to them to shut down opposing opinions. If the truth was truly on the govt’s side would they not want to debate the subject with their detractors instead of just bury it which literally sends the message that the govt have something to hide.

    • Can admin please tell us why we have to have a guy calling himself judge holden insulting people on this website. Nobody needs unhelpful comments from someone who clearly doesn’t belong here.

      • Respectfully disagree, I happen like Judge Fudge.

        We should be open to hearing opposing points of view. No matter how imbecilic.

          • I KNOW, RIGHT?!

            It’s like whoa, bro cool it with the homophobia. It’s like wow, just wow. Like I can’t even right now, bro. It’s like just, wow… Oh honey, like who hurt you? It’s just like whoa, oh sweety… I’m like at the end of the end here bro. It’s like oh me oh my. Like I don’t even know how to process it, bro. It’s like, mind blown. But for real though. It’s like…the aura bro, it’s dimmer now. But like, I can’t even articulate, son. It’s like I need to transcend bro. Just wow, bro. Just like…wow…

  4. “Te Whatu Ora has been granted an injunction that prevents anyone in New Zealand OR overseas from publishing the data.” LOL
    Andrew Bridgen, the UK parliament and umpteen data analysts around the world who analyzed the data (not all in agreement with each other) must be really worried about that, LOL.
    I guess the cat is out of the bag and Te Whatu Ora, the organisation that replaced the district health boards, and it’s CEO Margie Apa must really be shaking in their boots.

  5. Cover it up at any cost…suppress the truth to push the agenda and make Big Pharma KING! Ugh, people are SO easily led astray. God help us all.

  6. Not unlike Julian Assange, they cannot allege that the data released was untrustworthy-just that people “should not see it,” because it reveals truth and makes the government look bad. This is EXACTLY why this man should be given whistleblower protection!

  7. If it’s all just complete nonsense then why is he being arrested and charged. Why does he pose such a threat that they need to lock him up?
    Don’t forget, he did say “prove me wrong”
    So far I haven’t seen anyone put up any evidence to disprove his work.


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