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‘Low unemployment hiding benefit dependency’, says National

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New Zealand’s low unemployment rate is masking the explosion in benefit dependency overseen by Labour, National’s Social Development & Employment Spokesperson Louise Upston says.

“Under Labour, 55 per cent more people are on the Jobseeker benefit longer than one year.

“Low unemployment is only positive if more people have jobs and fewer people depend on benefits. But that’s not what we’re seeing under this Government.

“The Prime Minister said last week ‘it does matter to us as a Labour Government that we have people in the dignity of work’.

“Why then, has her Government allowed 50,000 more New Zealanders to become dependent on the Jobseeker benefit under their watch, particularly at a time when employers across the country are desperately crying out for workers?

“Labour is squandering a golden opportunity to connect people on a benefit with job vacancies, and is instead creating a social and economic crisis down the road.

“Everyone deserves the dignity, independence, choices and opportunities that a job provides.

“But clearly Labour’s approach to welfare is failing Kiwis. The Government needs to be doing far more to help people stuck on the Jobseeker benefit to overcome barriers to getting into paid work.

“If this Government can’t help people off benefits and into work now, then when on earth will they ever be able to?”

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  1. A person is easier to control when they are indebted to the state so as long as we have globalist puppets running this country they will want as many people as possible on the benefit.

    • They will enslave as many as they can first, then make it mandatory for anyone on govt support to be vaxxed, then when your time is up. Bye bye. Just like Logan’s run.

  2. I know 3 long term unemployed people.

    1 is a qualified builder but hates working (we know as we tried to get him to do some work for us and he told us). He spends his days indulging in whatever takes his fancy, mostly hobbies, has several pets and won’t marry his partner so they can keep up the flatmate ruse. He has been unemployed for most of his adult life and definitely permanently so for the last 10 years. Only just turning 50. Living his best life, doesn’t seem to have to make excuses for himself anymore, guess there’s a note on his file to the effect of “kicks up a big stink if he’s made to work, not worth the aggro”

    Number 2 is unemployed, spends his day gaming and watching TV and swimming at the local pools whilst living in a lakefront rented house (shared with other family members who also don’t work). Hard times. Can’t see any reason why he couldn’t be working.

    Number 3 is a drug addicted loser who has probably only held down the equivalent of 2 years work in her life. Is now 30. Been in trouble with the police for violence and drugs, trespassed off hospital grounds for abusing staff. Lives in a druggie house with other druggies who also don’t work, in the room her druggie best friend committed suicide in. Tried to break into my car while it was parked at her parents house that I was visiting and steal money from my handbag. Uses her benefit to buy drugs and junk food and alcohol. Has skills but is inherently lazy and because of the drugs is extremely volatile with a propensity to steal anything of any value. Even stole meat out of her parents freezer while the parents were in the house! How many more decades and how many millions of dollars will this one individual cost this country? More to the point, how many tax payers does it take to pay for this person and their bludging lifestyle?

    So there you go people, this is what the govt is propping up and enabling with their fudging of unemployment numbers and ZERO expectations to get them into work.

  3. In some …’Western Nations’…you can remain on extended unemployent bennies for 99 weeks.
    Those drawing such bennies are known as ‘Ninety-Nines’ in the good ol’ U.S. of A.!!
    After that, the benefit stops irregardless, and you are then dropped from the roles of the unemployed and not counted anymore as unemployed.
    That then lowers the unemployment stats, even though you may still be…unemployed!

  4. Just wait for the inflation to catch up. RBNZ is mandated to keep not only the inflation under control but also keep the unemployment low. The clown heading RBNZ dosent care about inflation. So inflation forces many to take jobs at or arround the minimum wages. Unemployment benefit is not much and cant survive in big cities with it. So no choice for beggars. High taxation also forces many families to depend on the tax rebates but it doesnt help youth unemployment.

  5. I know that if I had got the jabs and then start learning what the experimental poison does to you…………… Would I want to carry on working my last days OR do I go on dole and party up the final days. Choose wisely this time sheeples

  6. If you’re on Government (taxpayer) money, you don’t have a real job. No way. BTW – that INCLUDES POLITICIANS – the BIGGEST and GREEDIEST WELFARE KWEENZ OF ALL!


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