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Mandated midwife faces disciplinary hearing ‘for exercising her duty of care’

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A mandated midwife who chose not to have the Pfizer mRNA COVID gene therapy is due before the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal this month charged with ‘malpractice’.

The revelation was made this week by midwife Anne Sharplin on Reality Check Radio’s morning show with Paul Brennan.

Pfizer’s gene therapy for COVID did not prevent infection or transmission. In October 2022 a senior company executive admitted in the European parliament that the product wasn’t even tested for transmission prevention before being unleashed on the global population.

‘For a midwife to be charged with malpractice she’s either have got to have done or omitted to have done something really serious in clinical care, or been fraudulent… However, this charge for this particular midwife is because she had a case-load of women, she did her best to find alternative care for these women. She was working in an area of New Zealand where there was a shortage of midwives.

‘The women could not get another midwife. They were planning home births… they had had babies before. They were not going to go into the hospital. One of them had ‘schooled up’ on how to free birth. They went into labour and it was like in the first month of being mandated. They called – there were two that I knew of – they called this midwife and she went as a duty of care, and she worked as a midwife. One of the baby’s had a problem with the shoulders… She is being charged with malpractice. Now that is wrong.’

There were at least seven other midwives in similar situations, said Sharplin.

‘The actual malpractice is if she hadn’t gone, in my opinion.’ Sharplin compared the midwife’s situation to that of a doctor or nurse in A&E. ‘When someone’s in labour, you can’t just say ‘let’s postpone that until I’m free of the mandate.’

A short version of Brennan’s interview with Sharplin has been uploaded to Rumble by CoronavirusPlushie (below). The full interview is available on the Reality Check Radio website.

Image credit: Vlada Karpovich

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  1. In NZ we (wrongly) give the mandate proponents gongs and accolades….
    The Mid Wives Assn must be in the pocket of various pollies, media and big pharma.
    Nothing else make any sense.

  2. It must be a cruel joke, the useless jab never stopped infection or transmission, so how could it be called a vaccine?.
    Think about this, if it was any good the pregnant mother would have nothing to worry about if she had been vaccinated.
    Latest research actually confirms that the more jabs you have the more prone you are to catching covid due to some sort of immune degradation, total BS what planet are these idiots on.

  3. it is done on purpose. To intimidate the whole profession and ultimately to coerce in future situations. I don t think wd are done yet with looks alike covid situations
    All western governments act in the same way

  4. This sounds like something that would happen at CDHB, an entity that employs psychopaths in the ‘Upper level of ‘Management’!
    If you’re the wife of a Doctor, high-ranking Freemason, or a ‘Pillar of the (so-called) Community’, you will have a petty job that pays maximum for life.
    You can delegate ALL of your workload to someone who is ‘not in the know’, and who is paid minimum.
    You can openly bully, harass, denigrate, slander, defame, ridicule and impose maximum sarcasm on those who are not ‘in the know’ or who come from families in Christchurch that have stood-up to the status quo.
    These ‘Service Managers’ that came about in the 1990’s are there to filter out those who are ‘enlightened’, and those who are not. They had those positions created post 1992 when the great Masonic Restrainer Manly Palmer Hall died. Once he was out of the way, Freemasonry and the Old Boy / Old Girl’ Networks went crazy and have become self-serving!
    THEY determine who will get proper healthcare and treatment, and you can bet that they are taking care of their own relatives and Masonic Families but providing minimum to most patients who are not ‘in the know’ and those patients not in the Masonic Lodge!
    CDHB and certain ‘Professors’ are given carte blanche to abuse their staff and secretaries, going so far as to try and entrap employees by having covert lawyers appear at the Service Manager’s offices when an employee has a complaint.
    If you have the very great mis-fortune of working there at CDHB, I would suggest that you
    1. Get and retain a lawyer-you will need one at some point, and make sure that there is no conflict of interest in the event that the lawyer is working for a law firm while simultaneously serving on the CDHB Board, and-
    2. Join the Union.
    NEVER go into the so-called ‘Service Manager’s ‘office without a witness!
    IF you feel unsafe due to innuendo (ie “employee) needs a bullet…(employee) needs a bullet!”), are verbally and physically assaulted, suffer the stressful threat of being fired, or are outright assaulted, then you will need to call the Cops (last resort- many are Freemasons…) and get in contact with your Non-Masonic Union Steward / Rep, your lawyer, or the Law Society.
    File a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, and make sure that the Health Minister gets a copy of the same!
    I suffered ‘Constructive Dismissal’ and resigned ‘Under Duress’ from CDHB after close to 20 years of faithful service!
    F@#K THEM ALL! Go private when you need health care!

    • Doctors tried to kill me after a medical error. How ? by misuse of psychiatry and pharmacy. This happened in a western kingdom with an examplary constitution and human rights legislation ( lgbt protection etc). And it seems to be a public secret that i am not alone in this situation A calvinistic country of preachers, moralistic and always first to condemn ” non democratic ” countries/governments
      Corrupt to the nth degree though. Do as i say, but not as i do.
      In my situation, i certainly could confirm that dame Justice is the biggest prostitute there is.

      • Check to see if you or any of your close relatives have a ‘Green Sheet / Page’ in your medical file(s), as such is a permission form to grant DNR (Do Not Resuscitate).
        Many are now profiled as ‘Useless Eaters’ ‘Politically Dangerous’ or ‘Career Criminal’ have had these snuck-into their medical records without their knowledge in several nations, NZ included.
        Many relatives of patients who died in care only found out later when the medical records were pulled to find that their relative had an unauthorised Green Sheet.
        Insure that you don’t, as this can lead to assassination thru pharmacology or an orchestrated ‘medical event’ resulting in death as per the NWO Doctrine.

  5. Will there be thousands protesting this Injustice? Probably not, they will do as they please and you’ll do nothing.

    • Doing something to assert YOUR rights involves them retaliating via assassination attempts via planned vehicular homicide, drive-by shootings, prescribing the wrong meds that have damaging and / or lethal interactions, and promoting a solicitor who is compromised or has a conflict of interest with the offending organisation.
      Just look at who is on the Health Boards, and see if they are also employed as solicitors in the various law firms around town.
      If you need a law firm, check to see if their solicitors are also DHB members. If so, you’re already compromised!
      They gotta have their corrupt fingers in every pie, so as to control the status quo and insure that only ‘those in the know’ are accommodated.
      Disgusting p****, ALL OF THEM!!!

    • That which has been done and resulted in settlements of compo has NEVER received any press coverage, and never will.
      They keep their corruption and abuse under wraps and out of sight from the general public.
      So, we won’t know how many have ‘protested’ by filing civil and criminal complaints against such organisations unless we spend hours down at the Law Society researching out of court settlements…
      And I’m willing to bet that will take many, many hours…!

  6. HPCA boards and councils, charged and legally required to oversee ethics and public safety were co-opted as a complicit NZGOV goon squad of camp guards, in an ad hoc public and professional assault. They stood by mute when ethical mandates were imposed. Trust me when I say these people are the lowest form of self-aggrandising bureaucrat. They capability to undertake or understand research or ethics is trivial. They are a literal and figurative danger to everyone, as indeed they are demonstrating.


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