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Watch: ‘Scandalous’ & ‘Criminal’ – Pfizer did not test mRNA jab for transmission prevention before public roll-out

Janine Small, Pfizer’s President of International Markets, was testifying before the European parliament.

Small was being questioned Rob Roos, a Dutch Member of the European Parliament, following the ‘no-show’ of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

Roos asked Small if the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ had been tested for stopping transmission of the virus before introduction to the public.

Small answered: ‘Regarding the question around whether did we know about stopping immunisation before we entered the market. No, haha…’


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  1. It’s worth noting that Medsafe NZ originally admitted, on their website, that they “DO NOT KNOW” if the vaccine prevents or reduces transmission.
    Then they quietly deleted this statement.
    The logical assumption is: This statement was deleted when Medsafe received enough information to show that the jab DOES NOT prevent or reduce transmission.
    When Medsafe was asked about the deletion, they REPEATEDLY evaded giving any sort of legitimate response.

  2. Great to see more and more of this stuff getting out, but sadly it won’t make a bit of difference in the short term to the drug dealing governments and cartels. It will though, hopefully go some way to waking up the sleep walkers and those conned by msm ratbags intent on killing as many people as possible though their complicity.

  3. Reduce transmission of what?
    Covid ostensibly does not exist as a specific as such stand alone virus
    And it in the strictest sense of the meaning of the word
    Has never been isolated, separated nor identified
    Likewise any of it’s purported variants which have never been proven to exist
    This is all of the fake narrative
    Backed up by fake PCR tests
    To deliver the fake results
    Covid was a psyop using the NZ public as lab rats

    • Please don’t confuse yourself with semantics. Yes the virus exists. Team Fauci & co had modified a bat virus so it can infect humans, as early as 2015. Or to be more precise, 2015 was the first time they published scientific papers about it. http://www.tinyurl.com/batvirus-pdf
      The thing is that it was a fake pandemic, because the WHO no longer uses quantifiable, independently verifiable metrics for the declaration of “pandemic”. A “pandemic” is simply when WHO decides to declare one.
      And we know how Gates effectively bought-out WHO, and signatory governments are obliged to follow their ‘pandemic’ directives. ie.. a method of centrally promulgating economic destruction as the thin end of the wedge for the “great reset” / “4th industrial revolution” / and all other WEF wet dreams.
      Also, antibody testing was effectively banned… because govt didn’t want people finding out they already have immunity. Many people did, according to CovidplanB (IIRC).
      Import of RAT tests banned for quite some time. Govt controlled the PCR tests, which could be used at higher cycles to make anything look like a positive result.
      And the government censored / banned / blocked / denied any of the existing, easily available treatments, even mentioning zinc, or vitamin D, or vitamin C, in a comment on the unite against C19 F*book page would get that comment auto-hidden by their deliberate settings.
      Yes it was all an orchestration. But to say the virus does not exist is pedantic semantics, and is counterproductive.

  4. More indisputable evidence that the ‘no jab no job’ mandates and vaccine passports had no scientific validity whatsoever. New Zealand’s population was unlawfully subjected to a dangerous unethical pharmaceutical trial and perverse behavioural science experiment.

    As a result many people have been killed and seriously injured, those responsible must be held criminally accountable.

  5. Agree with posts above, beyond belief, but totally troubling as I read about this way back before the lockdowns in NZ. The government and health authorities must have known but still carried on down the rabbit hole.
    Someone needs to be held accountable.
    Shouldn’t all the Nurses and Doctors that were bullied out of their jobs because they refused the jab be reinstated.
    I would be talking to my lawyer.

  6. We need to take Adern and Bloomfield to the high court
    How do we get this idiots to explain to our fellow NZ citizens why they pressured us into taking a vaccine that was never tested to prevent transmission, never worked in preventing transmission, & still mandated people out of work despite this?


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