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‘New Zealand’s day of shame’: Social Credit leader speaks out

In a press release today, leader of the Social Credit party Chris Leitch called police and government actions at the Parliament Protest yesterday a ‘day of shame.’

DTNZ has decided to publish Mr. Leitch’s statement in full:

March 2nd 2022 will go down as a day of shame for the country – a day when the government ended a mostly peaceful protest about unjustified and unnecessary segregation and restrictions on freedom, with the use of force instead of dialog.

It is the closest New Zealand has come to ending democracy and freedom of expression as we’ve known it, and bordering on totalitarianism, with perhaps the exception of the 1951 waterfront strikes, and the Bastion Point occupation.

The difference is those two actions were focussed on a narrow number of workers rights in the case of the former, and a particular piece of land in the latter.

The protest in Wellington drew people from across the country, black, white, brown, well off and poor, old and young, business owners and workers, accountants and midwives – a representation of New Zealand society as a whole.

Social Credit news
Chris Leitch, leader of the Social Credit party.

While the government and the media have been pouring scorn on the protesters and highlighting every supposedly distasteful action they could find, even making some up, what they have not yet realised is that those protesters represent the sharp end of one third of the country who are fed up with the mandates.

This is despite the population being bombarded for two years with messages designed to instil fear, view the government as the only source of truth, and as their saviours.

It says even more about what is happening that one third of the population have got to the stage of seeing through that fear.

While our political leaders and our media were united in condemning (some rather mutedly) the way the protests for democracy were put down by the Chinese regime in Hong Kong, they have supported the same kind of tactics being used to end the protest action in Wellington.

What’s even more shameful is that every political party in parliament supported it – which says an immense amount about the lack of balance and differing opinion that our parliament should have.

What we’ve seen is that absolute majority rule can easily become just as destructively despotic as any dictatorship when it is unchecked by parties in parliament with differing opinions.

There is a clear and growing intolerance for dissent, with laws currently being drafted to stop people with alternative views speaking out and label them, and their views, dangers to society, and to install digital monitoring of the population – vaccine passports being just the start.

Supposed fact checkers, set up and supported by big tech, and well funded think tanks and charitable foundations denounce any view not fitting the “accepted’ mould as false, fake, or conspiracy theory, and label the holders of those views with criminal sounding names – anti-vaxxers, right wing agitators.

To the Prime Minister. The veil on your ‘be kind’ message has been lifted. The politics of kindness has been replaced by the politics of arrogance and the politics of violence. The ‘team of five million’ is actually the team of 3.5 million plus ‘the others’. You have employed the oldest political strategy known – set people against each other, divide and rule.

To the police. Shame on you. Many of you knew that what you were being asked to do was wrong, yet not one was prepared to say no, to stand up for your principles. You consoled yourself with the same words German soldiers used in World War Two and Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine are using today. I was just following orders.

To the 120 Members of our Parliament. Shame on you. It is impossible to believe that not one of you knew yesterday’s action was wrong, that dialogue should have been held weeks ago. Yet not one of you was prepared to speak out, to put your cosy, well paid position on the line, to put your chances of re-election in jeopardy, to resign from your party if necessary to uphold your principles.

Politicians of real calibre have done so – Matiu Rata, Jim Anderton, and Tariana Turia, all of whom resigned from parliament over a principle, and Marilyn Waring who didn’t resign but who was ready to cross the floor and vote with the opposition on the nuclear issue. Rob Muldoon called a snap election before she could do so.

National Party politicians in particular. You were prepared to speak out publicly for three years about minor petty internal matters, but not one of you was prepared to speak out about a nationally important matter.

Efforts to quell dissent will increase. New laws will be drafted. Higher fences will be erected and you will all be party to it.

Unless of course, voters see the light and get a party into parliament that is prepared to stand by its principles, not surrender them in order to pander to whom they think are likely to re-elect them. A party that is prepared to speak out when they know our democracy, our freedoms, and our sovereignty are under attack.

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  1. Well said. I have no party affiliation – but we desperately need a totally new party that isn’t wall-to-wall with marshmallow-for-brains career politicians. Thought Luxon might be that man – but nope – spineless.

    To the current Govt and their lacky’s… There is a judgement with true justice coming soon. It makes no difference if you don’t believe in God. You will be judged . And a special warning to deceiving Jacinda and her eunuch ‘pseudo-medical’ team and her leashed MSM fiction writers – God particularly hates those who bear false witness. But it’s not too late to change. To the MPs of all the other parties (who are all seem to be wearing the same colours) – grow some balls and dare to have your own opinion and stand up for it – pussies!

  2. Like your press release Mr Leitch , but where have you been for the last three weeks. You make good points but time will reveal your actions. Actions are all that counts now as words from politicians don’t mean s**t. You need to prove to the people you mean what you say or no-one will vote in elections thereby not giving their consent to be ruled by the installed puppet .In fact you Mr Leitch should start a no confidence vote in all of those s***heads who sit in the behive .

      • I will follow that up. Thank you Mr Leitch, and kudos to you for replying to my post, you will not only have another vote but also another paying member thanks P.T

        • After checking you site in above link, I apologize for my tone in first post, but new information allows me to change my position. You now have a new member for your party and I shall promote you and your party to all I know. Thank you Mr Chris Leitch, and I look forward to meeting you in person. PT

      • Thank you Sir, to both yourself and your party for doing what you did to stand up for freedom.

        As you said, none of it got airtime from the media, so many of us were unaware.

        I will definitely follow your link and take a look. Consider yourselves up one new member ????

      • Oh my Mr Leitch, I have just read your message and looked up your political webpage. I would love to join the team but alas, do not have a spare $15 to do so. I will just have to wait and support you from the sidelines. I admire your tenacity and dedication to presenting and defending the truth. I was in despair that ANY political party would be worth my vote, but finally I believe there is one. It is a pity that your party colours are green and yellow! I love our Aussies neighbours but having their colours as a symbol of a NZ party is a little on the nose! (tongue in cheek comment).

  3. “What’s even more shameful is that every political party in parliament supported it – which says an immense amount about the lack of balance and differing opinion that our parliament should have.”

    Bravo Mr Leitch. David Seymour was first out the gate with his observations. Its time he and others who know what’s wrong started speaking much louder. The situation’s proven that Luxon was easily drawn into the sideshow of crowd behavior, even though such events until yesterday were minimal given time over numbers… and stayed the course with Ardern’s arrogance. That’s a good thing for me because I now know there’s Labour red and Labour blue. Won’t get fooled after that. A Party that runs a bi-Partisan approach to housing and a Soviet line over protestors says enough to make it easy to know National can’t sell crap as raspberry jam.

    • Seymour did get out of the gate, as did Winston but they were both late. We were out of the gate in September last year – but the media ignore us. Seymour gets coverage because he’s in parliament.

      • One thing ACT did last year was turn up in almost 50 cities and towns to ask people what they’re thinking. That’s the first time any Party’s done that – correct me if I’m wrong. That’s democracy and it helps to build the grass roots. Try it yourself Chris. By the way, great essay you’ve penned here.

        • Thank you. Social Credit has been a registered political party since 1953 and contested every election since. Got 20.65% of the nationwide vote in 1981 but under the first-past-the-post electoral system got only 2 seats. We’ve done meetings in every town in the country before to develop our policy. I was at the protest in Wellington for two days on its second weekend and spoke there – the only political party leader to do so.

        • Might I also mention the MPs get free travel, accommodation and advertising paid for by the taxpayer. Parties outside parliament have to fundraise for every dollar they want to spend.

    • Maybe you haven’t been listening. While National were running their juvenile routine under Judith Orivida Collins, ACT has been really good in opposition. Agreed, Seymour should have spoken up sooner in support of the protestors. He probably took a lead from Bolger, Coutts and others. Whatever, he’s consistent with the notion that taxpayers employ politicians and they should be accountable to their electorates. That’s a great place to pin the tail on the donkey. Now, if we can remove the donkey and her group of criminals we may have a chance. Marxism hasn’t worked out well anywhere – we don’t need it here.

  4. Maybe the minor polys haven’t been bought and paid for yet.Wouldnt need much if selling out the country is only worth 20 mil to comrad jaxx

  5. I appreciate the sentiment, but please for the love of God, change the name of your party.

    “Social credit” has such a negative connotation to it, since it’s one of the ultimate goals of the current cabal

  6. “Efforts to quell dissent will increase. New laws will be drafted. Higher fences will be erected and you will all be party to it.”

    This might be the most important sentence written here. Once a government uses force, they break the social contract and lose a certain percentage of the people. That means they’ll have to use a little more force somewhere else down the road, and lose a little more of the people when they do. That’ll lead to a little bit more and a little bit more and so on, until one day for no reason at all Mussolini is hanging from a street pole.

    History books are littered with the carcasses of tyrants who failed to realise this.

    Stop the bullshit and just let us live our lives in peace!

  7. At last someone who speaks as I feel, sadly the opposition including Seymour have been found wanting in not supporting a lawful protest in Wellington.

    I would rather die free than live as a slave under Ardern

  8. You will never vote your way to freedom in this current system.Voting is a scam .Government is corruption by its very nature the only way forward is small government with limited powers in order to minimise the damage the parasites can to.A Revolution is required

    • I think you’re right. We have a government that is very limited in what it can do under the framework of what it should be doing and a Prime Minister who is unable to relate to a significant number of the team of five million. She holds a degree in communications but is unable to communicate with people she has displaced from employment who have valid concerns, despite the team of hundreds she’s employing for this purpose. To her people with concerns about their employment simply don’t exist, just like the problem created when her partner tried to hoodwink the pharmacist over rapid antigen tests. Simply ignore everything unless there’s a feelgood headline in it. By the way, has anyone seen her partner lately? When is that wedding taking place?

  9. How refreshing that a politian has dared to clean the windows and dare to look beyond beehive miasma.
    The actions of a few have been reported in MSM as the actions of all, and it is seriously disappointing.
    How quickly we forget the actions of the suffregettes that resulted in women being given the vote. Strong actions come from strong beliefs, and the protestors were not from just one group of society, but a truely broad and diverse group. All with one intent. To have the mandates removed and allow society to attempt to heal.
    Time for a new direction NZ, if it is not too late.
    Thank you for acknowledging what so many have come to realise.

  10. Gloria Bruni
    Facts: Social Credit, as a movement for monetary reform, is over 100 years old; a registered political party in New Zealand for 68 years. Monetary reform being the means to a free and decent life for all New Zealanders. We are forced to make a change in our name (note this Dave) since it’s theft by the de-humanizing, digital-identity “cabal”. That lot is the very opposite of what SoCredNZ stands for — as Chris Leitch’ letter demonstrates. If you haven’t heard of us before, blame decades- long resistance by major media.

    • Thanks Gloria, I appreciate the clarification.

      Honestly hadn’t really heard that much about you guys before, and yes, as you say probably due to media gatekeeping.

      The cabal always give all their worst, most devious schemes the most innocuous and pleasant names, as they have with the term “social credit”.

      But perhaps a name change would help the party gain some new recognition and new followers, and potentially dig it out of the pigeonhole the media has kept it in all this time.

      Just my two cents, I’m just some guy on the internet.

      Regards and God bless

  11. Chris Leitch well spoken ,time to get rid of these parasites in the beehive,Jacinda pack your bags you will be leaving NZ for goog.

  12. Awesome statement…thank you Mr Leitch. It gives me hope in humanity, to see that there are still few genuine humans left on this planet. God bless you. This statement lifted up my spirit today.

  13. Great article ,well said, I salute you. However, I suggest some group or persons of influence go on TV and other media outlets, where possible, make a call/statement to Jacinda, her cohorts, police, GG and defense and the people of NZ to immediately STOP the vaccinations. Expose all that this government and its opposition partners are planning on doing. People who have been vaccinated once, twice thrice or even fourth are at home sick.
    Remove the new covid laws .
    Jabbing must stop immediately and all mandates removed, she has her new covid 19 laws I understand already passed in parliament under secrecy to be in force from 1st April,2022.This will give her and her cohorts more power to force what they wish on the people. Most NZrs unfortunately do not know about this latest move of hers but think, once mandates gone life be sweet, no such thing.
    This is only the start of her tyrannical, globalistic, controlled rule in NZ under a beauty face, people beware, wake up, you all have given her another year and 9 months to spill any amount of evil on this wonderful nation before she departs to either UN ,WEF or some of their many crony organisations.
    She will drag this mandate process on till 1st of April now that she has got rid of the parliament protest, more evil to come from this regime.
    Listen to how Klaus Schwab laughingly says about his puppet globalist young leaders who he indoctrinated so well in carrying out this evil infiltration onto humanity.
    Their ultimate goal is to get every single living human being in NZ vaccinated 2 plus times so the poison contents will work overtime in the blood to either gradually kill or alter the DNA and weaken human natural immune system.
    Please wake up everyone.

    • Problem is that unless you tow the government line you can’t get on TV or in the media – unless they can find a way to throw mud at you. They never print any of the material we put out – except of course this publication does. And the people at the top or our business world all want to be seen to be ‘doing the right thing’ and staying on-side with the government. If we had the money we’d run more full page ads (they’re happy to take our money of course) like these we did in November – https://www.socialcredit.nz/mandates But we fought for two weeks to get them to publish!

    • This is why all the wef puppets are pushing for war, the only ones who get punched in the face are general populations on both sides, including “developed” europeans, all of them will be starved, expropriated and pushed into nwo with social score system based on regular injections and digital injection/score passports, their life spans will be controlled by the mentioned injections, they will own nothing, not even clothes they wear, everything will be rented, simply biomass.

  14. I say don’t get jabbed stop getting tested and ignore mandates open your business play sports and do whatever you want to do. Refuse to recognise her rule over us. The people have always had the power step into it. She hasn’t got enough prison cells for all of us. Oh and for goodness sake’s take those oxygen depriving masks off and bloody burn them!!!! Just ignore the government bs.

  15. I call all fathers, mother’s and teenagers and children. Start your own sports teams all welcome do not discriminate. Talk to your teenagers ask them how they feel about masks at school encourage them empower them to use their voice and tell them it’s okay to stand against this. Listen to their ideas, seriously they are brilliant! They are capable and powerful together. This is not okay for most of them. This country will be theirs soon enough. Support them if they stage a walkout at school. Help them navigate their way around this. Trust me you will be so proud of them. Let them know that they are valued and what they have to say is important. We must remember how difficult this has been for them. It’s within their power to bring the students together. Give them a safe place to meet, give them a phone and watch those impressive young people go!!!! It’s their education their school, their friends and their right to decide what that looks like for them.

  16. New laws have been drafted. The Covid Amendment 2 Bill comes into action in April. In that the police have the right to come into your home without a warrant. Thanks for your article.

  17. You have hit the nail on the head. A very well thought out piece of work that has totally addressed the problems between the nation and our so-called government. Something drastically has to change before we totally become a third world country. You certainly have my vote.

  18. So jacinda apologies to island people for dawn raids against overstayers in the 1970s then she does night attacks on protesters while sleeping..
    So much for being kind.


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