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Why are we so blind to rampant ‘Divide and Conquer’?

During the Parliament Protest, DTNZ was fortunate to have had the services of an experienced journalist.

In this article our contact on the ground in Wellington writes about her views on contemporary journalism and reporting on the protest and protesters.

Why are we so blind to rampant ‘divide and conquer’?

Thank heavens, at last! A politician truthfully speaks out, officially, denouncing the Government’s and mainstream media’s deplorable reaction to the citizens’ protest rally at parliament buildings, which culminated yesterday in unlawful police aggression and destruction of property.

Chris Leitch, Leader of Social Credit, absolutely correctly designates it as “NZ’s Day of Shame“.

As an “old school” journalist, I’ve been appalled over past weeks at too many lazy contemporary journalists spouting their personal opinions and inaccurate observations when passing comments about the thousands of ordinary citizens protesting harmful vaccine mandates, based on their own tragic experiences.

Very few of these same journalists actually ever had any meaningful face-to-face conversations with the protesters in order to correctly determine their true motives and principles. Thankfully, a couple did move out of their comfort zone after the High Court last week ruled the vaccine mandates on Police and NZDF as “unlawful”, finally dropped their air of superiority and came down to properly interview protesters with a degree of human respect.

Wellington protest news

But most haven’t. One of the many examples appearing on Newsroom repeatedly used the phrase “extremism and fear”, when describing the actions of the rally, then named Freedom Village. This accusation could not be further from the truth, as I visited the peaceful, organised and cooperative crowd nearly every day for weeks. Police aggression and over zealous hangers-on were the ones causing the sporadic ruckus.

The writer quoted researchers showing us “how much we attend to alarming and fear-inducing stories in society”.

So, I ask you, who was the first to alarm and stress us all with “fear-inducing stories”?

Who told Aotearoa that the new Covid 19 virus was a deadly megamonster for which there was no cure, and that would kill countless thousands unless we locked ourselves up for weeks on end and had several “safe and effective” vaccinations, wore masks everywhere, and kept away from each other?

The Government.

And they have been spilling out what we now know to be false scientific information provided by Big Pharma about the virus and a potentially dangerous vaccine that is not anywhere properly tested for use on human adults, let alone children.

And, who has been continually spreading around this “extremism and fear”, and ignoring the now globally well-circulated correct information and research?

The mainstream media.

Then the enforcement of vaccine mandates and passports exacerbated that “extremism and fear” to the point of deeply dividing the whole country into separate camps – families split, friendships broken, employees fired, small businesses collapsing, people becoming more and more unhappy, desperate, anxious and unwell, and even dying.

Aotearoa was in a state of “extremism and fear” way before 2022 even started, and certainly a long time before these fearless human beings came in Convoy from all over the country to Wellington, on February 8th.

Does this sound a little more logical, according to the timeline? More and more citizens seem to think so.

Divisions are created by fear of “the other”, or the unknown. A huge amount of energy, public relations and man-hours has gone into creating fear of Covid throughout the world, and it has been finely focused within populations with laser intensity. Thank you again, Mr Leitch, for pointing out the Government’s tactic of “Divide and rule”.

But, we need to remember that fear only lives in our minds – and, we can give in to it, or we can use our minds to independently investigate its source and validity to allow the truth to set us free, just as the Freedom Village people did.

This is our crucial point of decision – we take back control of our life, or, we let the fear divide us, and the Rule of Might conquers us from the outside…. End result: We lose more of our human rights.

The one, urgent, agreed, emphatic request these so-called protestors were making of the Government is the return of our basic human right of authority over our own body, and those of our children and elderly dependents.

You wanted “stories of strength”, my fellow journalists, fellow citizens?

There was one happening right under your nose, and you didn’t open your eyes and get out there with some humility and genuine journalistic impartiality, so the truth and tragedy of this day will go down in history, and you have totally missed the whole point.

Image Credit: Jennie Hatherley

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  1. Very well written. Such a shame that the people who should read probably never will.
    I have never witnessed so many closed minds as there are out there today.

    • Sadly Brenda, me too. It is heart breaking to see and hear the majority of our fellow countrymen believing the propaganda and lies of the government.

      • Unfortunately it will be injuries from the jab for some to realise the scandemic was a fraud from get go. Poor people will have a poor quality of life from the said injuries. However, I am afraid the majority will still never blame the poisons introduced into their bodies by the jab and hold the govt accountable. They just don’t have the ability to think critically.

        Everyone I know who currently has Covid and sick, still believes in the mantra ‘thank God I had a booster otherwise I would be much sicker, in hospital, etc, etc. Not for a minute it occurs to them it’s the syrup in the jab that is making them very vulnerable by weakening their immune system. Boosting your immunity is just a catchy slogan but is actually a fraud. These jabs do no such thing.

        Talk about being brainwashed.

          • Brainwashed are those who are blind to simple everyday evidence. Can you not see everyday the double triple jabbed are coming down with omic(r)on. The hospitals are full your type. Did you miss that one simpleton??

            Some off us are still capable to doing our own research, can’t say the same about brainwashed empty bottles like you.

          • Have you done your due diligence on the so called “vaccination” ? I’m guessing not!!!
            Sars-cov-2 has never been isolated in a lab, doesnt exist.
            ALL the rats and monkeys they tested on the “vaccination” died within two weeks(proven fact if you look)!
            So translate that to human terms you got roughly two years to live if your ‘vaccinated” and yes proven if you look.
            Have a nice evening

  2. Thanks so much DTNZ for all that you have done. Great journalist’s on the ground and on the front lines. Thanks for providing the chance for protesters to share their voices . It means sooo much to us at time when in our country people have been constantly told that what they have to say does not matter. That they no longer can express their concerns and feelings on real issues. If the government progresses with a hidden agenda then please keep your cameras ready because we are going to need you like never before. Long live the truth! Long live DTNZ!!

  3. I admire and respect for this journalist who wrote an impartial column. Well done you. In depth and honest reporting is a precious commodity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reporting the state of play as you witnessed it outside the parliamentary grounds. We need more of your reporting. Pity the others were too lazy to do the same

  4. I am over 60 years of age , never protested or felt any animosity towards government , police health practitioners and MSM.

    Now things have changed, I no longer respect the crop of 120 MPs in government especially the PM Jacinda Ardern who has lied , spread fear and used coercion to divide NZ. In time the people will wake up and her actions will be held to account.

    The police have made a political decision to act on lawful protestors using force to break up the Wellington protest. I no longer respect the police for this action, shame on them.

    As for the health practitioners, when did government decide what is the best treatment for a person, when did the NZ code of ethics which was updated in 2020 get ignored and available treatments which were available get suddenly banned, this is a crime against humanity.

    The 4th estate is nothing to do with reporting facts but now only concerned with pumping out the propoganda of a devious government. This is similar to the Joseph Goebbels Nazi machine of the 1930s .

    Finally can anyone please confirm what has happened to Mr C Gayford, I understand he has some new ankle jewellery?

    • To Mark. Re Clarke C. Friends of mine spotted the [Edited] in the Coromandel over Christmas. Also I understand that Voices for Freedom are organising a protest outside the Whangarei Court to coincide with…. (you can guess)

    • Yeah I heard that was seen in Gisborne with ******
      Then heard was in Mt Eden on ******.
      Not a good look for the P.M if this is true

  5. “Who told Aotearoa [is it still New Zealand if we want it to be?] that the new Covid 19 virus was a deadly megamonster for which there was no cure, and that would kill countless thousands unless we locked ourselves up for weeks on end and had several “safe and effective” vaccinations, wore masks everywhere, and kept away from each other?

    The Government.”

    The government paid Hendy’s consultancy around $6m for his vast inaccuracies in modelling. I bet that’s not claimable under the Consumer Guarantees Act. We have to trade out of the circle of fear that’s conditioned us so effectively to the acceptance of the middle class being smashed by way of loss of businesses and homes and being under house arrest, more and less.
    The sack cloth and ashes future has been let go in real countries. Soon we’ll have that too and the thought that each day brings us closer to the elections.

  6. All of the comments above are true. Remember Jacinda is affiliated with the World Economic Forum and it is their intention to divide and rule – see various press statements from them where they make no secret of this policy. A recent press statement clearly states that in the US they want to create a division between white and black. This should be a wake up call for Maori.

    • It should be a wake up call for any race in New Zealand who aren’t Maori. Some hundreds of millions of dollars of the covid $60b has gone to renovations of over 350 marae throughout the country recently. I went to get some RATs today and found the only place that had them for everyone was a local Maori health provider. By 2040 we will be under a co-governance arrangement. As long as Maori are doing well out of all this it won’t be a wake up call for them. They’re over twelve percent of the population and that’s by far diluted – no full Maori left now. Its become more of a political cause as the race has become more diluted. With Ardern in government, as a UN worker she will subscribe to the UN’s indigenous peoples’ agenda and it’s evident how much legislation has been rushed through already in line with the milestones she has to achieve for the UN. Where else do you know of where a specific race is able to demand they work in “partnership” with police to stop vehicles on public roads, as occurred north of Auckland? OK, now shower me with the “racist” label. I’d love to have my whare revamped on the taxpayer nickel. Time to trade out of being on the general electoral roll, eh?

  7. The mainstream legacy media will never regain my trust. Never.

    I don’t even see the news anymore when I look at the TV. All I see now are the agendas, the angles and the spin. I just wish more people around me would notice it too.

    Time to switch it off.

  8. Thankyou Daily Telegraph for all your work and your excellent on the ground reporter/s. You’ve keep my faith in mankind during this last year or so.
    But elsewhere I’ve never witnessed so
    much rubbish spoken by so many kiwi in my lifetime. The opinions are so varied and so troubling, I am forced to agree with the Mass formation theory of hypnosis, caused by fear &
    Confusion. Apart from media propaganda, there simply can’t be any other explanation for the multitude of insane ideas out there. I don’t know what excuse the politician’s have. Maybe just brain dead.

    • The politicians don’t need an excuse, they’re paid off. When the Rugby World Cup was on in 2011, Monsanto’s Food Bill was rushed through on the quiet. Usually legislation is subject to select committees and a range of processes. It takes significant time, but not that. Presently we have legislation being enacted at speed and on the quiet.

      • So much truth on the web being dismissed by a Government that don’t seem to care. All they care about is their agenda, Jab,Jab,Jab.
        So sad. ????????????????????

        • Ardern will have to drop the mandates at some stage soon but she’s stated at least twice, as has Bill Gates that there will be more viruses. We can’t blame all this on Islamic State or any other convenient party. The blame is fairly and squarely on the UN. They want only 500m people on the planet. Pfizer is assisting that with their best efforts. This will solve our climate change “problem”.


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