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Northland lockdown scandal: ‘Prime Minister can’t have it both ways on misinformation’ – ACT

Northland lockdown scandal news

“Jacinda Ardern’s government has shed the ‘kindness’ image and has again shown it is willing to spread misinformation and throw women under the bus to cover its tracks,” says ACT’s Deputy Leader Brooke van Velden.

“Once again Labour has been caught out. Chris Hipkins spread misinformation about Charlotte Bellis’ circumstances, saying she had been offered MIQ spots when she had not. Now we understand numerous Ministers let three women take the blame for the Northland lockdown caused by a bureaucratic bungle, going as far as letting rumours swirl that they were gang-affiliated prostitutes when Ministers and officials knew they were construction workers.

“What’s the point having a female Prime Minister if she’s just going to let everyday Kiwi women get scapegoated whenever it serves her political purpose?

“What’s worse is that Jacinda Ardern has cynically tried to create a global image of herself as a champion of combatting misinformation and disinformation, giving multiple speeches about it on the world stage, including a speech to Harvard titled ‘Democracy, disinformation and kindness’.

“In that speech she says “disinformation corrodes the foundation of liberal democracy, our ability to assess facts on their merits, and to self-correct accordingly”. She also gives a warning that “you will continue to be exposed to disinformation. And overtime, the ‘noise’ you are surrounded by will probably only get worse.”

“She conveniently left out that her Government would be the ones exposing us to it.

“When the Government plunged Northland into a $30 million lockdown ACT said “When the Government makes a major decision like shutting down an entire region it needs to give us the truth about why, or the void will be filled with rumour and speculation.”

“As it turns out, rumour and speculation was exactly what the Government relied on to distract from its own incompetence.

“The current Labour Government doesn’t want to be held accountable for its actions, the only illumination Kiwis get from them is from gaslighting. It has treated Kiwis with disdain, and they deserve better from the next government.”

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Source:ACT Party

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  1. New Zealand needs to start a grass roots movement from the regions that finally works it’s way up and ultimately dismantles the corrupt bureaucracy that is at the core of everything that controls this country, corrupt politicians, corrupt corporations, corrupt organizations and individuals that are pushing a globalist agenda, taking back the local councils would be a start.

  2. ACT cannot have it both ways. Mandate supporter, no sympathy for freedom fighters or human rights and internatrional law. Making noise on rapid testing and few other gimmicks are the trademarks of ACT to gain some votes. In reality, ACT is just a little poodle of National which is hiding under Jacinda’s skirt.

  3. Well said!! Thank you. We are constantly at the mercy of this government’s “disinformation!” We need to be vigilant and seek the REAL truth, not the so-called truth from “the one source of truth!”

  4. Brooke Van Velden what you have said concerning Jacinda and Labour’s credibility is 100% correct. But now tell me, were you even tempted to go out and speak to the protesters at parliament? Or did you sign up to the silence pact all 120 of you agreed to?

    And I see your anger at those northland ladies being denigrated and thrown under the bus by Labour. But I ask, did you speak out against the denigration of good NZers protesting at parliament when govt ministers and officials referred to them as a “river of filth?”

    If not Brooke then you are as guilty as Jacinda and your hands as dirty as Labour’s.

    • 14000 Ukrainians killed by their own. Russia bad all started after they saw what happened in Libya when they went along with others in the UN, then decided not to support that again in Syria. Ever since Russia bad.

      I remember the nazis trapping those people in the building while it burned in 2014. Is there a guerilla war going on in Crimea by the citizens to take it back for Ukraine? No, because the population voted to join Russia and are happy with their decision.

    • I agree, get rid of the lot of them. Corrupt pigs.

      Reminds me of this from animal farm:

      “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

      Sums up our parliament don’t you think?

  5. Unfortunately I can’t think of a single government that’s not lied considerably at some point.
    Most humans lie, and very often at other’s expense.
    However, Ardern’s traded on her ‘transparent and honest government’ electioneering and more recently her ‘be kind’ mantra.
    So as good civilians in a democratic society, we need to hold her fully to account.
    As this kind of lying is really as low and cruel as it gets.

    If we don’t know by now that JA and the Labour Party don’t care about New Zealanders – only for its policies and WEF compliant agenda – we’ve not being paying the appropriate attention.

    They could consider a rebranding – oh and all at the taxpayer’s expense of course – maybe the Liebour Party or the Libel Party are a more honest and transparent fit.

  6. When they cry disinformation or misinformation it because they want to shut down debate on those issues. Every time they talk about people spreading disinformation they should have to point to exactly what they are talking about and show how it is disinformation.

    I emailed Act in july last year, and other political parties showing that vaccination was not stopping illness and transmission in Israel and UK. But still they supported discrimination in NZ. They even replied, so I know they saw the information.

    Where is the apology Brooke or David?

    • Actually they are all the same. Labour in a yellow skirt. Seymour only left his office when his poll numbers went down. Christopher Luxons visit to the ram raided dairy got guzumped by Labour by giving the police $6m to spend on additional security for small businesses.
      Try reaching out to National and Act for help as a small business and you get no response. We shall remember. Time for a revolution!


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