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Nurses For Freedom NZ remind Andrew Little ‘that Shortland Street is fictional’

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Every single trained nurse and doctor in New Zealand should be concerned by Minister Little’s plans to ease issues within the health workforce by use of financial incentives for overseas staff and paid actors on Shortland Street.

‘Whilst the government may consider Shortland Street representative of the New Zealand health system, we would like to remind them that Shortland Street is fictional and allows viewers a much needed respite from the reality of what is actually unfolding minute by minute in our real health system, namely unsafe practice, fear and coercion,’ Nurses For Freedom NZ (NFFNZ) said in a statement today.

‘New Zealand Nurses and midwives lobby government for professional acknowledgment and appropriate remuneration for their skills on an ongoing basis. The government is now however willing to pay $10,000 to international nurses to ‘fix’ our Kiwi health system.

‘NFFNZ would like to encourage the government to manage unresolved pay equity issues for Kiwi nurses, before recruiting 200 overseas nurses by the end of the year.

‘Furthermore, NFFNZ would like to remind Mr Little that 621 experienced New Zealand nurses and midwives are healthy and available for work; these are in addition to the hundreds of other health care professionals waiting for the healthcare mandates to be dropped.

‘NFFNZ are pleased to learn however that Shortland Street is a potential employment option for the many experienced HDU, ED, ICU, Nurses and Midwives within their membership who bring life into the world, support Kiwis to die a peaceful death and everything that happens as the various scenes unfold.’

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  1. The minister never mentions anything about dropping the mandates. 30 yrs of my cardiac nursing down the drain. Waiting for mandates to be removed, looks like it’s not happening. Yet happy to pay 10k to bring overseas nurses. What a laugh about Shortland street promoting nursing…that tv show is so not what happens in reality.

    • Thank you so very much for your years in caring and nursing the nz public. I am saddened that you no longer have a place in the current system, but I am so glad that you put your health before your job. With all the heart issues related to this jab I find it criminal that a specialist nurse is on the sidelines. nzders thank you and we appreciate you , our country and it’s citizens are the poorer for it. We can only hope that the government gets over its power trip and reinstates you all!!!! With back pay of course. Once again thank you so much for everything.

    • Wow and just at a time when they need a cardiac nurse more than ever with all the heart issues people are experiencing from the jab.
      Thank you for everything you have done for your fellow New Zealanders.

      I can’t believe what the govt is doing with these mandates. That will be the issue that tips people over the edge who have previously supported the govt.

      Hubby just got back from skiing, everyone he spoke to while he was away (random strangers) HATES this govt. Even. a money bribe won’t change peoples minds.

  2. Truth is Short On Talent Street is nothing more then rubbish television and the only reason it is still on the air is because it is now and always was nothing more than brought and paid for Social Engineering. Why do you think it is broadcast multiple times a day and even at times when it is possible for kids who are far to young to be watching such garbage can see it.

    • Shows how out of touch our leaders are. Yet at the flick of a switch your littleley shafted!
      Rather than supporting there own people they are bringing in unknowns? I don’t think it’s fair on those bringing in, especially when they don’t understand the dynamics!
      I’ve personally experienced how hectic it can be and the pressures! The govt culture is evil and sick! Do as your told not as per ethics and appropriate due care. Comply or your no longer required.
      And for those who choose not to be mrna gentically changed. You where right!
      I feel for those who had no viable choice!
      Take one for the team! What they didn’t tell you it’s the front line and many will pay a huge price! ????

  3. Such is the level of intelligence of Andrew Little & Co. Liars start believing in lies eventaully. Jabcinda bribed the MSM to sell the NWO agenda and they had some success in jabbing. So more moeny goes to the media mercenaries.

  4. This is the most pathetic thing I think this govt has ever come up with.

    We have NZ trained and experienced nurses WAITING to work – Doctors also, but NO our stupid dumb govt who think money grows on trees won’t drop the mandates.

    Man, they will go down in history as the most hated bunch of parasites that have ever occupied our parliament buildings.

    I also blame all the other nurses and doctors who took the jab (sorry guys) because they should have all banded together at the start and said NO. it shows you how ruthless and cruel the govt are and frankly how DUMB the average citizen is if they are still buying the reason behind the shortages BS. Everyone now knows the vaccine is Sh1t and the vaxxed ones are still working with it so why aren’t unvaxxed nurses allowed to work? It’s just BS. I hope some of those who are saying they don’t want to be treated by unvaxxed medical professionals feel the full brunt of the shortages personally for their nasty nasty attitude. What goes around comes around.

  5. I wouldn’t hold your breath for mandates to be dropped in health sector anytime soon. They have had their desired effect and that was to rid the health system of anyone who won’t toe the line. Refusing the lethal injection and the government narrative has shown that you are not compliant and therefore could be a threat to the rules based world order. Your ability to see through this scam may have cost you a job you love but also has most likely saved your life. The rules based world order is interested only in those who will not rock the boat, those who will not buck the narrative, those who will turn a blind eye to the harm done to people, and those who have no issue with following orders no matter what and sadly those who actually stay silent when they know in their gut that it’s not okay. God help our vulnerable elderly who are at the mercy of these drs and nurses of death. ????

    • ” rules based world order” is the phrase Jabcinda and other leaders use? What are those rules? MSM never questions on this. Liars and their media mercenaries are bluffing. In reality, it means the US hegemonic orders driven by the global elites.

      There is of course a UN Charter. Peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet

      Persistent violators of UN charter use the phrase ” rules based world order”. Jabcinda used it to justify supporting the neo-nazi regime in Ukraine because there is NO mandate from UN.

  6. Good on you all for standing up

    Not a nurse or doctor though believe very strongly in what you are doing
    Hold the line

  7. Thousands of Nurses, Doctors and Midwives terminated and Your New Zealand Ministry of Health is happy to keep rodgering the Nurses by slowing pay talks, getting rid of them and bringing in foreign Nurses.
    Mandated Nurses…the Media is a paid for government entity.

    • And they will have to endure intensive ‘cultural safety’ training for one group of people when they arrive

    • They should all just walk out now and refuse to return u til the mandates are dropped. Better late than never but it’s time those jabbed doctors and nurses WOKE UP Zame STOOD UP. They are the only ones who can do it. Until then, they will work themselves ragged. They have no one else to Blake but themselves.

  8. The mandates go against nursing ethics and human rights. Any nurse who trained was not to look at ‘one source of truth’ but when writing up research had to look at many peer reviewed studies. If a assignment was presented from one source, the nurse would have failed the assignment. Andrew Little needs education, not Shortland Street to direct any improvement in our crashing health system. What a laugh and joke when the govt knows exactly what it is doing. It’s aim is to crash our economy and health system. At least we can say they are good at that job.

    • Well said!
      Something to ponder? If the govt officials actually had the real vaccination everyone else had and not a placebo they would behave and act differently as new information is released re vaccinations which is actually incorrect. It’s genitic modification! It’s definitely not a vaccination by definition!
      There blood will show if they did or didn’t have what everyone else had. Even then each one is different. I think 5 veriations?
      But they don’t!

      • I reckon all the MPs (even the opposition) got a saline shot. Politicians have been found in other countries getting saline and using fake vax passports, what makes us think our lot are any different?

  9. It is really quite disturbing to think that someone would measure themselves against Shorty and it is even more disturbing that someone else should think that others should as well.

  10. This is an utter disgrace and has more to do with this govts need to control people than health. Lets make this ugly Labour govt a fiction next election.

  11. Our Crime Minister, Little, Bloomers, Hipkins, Baker…. They’re ‘all’ complicit in carrying out Genocide, Culpable murder, Treason, Fraud, Crimes against humanity, Breach of human rights, Breach of the Nuremberg Code, and ‘more’ against the people of New Zealander.
    They are responsible for ‘devastating’ people’s lives, and their livelihoods, their’s and their family’s futures, the forcing of in excess of 25,000 small/medium businesses, the ‘haemaroging of our health system – ( which was once considered to be up there with the best in the world), and they have also ‘devastated’ our economy, and the way we, as New Zealanders, traditionally lived – in freedom.

    We need to get her ‘and’ National out of the equation. ANY PARTY would be better than either of those two, or we will most ‘definitely’ lose our freedoms and rights as a people – as New Zealanders. They will be gone ‘forever’ if we dont do something very soon….????

  12. I can now see that the govt funded Shortland St has been used to help brainwash the population over the years. Let this piece of local garbage fail a natural unfounded death. Who actually watches it anymore???

    I don’t know anyone under the age of 25 who watches TV anymore. Heck I am over 50 and haven’t switched it on for 2.5 years!

    If the govt want nurses, they need to drop the mandates and go back to training nurses like the old way, FREE fees and bonding in exchange.

  13. Here is what NZ has to offer – wear a mask all the time. Jab mandates- take every shot 3/4/? Low rates of pay, One of the worlds highest covid infection rates per capita, stressed overworked staff as colleagues.
    Here is overseas nursing conditions- Higher wages, UK has NO MANDATES for nursing or doctors, Florida judge rules mandates wrong and awards compensation for loss of employment, mask wearing not required in most countries .
    Here is what is happening in Canada- 6 doctors died suddenly after receiving 4 th shot.
    All I can say is good luck Mr Little The prospects for recruitment to our ‘Fair isle” are not looking good.

  14. no, they will not get many recruits when the other countries value their nurses far more. Here in NZ it’s a laughing stock. Nurses have always been paid bad here and also treated same. Many going offshore, and I don’t blame them. The sucking you hear is everyone travelling to where they are paid more and treated with an ounce of respect – ah yes, and everyone else has lifted all COVID restrictions. NZ is in a time warp – 2 years on…..

  15. No idea what the bumbling fool andrew little is doing in government. He obviously have not the intelligence to be a doctor,and least be minister of health. He’s best suited in blue overalls behind a wheelbarrow.


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