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‘The data from New Zealand is stunning’ leading mRNA scientist Robert Malone blames jab for high COVID numbers

New Zealand BA5 news

Dr. Robert Malone, the key scientist in the development of mRNA vaccines blames the Ardern government’s jab policy for skyrocketing COVID numbers in New Zealand.

‘The problem is, the data are coming in from all over the world. The people that are dying and ending up hospitalised with Omicron BA5 are the highly jabbed.

The data from New Zealand is stunning. They managed to keep the earlier variants out and jabbed everybody, and now Omicron BA5, which is the escape route, has learned how to avoid the vaccines.’

‘They have no natural immunity.’

Video courtesy of FreeNZ Twitter account.

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  1. It wont make a difference. The sheep won’t stop jabbing themselves no matter how painfully obvious the truth becomes. They’ve been mentally conditioned to feel a deep sense of reward each time they comply.

    Thinking is too hard.

    Asking questions is too hard.

    Just do what the TV tells you to do.

  2. And all this does is prove that Pfizer and our politicians / journalists that pushed the Vax (yes that includes you Jabcinda) should be on their way to trial and eventual prison. Lets pray it happens soon.

  3. Real scientist. He warned and the data proves that he is right.

    Doomfield is gone but Jabcinda should take the responsbility and resign along with the health ministers. They wont because they have no shame. Satanists.

  4. Nz hbs been primed for maximum carnage from BA5, due to our dictator PM, lying media and complicit medical professionals.
    This govt silenced as many voices as it could and bought off a lot of people, and claimed itself, being PM Ardern, was the one and only source of truth.
    Yes she spouted that on govt run TV.

    Vaccine mandates made so many feel they had little choice, even summer holidays were held over people’s heads. Some were made homeless for refusing to have the vaxpass. We witnessed a jab death, never got covid, just died from the jab and it was not pretty.

    She should be standing trial for crimes against humanity. We want the govt taken down and their murdering vaccinators and all her helpers.
    With a huge medium term death toll looming from these killshots, NZ Is doomed I fear. Where do we go from here.
    If we have to starve and die we would like to see all of them face justice first thanks.

  5. Just read the twitter comments. No matter how much proof you provide them, the ignorant will simply not listen and understand. They have made their bed let them lie in it.

    • Don’t let Twitter comments get to you. Half are fakebots coded and run by the software itself (as Elon Musk inadvertently discovered), the rest are just screeching wokies whose comments are artificially pushed to the top by their various algorithms.

      That site is so manipulated and fake at this point it gives CNN a serious run for its money.

      • Even if you dont use twitter, you are often spied on by Twitter. All MSM and many government and others such as universities allow twitter to collect user data using the above link. Facebook uses connect.facebook.com link specifically. CIA stealth operation basically which uses Google, Cloudfare, Amazon, MSN, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. All these big tech are provided a third party link. You will need to ban all such IPs. Never allow IPV6, which has been pushed by most NZ ISP DNS servers lately. I dont use any of the Big tech products and software. We all have to boycott them in order to stop NWO.

  6. I cant wait for a time when all the sheeple have all disappeared from the vax. A world where only critical thinkers exist,sounds fantastic


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