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NZ signs OECD declaration to ‘boost sustainable agriculture’

OECD sustainable agriculture declaration news

New Zealand has agreed a declaration along with other members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that commits members to working together to boost sustainable agriculture and food systems, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor said today in Paris.

The ‘Declaration on transformative solutions for sustainable agriculture and food systems’ was adopted at the OECD Committee for Agriculture on 4 November. The meeting was co-chaired by Damien O’Connor and Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau.

“The OECD Committee for Agriculture is an important forum where New Zealand is helping lead a vital transition to sustainable agriculture,” Damien O’Connor said.

“The Declaration will see OECD countries identify opportunities and challenges facing food production and share ways to tackle them.

“It includes ensuring food security and nutrition for a growing global population, along with addressing environmental challenges in an inclusive manner.

“With adverse events becoming more frequent, unpredictable and severe, we know as a group that to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss, farmers and growers need to be supported to boost their resilience.

“Importantly, the declaration contains a strong endorsement of the rules-based multilateral trading system, which is critical for New Zealand’s economic success.

“Our exports benefit from us being regarded as one of the most efficient food producers. The steps we’re taking to reduce climate impacts from production are world-leading and will also deepen our credentials with high-value consumers.

“That effort includes introducing a system to incentivise reductions of methane and nitrous oxide at the farm-level.”

O’Connor said the Declaration also commits to addressing several priority areas to achieve the economy-wide goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. These include reducing agricultural emissions, increasing carbon sequestration, and reducing food loss and waste.

“Adopting the Declaration is an important demonstration of solidarity in the lead up to the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP27) in Egypt,” Damien O’Connor said.

Ministers also condemned Russia’s unjustifiable, unprovoked and illegal war of aggression against Ukraine, and discussed its impact on global food security and the right to adequate food.

The ‘Declaration on transformative solutions for sustainable agriculture and food systems’ can be read here.

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  1. “ Growing global population!!” Best you have a census because you know that’s a lie!. “ the steps we’re taking to reduce climate impacts “ no your not! You manipulate weather around the globe and have done for years, ccp can’t help but crow about how they can manipulate weather with cloud seeding, haarp and other technology in and over a distance equal to Antartica. Google it!! The global governments are causing weather patterns to change, just another sick agenda to use against the people and to give you an excuse to achieve your narrative. I notice that you didn’t tell us that your United Nations trip to cop27 includes religious leaders from around the world to ascend mt Sinai and to repent for the climate and to descend with the new climate 10 commandments!!!! Absolute blasphemy!! CLIMATE CHANGE =ONE WORLD RELIGION. You are in the same bed with the luciferians. Your all doing this to our planet and we know you are, so shut up already no one believes your climate hoax. Oh and lastly the fake war that you use to blame the world shortage of food, high petrol prices, fake cyber attacks, power outages, threats of nuclear war any minute, gosh what would be left of the world for you all to control if you nuke it.!! Go and spin your s**t somewhere else

  2. file:///C:/Users/user/Documents/Climate%20Change%20Commission%20Report/climate%20change%20report%20pdf%20version%20May%202021.pdf

  3. If commercial fertilisers are not used, the production will fall by at least 50%. This essentially means that half of the world population cannot be fed by the conventional means. Sustainable agiculture effectively means killing billions. This cannot be forced on other nations such as Sri lanka who is currently in deep hole after moving to the so called sustainable agriculture.

    NZ may not strave due to lower population density but we will create a huge under class in the cities who will eat low nutritive food because good quality food will get exported due to demand. NZ, the vassal state of globalists, cannot make any independent decisions we all know. Sub-sub agent O’Connor is just a lap dog.

    • 90% of industrial refrigeration in New Zealand uses Anhydrous Ammonia Gas. Where is this manufactured? Kapuni. It is manufactured as part of the process of the production of Urea, a common fertiliser. If we reduce the production of urea then we reduce the production of Anhydrous Ammonia. What will we then use as a refrigerant for all our cool stores which store meat, Veges, fruit, dairy etc? Anhydrous Ammonia is used to make Aqua Ammonia which is used in the cleaning industry (among many others), specifically the dairy industry. What will we use as a replacement? Will we import it? Only problem with that is it LOSES STRENGTH and has to be in special returnable drums and needs to be manufactured FRESH in this country.

      The problem with these idiots in govt is they have NO FU**ing idea how this country works. That’s why we now have potholes all over the roads because we are no longer producing quality bitumen in this country.

      Every action has a consequence and failure to understand will result in the complete destruction of industry in New Zealand and thus our primary exports.


  4. Is anyone else sick of this government signing agreements, pacts, declarations, contracts and other legally binding bs with dubious dodgey globalists and then incorporating us under the umbrella by saying nz has agreed? We didn’t sign anything, We didn’t come into a legal agreement with any of them, our names are not on them, We weren’t consulted, We weren’t asked or given information in regards to the dodgey dealings. So I vote that in the future they say the government of nz has signed and accepted, they themselves can abide by their signatures, we weren’t privy to any of it. Much like the Pfizer contract. That dodgey deal was done between Ardern and Pfizer she won’t even show us what’s in it! So don’t say nzders, we signed nothing, we saw nothing, we read nothing, we didn’t get legal council regarding it so yeah Ardern that’s your contract not ours.


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