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NZDSOS: Dr. Nikki Turner – Do the Right Thing

Dr. Nikki Turner news

Dr Nikki Turner is once again being rolled out to do the government’s bidding – or is it Pfizer’s?

As the face of the safe-in-pregnancy campaign, once again she is spouting the “completely safe” mantra without any evidence whatsoever to back up her statements, while studiously ignoring not only the mounting evidence of harm but also the precautionary principle, never more important than for the smallest and most vulnerable.

We are talking about a four-month-old baby here. “It is not enough to say there is no evidence of harm” a spokesperson for New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS). “Even if there was no evidence either way, which is not the case, the ‘absence of evidence’ is not the same as ‘evidence of absence”. With increasing calls in New Zealand and across the world for un-vaccinated blood, it would surely behoove the authorities to stop and listen”.

How much destruction will it take before our leaders, ‘experts’ and regulators have the courage to admit that what they have said may have done harm? The story of baby Will is now international news. Do Dr Nikki Turner and the rest of the covid cabal, including Corin Dann from RNZ, really want their names in headlines across the world for being part of the group that took a child away from its parents, who want nothing more than the best for him?

In essence, this is about parents’ rights to choose what they feel is the absolute best care.

They are seeking to improve on what the state can provide, in their view.

“We thought we had seen it all,” the spokesperson said, “but the government continue to outdo themselves in one jaw-dropping action after the next.”

What has happened to First Do No Harm? What has happened to protect the most vulnerable? Indeed, what has happened to democracy in New Zealand? NZDSOS have looked at Dr Turner’s interviews and the only way to describe her pronouncements is that we can drive a bus through them. We have drilled down into the detail and provided actual science, not to speak of raising the precautionary principle and the fundamentals of modern medicine. Read our report here.

All the reassurances we were all given, that NZDSOS have questioned from the start, have turned out to be little more than hopeful guesses in the service of Pfizer that are proving wrong, wrong, wrong! The jab does not stay in the arm for a start. It goes everywhere, and persists for months.

We once again call for a real debate and discussion, rather than entrenched views. As doctors, it is our duty to provide as much evidence as we can and, to the best of our abilities, take into account the wishes of the patient and/or their care-givers. It is Dr Nikki Turner’s duty too.

NZ Blood screen for all manner of infectious diseases, have a stand-down period following other vaccines and do not allow donations from persons who may have been exposed to Mad Cow Disease 30 years ago. How is it that they can say so dogmatically that blood from vaccinated people is safe? The truth is they can’t – or more likely won’t. It is NZDSOS’ position that it is possible to provide blood and blood products from un-vaccinated donors whose blood is screened in the usual manner anyway. Until recently, NZBlood provided support for directed donations. The supportive information has now been removed from their website.

Dr Nikki Turner must do the right thing. Just pause. Think about who you are as a doctor and as a parent. Think about what these parents are going through. The same goes for the rest of the team – at Starship and the New Zealand Blood Service. We urge you to look past your beliefs, pause, take a breath, listen to the parents and do the right thing.

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  1. This is an urgent matter of concern. All concerns can be put to rest WHEN Dr Nikki Turner and her colleagues provide us with the safety data and relevant medical studies to back up their claims vaccinated blood is safe ESPECIALLY a for a baby. Until then they are simply making unfounded statements which have SERIOUS health implications and potentially fatal if they are wrong.

    Front up with the evidence NOW or give the baby unvaccinated blood.

  2. You state that the “….jab does not stay in the arm ….that it goes everywhere and that…. it persists for months”.
    What “goes everywhere”? Does this mean that so-called vaccinated individuals can produce spike protein for a variable period of time and that this protein can be detected in its native state in the blood?
    Please provide valid references for your statements.

  3. The world is watching. Aleady New Zealand is seen to be draconian. This is a test case, and has implications for us all. Will’s parents are doing what most of us would do for our children. Wanting only the best for their baby. May the outcome of the court’s decision be the right one.

  4. The baby has a heart condition.

    The government have already conceded months ago that the vaccines can cause heart problems (even if they falsely assert that its super rare). A “super rare” risk is NOT the same as NO risk. Given everything this baby is already facing, it’s perfectly logical for the parents to want to eliminate any and all risk by any means at their disposal.

    Therefore in my mind the parents have a solid legal argument, backed up by the government’s OWN admissions. Any counter argument from the Government and its medical minions is pure ideology and ego. Utterly shameful when a child’s life hangs in the balance.

    Now the only question that remains is, is this country’s judiciary really free and independent, or will it do the masters’ bidding like every other failing western institution in 2022. Hate to be a downer, but my faith in them has never been lower.

  5. I wager if they had asked for vaxed blood… it wouldn’t have gone to court. These medical mengeles desire and want control, to send a message to the nation that regardless of the situation what we want is irrelevant. I don’t see any of the medical monsters offering to accept liability for the apparently “safe” blood they forcing on baby will. If they are so convinced that there is no difference, then let your 100% trust in your scientific evidence (if you have any) amount to dollars. So Nikki Turner are you prepared to back your misinformation and assurances with money? And what about you nz blood, Removing your “support for directed blood” from your website proves your part in this! Where is your voice in this for baby Will!!! And you Starship charlatans, are you prepared to prove your unwavering stance on vaxed blood? Will you accept full liability for the protection of baby Will? Will you guarantee the family that no harm shall befall him now or in his future? NO YOU CANT!! NO ONE CAN!! Respect the parents wishes, Withdraw this insane court case and do your bloody jobs!!

  6. I ask this Doctor to research well referenced and cited studies from around the world, from coroner’s, cardiologists, immunologists etc before claiming this inoculation and the blood from those inoculated is safe. Poor research and just following orders will not end well for any Doctor making the safe and effective claim. The team of 5 million are paying close attention

  7. Excellent article. Well done DT ad NZDSOS.

    Long accepted medical ethics clearly demands the precautionary principle must stand. This shouldn’t even be in debate.

    It’s so concerning that Dr Nikki Turner and some other medical ‘experts’ have entirely lost, or perhaps more likely sold, their moral compass.

    They should be held personally liable for harms caused, this may dissuade them from pursuing their reckless jab zealotry.

  8. The jab pushers such as Dr Nikki Turner are clearly dangerous fanatics.

    Astonishingly they actually appear to genuinely believe that one size fits all when it comes to medical treatment regardless of an individuals medical circumstance or preference.

    The pressing question now is how can these maniacs be stopped? One solution might be instigating class action lawsuits targeting the very worst and most high profile of the ‘safe and effective’ jab medical misinformation perpetrators.

    I suspect at this point all these Big Pharma snake oil salespeople might suddenly rediscover their medical ethics handbook. Hopefully they’ll start by reading the paragraph on informed consent.

  9. Hi new reader here, great web site. I don’t have a view either way on the vaccine, but what is abundantly clear over the course of this pandemic are the conflicts of interest in the pharmaceutical industry. There should be no big pharma funding of research or ‘donations’ from them to universities or government agencies, and there should be no ‘revolving door’ employment ie once you work for a big pharma company you are precluded in future from working in a government agency or standing for parliament. There should also be a cap on their earnings and a reduced patent life ie 1 year patent for medicines vaccines only. Keep up the good work.

    • These are very logical and reasonable observations…

      …for which you would be crucified as a rabid antivaxer and a “DANGEROUS IDIOT”.

      It’s 2022 and people are dumb, so dumb 🤦🏼


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