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NZDSOS: ‘Dr Sharma – A GP and MP With Integrity’

Gaurav Sharma news

‘We can empathise with our medical colleague Dr Gaurav Sharma,’ said NZDSOS in a press release today.

The full text of the press release reads:

He has had increasing frustration and concerns for the past 18 months and has tried every possible avenue to be heard, to be acknowledged and have his claims investigated. He has been clear, calm and consistent when interviewed.

However, he has been turned into the problem and/or been told there is no problem, nothing to see here so he has been ignored, cancelled, suspended then expelled. Sounds familiar! Don’t worry about the message, just get rid of the messenger.

In fact, nothing has been resolved and now there are vastly more questions than answers.
It’s a bit like all the New Zealanders who are dead post vaccination – the government doesn’t want to acknowledge or investigate them – how inconvenient they are. They should just go away and evaporate into thin air.

The reporters asking inane questions and writing about him would do well to learn about the features of an abusive relationship. It is generally not one event that occurs but multitudes of small underminings over a prolonged period of time.

We have been impressed with the calmness and integrity that radiates from Dr Sharma when he speaks which is completely in contrast to the vacuous lies told by those in government. The intoxication of power is becoming clearer to everyone by the day.

The PM and caucus must realise that the truth will always prevail. It can be squashed down, suppressed and deflected from but it will appear with twice its glory somewhere else.

The country is longing for some other MPs to have the ‘nads and integrity that Dr Sharma has shown to step forward and speak the truth about what is really going on behind closed doors. It is obvious to any observer that there is a festering boil inside the halls of power that needs to be lanced.

See these links for longer interviews with Dr Sharma:

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  1. Labour has far too many career politicians really. Hard for someone normal, who studied and had a career, to fit in with this virtue signalling liars. Many think it is a conspiracy theory but JA is an agent for the Globalists and installed. WEF influence in Canada is far worse, they are even creating “climate police” and their departmnet buildings will have sections for “interrogation” aka torture and arms storage for their enforcemnet staff. If JA is left unchecked by people like Dr Sharma from time to time, we will see all the tyranny we see in Canada in NZ as well. A person of conscience cannot accept JA as their leader.

  2. I agree. It takes courage to speak out. The media and the Labour Party have so obviously attacked him and for anyone with any common sense and morals, it’s very easy to see. One only needs to look at the speaker and his behaviour, the cover up of the Labour Party camp scandal, the fact Louisa Wall also spoke of bullying, the way the govt has bullied the citizens of this country, and the way they enable nasty racist bullies like willie Jackson to see the whole Labour Party by choosing party over the country are a pack of greedy duplicitous fascists – and that’s coming from me, someone who voted for them. My apologies to everyone for my naivety and foolishness.

    I hope the good Dr Sharma knows he has a lot of support out here in the community from people who also stand for the truth. I hope he joins another party like Democracy NZ. His skills and integrity would be valuable.

    • Or, The Outdoors and Freedom Party, the ONLY Political Party to present the facts of the Covid-19 vaccine when it’s damaging effects became known, and was dismissed by a paid Civil Servant!
      A Labour, National & Greens-infested Parliament is seething with inner hatreds and toxicities in their behaviours, anti-human policies, and police-state tyranny that is expanding exponentially via ‘gun control’, lack of proper court representation, etc.
      Kinda like a Shakespearean play whereas;
      “HELL IS EMPTY, AND THE DEVILS ARE ALL HERE!” (in the New Zealand Parliament!!!)
      And- their past, present and no doubt future behaviours point to a massive vote-monitored overhaul of ridding ourselves on Labour – National or National / Labour WEF NWO deceptive representations.

  3. Many years ago I was a member of the labour party, and in fact a branch chairman. The electorate was a long held labour electorate. Our MP was a wonderful man, best described as a man of the people. He was a businessman as well.
    One evening when were were having a branch meeting (the MP wasnt there) in walks then Prime Minister Bill Rowling and his heavies to tell us why our MP wasnt going to stand at the next election and they would make sure they would put some dirt on him so he would resign.
    We frog marched him out.
    They did put some dirt on him and another MP which we all knew was untrue. Me and my family knew the MP’s family very well. The MP didnt run again and we resigned en masse and never voted Labour again. At that time I was a third generation labour supporter.

    • Ah so the rot started that far back huh?

      No surprises there.

      Gosh they really are a nasty nasty bunch aren’t they. Furthermore their nasty media useful idiots have really exposed themselves by blindly attacking peoples character. Disgusting. If I had my character attacked by themI would get together with all those others and take the reporters to court over defamation of character.

      If I was those reporters I would be very careful to check that they have nice clean little records themselves. I happen to know some of them DON’T and New Zealand is a VERY small place. They should STFU before the mirror is turned on them – that could be embarrassing for them.

  4. I may be at odds with most comments here, but I have had a change of mind (we are allowed to do that) and perhaps the good doctor should quit while he’s ahead. He is too good a person to be publicly flogged by Jabinda and her media mates. As to what’s going on behind closed doors, we’re pretty much up with the play as we see the results. And as far as getting to the truth, there are still plenty of ways to skin that cat. With apologies to cat lovers up and down the country. ????

    • Lol James! Have you ever seen that book “101 things to do with a dead cat”? So funny! I think the pencil sharpener one was my favourite. (use your imagination lol) not very PC now though I guess people don’t have a sense of humour anymore! ????????

      • Yes it was one of the several gems I used to have on my bookcase, along with the essential Gary Larsons. Long time ago now, remember the pencil sharpener, but not much else. My favourite was the bumper book of boobs, headlines from around the world. One that always cracked me up was… Shell found on Beach. It was of course unexploded ordnance from WW2. ????????

  5. I still think Labour will win the next election – not that I want them to. Why? The other two main parties – National is a blue version of Labour and Act a Yellow version dont have the courage to face up to the electorate on the real issues. Sure, Health, the economy, inflation is important. But what about the crap that is being tought to five year olds regarding sex education. The guy from Family First and his YouTube video explained it all and I was horrified. 77 genders. Yeah right! This is woke American leftist ideology. Why isnt this being exposed? Where is Christopher Luxon’s outrage given his high christian morals. I showed my Hindi and Muslim friends the video and they were disgusted. What about the all cause mortality stuff that Guy Hatchard talks about. What about the Govt propoganda the MSM promulgate and the lies around Covid. Why is it so hard to communicate with our MPs? Emails just end up in the dustbin.
    Why do we support Ukraine? A Nazi state through and through. You only have to watch their own videos to know this. Regarding the kiwi that got killed fighting in Ukraine. Well whilst any loss of life is sad you knew what you were getting into. But then maybe you didnt know the Russians werent keen on foreign mercenaries. Adern and Mahuta will be held to account over Ukraine. 80 years ago a whole generation of NZers went to war to fight Nazis.
    Why cant our nurses go back to work? Why do we accept Michael Baker’s take on masks when he said in an interview in 2020 they dont work. Same as Fauci said in a recent interview – the vaccines dont work. These so called academic advisors to the government must be raking it in eh?
    And the misinformation specialist from Sri Lanka – I dont think he has an understanding of NZ at all.
    One last comment. I understand that Voices for Freedom have 100,000 members. If thats the case it stands to reason that a number like that represents all walks of life etc and that number is at least THREE times the number of National members.
    One more last comment. Please dont vote for a labour candidate in the upcomming local body elections.

    • Ultimate Scum (US) is a falling empire and within two decades, its demise is guranteed. It will just be a regional power and cannot influence either Europe or Asia or Latin America. NZ has become a dominian to US lately and we are betting on a losing horse. A dying dog barks a lot; so is the US. It did not win any wars but killed millions and looted the middle east and northern african countries. Europe is paying the price with migration issues and being a puppet by imposing sanctions on russian energy and other resources. The empire of lies created fear and EU countries are fully irrational and on a destructive path. Instead of NZ taking a neutral stand, we take sides and do not act as a soveriegn nation. In the big scheme of things, the future of NZ is not looking rosy. Jacinda and Luxon are the cheeks of the same arse. No point in voting in either local or general elections. If minor parties create a new united front, they will get my vote or else why bother.


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