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Police issue update on search for Tom Phillips and his kids

Tom Phillips news

Waikato Police are widening the appeal for sightings in relation to missing man Tom Phillips, and his children Jayda, Maverick and Ember.

“Despite a number of land and air searches, and regular discussions with community members who spend time in Marokopa’s extensive bush area, we have not located any signs of the family,” says Waikato West Area Commander Inspector Will Loughrin.

Police are now considering the possibility they may be outside of the wider Marokopa area and are urging anyone across the across the country to come forward and report information to us about any of the following:

  • A new family group in your community – specifically a father and three school aged-children.
  • A man and three school-aged children travelling inter-city on trains, buses or ferries.
  • Three school-aged children in your community who don’t appear to be attending local schools.
  • The disappearance of petrol, diesel, food or camping supplies.

Tom was seen by family on 10 January 2022 however failed to reappear in the Te Kuiti District Court on 12 January on a charge of making a false statement.

He and the children were officially reported as missing by family members on 18 January.

In late January, Police were made aware his vehicle, a ute, had been left parked on Mangatoa Road near the Mangatoa Track.

On 9 February Tom returned to a family member’s home in the middle of the night to take supplies. He did not appear to have the children with him as they were not sighted.

Since that time there have been multiple reports of sightings – most in the Waikato region. All have been followed up without success.

“We are mindful the photos we have made public to date may now not accurately depict what Tom and the children look like,” says Inspector Loughrin.

“When Tom Phillips was last seen by family in February, he had a beard and that alone will make him look considerably different than in the photos we have circulated.”
The children’s appearance will have also changed since they were last seen by family in January.

“They will be taller; they will have either lost baby teeth or started to get their adult teeth and will likely be wearing their hair in different styles. They could also be using different names.

“If you think you may have seen them, or know where they are, we want the opportunity to follow up that information.”

Police continue to have regular contact with their extended family.

“I want to acknowledge both the children’s mother, and Tom’s wider family who continue to be living with extreme stress and anxiety.”

Anyone who can assist should contact Police via 105 and quote file number 211218/5611.


  • Ember Nirvana Essence Phillips – age 6 – date of birth 20/01/2016
  • Maverick Rusty Callam Phillips – age 7 – date of birth 20/11/2014
  • Jayda Jorga Jin Phillips – age 9 – date of birth 18/6/2013
  • Thomas Callam Phillips – age 35 – date of birth 6/5/1987 – height – 180cm, thin build, balding, likely has a beard.

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Source:NZ Police

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  1. Why can’t they just leave them alone. Surely the police have more important things to be attending to, like laying charges against the media for example, for deliberate and wilful misrepresentation. And members of the Health Department and Government for their role in the unexplained deaths of countless citizens.

    They might also like to take a good look at themselves and their behaviour when dealing with legitimate protests, which are on behalf of the health and wellbeing all New Zealanders…

    • Sorry James I have to disagree. As a mother, if these were my kids I would be beside myself and frankly after his last escapade, he should never be allowed unsupervised access to them again.

      • Hello Anon.
        I certainly appreciate your point of view, if it turns out that these kids have been seriously harmed in any way, I will be the first to agree with you regarding further access. But I suspect we have not been given the whole story here, there’s likely more than meets the eye. Time will tell of course, and I am with you in hoping all is well with them. But I stand by my comment the police have other issues to deal with affecting us all. ????

        • Hi James ???? They haven’t been heard from since January. I am sure there is more to the story but this is a long time to have such young kiddies away from other family members. They should probably be attending school too.

          Having been through the family court myself, I can honestly say that I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt the first time, but if this were my ex husband, I would seriously be getting an order to ensure he is unable to take these children off like this again. So supervised access if he can’t be trusted to be alone with them. If the kids want to go bush with dad at least let them be old enough to decide for themselves and I don’t expect they would be for another 8-10 years.

          Just my 2 cents worth FWIW! ????


    • Exactly James- especially with the recent disgusting raid by the weaponised NZ Police invading the homes of Counterspin NZ media personalities Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer and seizing their media equipment on par with a totalitarian dictatorial state!
      Jabcinda has weaponised many peripheral elements in her WEF pursuit of ‘soft communism’ and the ‘eradication of useless eaters’ via the DNA-altering Covid bio-weapon vaccine, which includes the same belligerent and intimidating Police Force that enforced the lockdowns and illegal, Nuremburg Code violations.
      Mr. Phillips has probably set about protecting his children from harmful mask wearing, not allowing them to have a bio-weapon injected into them, and is probably homeschooling them to greater effect without all of the PC crap that now passes as an ‘education’.
      These children are experiencing what appears to be a carefree, happy childhood which could not have been effected had they stayed in ‘the system’, and Mr. Phillips has a frame of reference on thinking back to the freedom he had as a child, versus what his children don’t have due to NWO ‘plank-building and stake-holding’…!
      Question is; why hasn’t Mummy been supportive? Problems in the home that Hubby didn’t want the children to witness or experience? We’ll never know, and the media will not report on it IF such adverse situations were occurring.
      Plus, they are free from the Police State-imposed ‘mandates’, Labour’s tyranny and Jabcinda’s dictatorship.
      They are free from the extortion of high rent and home purchases, free from killer starvation inflation at the supermarket, free from being ‘monitored with cell tower pings, computer and phone spying, and the oppression of the legal and education system that is rife with unsolved Darwinistic bullying ie ‘survival of the fittest’…!
      Bottom line; the PTB should leave this man and his children the hell alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ah! I see your point now! Maybe he is trying to prevent the kids from getting the vaccine. If so, smart guy.

        What this government has done to our beautiful country is disgusting. Who can blame anyone from wanting to get away from social exclusion, coerced jabs from a mysterious substance with no long term safety data, hate, discrimination and gaslighting from people you thought you could trust.

    • Similar to media painting the picture of Jabcinda as being NZ’s ‘best PM looking after New Zealanders?’
      No wonder people are dropping out of ‘society’ and going bush!
      The problems of triangulation are easily overcome.


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