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Posie Parker rally: LGB Alliance Aotearoa NZ demand PM condemn Saturday’s violence against women and girls

LGB Alliance Aotearoa NZ news

The organisation made the demand in a public letter addressed to the PM, Ministers and Police Commissioner.



Rt Hon Chris Hipkins, Prime Minister

Hon Carmel Sepuloni, Deputy Prime Minister

Hon Ginny Andersen, Minister of Police & Minister for Seniors

Hon Jan Tinetti, Minister for Women

Hon Priyanca Radhakrishnan, Minister for the Community & Voluntary Sector, Disability Issues, Diversity, Inclusion, & Ethnic Communities

Hon Willie Jackson, Minister for Broadcasting & Media

Mr Andrew Coster, Commissioner of Police

We, LGB Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand (herein ‘Alliance’), are horrified at the political violence, abuse, and intimidation inflicted on women, girls, and seniors at a public women’s & children’s rights rally, Let Women Speak (LWS) Auckland, on Saturday 25th March 2023 at the band rotunda, Albert Park.

Kellie-Jay Keen, a visiting women’s rights campaigner, alongside various NZ women’s, lesbians’, children’s, education, and disability rights activists, were violently assaulted and intimidated out of their designated, council permit location where they sought to exercise their freedom of expression.

Saturday’s events can only be described as the result of a week’s-long, highly irresponsible and dangerous disinformation campaign between NZ Members of Parliament, NZ media, and trans/gender-identity-centric ‘Rainbow’ groups, to slander Kellie-Jay Keen and local women’s rights campaigners as ‘neo-Nazis’ and ‘white supremacists’. Kellie-Jay Keen was forced to flee the country out of safety concerns. Women, girls, seniors, and other attendees of LWS Auckland bear bruises, scars, and psychological trauma in its aftermath.

NZ Police’s inaction and ill-preparedness to ensure public safety and rights to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly is inexcusable. The counter-protest was widely promoted by media and politicians. The Alliance’s Terri Lipanovic, an organiser of LWS NZ, asked police officers 3 times to please clear the area around the rotunda of counter-protesters of which they had a council permit. In return, Terri received blank stares and fudging about finding the Senior Sergeant.

Some of the known, including worldwide broadcasted, violence on the day:

A senior woman was brutally punched in the face/head multiple times by a man.

A senior man was violently elbowed in the jaw by a man.

Two women, Kellie-Jay Keen and LWS NZ’s Tania Sturt, were doused in a liquid by a man.

A mother and her young daughter tried to escape the violence to the female toilets only to be confronted by men intimidating them at their need to seek safety in a female-only space.

Numerous LWS organisers & attendees were crushed and bruised as they tried to escape the violence.

In response to such a horrific day for women and girls in this country, we have the following demands:

We demand public condemnation of the political violence and intimidation targeting women, children, and seniors at Let Women Speak Auckland by the Prime Minister and all the Ministers of relevant portfolios that this letter is addressed to.

We urge all other MPs to condemn these violent political acts of terror.

We demand a full apology to the victims and public from the Minister of Police, Commissioner of Police, and relevant Senior Sergeant for the failings of the NZ Police to ensure peace and order and to uphold the peoples’ rights to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly.

We demand a full investigation into what led to NZ police failings to ensure peace and order and to uphold the peoples’ rights to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly.

We demand that every effort is made to prosecute all those who committed political acts of violence against members of the NZ public, Kellie-Jay Keen, and any other visitors to NZ affected.

We demand full investigations into the professional conduct of publicly-funded media outlets & journalists who dangerously slandered Kellie-Jay Keen and NZ women’s & children’s rights campaigners as aligned with neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

We demand full investigations into the professional conduct of organisations and charities who dangerously slandered Kellie-Kay Keen and NZ women’s & children’s rights campaigners as aligned with neo-Nazis and white supremacists, and who organised the protest that breached its own responsibility of freedom of peaceful assembly while physically eroding others’ right to freedom of peaceful assembly. The protest was a violation of freedom of expression.

Attached on the following page is a statement by UK human rights, women’s rights, LGB rights and child safeguarding groups condemning violent protests preventing women from speaking in New Zealand. We endorse their statement and thank them for their solidarity.

LGB Alliance Aotearoa NZ news

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  1. Thanks but no thanks LGB’s.

    You’re the ones who got the madness train running in the first place, you don’t get to politely hop off at this station because some of your fellow passengers are a little crazier than you. You own this. These are the fruits of your labours, these are the chickens coming home to roost.

    Stay the hell away from my children.

  2. Ah hm…. As I was saying, yes there is a strong LGB movement to disasociate from the rainbow umbrella, largely because they are a bunch of loons. But also there are some dangerous factions that over the years have become a major concern.

    Thank you Malcom for publishing this. TJS

  3. LGBs did not start this madness.
    It was started by the deep state looking for a way to promote pedophilia so they
    could normalize it and avoid arrest for their illegal harm to minors in particular.

    The govt, media and education systems are all paid off to assist with the promotion of anything that
    supports their sickness.
    They are teaching gender confusion and all sexual practices in primary schools.

    Learn more at stopworldcontrol.com

    • This is what has been on the radar for some time, it is the promotion and the normalisation as you correctly say paedophilia. It is an appalling thought but true nevertheless. George Soros is behind this and introduced the rainbow with all it’s dismorphic forms to enable and normalise this. #gaysagainstgroomers have been openly bringing this to light. It’s a struggle to fight this as the dark and evil forces and I say evil as it is completely evil have all their bases covered.
      People either don’t want to believe this or don’t want the truth to be known. This is why they have invited the tomato soup trans to speak at the UN.
      As most people are also aware the grooming is about GM we know what FGM is. But it is for boys as well And is destroying the lives of young men and women and pre adolescents. Instead of turning away which I completely understand there needs to be a hightened awarenes.

      Yes I say PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN there are things you can do and you know what’s best for them.

      Thank you for:

      Also the twitter account to others interested:

      It may not be your cup of tea but it will be helpful for you to know if you want to protect your children.

      I’m not trying to get off the hook and I certainly am not needing to be a parent or have any notions that way, but my partner is committed to this cause as it is a grave danger to our society.

      • Onlooker – please thank your partner. I may have a lot of strong feelings and opinions on this subject, but I really DO appreciate anyone genuinely trying to protect children from this filth.

        • Thank you, I appreciate that and I will. It’s a concerted effort all over. And I totally understand your point of view.
          You have every right to be angry.

          The story of Wilson Gavin who died from being hit by a train less than 24 hours after leading a protest against a Drag Queen Story Hour event for kids. January 15 2020 shocked us. We were following this guy from the begining of his the protest, then it escalated from there with online bullying and then there were no more tweets. It went quiet and then later we heard the news. Even although you don’t know this person you can’t help feel greif for such a tragedy.

          In my opinion Pollitical commentators and author Douglass Murray “The Madness of Crowds” and “The strange Death Of Europe” has a pretty good point of view on the trans issue and of course Andrew Doyle playwright and journalist.

          We’re all fighting for things to change. To stop interfering with children (and women’s rights Ani O’Brien…no immediate relation to Tova) but there is a secret agenda that most people skirt around and is why it is being protected so vehemently.

  4. This govt have already condemned the likes of Parker, its pretty clear at this point where they stand…..my stance is I’ll be looking to vote this lot out of office, this coming election…

  5. LGB’s demanded to be let “out of the closet” as it were.

    Then they demanded tolerance (or at least stoic silence) from those who disagree with their choices, because they wanted to rid themselves of the guilt and the shame and the stigma they felt. “There’s nothing wrong with it”, “there’s no such thing as normal anyway” etc.

    Then they began demanding churches ignore or omit all those inconvenient parts of the bible they didn’t like, again trying to ram/force acceptance through and in the process turning a huge chunk of Christians off of even going to church anymore (look up the decline over the past decade alone).

    Then they wanted to be in every cringey movie and on every tv show and in every book and every website and newspaper 24/7. Constant unending bombardment. It went from “it’s okay to be gay” to “it’s GOOD to be gay” to “you’d better be gay or else”. It’s exhausting.

    They demanded the right to marry, utterly dissolving what marriage had meant for millennia, turning it into an absolute parody (gay men are statistically BY FAR the most promiscuous demographic, lesbians are number 1 in domestic violence).

    Then they demanded the right to adopt children, and just look at all the psychological studies that have come out since showing how poorly such children fair in school and at life compared to those who have two heterosexual parents. There’s a MOUNTAIN of data out there on the subject. It’s a real problem and a HUGE component to this “transgender” phenomenon.

    I completely agree with you that the establishment at some point took the reins and began pushing this filth to the point where now even ordinary gays are wanting to distance themselves from it, but it’s disingenuous to say they played no part in it. THEY STARTED IT.

    They should have left marriage alone, they should have left the children alone. If you want marriage or a family, you should be straight. If you want to be gay, then be gay, but be aware of what you’re choosing to forgo. It’s either one or the other. But nope, they wanted it all. Because PRIDE. Pride and greed.

    And I know I sound like a grumpy hate-filled asshole here (maybe I am one), but we have to stop beating around the bush. I genuinely have no hatred towards the gays, what they do with their genitalia is not my concern, my children however ARE my concern and I don’t want them being groomed into this new pseudo-religious cult that sprung up while we were all tiptoeing around each other trying not to offend.

    And nothing anyone says or does will change my mind on that.

    • Completely agree unquaccinated. Put a man in a frock and this is the result. I say to all the alphabet people in this country, guess what not everyone is going to embrace your lifestyle choice, and guess what we don’t have to!!!!! Get over yourselves, your not going into our girls changing rooms, you are not reading inappropriate books to our children, you keep your fantasys, your gender confusion, and your make believe games to yourselves. Why on earth you want to be included in a society that you have clearly turned your back on is beyond me. You could start your own community, maybe talk with the folks at gloriavale, see if you could purchase some land and hold twerking parties till the cows come home, swap frocks and makeup tips, seriously it would be fabulous for you all.

  6. Any-one who thinks having sex, with people of your same sex, are mentally ill and should be treated as such. Like previous comment, Time to stop beating round the bush with these idiotic people and tell them the hard truth. Male Female is not your choice, if you cant work it out why should you be part of humanity.


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