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Watch: PM has not asked Davidson to apologise for ‘white cis male’ comment

Davidson was given two opportunities in Parliament today to apologise for the comment but doubled-down.

National MP Louise Upton used Question Time in the House to ask Davidson for an apology.

Davidson was asked twice if the Prime Minister had asked her to apologise for the comment. Her first was response was ‘definately not an answer to the question that was made’ ruled Speaker Adrian Rurawhe.

‘Was she asked by the Prime Minister to apologise to the public, and if so, when will she do that?’ asked Upston for the second time.

‘No’, said Davidson.

‘Does she agree that the statement was factually incorrect?’

‘What I have done is clarified what I intended to say… What I need to be really clear about, is that violence is enabled by socially accepted hierarchies of power, that include sexism, racism toward minority communities, colonisation, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia and classism. And I’ve been really clear about those drivers of violence and we must change those structures of inequality and power.’

When asked earlier by Upston why she made the ‘white cis male’ comment, Davidson acknowledged that she could have ‘been clearer in my remarks on Saturday. What I was doing was pushing back on the harmful and false narrative that trans people are one of the biggest risks to women.’

When asked on Saturday by Counterspin Media whether she condoned the violence against Women’s Rights activist Posie Parker, Davidson dodged the question and instead blamed ‘white cis males’ for all the violence in the world.

NZ First leader Winston Peters said Davidson’s answers in the House were a double-down and refusal to retract comments ‘that should see her sacked.’


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  1. No surprises there, our politicians are now a law unto themselves and sod the electorate. It’s a global trend we are now part of. New Zealand is sliding rapidly into Orwellian dystopia with a good serving of wokeness. It has become a different country when compared to just a few years ago. It has become a cesspit with media and political agendas to rip the heart out of decent hardworking Kiwis. Truly, I weep for the generations to come…

  2. This is all good, its about hearts and minds, they got played, fell for the trap, didn’t see it come, we played Posie and Co.

  3. It is racist when you blame a particular race for all the problems in the world. If you want to name people who happen to be white then don’t be bashful, name names: Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Claus Schwab, George Soros, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and so on.

    But it’s also black people:
    Idi Amin? Robert Mugabe?

    And how about Oriental people:
    Mao Zedong (Chairman Mao – enough said)? Pol Pot (the killing fields of Cambodia)? Zhang Zemin (signed order allowing organ harvesting of Falun Gong political prisoners)?

    Over the past hundred years at least, horrific things have happened all over the planet and done by all races. Of course, it never is about race, but about polarity: Are they of the light or of the darkness?

    Accusing a particular race of all the problems is also cowardly because it shows unwillingness to talk about actual truth and it shows that the person concerned has more of a focus upon race than upon individuals or events.

  4. “Blah blah blah the message…”
    There’s no apology coming. She said and she meant it.

    This government has picked its side. It’s the side that violently silenced the voice of a woman who came here to warn us that women are being violently silenced. It’s the side that murdered three school children in Nashville USA this morning. It’s the side who punch 70 year old women in the face and celebrate it on Twitter.

    New Zealand hates straight white people. Plan your exits accordingly. Take your tax money and your knowledge and your talents and (especially) your children elsewhere.

    F*ck these people

  5. She is making it very clear that those in parliament now are stuck to their seats with no shame at all. She has a portfolio she doesn’t know the meaning of.She should resign immediately. The pm makes it equally clear he is not up to the task of pm, as if she didn’t resign he should have sacked her. It is so wrong to have someone like this in such a position.

  6. Hipkins is a cuck for the WEF. He’s not got the balls to sack Davidson, he couldn’t even look her racist eye without wetting himself. This country was already fcked, it just got fcked some more.

    • ‘Chippy’ is actually a children’s afternoon TV show nightmare!
      All that is missing is Howdy Dooty and Charlie McCarthy!!!
      Go read Alia’s analysis of the Green Party over at Voices for Freedom!

  7. After this debacle, on top of all the other failures of this labour/greens cult, the only honourable thing to do for the Prime Minister is to resign himself. We do not need a government that support a psycopathic rabble(including sitting MPs) who resort to violence to try to convince the population that sexual deviance is the norm.
    If the Prime Minister is of the opinion that that sort of conduct by MPs is acceptable he has very low standards. If he thinks that having members of the government, including himself, Sepuloni, Wood, Davidson, Halbert, Menendez March et al, making inflamatory statement to the media is an appropriate level of leadership, his standards are not acceptable to the majority of right minded New Zealanders.

  8. Racist is a jewish word which never once existed
    Coined by Leon Trotsky
    Which is designed to shut people down
    Like conspiracy theorist
    Judaism is communism Political Economic Religious
    Which includes Judeo Christianity
    Tolerance diversity understanding equality
    Which promotes everything that the Bible condemns

    • Comment perfectly on target, and verified by David Icke and Aleksander Solzhenytsyn!
      This is why the U.S.-led coup of the Ukraine was led by J3wi$h-Zionist Victoria Nuland, who Elon Musk named as the primary instigator.

  9. Yep ole nine chances Hipkins is so weak he couldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding. But on the bright side it’s handy to know that we can say anything we want, as long as we say it’s not what we mean at the end of it. Oh and it will help our cause if we play the victim and add a fake injury into the mix, that always works. What… no apology, no accountability from the animals in the barnyard, imagine my surprise 😲

  10. Fake Injury = a secret ACC file that is not the primary file.
    Then they send out the spies…!
    This means that you will not get help despite the fact that you are truly injured or suffering injuries FOR YEARS!
    BUT- if you’re a cricket, rugby or netball player, OR a Good Ol’ Boy / Good Ol’ Girl of Colonial / Provincial old family Masonic origins, you’ll get EVERYTHING!!!!!!


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