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Royal Commission of Inquiry a whitewash – DemocracyNZ

Royal Commission into COVID-19 news

DemocracyNZ calls for a full inquiry into the Government’s decisions on the COVID-19 response, including the impact of mandates.

The Labour Government’s call for a restricted and limited Royal Commission of Inquiry into its COVID-19 response is a cynical move to deflect criticism from its attempt to subvert future Parliaments from repealing Five Waters when it is passed into law, Matt King, DemocracyNZ party leader, says.

“There are two clear aspects to this Royal Commission of Inquiry,” Matt said. “The first is simply to deflect negative political attention away from the Government’s unconstitutional attempt to subvert future Parliaments. Secondly, this is a desperate attempt to vindicate Labour’s incompetence and will be a whitewash,” Matt said.

“It’s very telling that this announcement comes the day after the Government backed down on entrenching the Five Waters law. Labour and the Green parties were caught red-handed, and the Prime Minister has been shown up to be either a bad liar or she doesn’t have an understanding of the laws going through Parliament.”

Matt King said the Government has “calculatingly limited the scope of this inquiry so that any discussion over the vaccine injured or vaccine efficacy is not covered, leaving thousands of people unable to present evidence.

“This inquiry is akin to letting the Nazis run the Nuremberg trials. There’s no ability for it to hear evidence around the vaccine rollout, nor how the government lied to us and forced Kiwis to choose between taking the vaccine or losing their job. The list of important matters it can’t hear evidence on is longer than the list of things it can.

“This inquiry will be a hatchet job orchestrated by a failing and corrupt Government and will result in nothing but an attempt to absolve those in power who chose to segregate and discriminate against hundreds of thousands of Kiwis,” he said.

A Royal Commission of Inquiry, by independently appointed commissioners, has been a key policy area of DemocracyNZ since it was formed in March this year. “We called for a wide inquiry into the Government’s decisions around the pandemic and its COVID-19 response. DemocracyNZ will push to widen the inquiry after next year’s general election when Labour is tossed from office. We will push to include prosecution of public servants found to have knowingly misled New Zealanders over COVID-19 during the last three years.”

DemocracyNZ was formed on the basis of democracy, unity and equality for all New Zealanders – fundamental driving principles around which we believe any inquiry should be centred.

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  1. “This inquiry is akin to letting the Nazis run the Nuremberg trials…”

    That’s very well put. The government will investigate the government and will determine that the government did nothing wrong. Bank on it.

    The Sean Plunkets and Jack Tame/Lame’s of the world will snigger even more obnoxiously and uphold it as gospel that “THIS STUFF HAS ALL BEEN THOROUGHLY DEBUNKED 🤤🥴” for years to come.

    Labour will lose the election and all take their retirement packages and ride off into the sunset, while the new National/ACT Government waxes idiotic about, “let’s not look to the past anymore, let’s look to the future and move on together as a nation 😉” (or some other bullshit variation of this).

    They can pretend to keep sticking to the kayfabe like WWE wrestlers, but we all know after each show they all hang out together backstage as friends since they all work for the same bosses.

    And we’ll all have to just sit here patiently waiting for the “NEXT PANDEMIC™️” that they all keep excitedly rubbing themselves thinking about, and for the incessant tinkering with our food supply (because the weather and cow farts) that will send us even deeper into poverty. We’ll be laughed at and ridiculed and insulted every step of the way of course, even as one by one our conspiracies strangely come true.

    I’m so sick and tired of all of it.

    • 😂 lol. Unquaccinated you can’t leave this country. I love your posts, truth and commonsense mixed with humour, bloody brilliant! Like you, I have been on this platform from the start, we are a kinda family!! You give me strength when I hit the wall and I hope we do the same for you. I know whatever you do will be best for your family, god bless you unquaccinated.. and those who you love.

    • I have always been of the view that National is just Labour in a blue dress!
      Nothing will change unless people like Matt King have a say
      Once DemocracyNZ have got their candidates sorted out they should consider working with NZ First in those seats that DemocracyNZ are not represented

      • As ALL parties in parliament have colluded to take our freedom and bodily autonomy away, none of these career parasites will be eligible to vote for ever again. That means that all splinter parties need to form a ‘coalition’ to unite in order to unhinge the lot from parliament. I will not vote for anything less. The various ‘flavours, politically, ideologically and even religiously, can be sorted once WE THE PEOPLE have taken our power back from the junta in the waspnest. I hope that all extra-parliamentarian opposition will realize this. They NEED TO UNITE, or fall we will again.

    • The Jame Tames and Sean Plunkets of this world will still be claiming it’s all been debunked when they are lying on the gurney with someone pulling metre long fibrous growths out of their veins and their hearts hardened with cardiac amyloidosis. Such is their cognitive dissonance.

      It really makes you see people for what they really are. Godless idolaters.

      • “…when they are lying on the gurney with someone pulling metre long fibrous growths out of their veins…”

        Stop getting me so excited, I’m a married man! 😆

  2. National and labour are rotten to the core bring on anew government ,don’t leave NZ fight for your country dot let these scum frighten you .

  3. Well said Matt. The guy leading it is one of Australia’s biggest jab supporters so hardly going to be a very worthwhile investigation.

    I am supporting Matt. I don’t see Democracy NZ feature in the polls yet, what’s the bet any support will be suppressed by the State affiliated media RNZ and TVNZ. Jacinda couldn’t have people realising there IS a party that supports REAL democracy and it is run by DECENT KIWIS. None of this them and us crap. Just Kiwis, all together with the same rights and freedoms.

    • Just like they changed the definition of pandemic
      The WHO changed the definition of an influenza pandemic by excluding reference to the words “with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.”
      Well there is no pandemic
      And there is no virus
      Only the symptoms of influenza which is covid
      Which is why they had to change the definition of isolated
      Because no virus has ever been isolated separated not identified


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