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Baby W… While you were sleeping…

Baby W opinion
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

The very definition of tyranny is when all powers are gathered under one place. – James Madison, Fourth President of the United States.

As many New Zealanders prepared for bed Thursday evening a hideous crime against a law-abiding and loving family was being perpetuated by people, dressed as police, working with a hospital hierarchy that has strayed so far from the basic tenet of medicine, “First, do no harm”, that they have become unrecognisable in a role that is supposedly there to help heal. Earlier in the week, the “justice system” — and, to many of us, oh what a parody that phrase has also proven to be — had betrayed any last vestiges of trust.

No names appear in this article, for apparently we now live in a country where we are not permitted to use this beloved baby’s name or photo — or that of his parents. Why? Is it possibly because his beloved face and name, and those of his parents, show too much spirit and light for us to be permitted to see and connect with, and the state wants to cut the soul-to-soul bond between us? Or is it an attempt to erase them from national and international conversation? Maybe both.

That won’t happen, for the human spirit transcends the physical, cuts through darkness and, from around the globe, will continue to surround this family with love, light and protection.

The babies were peacefully sleeping and their parents were preparing for bed when two individuals in police uniforms entered their room in the hospital as “the hospital” had apparently “made a complaint” to the police about them.

At this late hour, “the police” told them their beloved baby W was scheduled for surgery at 8am the following morning and the hospital staff wanted to wake him in the middle of the night, wrest him from his parents and perform pre-op checks before major open-heart surgery.

Earlier that day, the parents had talked with two eminent cardiologists from the US who, after checking the baby’s vital signs and recordings and viewing the reactions of the baby via zoom clearly stated he was in no need of urgent surgery and they could easily wait for several weeks before his operation which would give his parents the opportunity to appeal against the heinous judgement that had come out earlier that week. The top off-shore cardiologists were also pleased with the baby’s general health, that he was being breast-fed and attended to by his loving parents.

When the two in police uniforms entered to tell the parents that within eight hours their son would be in major open-heart surgery, the parents were polite but firm that this couldn’t happen with such little notice. It is understood that possibly, it is not clear, that court matters were still on-going on their side. (Remember, the first judgement came in earlier in the week at the odd time of 6pm, making it impossible for the legal team for the parents to mount an appeal that day as it was after hours.)

The parents explained a crime was about to be committed as the hospital and doctors wanted blood used that was contaminated with contents that were known to cause harm, including that of major blood clots and even death. Even for surgery at 8 am there had been no pre-op checks and the parents emphasised baby W needed a good night of sleep before such a major operation. One in uniform had to leave as he was overcome with tears and emotion. One with a soul.

The police agreed they would talk to the hospital and return but, even though they tried, the hospital appeared intractable and remained insistent on their intent of waking the baby in the middle of the night for pre-op checks without his mother, who had never left his side.

The parents prayed. In the middle of this a group of people in police uniforms pushed into the room, and uplifted baby W without permission, kidnapping him in the middle of the night, leaving two distraught parents in their wake. At that stage there were about four police in the room and a total of around eight in the vicinity. Later they lined both sides of the corridor. The mother pleaded to go with her baby but they restrained her from doing so and turned what should have been a comforting, nurturing and safe place for them and their baby — but never has been — into a traumatising, brutalizing inhumane place of horror in a place where their baby had just been kidnapped.

Last Thursday night, the person acting as Judge had ruled the medical staff could take the baby against the will of the parents and use blood contaminated with an experimental injection that includes contents that can ultimately have many serious side effects, including death. Even the pharmaceutical company, Pfizer — known for its multi-billion dollar payouts for bribing doctors and also for fraud — admits to nine pages of adverse effects. To date, Medsafe lists well over 60,000 adverse events and death. Despite this, New Zealand has a “government” continuing to roll out the experimental injection to all and sundry. It certainly does not seem to be about health.

By the end of the night beloved baby W’s dad was trespassed from the room and his mum was told she could stay in the same room as her baby, but not touch, cuddle or reassure him, and not go to sleep. If she went to sleep she would be “forcibly removed back to the ward from the pre-op room and not be able to see the baby before the operation. . . Baby W.. was not allowed to be held by his mother all night…” She was guarded by what was described as a stony-faced soulless person glaring at her throughout. Her pleas to hold her baby were refused. To add to the acute trauma and psychological torture they were putting the mother through, she was also told she was to be arrested the next morning.

Baby W’s dad said, “It’s been proven in the court this blood product has got some serious issues, a fact that was brought out in the court, agreed to by the judges and everyone . . . We are flabbergasted. They are essentially kidnapping our baby. We are standing for every person that wants their own human right and their own decisions for their own family.”

Baby W
Photo: © Mary Hobbs.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. – Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States.

It is difficult to imagine how anyone could possibly give approval for a vulnerable baby to have a blood transfusion, during open heart surgery, that was most likely to contain the products of an experimental gene-based therapy injection that is still on trial and has caused serious harm and even death. To then wake a baby in the middle of the night for pre-op checks and have at least four police in the room forcing him from his mother is shocking. All of this is so unnecessary, considering the family has over 20 screened donors that are available to give blood that is uncontaminated with the experimental injection.

Isn’t this a direct violation of the Nuremberg Code and the New Zealand Bill of Rights?

If anyone wondered how Germany descended so low in WW2, and how they would have acted in such circumstances, each of us individually has that answer now by reviewing our actions, or inactions, today,. Yet, it is still not too late to be on the right side of history.

New Zealand, 2022, where government representatives appear to be able to sanction kidnapping and psychological torture of parents, with medical staff, a blood bank, hospital, health department and judiciary who have worked in concert to allow a blood transfusion to be used on a baby that may contain experimental gene-based therapy, of which not even the doctors know the full list of contents. We have a country full of doctors and medical staff who are threatened with suspension if they dare speak out against this trial injection.

Such extreme torture on parents, who only want the best for their beloved baby and their request was such a simple one to fulfil, but it’s not about health.

A hollow victory.

There is one beacon of hope. The government-directed medical system in this country cannot afford for anything to happen to baby Will post-op. So if you’re on the surgical team you’d surely want to ensure he had blood did not contain the experimental injection on wouldn’t you? Interestingly, the word was out yesterday that there was a search on for blood from donors who had not had the injection. It is highly unlikely you’ll hear about that on mainstream media.

This beautiful baby has gently removed all metaphorical masks. Doctors, nurses, medical staff involved, hospitals, law enforcement, lawyers, judges, the NZ blood bank, the Department of Health, all Ministers of Parliament, the sponsored propaganda mainstream media, and all bureaucrats involved with the above:

We see them for who they truly are. We come to our own assessments.

And if you work for these people, aiding and abetting them, then you may well wish to rethink that, too. Be on the right side of history. It is not too late to change sides.

Be proud of standing for what is good and true and of defending our democracy, our inalienable human rights as living beings, including our freedom to be able to decide upon our own medical treatment and that of our children.

There will be true justice for those who attack our inalienable freedoms and the rights of every living being.

We can all continue to peacefully stand up and speak out until those guilty are brought to justice. We can also turn off all government-sponsored mainstream media.

However, there is one place that despots and paid-off propaganda merchants cannot reach — our individual eternal soul.

This beautiful baby with his purity and trust reminds millions of the sacredness of the spirit. So today, let us spiritually focus on this beautiful baby and his beloved family and surround them with our love — through spirit. They cannot stop that, for it isn’t in the physical. This may be what some seek to destroy in these times, but it only makes us stronger.

Our love surrounds baby W and his family who have endured such torture and to all who are there with them physically at this most difficult of times, doing their utmost to support them. We are with you . . .

Baby W
Photo: © Mary Hobbs.

There is something in the human spirit that will survive and prevail, there is a tiny and brilliant light burning in the heart of man that will not go out no matter how dark the world becomes. — Leo Tolstoy

Post Note from Free NZ Media:

“Statement by C and S (Baby W’s parents):
Baby W is stable. The operation took over half a day.
Starship offered a family room initially for them both to be near Baby W.
That offer was subsequently withdrawn.
They have had to make their own arrangements. Dad, C, is with Baby W through the night tonight so mum S can sleep. She still has two children to feed and the stress of last night took a huge toll on that ability. She needs all our love and care to replenish and heal.“

Bless this beloved family and keep them safe.

May they have time now to recover now, with our love and best wishes always.

Further references and reading are available at the end of this article.

By Mary Hobbs.

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    • It certainly is Kevn. I saw a clip of Liz Gunn interviewing two paediatric cardiologists from the US in regard to baby W. Their assessment was that there was no rush for the op and ensuring reasonable requests of the parents were met was vital, and they confirmed the request baby W’s parents made was very reasonable and easy to accommodate. We must do all we can to ensure that we don’t allow our democracy to slide any further. Thank you for your comments.

      • Yes Mary I was in tears after about 1 minute of listening to those cardiologists. Their empathy and desire to do right by each child despite maybe having opposing views to the parents demonstrates and only serves to highlight the complete lack of empathy, morals and ethics displayed by the New Zealand medical staff. If they don’t like what’s going on the STAND DOWN. Get some GUTS. Failure to do so reinforces the fact that they are morally bankrupt.

  1. Thank you, Mary.

    Yes it is now a time for healing to begin for all of us torn by these events, which unfolded over the last few days and weeks. But in going through this process we must not forget what has, for many of us, been a true unveiling of the blight now affecting this country.

    We have all reacted and responded one way or another – anger expressed and compassion offered. Both naturally appropriate under the circumstances. Still this has left its mark and a stain, which cannot be removed. We have been given due notice to the depth of wickedness now stalking what was once a beautiful land.

    We must all look inwards to the root of the spirit that makes us who and what we are. Hold fast to its comfort and wisdom. Without it, we will be swept up into the madness that new surrounds us all. The events of Baby W are a warning to us all, and a lesson we must learn. The world we are living in has changed forever…

    • Wise comments James. Thank you. It indeed seems that not all is lost for there are many reports that baby W did receive uncontaminated blood. Wonderful, but it could so easily have been done with kindness and compassion. Not only for baby W, but for everyone.

  2. IF the hospital staff did in fact have nurses, blood bank persons, and doctors who have a conscience and quietly sought-out NON-vaxxed donor blood, then it’s a win for baby Will! And, a minor victory for the human race against Jabcinda and the WEF-induced NWO!
    Time will tell how baby Will recovers.
    Silly how a ‘Free Press’ cannot mention their names, yet it’s known now throughout the world thanks to Infowars,the Reese Report and many other ‘conspiracy-theory alternative media outlets’ that are now being seen as sources of actual truths!
    Remember when Grace Millane was murdered, and name suppression for the murderer was enacted, yet Grace was splashed all over the headlines! Outside of NZ, the murderer was revealed.
    Freedom of the Press DOES NOT EXIST HERE!!! Neither does proper ‘Just-Us’…! Judges rule in favour of those who have ill-intent, and who are Masonic!
    This is the same modus that the NZ Police and CYFS use to uplift children post-delivery in the hospitals to this day…
    They tried case-building against one family I know in Canty as retaliation against a former employee of the largest employer in Canty standing-up for their civil and human rights. They were caught case-building using falsehood, innuendoes and outright lies about the family in question. Their child was double-dosed on HiB, aspirated due to the double-dose upsetting the gut of the child, , and ended-up autistic as a result!
    They made sure that the family never got help!!! Eight registrars stood around in the A&E and NEVER offered to help.
    Paediatrics was never called in, and no assessments were made to check for damage post-aspiration.
    The doctors in this country are just slotted-in / appointed to med school based on where they come from in the colonial / provincial bloodlines in NZ!
    The former employee’s mum died from staphlococcus septicemia, and despite the posters that are clearly present, visible and posted in the hospital foyer that describe what it looks like! Not one nurse or doctor had the motivation to test her blood, and only after she went comatose did she get a blood test revealing the condition! She died the next day! MANSLAUGHTER would be the word to describe the suspected deliberate neglect, due to being the mum of a former employee who stood up to threats, abuse and marginalisation!
    Thank you Liz Gunn for exposing the monsters in our midst, and thanks to Alex Jones and the DT!

      • The family left the country 5 or so years ago, and no one knows where they are today, lest the globalist masonic elements follow them w/ phone calls alerting other international Freemasons who would continue targeting the family…
        The ex-employee was threatened verbally with ‘(undisclosed name) needs a bullet…!”
        The department head (who is a problem child, but is protected by the J3wi$h and Masonic factions) deprived the employee of lunch breaks, week-ends off. and made threats of being fired from their job.
        Upon returning from the last holiday while still employed in the department, the staff stopped talking to the employee and created an atmosphere of rancor, hatred, and disenfranchisement.
        The so-called Masonic / Old Boy-appointed ‘Service Managers’ were of no help.
        The family went to a lawyer after the employee resigned under duress, but the BoD of the law firm had a conflict of interest, as one of them was also on the BoD where the employee worked!
        This was never told to the family, but the law firm took thousands of dollars from the family anyway with no conscience whatsoever!
        The employee damaged their back, and word got around to the surgeons NOT to help the employee. No help for a knee injury either.
        The employee is now permanently crippled due to being disenfranchised from receiving health care!!!
        One GP who referred the employee for a CT scan was severely reprimanded for doing so.
        ACC was instructed NOT to help the injured employee!!! ACC keeps a secret secondary file on all cases, and seems to deprive legal and rightful compo based on the secret file(s) and not on the primary file!
        The employee suffers from PTSD as a result of the treatment she received while working at her place of employment, and is in pain continually from UN-treated injuries!
        No help there either…!
        Result; no ACC compensation, no pay-outs, and no ‘sickness & injury’ benefit(s)!!
        With all of this happening, the family also had problems with being ripped-off by a law firm during a property transaction, and had interference with such transactions twice before from realtors who they had contracted to sell their property.
        Their autistic child may have also suffered abuse at pre-school and Year 2. Hence, the child has been homeschooled for years, as mainstream education targets autistic children with bullying, marginalisation, and terrorising by predators that are both in the student body AND in the teachers / staff at the schools involved.
        Go online and see’ E2NZ Migrant Tales’ and read about migrants who came to NZ, discovered the disgusting behaviours of many Kiwis at all levels of NZ society, and left to go back to their countries of origin, taking their $$$ with them!
        The healthcare system, the education system, the judicial system, the economy (including banking policies) are all corrupt, incompetent, and benefit only the few in this country.
        BUT- the way to change that is to vote for the O&FP and support the same. After all, did any politicians from the mainstream parties go to Parliamentary meetings to discuss the untested bio-weapon known as the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’?
        Did any other political party rep show up to help Baby Will & his family?
        Only Liz Gunn and several others offshore in the alternative media have presented factual media coverage in Baby Will and in other non-related cases that show the contempt that the government has for it’s citizens, and those alternative media sources were severely targeted by the MSM for doing so!
        Only one political party did so; the O&FP with Sue Gray, who has stood by the family 24/7!
        Did you see Ardern there? Did you see Luxom or even David Seymour there? How about the Greens? NOT ONE of them went to the hospital nor convened an emergency meeting to discuss the situation that stemmed from an Ardern-appointed totalitarian judge making a deliberately bad call!
        IF Labour returns to power, or if National succeeds in the orchestrated false win, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!
        Ardern has already proven where her socialist / communist interests and intentions lie…
        Luxom will re-phrase Labour’s policies and we;ll end up with the same WEF / Globalist results as if Labour was in office.
        DON’T VOTE FOR EITHER!!!!!

  3. Their super-human peace and ability to withstand all that was so inhumanely thrown at this family, could only have come from their faith. Keep them lifted, NZ, prayers work, this is the stuff of epic bible stories. All things work together for good.. this certainly has purpose.
    As for that crew of disgraced imposter med personnel, they’ll certainly have their day of reckoning. I can only hope for their own sakes, that they’re not parents. Can’t be – not just heartless behaviour, but very broken.

  4. We are with them….absolutely

    Wonderfully written Mary🙏thank you
    And thank you DTNZ for reporting truth, for referencing and helping us maintain faith

  5. Mary I have to say that you have in this article encapsulated everything about this case and about the circumstances that have led to this outcome. Well summarised.

    I think we all secretly know there is no way they have given W vaccinated blood. There is too much international attention now. So that’s a win for W and his parents. But the manner in which the baby was forcibly removed with no prior warning and to have police in such a private place shows the evil of all those involved in this appalling episode.

    We need to imprint these to our brains:

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. – Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States.

    The very definition of tyranny is when all powers are gathered under one place. – James Madison, Fourth President of the United States.

    Thank you Mary for highlighting what this is really about.

    I will pray for this family, pray for New Zealand and pray for the souls of those people who have become the brainwashed evil soldiers of the despotic regime that is the Ardern government.

    Viva la revolution.

  6. Thank you Mary Hobbs for an outstanding piece on this awful saga. As unbelievable as it looks, I believe many NZers are not aware of their rights, the Bill of Rights, are not taught civics at school – probably on purpose – and are unaware of what they are legally entitled to. That in itself has led to a serious issue as this and the self-righteous supporting the wrong side! They are also oppressed and don’t realise it. They support their oppressors!

    Keep writing like you do Mary – such an emotional and enlightening article – it brought me to tears.

    • Yes, I hear you. It is so sad to see so many Kiwis who have been deceived.
      Thank you Ro K. Makes the effort worthwhile. So appreciated.

  7. You’re 100% correct in saying that the reason for suddenly wanting to censor the baby’s name and face is to break that spiritual link. It’s an open and shameless attempt to dehumanise him. Too many pictures of those beautiful big blue eyes, filled with innocence. There’s nothing in this world that comes closer to seeing the face of God as looking into a newborn’s eyes.

    These people, the authoritarian doctors, the complicit cops, the deceitful media and the masters who pull their strings, have all lost their humanity somewhere along the way. I don’t know if it was COVID, the lockdowns, or the spike proteins flowing through their veins, but something deep inside of them is irreparably broken. They care about POWER, they care about CONTROLLING THE MESSAGE, they care about being the AUTHORITY, and they care about absolutely crushing the will of anyone who disagrees with them ON ANYTHING at all never even mind vaccines. They are the complete and utter antithesis of everything they claim to be, screaming about how much they love you as they beat you with a police baton and press the boot down across your throat. And they’re so woefully corrupted inside that they don’t even see it. They’re a psychopathic cult, and I don’t even mean that as an insult. Look up the clinical definition of psychopathic behaviour and compare it to the behaviour of western society over the last three years. Just make sure you’re sitting down when you do.

    I will never trust another doctor again as long as I live. THERE ARE NO MORE DOCTORS ANYWAY, they were all mandated out a year ago. All that’s left now are glorified big pharma sales reps. They can quite politely fuck off and join their buddies in the media, the police, the judiciary and the beehive on top of the growing pile of things I’ve lost all faith in.

    Going forward I’ll take my chances. If I get hurt, I’ll try to walk it off. If I get sick, bed rest and chicken soup. If I get cancer I’ll make my peace with God and my family and whatever happens happens. What’s the use in trusting a bunch of deranged quacks who are going to legally strap me down against my will and pump me full of God knows what since I’m terminal anyway? I will not die a guinea pig.

    It’s heartening to read there’s a chance that this child was given unvaccinated blood anyway, but I’m still deeply concerned about MY OWN children. These people have set another dangerous precedent and made it perfectly fine to violate the Hippocratic oath and the Bill of Rights (for the second time in two years). Just because this child received clean blood, it doesn’t mean MY children will next time. The damage is done, our rights are gone.

    I CANNOT put my faith in a country thats foundations are crumbling, I cannot abandon my duty to my children. Unless something very meaningful is done to correct the injustices that happened this week, I will be looking at living out the rest of my days elsewhere.

    • Thank you Unquaccinated. I agree, it was also a travesty to disallow photos of baby W… and his parents.
      It is difficult to watch those in positions of authority all fall mindlessly into line in the face of great infringements on our inalienable human rights and our democracy.
      I do understand your lack of trust. The field of medicine has become corrupted by politics and pharmaceutical corporations with no checks and balances. There are still good medical staff I am sure, but those I really trust are at nzdsos.com Courage, ethics and care for their patients, while upholding the Hypocratic Oath, regardless of the awful attacks on them and their loss of livelihoods.

  8. If readers want a rational analysis of what went on with Baby W in contrast to the distorted view provided by the unscientific and emotional advocacy by Mary and her sycophantic followers go to:
    The parents of Baby W were sucked into the ant-vax conspiracy vortex by long-time anti-vax lawyer Sue Grey and particularly by the misinformed and delusional Liz Gunn with the full support of societal outliers Infowars and Counterspin.
    This conspiracy sham will be fully uncovered in time but in the meantime it is grossly reassuring that Baby W’s condition has been successfully treated with world-best medical care in all respects.

      • You declare, Unquaccinated, that you will never trust another doctor again as long as you live, so if you get a compound fracture of the femur are you just going to walk it off?
        If you develop debilitating angina and require cardiac artery bypass grafts do you think you can rely on bed rest and chicken soup for a fix?
        If you develop cataracts in your eyes to the point where you lose a driver’s licence are you just going to blink the problem away?
        And if you think that by living out the rest of your days elsewhere you will find better surgical services than this country offers are you not dreaming?
        I’m sure people would provide a more secure welfare environment for children if they exited the resounding echo chamber of conspiracy theories as expressed in these columns.

        • Doug, the people requiring reset femurs, triple heart bypasses and cataract surgeries are barely getting any of that shit NOW as it is. It’s being reported all over the place, even in your beloved mainstream media sources. The medical profession has and IS letting thousands of us down every day. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see that.

          Half the workforce was mandated out a year ago and the remainder appear to be little more than Pfizer reps with truly North Korean bedside manner. My wife and I were hounded to take the jab literally right up until they wheeled her in for her C-section, and we were openly sulked with for the next two days she had to be in the hospital.

          You can list a million terrible things that might befall me, for which I might desperately need a doctor someday, but none of it will change my stance. After what I’ve seen these last two years I WILL NEVER TRUST THE BASTARDS again.

          Even if the pain makes me completely wimp out someday and I let my wife drag me off to them kicking and screaming, I will refuse ANY MEDICAL PROCEDURE I don’t want (as is my right).

          DOCTORS ARE NOT GODS, they’re just people. They can and SHOULD be questioned and challenged and scrutinised, especially when they start commandeering people’s children from them over ideological differences. There is something about that profession that makes people cold and clinical, takes away their humanity after a while.

          That’s what makes the heroic ones who dare to speak up and sacrifice their licences and their careers THAT MUCH more honourable in my eyes. They hold onto their humanity where others become monstrous, and they do it with people like you sniggering and mocking them every step of the way.

          And for the record, I’m not wanting to leave NZ to find my children better healthcare, I’m wanting to leave because I want them to grow up in a place where the state will keep its filthy, blood-stained hands off of them.

          • Unquaccinated, I am appalled at the treatment you and your wife received. Absolutely appalled. This is grossly wrong. You were both in a stressful situation and deserved kindness, reassurance and a calm and welcoming environment at such a sensitive time in your lives. It is unconscionable that they would be pestering your wife and yourself to accept a trial gene-based therapy injection that has serious safety issues. That harassment is, in my view, a serious offence. It particularly troubles me when you were both probably feeling so vulnerable too, in a strange hospital environment and with an operation looming. I am so sorry that this happened and I wish you and your family the very best for the future. Warmest regards, Mary

  9. Best of love to baby W and family.
    One thing that annoyed me about MSM was on the 6pm news they labelled all those FREE PRESS outlets that covered the story as conspiracy theorists. Im an avid followed, reader and believer in DT. I would never consider DT a conspiracy theorist

    • Thank you for your input MNZGA. MSM divulge at almost every turn now that they are sponsored by government interests, so it is really just propaganda isn’t it. Their metaphorical masks are off and most of us see it clearly but it is a concern that many may not despite the plethora of evidence warning of serious side effects from international specialists.


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