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‘Situation in Donbass extremely bad’ – Ukraine

Donbass news

Kiev asks West to send multiple rocket launchers “as soon as possible”.

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has told Kiev’s foreign backers at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos that they should curb optimism about the situation on the ground in the east of the country.
  • “I don’t want anyone to get the feeling that the war is more or less OK. The situation in Donbass is extremely bad,” Kuleba insisted.

And things are going to get even worse if “we don’t get MLRS ASAP,” he added, referring to the US-made M270 MLRS system that can be used as both a multiple rocket launcher and a tactical missile launcher.

Without the MLRS systems, the Kiev government won’t be able to retake Kherson, and control of the strategic city would allow Russia to threaten both central Ukraine and the south-western regions, where the port of Odessa is situated, he pointed out.

However, Kuleba said that “the situation with the deliveries of weapons [to Ukraine] is much better now, compared to a month ago.” He added that Washington “deserves respect” because of this.

Ukrainian officials have been getting increasingly frustrated with the Biden administration’s failure to supply Kiev with MLRS systems, Politico reported last week. Unnamed US officials told the outlet that the White House was dragging its feet over the potential shipment of the rocket launchers due to concerns it could be viewed as a further escalation by Russia.

One of the sources told the outlet that Washington had to “make decisions about what weapons systems provide the biggest bang for the buck.” Therefore, the US ruled that “it was more effective and efficient to send the 90 M777 [howitzers] because you can send more of them” for the same amount of money, compared to the MLRS.

Source:RT News

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  1. Uncle Sam has almost lost the proxy war in Ukraine and it is only a matter of time Donbass is fully liberated from neo-nazis. It is really sad to see the regular Ukrainan army and forced adult war conscripts in the Donbass are losing life for the pride of West. Main stream media is still spreading lies claiming that Ukaraine is winning. Russia is slowly grinding because they dont want civilian life is lost and extremely careful in their operations. Providing relief and managing the population after clearing neonazis and troups from the civilian areas are not easy tasks. Big Industrial Complex need an excuse to sell more weapons and hence the propaganda “Ukraine is winning”. As a final attempt, Uncle Sam is escalating the conflict with weapons which can handled by Ukranians with mimimal training. This escalation is going to lead to more loss of life and balkanisation of Ukraine. Poland and Hungary are getting ready for the return of their old territories. In a matter of months Uncle Sam will be humilated completely and order the pupper Zelensky to sign a treaty. Mid-term US elections are looming; so the woke left Biden needs a propaganda of having restored peace.

  2. The issue isn’t bang from buck on howitzer vs MLRS, it’s that the MLRS have a much longer range and Uki forces are likely to turn around and use them to attack targets deeper within Russia itself.

  3. Matt Robson – An Independent Foreign Policy for Aotearoa/New Zealand

    New Zealand has long prided itself on its independent foreign policy and its opposition to nuclear war. Without much in the way of public debate or discussion, New Zealand has become an active participant in the war against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. Matt Robson will discuss some important questions this raises for future foreign and defence policy, and importantly what needs to be done to bring the war to an end.

    Hon Matt Robson is a former Minister of Disarmament in the 1999-2002 Labour-led government. He currently works as an immigration lawyer. He will be interviewed by Mike Smith, a former General Secretary of the Labour Party.



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