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‘Going to Shoot an Elementary School’: Uvalde Gunman Posted Plans on Facebook, Texas Governor Says

In response to the Tuesday shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Democrats have pushed for new legislation to restrict would-be buyers’ ability to purchase firearms, but the conservative gun lobby remains staunchly against any such controls, creating yet another political impasse.

  • The man who massacred nearly two dozen people in a Texas elementary school on Tuesday posted about his plans on Facebook immediately before the attack, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said.
  • “The first post was to the point of he said, ‘I’m going to shoot my grandmother.’ The second post was ‘I shot my grandmother’. The third post, maybe less than 15 minutes before arriving at the school, was ‘I’m going to shoot an elementary school,’” Abbott told reporters at a Wednesday press conference.

The shooter, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, killed 19 children and two adults at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde on Tuesday. He also shot his grandmother prior to the attack, but she survived.

According to Texas police, Ramos used two AR-15 semi-automatic rifles in the attack, which he bought on his 18th birthday. After entering the school, he went into a classroom and “barricaded himself by locking the door and just started shooting children and teachers that were inside that classroom,” said Lt. Christopher Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Police eventually broke down the door and shot and killed Ramos.

Abbott’s press conference was interrupted by Beto O’Rourke, the governor’s Democratic challenger, who confronted Abbott and the other conservatives on the stage for their longstanding opposition to gun control legislation.

“The time to stop the next shooting is now and you are doing nothing, you’re all doing nothing. You said ‘this was not predictable,’ this was totally predictable when you choose not to do anything,” the former US Representative said before being shouted down by presser participants on stage.

“This is on you, this will continue to happen,” he shouted while being escorted out by police. “Somebody needs to stand up for the children of this state, or they will continue to be killed just like they were killed in Uvalde yesterday.”

Abbott, along with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who was also on the stage, are slated to speak at a Saturday event in Houston hosted by the National Rifle Association (NRA), a powerful lobbyist group that advocates for unrestricted access to firearms.

Uvalde is a farming community of 15,000 located about 80 miles west of San Antonio and is majority-Hispanic.

The shooting is the worst at a US school since 2012, when a 20-year-old man killed 20 students and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. It also comes 10 days after another mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, in which a white supremacist gunman attacked a supermarket in a Black neighborhood, killing 10 people.

The United States has seen nearly 200 mass shootings so far in 2022.

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  1. Americans ability to buy guns easily has decreased thru gun laws over the last few decades yet the gun violence continues and escalates.Guns were freely bought with the only requirement was having the money in the fifties and this sort of thing never happened.The US is a decaying society both morally and financially.The very people calling for gun control there and here are the ones responsible for the decay in all of western civilisation.

    • Yes, the percentage of families/individuals owning guns is going down steadily and about 37% now from the old days of 50% ownership. NRA is also bankrupt. Facts do not matter when it comes propaganda. They are making use of a horribly sad event for political advantage.

  2. There are over 6500 pedestrian deaths due to cars accidently hitting them. Mass shooting kills about 650 and bout 10%. Can we ban all cars over 1000c and all automatic weapons? It is only fair.

    Big military industrial compolex kills millions of inncocent civilians starting unncessary conflicts and regime changes. Both woke left and neocons are fine with it.

    Big Pharma probably kills thousand times more than suicide/homicide deaths due to guns. Over 75000 deaths are due to opioids alone in US.

    Main stream media and woke left use the usual FEAR mongering for their agenda. Our own Worst Economic Fraud (WEF) agent JaBCinDa is now claiming that the social media is to blame for everything and critical of “keyboard warriors”. What a hypocritical frace is this? When the main stream media is bribed and lies all the time, social media helps to discover the truth. Liar JaBCinDa wants us to take her narrative as the only truth and full control of social media. There is already so much of censoring content, and banning from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube type of Big Tech owned social media. It looks like JaBCinDa wants a Ministry of Truth. This attempt failed in US, and the woke left couldnt push their Ministry of Truth. They are now using JaBCinDa as well as she using them for personal gains.

    JaBCinDa hides the fact that neo-nazis from Ukaraine were the inspiration for ChCh shooter as well as to the Buffalo, N.Y. shooter. She is now funding and arming the Ukranian neo-nazis to curry favour from the current Biden admin. She doesnt want us to point out at all.

    Satansitic Liars.

  3. This guy had just turned 18 and was able to acquire a US$75000 truck, two long guns worth another US$5000 and also a special sight worth US$900, kind of unusual.


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