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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

St John Ambulance 2021 Report underlines an emerging health crisis

Yesterday St John published their 2021 call out report. Startling rises underline the extent of vaccine injury.

In order to understand these figures refer back to Medsafe adverse effects reports I covered on February 3rd.

St John ambulance cases increased by 6.8% in 2021 to 555,000. Out of the St. John categories of call outs, I have selected those conditions which correspond to common adverse effects of vaccination reported to Medsafe as referenced above (I have also noted figures for suicide (up 30%) which are believed to be related to the effect of lockdowns).

St Johns news

The vaccine adverse effect categories increased by 17,000 cases. The large rises in chest pain (up 6,102—+15.5%) and breathing problems (up 5,195—+14.4%) correspond to increased cases of myocarditis and pericarditis. It is to be noted that the St John figures are for those sufficiently ill to warrant the call of an ambulance. Generally ambulance cases involve people who are seriously ill and in need of urgent attention.

St John figures show many vaccine injuries are serious

Of the 46,000 adverse effect cases reported to Medsafe following Covid vaccination, 8,500 were for chest pain and 5,000 for breathing difficulties. Medsafe estimates that only 5% of adverse effects are recorded in its system. The St John figures indicate that contrary to Medsafe’s assertion that these conditions were non-serious, a great many were serious enough to warrant an ambulance call out.

It is interesting that despite anecdotal reports from ambulance crews of high vaccine injury case loads, St John has no category for vaccine injury per se. Instead St John joins the long list of official bodies in vaccine injury denial saying only that “St John attributes rises in chest pain and breathing difficulties to the direct impact of COVID-19 or COVID-19 lockdowns.” A rather inadequate assertion given the low Covid incidence in 2021.

For weeks now, I and others have been writing about the unprecedented level of vaccine injury supported by science journal publishing. There has been an overwhelming level of support and more case records coming in daily through social media and the rapidly growing alternative press in NZ including the Daily Telegraph, The Buzz, The Daily Examiner, The Health Forum NZ, VFF, Gary Moller, and many others (too many to mention everyone, apologies). Thank you for everyone’s support and continued efforts to stand up and speak up. So why the inexplicable silence from the government and mainstream media?

We are talking here of the lives of many tens of thousands of people in NZ affected by the adverse effects of vaccination, thousands very seriously. These are all people who followed government advice and accepted assurances of safety. The adverse effects are running at an unprecedented 30 times more than previous vaccinations. We know that the standard response of silence in the face of statistics and personal stories has been curated directly by Jacinda Ardern who famously deleted 30,000 adverse effect comments on her FB page. How does this work? We don’t have to look very far into history.

Is Ardern following in Tony Blair’s footsteps?

Take the case of Tony Blair, like Ardern he is skilled in public relations. A mesmerising public speaker. In his heyday, an overwhelmingly popular politician who articulated a vision that communicated a sense of hope and promise to the population. His appeal stretched across historical political boundaries. At some point, he decided to use his abilities to promote a lie—fully aware of the UK spy agency report that they had none, he told the public that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. His lie provided justification for a war in which a million Iraqis died. Tony Blair used his skills to impart to his global public a sense that the war was the right thing to do. There were two elements to this—the invention of an imminent threat from fictious weapons to create fear in the population and demonisation of a foreign population of Iraqis in order that mass murder could be seen as a righteous act.

Has Ardern used the same tactics? Quite early on in 2021, it should have been clear to the government from reports out of Israel that vaccination gave rise to heart disease. As the vaccine rollout progressed in NZ, adverse effects piled up. But saturation advertising promising that the vaccine was safe and effective continued. Ardern used her PR skills to not only deflect questions, but demonise the vaccine hesitant as ill-informed, weak-minded people. As the year went on, serious scientific work emerged documenting risks of vaccination—there were many. These were not only ignored, but suppressed through the Ardern doctrine that the government should be the only source of information.

The deception is continuing with Omicron misinformation

As the year ended, scientific studies of Omicron reached a number of important conclusions: Omicron is a mild illness that equally affects vaccinated and unvaccinated.


A study in Israel found even a fourth Covid booster is not enough to fight Omicron.

It is notable that health authorities in both South Africa and Israel have tried to suppress information that Omicron is a mild illness unaffected by vaccination. Similarly here in NZ, saturation advertising encouraging boosters has continued, painting a picture of severe risk from Omicron and the fiction that the booster shot provides protection. No mention of the progressively increased risk of myocarditis with each vaccine dose. Ardern has used her star power to promote a vaccination dream and she has succeeded in imparting a sense of righteous vaccination achievement to a large cohort of the population. This has left the vaccine injured shut out of coverage, and the rest of the population unaware that they have been exposed through vaccination to a long-term unquantified risk of heart illness.

As with any exaggeration or lie, at some point there has to be an accounting. Almost everyone in NZ knows of a friend or family member adversely affected by vaccination. Gradually the penny is dropping that these are not isolated unfortunate incidents but part of a pattern that the government has sought to sweep under the carpet. Ardern, Hipkins, and Bloomfield are the central characters promoting vaccination at the expense of any reality check. We suspect that they are finding it hard to admit the deception, but now they have to take responsibility.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of dailytelegraph.co.nz.

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    • I totally agree with you. She is destroying our country, day by day, and ruining people’s lives. It is time to disband this Govt and put Parliament under the control of the Governor General, till another election. Enough is enough !! How dare she continue to destroy us, and tell us to ‘be kind’.

    • Except it’s incorrect. They’ve only compared to 2020, which is a very poor analysis. If you compare the growth to that seen from 2018 to 2019, and 2019 to 2020, you see that literally none of these indicate any deviation from the expected growth. It’s sad that we are seeing this many issues, but we cannot attribute any to the vaccine based on this data.

      • Except we can see it is exactly that, without the data and just using our eyes and common sense, because we all know one or more people who have coincidentally suffered a stroke/heart attack/medical emergency directly after taking a shot. It’s time to call it as we see it. Covid is not dangerous, the vaccinated are the ones spreading it, catching it AND YES, in hospital with it. The places of interest are all places that require a vax pass. It is what it is.

    • Except it’s incorrect. They’ve only compared to 2020, which is a very poor analysis. If you compare the growth to that seen from 2018 to 2019, and 2019 to 2020, you see that literally none of these indicate any deviation from the expected growth. It’s sad that we are seeing this many issues, but we cannot attribute any to the vaccine based on this data.

  1. why is it that all the comments agree with the writer of this article and you have not published a balanced opinion .gives the majority of New Zealanders the opinion the it is a conspiracy theory article

    • You’ll notice on stuff.co.nz there’s seldom opportunity to stack comments at the foot of an article now. Yet you can on this site. There’s your balance.

      Mainstream media has been paid $15m this year, will be paid $40m next year and $40m the year after to become government owned. Under Helen Clark it was a lot cheaper… she phoned trade union heavies to deal with journalists.

    • Ah “conspiracy theories” supposedly that are well informed warnings from overseas sources of what has happened in their countries already…becoming factual findings in our own over and over for the past 2 years. Pleeeease come up with another label..ohooh how about Freedom Fighters? After all we are fighting for you n your family’s freedoms as well. You’re ???? welcome ????????

    • Maybe there are just not enough that don’t agree; you could be the only one. Especially considering that the term conspiracy applies correctly to something that has been conspired. As to Theory? Only until proven fact. Seems that most that was theory is increasingly being proven fact.
      Keep in mind that evolution is taught as fact despite being unproven as more than theory.
      Part of the same philospphy that now sees perpetrator of evil as victim, right as wrong, good as bad, crime as punishment and punishment as crime. (Jacindas lies as truth, and Gates and Fauci as humanitarion benefactors.
      Perhaps time to leave the insular fantasy safe haven and engage with reality.

  2. Another great article except what we really want to know is why have this terrible prime minister and her flunkies. Lied and covered up whats happening and why is it so important to them to vaccinate everyone.

      • Exactly right! This is a worldwide move to a totalitarian regime ruled by a few rich power driven clever but deranged elites
        Injection has nothing to do with the stated purpose of a Covid weapon.
        Obedience depopulation and control monitoring are the reason so many MUST get jabbed. Covid was created to use as the excuse to chemically treat most of the world population. Fear and media control the masses.
        Personally I’d like to publicly administer the 3 shots of true vax ( not saline) to comrade Cindy and her cronies. Watch the fear in her eyes then????

  3. I wonder that too? why didn’t all countries not get together and lock down all ports in the beginning when covid arrived, and open for essential goods. If they were serious about covid, but they get together and introduce vaccine passports, mandates. Why?? Treatments were out there but suppressed in order to roll out an experimental Genetically Gene Base therapy, that causes adverse effects and deaths.
    I’m from Ireland ???????? and the same control here, is it about Digital ID??

  4. The medical emergency call outs by the fire service need to be analysed and added to the St John’s stats. A fireman recently disclosed to me he has noticed a marked increase in 2021., heart issues and strokes amongst them.

  5. This experimental vaccination programme has been forced (coercion comes under forced) upon people in order to keep their jobs, socialize, travel, etc and children to participate in sports activities, etc Under the Nuremberg Code, these are crimes against humanity, regardless of the outcome of the vaccine.

    When you take into account the severe adverse reactions, including death as a direct result from partaking in these vaccines, which are happening immediately and up to several months later, this equates to attempted murder and murder.

    Why is there not a cease of the rollout happening and why is there not an investigation into this.

    People can argue conspiracy theories all they want but the facts are out there, there is no arguing that. IThe evidence is in broad daylight.

    Conspiracy theorists are words the government has used to divide the people in this country, along with vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

    Apartheid is what this government has created and it needs to stop because in reality people should be able to choose whether they want to or not, and it should be a fully informed consent process based on the facts from the vaccine companies and those bodies who have APPROVED this the be administered such as the FDA or MEDSAFE, showing a list of severve adverse reactions which include death, along with studies from qualified doctors, virologist, biologists, etc. Also as this is experimental it should be monitored and only used on a select few before being forced on the rest of the world. It now appears there gave been steps in this process that have been missed and the evidence of a genocide, and global at that, is happening right before our eyes. Evidence that suggests that the majority, if not all people, who are vaccinated with this vaccine, will be dead within the next 2 to five years.


    God help us all.

  6. This is very dishonest reporting, comparing 2021 to only 2020, when 2020 was lower in many categories than previous years due to the many lockdowns reducing many types of injuries and illnesses. If you compare to 2018 and 2019, you see that 2021 figures are either just consistent growth, or normalising back to what we saw pre-2020. You complain about the MSM (as do I), and then you post blatantly incorrect articles like this. Please contact me if you want a graph showing the callouts since 2018 showing that there has been no increase above the expected trends.

    • Dear Simon Considering 2021 was very similar in character to 2020 involving lockdowns, comparisons to other years would be invalid for very significant statistical reasons. Firstly 2020 and 2021 uniquely did not involve flu and bronchial surges which affect St John. Secondly people did not go out as much and were therefore less prone to accidents. Thirdly social distancing and masks reduced illness transmission risk for several categories of disease. You can email me at ghatchard@gmail.com with your graph. I am interested. Guy

  7. Stats like this have no relevance unless you show, at minimum, 5 years of Stats.
    You leave yourself open to heavy criticism and doubt if you do not use stats correctly.
    Therefor l would suggest you republish the St Johns Stats in the area of interest from 2017 to 2021 so that a comparative of annual increases in call outs can be looked at objectively.
    That then needs to be compared to The NZ Annual increase in Population Percentage in order to rule out this as a variable.
    Also lockdown and restriction on International Travel and its influence on population fluctuations also would have to be compared to the 5 year stats for an accurate comparison to be developed.

  8. Dear Carmel
    Why don’t you take this on as a project? It will be a lot of work but the findings will be interesting one way or the other. I must say four factors point to the relevance of vaccination. 1. St John itself say their increase in load was in some way connected to the pandemic, 2. Medsafe list both chest pain and breathing difficulties as specific problems with a high incidence connected to vaccination, 3. St John staff, firemen, and policemen are all on record commenting on call outs associated with vaccination and 4. NZDSOS and the Health Forum NZ have a treasure trove of data on severe reactions to vaccination including stroke and heart attack, is that volume enough to hugely affect St John stats on stroke and heart attack?, I am not sure, you would be able to work that out, and finally the unusual conditions of lockdown should be taken into account, to not do so by taking 2017/19 as a baseline as you suggest would be IMO an error. An article published in the Lancet has already found that lockdown conditions in 2020 grossly reduced mortality and therefore illness, particularly flu and bronchial conditions Previous volatility of data is certainly of interest but not decisive in the absence of many years series and inside knowledge of St John practices. In my experience assessment of social indicator data and analysis to a publication level would require interviews and investigation of data reporting standards. I am already aware that some NZ pandemic data is unreliable, you would have to satisfy yourself that the St John data is well kept. I am writing on this subject publicly and also writing to health authorities suggesting they take adverse effect reporting more seriously. At the moment I and others are being stone walled. Yesterday I received a letter from Ashley Bloomfield reiterating that they have no intention of making adverse effect reporting mandatory. Very disappointing. It is good that you are interested.

  9. Would be good to get the break down of those numbers on a month by month basis… given the general population did not start their vaccination journey until later in 2021. Also mental health issues such as anxiety also present with breathing issues and chest pains…?!

  10. Should include the years before 2020..It will make it look worse and shut simon up…..St johns is run off their feet around the country…FROM ST JOHNS THEMSELVES

    • St John are run off there feet as they chose to mandate their staff and volunteers. They also treat their youth program participants with less respect and dignity than they offer their retail shoppers in their stores. They have brought into the lie and are supporting it. They are part of the problem too
      As far as the facts and figures go, the rationale Guy provides makes sense, when comparing data it is important to have as many external factors the same (not varied) as possible. To include 5 years of data would not give accurate comparison of figures
      I hope that as more scientific research comes to light, the evidence of the real facts and figures will become unable to be covered up

  11. I know 4 people having heart issues after vaccination. The gov and media downplay all of this as if you’re heart doesn’t matter! It is the only organ that doesn’t repair itself so these issues will be long term.
    There is no safety data for 5-11 year olds, non, but the gov keep saying it is safe and effective! This is a blatant lie that the gullible have believed. We haven’t even begun to see the damage done to this age group ????


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