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Sue Grey clarifies contempt of court episode to Counterspin

Sue Grey news

Legacy media reported the judge describing a ‘virtual riot’ and that Grey was appearing as ‘McKenzie Friend’.

Counterspin Media provided an update from Grey on the incident at the Nelson District Court in a Telegram post.

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  1. Well that’s a lot different from the story one news propaganda expert and vax cultist Simon Dallow reported. Hang in there Sue you got them rattled.

  2. Well I hope there was a riot. The guy brought along his goat and dog by all accounts. Likely as witnesses to the police allegations before the court. Witnesses that can not lie by their very nature.

    Nor were the court offended by the goat and dog as many had appeared before the judge of lesser standing. (Two legs not four) But what sent the court into an uproar was that the defendant called the Goat a he. And the dog a her and so breached the gender rules

    The justice system is barking mad.

  3. USA military files released by Julian Assange in 2011 is very clear about the NZ Courts “New Zealand is but a facade of justice, secretly controlled by parochial interests with less regard for the law, than as an image orchestrated by those power brokers”.

  4. The South Island, off the coast of Timaru has the second largest oil field in the world. Finland became immensely wealthy because it rented out it’s oil fields, and never sold them. The South Island is in a position to become immensely wealthy and empower the freedom of the rest of New Zealand free from the international criminals.

    South Island separation in order to save the lives of NZers from these international criminals who run these fake NZ politicians, is long overdue and will save NZers bacon.

    So it’s a “must do” situation in order to preserve freedom from tyranny and slavery.

  5. IMPORTANT. They planning to do major series of lockdowns after Christmas based on the “bullshit case numbers” based on PCR tests and it’s derivative RAT test.
    The PCR test was determined by the Lisbon High Court, from science produced, to be 97% false positives. And 11th November (armistice day) 2020 ordered the release of 3 German tourists from arbitrary detention from PCR test fraud. The same test used in China to continue to terrorise it’s citizens. Just as the RAT test is criminally used in New Zealand.

    I am personally aware of numerous people testing positive by RAT test and not even having a sniffle. It’s an absolute scam being run with one intent and that intent is to do further lockdowns, to continue to scare NZ people into compliance, by evil fraud, with evil intent by “international” politicians.

    The PCR test was banned for use in the USA because it couldn’t tell the difference between the flu and covid. Also the particles looked for by the test, remained long after there was any possibility of infection.

    The RAT test is derived from this totally incompetent test, that is probably at least 99% false positives. This means that 10,000 cases from RAT tests would actually be 100 cases.

    These fake test numbers, that don’t indicate anything at all, are being used to scare people with numbers that don’t exist. With “criminal intent” to do “grievous bodily harm” of “lockdowns” which is “home imprisonment”.

    Which is “arbitrary detention”. If criminal charges aren’t filed against them, these bastards are going to get away with it again.

    Private criminal prosecutions are a remedy for this type of criminal human abuse.

    The police don’t actually have any legal enshrined right to file criminal prosecutions, it is a job they simply fell into doing, and have kept doing it.

    There should be plenty of ex police who are awake to what the far left communists are trying to do to NZers by creating these fake numbers.

    If “private criminal prosecutions” aren’t filed against these human scum disguised as politicians, they will try to destroy the economy by these lockdowns, and arbitrary detention.

    The media should be forced to note that 97% to 99% false positives are standard operating procedure with RAT tests and PCR tests, alongside any fake numbers the media promote. That to not do this, is to deliberately deceive people in order to take “criminal advantage” of them, with intent to defraud and harm.

    These criminal prosecution forms are available from the NZ peoples courts, and must be provided on request.

    There will be plenty of ex police who know how to fill these forms out, as the courts can be very dismissive just because they can.


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