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The Freedoms & Rights Coalition Parliament Protest set for next week

The Freedoms and Rights Coalition protest news

The Freedoms and Rights Coalition (TFRC) Parliament protest will begin with road trips on the North and South Islands.

The Road Trips

The North Island road trip will start at Kaitaia on Monday 22 August, destination Wellington. The South Island version will start on the same day at Invercargill.

The road trips are designed to raise awareness of the protest as they travel across both islands. Route details can be viewed on the TFRC website.

Protest at Parliament – 23 August

The protest will commence in the Parliament grounds on Tuesday, the same day Parliament resumes sitting.

‘Let’s cut to the chase. Kiwis have lost confidence in this government. This country is in crisis across multiple sectors. We are a country in crisis because we have a government of crisis. Even though we are Kiwi battlers, we cannot tough out another year under the control and incompetency of this government. This government must go…NOW!’ said a statement from TFRC.

Vote of No confidence and Snap Election

At the heart of the protest is the ‘Vote of No Confidence’ in Jacinda Ardern’s government. A successful vote would result in the forcing of a snap election.

On 16 August TRFC wrote to all Members of Parliament requesting that one of them moves a motion of ‘no confidence’. A petition requesting the same will be presented on the steps of Parliament.

All citizens concerned with the state of our democracy are encouraged to join the protest, either during the Road Trips on Monday, or at Parliament grounds on Tuesday. Information about the protest can be found on the TFRC website.

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  1. Awesome I’m heading to Wellington….. again

    Have had enough. This may be the last peaceful way we can demonstrate and demand our rights are heard. The MSM are ratcheting up the rhetoric and division . Let’s meet it with reason, and truth and unite as one.

    E nga hau e wha o te motu, hoki mai ki te Upoko o te Ika a Maui (to the four winds of the land, return to Wellington)

  2. Hooray! Govt must be reformed. To discover that the Public Service has been dismantled and now consists of sycophants on short term contracts means NZ has no effective executive govt at all.

    We cannot always expect MP’s to have executive ability but these are essential for Cabinet Govt. A sound Public Service provides a backbone that guide Ministers and provide the longer term continuity in managing the affairs of State. A quality Permanent Head will respect a new govt but will also see that that juvenile Ministers do not stuff up the country.

    Who gave Nanaia Mahuta and the Maori Caucus the right to reclaim NZ from the Treaty? Do they wish to go back to their former utu and dining out on long pork?

    • Their misuse of the treaty to take possession of 3x waters infrastructure assets paid for by rate payers of all ethnic backgrounds in MZ is theft.

      While I am Maori, To then place Maori reps on the board to control those boards (that’s the reality of what they are doing) will lead to anger and resentment and backlash against Maori for generations to come should we allow it.

      We must not allow them to divide us.

      This government is insidious. Its agenda will create hostility at every level in our communities if we do not stamp THEM out

      Let’s not talk. Let’s walk together next week.

      Take the time. Make the effort. Be there

      • Thank you John. The only way forward is together in unity. ????????

        Those who are stuck in the past are likely to repeat it. None of us can do anything about what our ancestors did right or wrong. None of us have any control over our DNA. It is what it is. However we are all human and we are all on this earth for a limited time. The sooner we stop looking at people based on things we can’t control, and dividing them into competing groups the happier we will all be.

        I can’t be at the protest due to family commitments so I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  3. If there is a conscience vote or referendum, Jabcinda will be out. Bullying and bribing MPs keep this Satanist in power. Next election will indeed see her out if minor parties stand under a single banner to cross the 5% threshold. Agent Laxon cannot also continue Jabcind’a agenda fooling us when we stand united.

  4. This is not just about the Freedom Coalition or Ground Swell or VFF to name a few.

    This is about marching against a government that is attacking us at many levels. It is systematically breaking us down. Setting us against each other

    We need to get over our differences and understand we have a common enemy. Else they win

    • Damn right we do. The enemy within. Government working against its own people, “oppostion” working in lockstep. Get rid of them all. Parasites the lot of them.

  5. Excellent, time for some exercise. Let’s hope the rain has departed and we have a sunny day. It will certainly be sunny when “that woman” has fled to her new home in Davos… ????????

  6. @JD well said, don’t sweat the small stuff. While a member of a couple of these groups we all need to unite on their common aspirations ie freedom of choice, democratic decision making.


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