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UK ministers responsible for jab roll-out face huge Twitter backlash

Matt Hancock news

Matt Hancock and Sajid Javid were pilloried on the micro-blogging platform for their part in the mRNA ‘vaccine’ roll-out in the UK.

Hancock was the Secretary for Health from 2018 to June 2021 when he resigned after breaching COVID rules while engaging in an extra-marital affair. He subsequently appeared on a reality TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get me Out of Here.’

Javid took over from Hancock, until relinquishing the role in July last year amidst another political scandal.

The Twitter-storm arose when Hancock spoke at PM’s Question Time in the House against Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, accusing him of anti-semitism and promulgating ‘anti-vax conspiracies’ over his calls for an independent investigation into COVID jab harms.

Javid supported Hancock’s position in a follow-up Tweet later that day.

The response from Twitter users was brutal and overwhelmingly critical of the two ex-Ministers.

Hancock’s claim Bridgen compared the ‘vaccine’ roll-out to the holocaust was wrong. Bridgen had in fact quoted an eminent cardiologist who’d said it was the worst crime on humanity since the holocaust.

Many thousands of commenters also took the opportunity to tell the ex-Ministers that history would not judge either of them kindly, and that ‘Nuremberg 2.0’ would likely see them both end up in prison.

Bridgen has since been suspended from his post as Whip over what party establishment called ‘dangerous’ COVID ‘vaccine claims.

I lost my 32 year old son from the AstraZeneca vaccine that you said was safe and effective. You and your government have ignored vaccine injured and bereaved for nearly 2 years and you continue to push the vaccines and try to silence anyone who speaks out.

You have to react like this because his words hold you accountable. Demonise that man – quick! No amount of celebrity shows will erase what you have done. Not one.

No respect to either of these puppets. They are doing the bidding of their ultra wealthy handlers at the WEF. Matt should be in prison for his role during the past three years.

You sound rattled. #TickTock

Conspiracy theories? Why is the official government website hosting the yellow card report system for vaccine injuries and deaths then? You might fool most of the sheep glued to fake MSN, but there’s a growing number waking up and you’ll be for dinner at some point…

You need to take a good long look in a mirror my friend. History will not be kind to you.

You are going to Prison Hancock.

Talk is cheap. Proof him wrong. The label “conspiracy “ is very easy and indeed a weak argument. You should debate him on the availabile data. Do not shout him down. Have an intelligent public debate with him, and allow the public to make an informed decision.

Hancock you are a disgrace. I dare you to come and speak to a group of vaccine injured, a mom who miscarried shortly after the vaccine or someone who lost a spouse to VITT! You need to be jailed

The global vaccine roll out is the biggest crime against humanity ever. You’ve just jumped on one word and used that to try and discredit him, yet you cannot disprove all the evidence he has highlighted can you?

That level of vitriol in your tweet, is a FRACTION of the sizzling hatred that the public feel towards you.

You are truly evil.

Hey Matt. A good % of the UK aren’t #Govidiots.
Check this MEP calling out the LIES.
It’s falling apart.
Your story is falling apart FAST.

The only anti-science I noticed came from people that pushed vax mandates and censored people with different opinions………as well as preaching to “trust the science” while shutting down people that disagreed.

So much because he’s more than likely complicit in the lies that have been suppressing it and he’s terrified the public will find out, being the self serving coward that he is, he continues to lie and deny, thinking it will save him, but it won’t.

if it can’t be questioned, it’s not science: it’s religion.

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  1. anti vax conspiratie, anti semitic, and calling you faschist etc are the arguments of the “do-gooders ” who have no argument at all. Society in western european countries is becoming very nasty. There is only one ” Truth”. That is the governments’ parroted by msm (with very low IQ.)
    And anti semitic is a very ” powerfull” argument It allows no critic of any one ” jewish” or Israel. The shoa, you see……
    Even zelensky tried to use this argument. Time we dont take this b**l sh*t any more

    • These are Marxist terms they keep changing to trip us up, catch us out so to speak in order to play the blame game. It is a very tired and useless argument and it is time to start calling these people out.

      It has been going on for as long as I can remember. I kept thinking what have we done, when our forefathers were there in amongst it in order to put an end to it?

      It will cause a backlash. Please do not tolerate this misuse any longer! It is a poor show.

      Kudos to Avi Yemini.

  2. NZ MP’s and PM take heed. Also those sitting on Medical boards, corporate boards and more we the people know who you are and what you have been puppetted to do. You have all made your choice

  3. Brigden is a good man who is breaking out of the political boundaries and asking the wrong questions. Being called an anti-vaxxer, a conpiracy theorist, a racist, an anti-semite or any one of the dozens of manufactured and overused epithets just doesn’t cut it for anyone anymore.
    How did Hancock ever got himself elected for a parliamentary position? He is completely crooked and corrupt. But then look at all the other MPs in practically every country now. Hancock still has to answer questons about his purchase of Midazolam and its use in hospitals and rest homes. It’s going to be interesting when that little item comes up.

    • ‘Midazolam Matt’ Hancock as he’s known is definitely going down.

      He’s universally despised and will certainly be one of the first thrown under the bus first.

      It might just work, Hancock plus a few low-level government ‘scientist’ scapegoats might be enough for the establishment to save their corrupt scrawny arses.

  4. Andrew Bridgen MP has become a national hero.

    Jab deaths and injuries have now become very common knowledge. Tragically they’re just everywhere and almost everyone knows someone who has been adversely affected.

    Even worse ‘excess death’ rates are through the roof currently (1000+ per week), which can’t be easily hidden. Many people are asking serious questions but not getting any plausible answers.

    Amazingly the UK government now has nothing left apart from obviously obvious ‘antisemitic’ diversionary smear tactics.

    Hopefully an end to the covid jab pushing insanity is getting close.

  5. High efficiency of the vaccine here in NZ, is unprecedented.
    MOH figures now show 94% of the covid dead are fully vaccinated.
    The 6% deemed unvaccinated who died of covid either had 0 or 1 vaccination.

    • Our mainstream media are LIARS. I honestly hope karma comes for them first. They have the chance every single day when they go live to DO THE RIGHT THING but no, they take their money and LIE.

      Bring back hangings, bring back the death penalty and make these murderers and their useful (useless) idiots pay for what they did.

      I am so angry. I feel sick knowing my family members took this crap. I tried to warn them. If ANYTHING happens to my loved ones I can tell you what I am coming for the people who forced it on them, and I won’t be alone.

  6. Its high time for a full COVID vaccine investigation here in NZ too, whether the political establishment like it or not…..those politicians speaking out and asking questions, are, to my mind, the only ones who deserve to be in office…..

    • There will be no one left!
      I wish their bank balances were all published!

      Last I read , The demon rat Jabcinda is worth in excess of $27 million.

  7. Now do you know why they played the J*w card so quick? Would it be because practically all the CEO,s of the vaccine companies, the heads of the CDC and heads of many many other agencies at the top of covid power structures are J*WS?
    And the are warning anyone that has noticed,,,,


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