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‘Unsafe, untested, super scary’: Top Aussie vax developer explains why he doesn’t use mRNA technology

Nikolai Petrovsky news

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky is considered one of Australia’s foremost vaccine developers.

Petrovsky is a professor and researcher at Flinders University and an expert in the fields of immunology, endocrinology and vaccine development. He has developed a number of vaccines over his distinguished career.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ roll-out and imposition of mandates Petrovsky voiced his concerns at the mass use of mRNA technology.

Speaking recently to South Australian senator Alex Antic, Petrovsky explained why his research team have steered clear of mRNA use in vaccine development – a technology he describes as a ‘gene therapy’.

‘mRNA was never thought of or introduced to be a vaccine technology. It is a gene therapy technology. It was rolled out by a number of companies and they went into human trials with it as a gene therapy where unfortunately it had failings. One of them being if you’re going to give a gene therapy you have to produce or replace that protein indefinately.

‘The mRNA gets the cells to express the protein for weeks, now we know at least months, but almost certainly not for 10 or 20 years, so you’re going to have to have multiple doses.

‘It was only in the last five years or so that companies, particularly Moderna re-purposed it and said ‘we think we can maybe make a vaccine with it’. And at that point we [ie. Petrovsky’s team] said we better look at this technology and access it ourselves, because maybe we need to be at the cutting edge and move over [to mRNA].

So we developed our own mRNA vaccines, we tested them. Ultimately we decided no, it’s too early, it’s not effective enough, there’s too many unknowns, particularly on the safety side. It’s going to take 10 or 15 years to collect the safety data… For a pandemic you want something reliable, that’s certain, and recombinant proteins are the only way to achieve that.

‘We put it [mRNA] to the side, and said maybe in 10 or 15 years it will be ready for ‘prime time’ – or maybe not, maybe it won’t work, but it isn’t ready now.

‘Many of us in the field came to the same conclusion, so we were the most stunned of all when 12 months later they’re saying ‘give it to everyone, give it to the whole world’s population’.

‘As vaccinologists we’re all discussing this in meetings… this is super scary. I don’t think the people who were driving this, the politicians, some of these public health people, have a clue what they’re doing. They are rolling out a completely experimental treatment where we have no understanding of what it’s going to do, or what it might do, and they’re proposing to give it to not just a limited number of people, but they’re proposing to give it to everyone on the planet, and then work out what does it do and what might it do.

‘This has never happened in human history. It’s the most insane experiment, because you’re putting the whole population of the world potentially at risk. And then you go ‘I hope it goes well, I hope in ten years not everyone on the planet keels over. Hopefully that won’t happen, but there’s no guarantees, because this has never been done before. This is a completely new technology.

‘So when I see something like, you know in the recent months, mRNA vaccines are inducing this antibody called IGG4. No other vaccines induce IGG4. What’s IGG4? I know IGG4 because I work in the allergy field, so IGG4 is an unusual antibody because it’s not designed to protect you against viruses – quite the opposite. It’s an antibody that’s designed to switch off the immune system. If you have a protein in your body that doesn’t go away, to me it doesn’t look like a good thing because IGG4 is not a great antiviral antibody, you need IGG3 for that. Our vaccine fortunately makes lots of IGG3 which is the antibody you want if you want to fight a virus.’

‘Is it possible that we will see other things emerge?’ asked Antic.

‘I think it’s inevtiable that we will. Again, this is a completely different technology to what we’ve ever used before. Like all new technologies you never ceased to be surprised by what you didn’t know, or didn’t expect.’

At the time of writing, the New Zealand Ministry of Health is encouraging all people aged 30 and over to get their mRNA ‘booster’. The new bivalent booster for the original strain of COVID and the Omicron variant contains equal parts of mRNA.

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  1. Thanks DT, there’s some really good stuff in there, well delivered and easy to understand. Perfect for forwarding to those who need to know about this mRNA technology being foisted upon us. Onwards and upwards to great awakening…

  2. “For a pandemic you want something reliable, that’s certain, and recombinant proteins are the only way to achieve that”.

    There was no pandemic. When will these academics stop pretending there was an actual pandemic?? SCAMDEMIC, yeah, but no pandemic.

    Convid is a series of events that would enable WEF to implement Agenda21. Climate hoax, promotion of aggression and violence of transgender community, etc.

    • They will NEVER drop the lie, they will ride it to the end of history. It’s given all the world’s biggest assholes everything they ever wanted.

      The globalists effectively cancelled Brexit and Trump to the point where 2016 might as well have never happened. Politicians world wide got unfettered “emergency powers” they used to change laws and rig elections and cancel rights like privacy, free speech etc. Pharma companies got to perform unprecedented human testing, making billions in the process. Smug atheists got to revel in church services being cancelled and pastors being arrested for preaching and little old grandma’s dying alone without any friends or family around them. Self important legacy media journalists (the lowest form of life), flush with government “public interest funding” got to stand on ceremony and lecture us about how much better they are than us, while they promoted all the unpopular garbage nobody wants thats wrecking our economies and making basic living costs sky rocket. And all those good little useful idiots, all the weak-willed conformists and arse-kissers who got to vicariously live as mask/vaccine passport Nazis for a few glorious months, wielding what pathetic power the state granted them to tattle on their fellow man.

      Nope, the pandemic is their holiest of holies. If leftists had a New Testament after the chapters on Marx, Covid would be their most cherished gospel. They will ride this lie out until the end of time.

      Take heart though, at least now your bullshit radar is so finely attuned you’ll see the next scam coming from a mile away.

  3. You may say the government is clueless to the dangers, I’m sure they know the dangers alright. It seems their contractual obligations to Pfizer will be to always push the vaccine or it will get ugly for the government.
    Something in that contact needs to be exposed and only then will heads roll.

  4. IGG3 is what detects viruses (because they multiply). IGG4 detects spores and pollen (because they do not multiply). When lots of IGG4 is produced, your immune system does not respond to viruses that replicate and assumes all are spores and pollen that do not replicate. You could be infested with a virus where the viral load is building up and your immune system just “shrugs its shoulders” and does nothing. The virus then continues on and damages your body.

    It could be that the vaccine is producing lots of IGG4, but I have also read that the vaccines may swap the IGG3/IGG4 response or even turn off IGG3. Who knows, but any of these combinations is dangerous because it results in an immune system that does not do what it should.

    • This is what we should be focusing on the money. I knew right 3 years ago right from the outset Govts. all in lockstep pushing the mandates so hard for everyone to get jabbed that it would not be in our best interest. Govts. pushed the jab because they were bribed they are corrupt they participated in a modern day Infanticide Genocide. The ‘Vaccines’ are not vaccines they have now been declared as a Bioweapon for depopulation. There are different laws for Mandating a Bioweapon onto the population at large – it is a War Crime. They violated the Nuremberg Codes. They have guilty of Crimes against Humanity. They all need to be held to account. Time to Indict Try and Fry.

    • When people in the US were being coerced to be jabbed, the US Congress was secretly given Ivermectin to treat covid. Makes you think who knew what and when.


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