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Watch: Nikolai Petrovsky, world renowned Aussie vax developer ‘I’m not comfortable with what’s happened over the last 18 months’

Petrovsky is concerned the technology is in its infancy and untested long-term

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World renowned Australian scientist and vaccine developer Nikolai Petrovsky blasts the use of experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

Professor Petrovsky, a professor and researcher at Flinders University is an expert in the fields of immunology, endocrinology and vaccine development, and has developed a number of vaccines over his distinguished career.

A video clip of Petrovsky has been uploaded to social media in which he puts forward his views on the mass COVID-19 mRNA jab roll-out that we are seeing around the world and in New Zealand.

Petrovsky explains how vaccines normally take 10-15 years of testing and development to determine if they are safe and have any long-term side-effects. Pfizer rolled out its jab in less than a year, and a whistleblower has confirmed the data Pfizer used in some trials was falsified. Petrovsky says:

‘Because I’m passionate about vaccines—you know, obviously, it’s hard when I have to say—as a vaccine developer, I am not fully confident about what’s happened over the last 18 months. I am not the only vaccine developer in the world who is extremely uncomfortable right now’

‘We have a situation where we have some very new technologies, in their infancy, and that is the mRNA vaccines, which are the only ones you are being forced to have to remain in employment’

‘I can’t tell you whether there will be a side effect in 10 years from the mRNA vaccine or there won’t be, no one can … In truth, no scientist can, so if they can’t, how can they mandate something which has that level of uncertainty around it?’

Petrovsky is one of a number of world leading scientists and doctors coming out and voicing their concerns with the mass jab programmes.

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