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Watch: Ardern’s legacy will be ‘one of cruelty’ – bombshell story to break next week likely reason she resigned

Lawyer Tudor Clee, who acts for pregnant New Zealand women stranded overseas during Ardern’s lockdowns spoke to Rita Panahi of Sky News Australia.

Clee believes a story due to break next week exposing Ardern’s cruel policies towards pregnant women stuck overseas during lockdowns likely explains her resignation.

This comes as an investigative story published this week on Cranmer’s Sutstack showed Ardern and the country’s top health bureaucrat Ashley Bloomfield, did not follow the advice of vaccination experts in the mRNA roll-out for children and young persons, with potentially disasterous consequences.

Transcript of interview

Panahi: Now back to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who went from being the darling of the left, the Queen of Empathy, to facing a big loss at the polls. And instead of battling it out and allowing the people to pass judgement on her performance, she’s quitting before she’s dumped. One man who knows very well the of the hardships Ardern’s policies have caused is my next guest, lawyer Tudor Clee. Tudor, thanks so much for joining me. Ardern is often presented as a progressive and kind champion of women. But you’ve said that her government’s policies, but you’ve said her policies contributed to the grossest abuse of women’s reproductive rights in a generation. Explain to my audience what happened to some of the women you represent.

Clee: Essentially when the border was shut during the COVID lockdown, the government put in place an exemption programme, for instance so that people with a medical condition overseas could find a way back to New Zealand for help. When they set it up it exclusively excluded pregnancy and childbirth. So as a result of that we had many women and families who were split and they couldn’t even come back to their own country to give birth safely. That obviously had an enormous impact on many women who were sitting at home in New Zealand during the lockdown where it was even illegal to have their family come and help them with the baby. The husband or father was stuck overseas and vice-versa, women who wanted to come back and give birth with support, and were in countries that had inadequate medical facilities, and in some cases it was even illegal for them to be pregnant and unmarried in the countries they were in. And all of their applications were rejected.

Panahi: I know one woman you represented was in Afghanistan, somewhere where she was certainly not going to get the medical care should would receive in New Zealand and it’s not just the birth that’s impacted here. This affects the citizenship of their children and their children’s children.’

Clee: Yes, last month I was in an interview and I raised the issue that under New Zealand law every single one of the babies that is born overseas does not have the ability to pass on New Zealand citizenship to their own children in the future automatically. And in fact some of the children born overseas even if they have a New Zealand citizen parent, may not even be New Zealand citizens at all now.

Panahi: That is just…and locking down the entire country over a single case. How do New Zealanders see her now? Is the slump in her poll numbers due to COVID policies, or the state of the economy, and the broken promises? How is she perceived? What’s been behind her plunge in popularity?

Clee: Well, the interesting thing was she’d already lost numerous human rights cases at the High Court. Her border policy was ruled unlawful for stopping New Zealanders coming back against their Bill of Rights. She’s lost multiple pregnancy cases at the Hight Court. But I think the final straw was the independent investigator, the Ombudsman, a ruling just in December, that essentially, the conduct of her and the conduct of her staff and her policies, effectively banning pregnant women coming back, and many other people in difficult situations, was essentially dishonourable, and that she should apologise. And that put her in a position where in parliament just before Christmas, she made it clear she would not apologise for her border policies, in spite of the people her own watchdog had clearly said she’d harmed.

Panahi: Incredible. Lastly, what do you see as her legacy?

Clee: I think the legacy will be one of cruelty. The notion of the kindness is completely ridiculous to anyone who has an understanding of what she did. When we’re talking about the pregnant women who were forced to be overseas, are now finding out their children’s citizenship is irreparably damaged because of this policy, we have to remember that the border was open if you were wealthy, if you’re an entertainer or sportsperson. So when I was fighting pregnancy cases pro bono for 35 families to come back, Jacinda Ardern’s policy allowed 64 foreign DJs to fly into New Zealand and make millions of dollars out of us, while simultaneously forcing these women into incredibly stressful and difficult situations. It was a callous disregard for their rights and the rights of their children. And what I’m interested in, is that the story of the citizenship, which is an enormous scandal in itself, was due to break next week. And the government have only been asked to comment on it. And, I have a feeling Jacinda Ardern saw this as something she couldn’t come back from. Because these children’s citizenship is irreparably damaged, and I just don’t see how she could’ve gone through next week as the Prime Minister having to answer questions about that, and try to continue to not apologise for what her policy did.

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  1. This is bad. Shocking. There was also the evil and depraved practice of Ardern and Bloomfield denying vaccine exemptions to people who’d had adverse reactions to previous vaccines or the covid jab. Sick, sick utterly evil b*****s

    • That sick, utterly evil is the reason Blomfield got a knighthood. That’s how they do business. Geoffrey Palmer, Helen Clark, Margaret Wilson were very active in Christchurch with the child sex abuse issue, they managed to push onto Peter Ellis, by making sure that there was no Royal Commission of Enquiry that meant to power to subpoena.

      For which Geoffrey Palmer got a knighthood, according to Gregg Hallett and “the spymaster” who knew everything.

    • Don’t vote for any of them again, remember the opposition was quite on this too, they never spoke out, now go look at the minor parties outside of Parliament and pick one that you like.

        • Exacty right. When anybody is about to vote, the number one thing you need to do is look for absolutely any affiliation with Klaus Schwab or the World Economic Forum. If they so much as sat down and had a cup of tea together, pass and keep looking for a healthy and sane candidate.

      • NZ has tried that – with the great Social Credit Party, in the 80’s…they had the best manifesto ever, but a NWO champ Bob Jones came in with ‘peace and prosperity ‘ …and the yioung and the ignorant took him at his word !! Ignorance always is on the side of the cheat and deceiver !!! It surely is to be despised1 So the odd one voting for another party will do nothing but allow the Snakes back in….UNLESS you expose the RIGGERS of ELECTIONS !!! and Form a New Party right now !!!
        ” WAKE UP !!!!! ” What a great name that is !!!
        Use the Internet to get the Policies out, – put fliers in all letterboxes…. and have heaps to answer to answer emails…. Billboards everywhere !!! No need to knock on doors…. have the odd HALL meeting here and there….take a money bag around…. And gave Scrutineers at every Voting Poll !! that is a MUST !!! I wonder if anyone will get going on this ???? bara in oz……

      • It wont make you feel good but word is its about $25 M. I would say well hidden you dont have to be a brain surgeon to work how it would have been attained. The price of a treasonous traitor.

        • Good she can pay for her own security detail now then. Of course she wouldn’t have needed security if she hadn’t been such a tyrant and had governed for everyone like she said she would, if she had been kind and empathetic. You either are kind or you are not Jacinda. It’s a trait you learn as a kid and clearly you parents messed up. Same goes for empathy.

          Her tears are only for herself. Reminded me of my ex husband when he got found out cheating. Typical narcissist behaviour.

          She can’t be surprised by how much she is hated surely? When you divide a country, treat people cruelly, lie, go back on your word, cause families to break apart, cause people to lose their jobs and homes and loved ones there is NO kindness, no empathy and no remorse. She hasn’t remotely acknowledged fault or said sorry ‘I was wrong’. She’s a nasty narcissist and she will live the life now she bought on herself. If she thinks she can escape overseas she’s kidding herself as well. She is well known as the New Zealand tyrant and she won’t walk the streets anywhere in the world without fear ever again and she bought it all on herself. Currently she is being mocked all over the internet and good job too. Taste of her own medicine. I have NO sympathy for her for what she put us through. Many of us have PTSD from what she did and that’s going to take a long time to heal, if ever,

          Good riddance Jacinda, the worst prime minister in New Zealand history EVER.

    • That’s what gets me too – I am a mother and I could never inflict such cruelty on people. Who wants a mother like that? Non maternal, lacking in empathy, not kind, cruel and frankly that makes her evil.

      Her and her enablers have breached kiwis human rights and our Bill of Rights and anyone who stood by and let that happen must go NOW..

    • My thoughts exactly. No mother with any empathy and understanding of the love for their own child could do this to other people’s children. Shocking, evil and inhumane.

    • She is a sociopath, she has learn to act like a normal person and fake empathy and contrition badly but she got out of her emotional depth and got found out, she is not the only one to have a like condition that has power over us, it I’d time to clear the benches.

    • You make your comment on the view that she actually gave birth to that child. The religious group she belongs to refer to other women as breeders, as farm stock. So she would not be allowed to breed. Just as Helen Clark and Teresa’s May were not allowed to breed.

    • That ‘thing’ is no woman. That ‘thing’ is no mother. The kid is a plant. Oh, and as far as these ‘things’ are concerned, it’s business usual. They are hatched and protected by Demons. If normies think they can ‘vote’ these spectres out, they’ve learned nothing. FREEDOM must be FOUGHT FOR.

  2. I hope they don’t stop there! They need to dig deeper and expose any corruption, conspiracy’s, illegal criminal activities, coverups and propaganda. Who knew she was flat stick in the courts all this time! And lost! Indeed a legacy of cruelty

    • Everything she is minster of has turned to 💩. Not to be outdone by Megan woods, Phil twyford, whoever the minister is for police these days, etc etc What a bunch of money wasting lying losers.

      In fact this lot haven’t actually achieved anything except make life harder and people poorer while claiming to do the opposite.

      Machiavelli is their hero.

  3. And all this barbarity by The government was for a disease which has a 99.99998% recovery rate. Evil doesn’t even come close to describing it

    • Exactly, I held a sign at a protest over 2 years ago before the jab rollout that said just that and honestly people still didn’t get it. They just stared at me like I was the dumb one. I guess those people who saw my sign might look back and wonder how I knew all that I did so long ago? Well while they were all watching Treasure Island, married at first sight and the six o’clock news, I was trawling the internet for facts and information and reading scientific papers. I am happy to say I am still 100% happy with my research, my decisions and all my information has turned out to be correct.

      • This WHOLE thing is a scam. There is NO Covid. Convid was created to force vaccines onto the population as part of population control. Convid and Climate Change bollox is one of many tools for WEF Agenda. Jabsinister has openly bragged under her watch NZ moved lock, step and barrel with the WEF Agenda.

        I remember watching those 1pm press releases and she would jump in and answer questions that were directed at Bloomfield. I knew then there was something wrong here. As far as Bloomfart is concerned, he lost all credibility and was exposed as a fraud when he claimed that two ladies who had recently arrived in the country drove all the way from AKL to WGTN without using a bathroom. Then he denied he had prior knowledge of a UN health worker airlifted from Fiji. Shortly after he had to admit he exchanged SMS with Helen Clarke.

        The PCR test was another dead giveaway this was a scam. No less but the inventor of PCR tests has said himself, PCR should NOT be used for determining positive and negative cases. It is a very rudimentary and inaccurate tool to be used when medical science demands precision.

        Then there was those so called ‘vaccines’. It has taken over 100 years of research and mankind is still nowhere near finding a vaccine for Cancer, over 40 years and no vaccines for HIV. It’s a given fact that safe and effective takes years/decades to be fit for humans and even then there are adverse effects. And yet Big Pharma was able to come with a ‘safe & effective’ vaccine in less than a year?? How stupid are we as a nation that allowed this snake to commit crimes against humanity!

        She doesn’t care, she has implemented what Klaus wanted her to do, now off to the next evil gig.

    • All the barbarity at the Wellington Protests was assisted by 400 UN Terror Police that were specially imported for the occasion as they were in Canada. Some might have noticed the size of these ‘bulls’, their slighly different uniforms and their callous disregard for women folk and the elderly smashing them down with batons and rubber bullets. Just totally like wild animals. When you have sold your Country and its Soveriegnty down the road to the WEF WHO and the UN you have access to these ‘Services’. NZ needs to totally disconnect from these 3 unelected Criminal Organisations that are basically run by terrorists.

  4. An atrocity has been perpetrated against New Zealand’s children.

    It’s going be interesting to see if our corrupt mainstream media journalists can brush this one under the carpet.

    • NZ media was bought for $55m by Ardern’s politbureau and she had an ever increasing highly paid communications staff – ironic for a leader who was so often refusing to answer questions. She specifically denied protestors to the courtesy of being addressed and she and her perfunctory boyfriend completely clammed up when he was sprung for trying to get rat tests for his mates coming into NZ… just keep saying absolutely nothing and it will go away. They handled it that way and that’s how it played out. She’s a south seas Clinton.

    • It’s the children they are after.

      All you need to know are these words “except ye come as a child ye cannot enter the kingdom of heaven”. Harming children, creating hell on earth, is the Baal death cult, synagogue of Satan, WHO, WEF, communist agenda. Slavery and tyranny.

      The “new pandemic treaty”, where WHO grants itself the power to treat all New Zealanders as farm stock, with zero human rights, declare a pandemic anytime it wants to, send in as many military force as it wants to, to force jab people, has been agreed to by the New Zealand government, obviously. Which is extreme criminal treason by the New Zealand criminal organisation, registered in the USA as a business organisation, that calls itself a government.

      This new pandemic treaty means that New Zealand can be invaded by a military force anytime. That is the agenda.

      Therefore ALL New Zealanders now need to prepare to repell these invaders, or be party by inaction, to losing all their children’s human rights, to slavery and tyranny.

      Trench clearing during WW1, used pump action shotguns with 00 buckshot. Which are good for about 30 balls of lead at 9mm, per second. The Winchester 1897 is a particularly reliable model.

    • That’s why you call them Media Whores and Presstitutes.
      And have you seen any live interviews lately? Nope, because this media scum, together with their polit-burea masters CNNOT WALK THE STREETS anymore without being harrassed.and jeered. Wonder when that pot boils over and more than words will be exchanged.

  5. Not sure that’s the reason though. It’s shocking and horrible an atrocity if you like but She’s done worse.

    Many vaccinated womens’ pregnancies spontaneously terminated.

    There is more going on than this which in due course the truth will surface. The damage has been done and everything has been set in motion.

    A complacent legacy media fawning at her feet is partially to blame. But the evil lies with those with int.interests. Greedy globalists.

    • Only the media is to blame.

      No media, no problem.

      They couldn’t have got away with it. Without the media spin for the dangerous idiots. Which is at least 50% of the population.

    • A great many ‘vaccinated’ women have had spontaneous abortions and as hard as it is to cmprehend and take in those women should refrain from every getting pregnant again. They are forever damaged and as a human race who wants to stay human we have to breed the spike protein in the shots out of our race genes to stay pure hunan. The spike protein has shown it can forever replicate and shed to other people partners and children. It was designed that way. It was never a ‘vaccine’ even though it was sold to the public that way. It is a depopulation bioweapon as we are seeing now with all the sudden deaths. These numbers could mulitply and accelerate in years to come as the ‘shots’ have different levels of mortality built into them so there would not be too many deaths in one area of the country or world as not raise too much alarm. But between now and 2030 the result will be the same.

  6. Remember- the incoming Labour Prime Minister *Hipkins (*Howdy-Dooty) WENT ALONG WITH ALL OF THIS!!!
    As did many National Party members!
    SNAP ELECTIONS-NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. She will probably be getting a job with her ex boss Tony Blair tipped to be the next WEF head
    Email the whole lot of them constantly next week
    Especially Andrew Little or whoever takes over The therapeutic Bill, keep the foot on the pedal
    Might be time for another occupation Lol
    The world is waking up , We the people
    They work for us , we pay them.
    Clean out of all the staff that work there and complete energy clearing would be a start
    Democracy is dead

  8. Vile government, time for this crowd to call an election….they will be remembered as the worst in this nations history and that’s really saying something….

  9. Wtf
    Who cares for an apology
    Her and her terrorist colleagues should be put to trial for crimes against humanity and put to sleep like the dogs they are.
    How on earth does she allow to just walk away?
    All these governments.

    If this is the case the no one should have to ever face any trial or jail time again.

    I bet if drive unlicensed you will get the full abuse of the law.
    Yet genocide is ….what? A mistake?

    F***ing hell people open your eyes.

  10. Yes, unfortunately there are many foolish people who think by voting National, these kinds of policies will be different in future – National did not speak up against any of her Covid policies, except to say they would have got the jab out faster to more people – so they clearly support everything the Ardern government has done.

    • A new coalition of various grass root movements will hopefully enough brains and little ego to form under ONE UNITED UMBRELLA in order to get ALL the parties now in parliament out. ALL of them tried to out-do each other with their megalomaniac know-it-all narcissism..

  11. None of the politicians are jabbed. Jacinda faked hers. Instead of her fake jabber pushing the plunger down, she slid her fingers long the syringe giving the optical illusion of the plunger being pushed in. Chris Hopkins said they were going to make sure everyone got it. Why didn’t they get it? Because they knew it was to depopulate the earth.

  12. prior vacination delivery Govt was advise 10% of n.z population had genetic traits related to metabolism that meant 2% of the 10% susceptable total would suffer serve issues due glycol intolerance. Glycol is present agriculrural, industry, household and comsmetic chemicals. Its known to develop into hyposensitive reactions, those susceptable and vaping will also be exposed with symptoms displaying over time 5 to 15 years.

  13. some of the jabbers wore expensive ‘Chronovisor’- watches…able to ‘view’ any time in history…check out their website. ( I was conned and got sick in 2019-very very very icky sick like an old dog.) In my time line I got the jab July 2019 along with a flu jab which was for travelling. Approximately 2 weeks after this ‘experimental’, and I quote the practice nurse on that, injection, I became violently ill, a volcanic eruption of phlegm and drool, coughing, gasping for breath and laid out flat for ten days.

  14. I think that those in Govt. that pushed the jab for their Globalist masters may have some worries coming soon. In Florida they have redefined the ‘Vaccines’ as a Bioweapon. There is no immunity for pushing a Bioweapon onto the population at large and the Florida Govt. are now lining up prosecutions for Govt. Bureaucrats and Big Pharma. Here’s hoping, more to come on this story.

  15. Arderns legacy bestowed upon the population of NZ
    In collaboration with the malice and intent of 120 impotent politicians
    Will be one of toxicity
    Injuries deaths lives and livelihoods destroyed
    All legitimized and protected with cover stories dished up by the manipulative controlled Govt funded MSM
    Ardern truly was a monster
    Let loose on NZ at the behest of ‘her’ WEF Masters
    With no opposition
    Such a disgusting creature


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