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Watch: Chantelle Baker’s Facebook page deleted – says culprit is legacy media outfit Stuff.co.nz

Meta closed the account this evening. Baker believes they did so at the behest of state-funded legacy media outfit Stuff.co.nz.

‘Stuff news this week put out a really big hitpiece called ‘Fire and Fury’, where they tried to link me to words other people had said. It was nothing at all to do with me. What they’ve done next is pretty shocking and pretty appaling at the same time.

So they have campaigned and worked to pressure Meta into deleting my page under my name Chantelle Baker. I just got the notification an hour ago, that they’d deleted my page.’

Baker explained she is in the process of launching a new platform which has some ‘exciting’ content.


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    • I called out stuff and got this reply from
      Janine Fenwick
      Acting Stuff editor-in-chief
      “Good afternoon,

      The claim made by Baker is completely false. Stuff has had no contact with Facebook/Meta regarding the removal of Baker’s page. “

      • I would say… ‘prove that fenwick’. Because that is the role you are paid for.
        Directive may have come from the 9th floor of course.

      • Stuff are complete liars as proven so many times in half truths and often outright lies. I don’t follow them anymore as they are just paid government mouthpieces. No scruples or morals.

  1. Stuff is a bullshit news outlet that only spreads Comrade Jabcindas bullshit globalist agenda and demonises any and all opposition to her woke WEF rubbish.

  2. I suspect STUFF used the garbage Guardian playbook. British intelligence services and its media proxies doing this for years. Even academics were targetted and smeared and pushed out. Watch
    WEF claimed that have appointed 110000 “volunteers” as the first actors against “disinformation”. The smear army includes many media mercenaries and other low life pigs working for dollars. I would think there are at least thousand such mercenaries appointed within NZ who are actice in the social media and other internet platforms to smear.

    • We must keep speaking out against sponsored minority trolls impersonating public majority opinion, free speech is at stake. The independence of media is an essential tool of democracy holding govt to account.
      Funny how the arbiters of free speech are the people, and the dissenters are the taxpayer funded disinfo govt project and foreign lobbies.
      This is an info war, ignore it at your peril.

  3. A sure sign that Chantelle was on the mark and causing some dissent from NZer’s against ‘the media and their paymasters’.

  4. Yep, a law unto themselves as I said. Do they think crawling on their bellies like snakes to Meta will actually achieve anything..?

    Apart from the real possibility, it’s going to push someone over the edge to do something stupid..?

    Maybe. But I notice this attack on Chantelle comes right before the next protest in Wellington, demanding the resignation of Jabby Ardern. Coincidence? Nah…

    • That’s what they want, they want someone to do something stupid so they can bring in more draconian laws. The only way to push back is to constantly outsmart them.

      Remember they trained us in this. (survivor)

      Outwit, outsmart, outplay.

      And we WILL win, because there is more of us.

  5. You know if you’re shut down you are speaking way too many truths.

    Stuff and the people who work there are a bunch of govt paid mouthpieces. I have absolutely no respect for any of them. They are traitors to this country.

    I bet the PM is behind this was well. She’s so vindictive. She will just ring one of her fellow WEF using global leader technocrat mates and it’s job done.

    Let’s hope Dr Sharma comes back with more this week.

    So much for democracy.

  6. The main stream media have become judge, jury and executioner.

    The sanctimonious and morally bankrupt have become democracies police? If they take down a moderate voice like Chantelle’s then they will take down any dissenting voice

    There is a March in Wellington on Tuesday.

    This government and its paid media whores need kicking to touch. Now

  7. NZ Herald Smear Without Zero Evidence

    “Pity Party Princess Alt-Right Barbie”
    Anti-vaxx campaigner
    public face of the anti-vaccine and conspiracy movement
    a “super spreader” of false claims
    support of Russia’s war in Ukraine
    share information in conflict with public health advice.

  8. Stuff U are so cringe every time you go to their site they beg you for money! “This bs article didn’t write it self.. blah blah”. Bunch of left leaning commies

  9. One thing that can never really be silenced is the truth. Like water it always finds a path. I hope she keeps campaigning but I would say people need to have their own sites. Its not hard to set up a site of your own and maintain it. If you use a third part site there is always a chance you will be censored. It shouldn’t happen I know but that’s reality in these troubled times.

  10. That’s how they operate, Fire and Fury’ is the evidence and justification for deleting the account, this is how it is done.
    Everyone just needs to get off woke social media or just use it to contact people and redirect them else where.

    • The same mockingbird media in all the 5eyes countries. We are living in an empire of lies and ruled by tyrannical agents.

  11. Of course there’s always the Barbara Streisand effect……

    Heads up – Chantelle is being interviewed on the Platform tomorrow morning – tune in.

    Tova the PMs best mate will be spewing – no one will be listening to her squeaky voice and her poor pronunciation on her lame as show. Haha good job. Go woke, go broke.


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