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Brave kiwis in strange times

Brave Kiwis in Strange Times
Image © Mary Hobbs.

‘A small group of determined and like-minded people can change the course of history.’ — Mahatma Gandhi

I watched the recent propaganda piece launched by mainstream media this week that attacked some of the key New Zealanders bravely standing up and speaking out in a country fast losing its democracy.

The founders of one group, Voices For Freedom, (VFF) were heavily targeted, as was Chantelle Baker, along with others. (This article focuses on correcting misleading allegations about VFF and also mentions Chantelle, who has since been interviewed).

The “documentary” was accompanied by sinister-sounding music and dark cinematography and was almost entirely comprised of innuendo, slurs and fanciful allegations rather than anything that even vaguely resembled an accurate portrayal of VFF. The three founders were compared with members of horrific groups of the past in a derogatory way, with no valid link, and inflammatory words were bandied about that were untrue and seemingly intended to encourage good people to fear any association with Voices For Freedom. The whole piece was created without seeking out another viewpoint about VFF or even giving the right of reply to those who were alleged to be “dangerous”, so misunderstandings and incorrect information could not be put straight.

The awkward thing about setting out to slur the actions of genuinely decent people is that it almost always fails, and typically results in the opposite of what the perpetrator is trying to achieve. This hit piece was no exception as the day after it aired the Voices For Freedom subscriptions shot up by 400%.

New Zealanders aren’t stupid. Those watching the show would have immediately realised that the basic journalistic requirement of getting both sides of a story was completely absent, so they flicked over to www.voicesforfreedom.co.nz to find out for themselves, liked what they saw, and signed up.

Just like that.

Chantelle Baker was interviewed on The Platform, a radio show that has refreshingly been set up so that the views of both sides of an issue can be heard. Sean Plunkett ‘interviewed’ Chantelle, although it did tend to sound more like a rather harsh take-no-quarter Plunkett interrogation, from which Chantelle emerged unscathed and triumphant. It ended in a challenge from Chantelle to one of the key creators of the Fire and Fury propaganda programme to join her on her podcast for a robust discussion. Sean, to his credit, was so impressed with Chantelle’s answers and composure that he invited her to become one of his presenters.

Couldn’t be better.

Understandably, the field has become muddied in the past few years as one dramatic crisis after another is dumped on the public, with the common denominator of fear running through each mainstream headline, until the average Kiwi could be forgiven for thinking that danger and catastrophe lurks in every corner.

During the first crazy year of lockdowns, mandates, and terror-fuelled headlines, Kiwis became increasingly isolated, confined to home for weeks on end and subjected to strident messages almost every 30 minutes to roll up for a free sausage, along with an experimental injection, touted as “safe and effective”, which is clearly not the case.

Kiwis, familiar with democracy, became very concerned when the leader of the ruling political party announced that the government was the “single source of truth”. In the experience of most, politicians over the years have been extremely economical about telling the truth, so that statement was met with widespread scepticism. There were attempts to claim that her statement was taken out of context because it was near the beginning of the panic, but no matter how one wishes to dress it up, the statement speaks more of chilling totalitarianism than healthy democracy.

Voices For Freedom (and other brave Kiwis) stepped into this space and exuded hope and a sense of calm. VFF did a great deal to help replace rumour, fear-on-steroids, and propaganda. One of the ways they did this was by accessing eminently qualified international experts who provided factual information and invited Kiwis to make up their own minds. These included, among many others, renowned cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough and eminent international lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich, Dr Ryan Cole, Prof Mattias Desmet, Dr Shankara Chetty, Dr Geert Vanden Bosche, RFK Junior, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Catherine Austin Fitts, and Zinzan and Ali Brooke – you can watch VFF interviews with all these exceptional people here.

Brave Kiwis in Strange Times

‘The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.’ – Abraham Lincoln

Voices For Freedom was created by three entrepreneurial professional women, who are also mothers. After the terrible lockdowns, they strongly felt it was essential to help people find support in their local areas and assist each other through these unprecedented times. They sought to provide factual information from international experts in medicine, health, finance and a host of other relevant subjects, including how to be more self-sufficient, and to give Kiwis access to a wider variety of information other than the single narrative fed to them by government-funded mainstream media.

Their organisation, support and profile swiftly grew and they now appeal to well over 100,000 Kiwis who say they have not only befriended new people in their communities, shared the common bond of helping each other through the tough times and learned an enormous amount from each other and the international professionals interviewed each week on Freedom TV, but that VFF kept them going, kept them sane and kept them hopeful during some of their darkest days. The outpouring of love and support for VFF and everything it stands for, probably now by hundreds of thousands of Kiwis, cannot be easily overlooked.

The Fire and Fury piece portrayed the three founders of VFF as mothers with small businesses that involved knitting and crotchet and disturbingly compared them to Nazi women of the ruling political party in Germany (from 1933 to 1945) because both groups advocated healthy living.

Really? You’re a Nazi now if you advocate healthy living? That’s one hell of a stretch, even for mainstream media who have been paid-off by the government each year since the hysteria of “COVID-19” began.

If they had bothered to clarify, they would have discovered from the women and their website, which is quoted in-part here, that Claire Deeks has worked as a lawyer and patent attorney and owned a small business in the health sector. She created a food blog, which led to a NZ speaking tour and multiple appearances on TV and radio. She stood as a candidate in the 2020 elections. She is a devoted mother and a passionate advocate for children, health and freedoms.

Alia Bland has a background in primary school teaching, and has enviable expertise in problem-solving, conflict resolution, research and communicating complex subjects in an easy to understand manner online. She is a proven successful entrepreneur and well-versed in online workshops. Before VFF she had launched an international pattern design business that attracted 90,000 people. She has a passion for natural health, simple lifestyles, and planning for resilience.

Libby Jonson is qualified as a barrister and solicitor and has worked for leading companies in New Zealand and the UK. After having children, she trained as a breastfeeding counsellor and facilitated large groups here and in the UK for over seven years. She has over a decade of experience in the organisation and successful running of groups. She is also the founder of one of New Zealand’s largest and most loved online knitting communities and design businesses. Libby is of Jewish heritage, something the makers of the propaganda piece neglected to mention when they smeared the group with fascist insinuations.

The three women are a far cry then from the derogatory, patronising descriptions in the mainstream propaganda piece, and the viewer is left casting a questioning eye on the documentary makers and their motives.

The viewer was also invited to watch out for “dangerous” VFF members seeking to put themselves up for local body elections and alleging that those standing were advised to keep their affiliation with VFF secret. I understand that this has almost ratcheted up to something more like a witch-hunt for anyone with any feeling of support for VFF who is standing in local elections. Will prospective candidates also be required to mention if they are part of a boy scout group, Rotary, the Lions, the Freemasons, or any of the political parties?

The media got it wrong. Very wrong. And as there has been no right of reply in the documentary, or in the subsequent fear-creating headlines in newspapers throughout the country, they still have it wrong.

VFF has advised that they are not standing in the upcoming local body elections and therefore do not take responsibility for candidates who resonate with their stance and values. (This concept is not novel, as apparently the National Party works in a similar way. It is understood that National Party supporters or members are not permitted to identify with National on their nomination forms and do not stand under the Party umbrella.) Nor does VFF have the resources to screen any potential candidates from the Kiwis to whom they send mailouts, as they now number over 100,000.

VFF encourage Kiwis to participate and to exercise their democratic right to stand for local elections so they can effect positive change in their communities.

What a great way to become pro-actively involved. It helps locals to create a positive effect on local policy and gives them a voice to constructively help safeguard and protect democracy, themselves, their community and their country.

There are hundreds of thousands of Kiwis who are seriously concerned with the attempted swift erosion of our freedom in New Zealand, whether it be concern about medical freedom, private property rights, freedom of speech, the right to have access to our water, the right to retain our full ownership and control over our local body assets, paid for over many generations, without them being stolen from ratepayers, and the right to be treated equally.

There are a great many whose lives have been decimated by the sweeping powers of the COVID-19 Bill that included lockdowns for weeks, destroyed many businesses, mandated thousands out of work, sought to create two separate societies, and ostracized anyone who dared utter a word, or question, about the falsely alleged ‘universal panacea’ of an experimental injection of which not all the contents are known, and which Pfizer has a nine-page list of serious adverse events that is included in a New Zealand lawyer’s open letter to ministers of parliament. And as of 30 June 2022, Medsafe has listed 62,915 adverse events and yet it is still touted as “safe and effective”, which is a lie.

VFF were suggesting Kiwis become involved to effect change, to be better insulated from future significant government overreach by becoming “ungovernable”, meaning not entirely reliant on government, but instead, finding support in each other and their communities; establishing networks of local food and supplies, first-aid assistance, and other facilities. Overall, working to become more self-reliant and resilient, bringing back the best of the local Kiwi community.

A benevolent government would be well aware that its role is simply to represent the people and would surely welcome such an initiative. They would see enormous benefit in Kiwis enjoying an increased sense of well-being and becoming more self-sufficient wouldn’t they? If they don’t, then doesn’t that turn the microscope on those in parliament purporting to represent the people?

Enough said.

As a strong advocate for freedom of speech and upholding the New Zealand Bill of Rights, I’m off to seek out someone to vote for in the local body elections who reflects these values and the stated values and integrity of Voices For Freedom.

Brave Kiwis in Strange Times
Image © Mary Hobbs.

‘Each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centres of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.’ – Robert F. Kennedy

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  1. New Zealand has become a grotty little banana republic under the last few regimes. Its been gradually tracking down hill since the mid 1980’s.

    The MSM make me laugh on the rare occasions I encounter their so called journalism.

    What both they and these politicians fail to realise is, for me, their credibility is gone. They can’t silence the discontent that’s filled the space where trust once stood.

    I’m sure I’m not alone in these sentiments either.

    • Our government is meant to be there to represent the people and uphold the NZ Bill of Rights and people have a right to peacefully protest if they see a government neglecting these requirements.

  2. Excellent piece, Mary. Thank you.

    While MSM continues to go after decent Kiwis on behalf of the Government, they seem to forget a great fundamental, the human spirit. It can never be crushed and will eventually rise to achieve its goal. Justice will be served. Freedom of thought and right action will be attained. History bears witness to this truth. All right thinking people, who come together can move mountains, and now it’s time to move the mountain of hypocrisy out of the way.

    The Trumpets of Freedom have sounded, it’s time to heed the call…

  3. The media didn’t “get it wrong”, they did exactly what they’re paid to do as propagandists. It’s 100% a smear piece meant to terrify anyone “substantial” from associating their names with VFF in any way.

    The title “fire and fury” (once said by the unspeakable orange man) is intentional and very telling.

    VFF = dangerous racists (apparently). THAT’S the angle they’re going with, when there are a multitude of other, more contextually relevant lies they could have employed (ie being unvaccinated is endangering children, VFF cause chaotic traffic disruptions etc), but no, they go with muh racism.

    They’re finding out that their two years of neo communist rule has hurt them politically, so it’s “anyone who disagrees with us is a Nazi” o clock once more. It’s so transparent it’s almost laughable.

    So not only is it propaganda, it’s lazy propaganda at that.

    Those three VFF founders had better be prepared – this is just the state’s opening salvo. Next will come a legal enquiry. Something pathetic and trivial, an undotted i or an uncrossed T on someone’s tax return, perhaps a bank transfer from another vile right winger somewhere, whatever the case may be.

    It’ll spark a frivolous few days in court that the media machine will latch onto and never let go of. This is another common tactic they routinely employ, so set your watches ladies, and try to remember that the party who wants you stuck in a godless corporate boardroom, your children raised in daycare and your bathrooms filled with men, loves you.

    Be kind ????

    • Agree with all. Yes hard hat time now, it’s going to get messy. As I said to a friend a few days ago that was a king hit from stuff. And while it will have a lot more Kiwis rally around VFF, Chantelle and others, there is a lot more to come. Guaranteed.

      • Thanks James. Kiwis have a strong sense of fair-play and so when they put out pieces that violate that they increasingly turn public opinion against them…

  4. Let truth and righteousness and justice increase in this land so that they join together and become a mighty river to sweep away the lies and propaganda and deceptions that emanate from from those trying to control the narrative and bring this nation to its knees. May democracy and freedom reign in our country once again. Thank you, all you brave souls who are standing up against the current tide that is trying to destroy all that our forefathers fought for. We salute you and stand with you. You are truly our heroes.

  5. Thank you. VFF is tremendous. Way smarter than Stuff. It’s life saving to discover VFF and to know you are not alone.

    Rodney Hide

    • Thanks Rodney. I agree. They’re incredible and you’re another brave soul standing up and speaking out which has given many Kiwis hope. Thank you!

    • Thanks to you too Rodney- I have listened to your shows over the last couple of weeks and when you express yourself about how you feel it’s like you have been reading my thoughts also! I finally have realised that a lot of kiwis think the same as me and of course our government has sought to isolate us so that we think we are alone. It’s refreshing to hear like minded people from all over New Zealand express the same views and thoughts. Go us!

      I love the way you are so calm and can put your view across but respectfully and happily give people with an opposing view the chance to have their say as well. This is brilliant stuff! It’s what freedom of speech is really about. You are a real professional and not only that you have a wealth of knowledge from your days as a politician and you are a dedicated family man. I honestly hope they give you a regular slot on The Platform as I believe that since having you on over the last few weeks they have grown their audience exponentially. Peter Williams would be another good host to have as well.

      Keep up the great work and I look forward to listening to you again. The interviews you have a great and the talk back shows where you take calls is fantastic!

      Your kids will thank you one day for being so strong and making a stand and being the voice of reason for them and for others too.

      Thank you thank you thank you.

    • Go on Rodney, climb back unto the political fray. I’ve listened to you on the platform this week as have many others. It was the first honest voice on NZ media that I’ve heard in the last three years. There are some freedom tickets forming that you could coalesce with, zero partisanship, maximum focus to rebuild our tattered bill of rights to something that actually would be worth the paper it’s printed on. I’d vote for anything you were in without hesitation. You’re being called, do you hear it?

      • He really is outstanding, I agree. When Rodney is on, it’s a matter of working out how to fit in listening to him on that particular day. Compelling.

    • Hi Rodney, Once sat between you and friend, at the time, who voted ACT. The setters thought it a joke me being a leftie, at the time….of the pre 1984 type.

      I can appreciate the ideas of freedom do not come from the current ‘left’ and I feel you maybe sincere with your thoughts toward freedoms.

      However the current ‘reset’, we are pushing back against, is still the globalists and their marketplace created from the politics of ACT.
      Can you argue to this point?

  6. Thank you for writing this Mary. I really enjoy your balanced and grounded articles, they give me hope when I need it most. As do VFF. ????????

  7. I have been impressed with Mary’s writing in the past. Mary is factual, fair and informed and this is clear in her articles. I am a huge fan of VFF, and feel privileged to know one of the ladies personally. I admire and respect her, she is a wonderful human being. If NZ’s political leaders were half as intelligent, principled, humble and clear thinking as VFF leaders our country would be better served, and in better shape than it is today. Thank you for this article.

  8. All you wonderful, intelligent, truth-seeking, compassionate, health- and democracy-loving people of New Zealand, watch the official public release of Matador Films new “Uninformed Consent” documentary.

    An in-depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who’s controlling it, and how it’s being used to inject an untested, new technology into almost every person on the planet.


  9. I don’t understand how this disgraceful propaganda is being organised. I get that Stuff is dependent on money from government advertising, and consequently needs to keep to the government line to keep that money coming in, but this propaganda seems much more targeted than can be explained by that alone. So how is this being orchestrated?

  10. Mary, another great article thank you. Let’s make our tiny ripples join together and form a wave of truth that will eventually overtake the lies beneath.

      • Thanks Mary for that info! Great to share links. I am not on social media but I try and glean information by looking in comments such as this and also ‘lurking’ lol. I have managed to give myself quite the education and am always careful to try and balance out information and get both sides if I can. Then I use my common sense, critical thinking, a healthy bit of scepticism and reasoning and I form my opinion. In addition, in the evidence of fact, I am also willing to change my position!

        Thanks again for your research and information sharing – much appreciated! ????

  11. Thanks Mary for a well balanced article. I belong to VFF and for the past two years our local group has been of tremendous support as I was mandated out of my part time job and have lost many friends as I chose to be a natural living woman. I researched this experimental medicine and was deeply disturbed with my findings. I also support NZDSOS, Mana news, Freenz and Counterspin media too as Kelvyn and Hannah have united freedom loving people and have factual evidence that MSM won’t go near.
    Aroha Nui to all
    Let’s put our differences aside and support all those fighting for justice , The NZ Bill of rights and pro choice for our body autonomy.

    • Thanks for your response Carol. VFF do incredible work, as do the members. Good on you for standing for what you know to be true. ( am sure you’ll do great.)Totally agree we must not allow any government to divide us. We are all New Zealanders and must peacefully protect our freedom and democracy AND the NZ Bill of Rights. Freedom of choice in all medical treatment should be sacrosanct.

  12. It’s hard work reading forums sometimes where people still think its left vs right, and voting blue will make us get “back to normal”. Well I can’t do normal anymore knowing what I’ve learnt since covid started, and I’m sure these people creating the “normal” would love us all to be silent in order for their society to continue. But I can’t see that happening now, people are waking faster than you can say “two thousand years of peace” Keep up your great work Mary, it has a good ripple effect to it.

    • “..where people still think its left vs right, and voting blue will make us get “back to normal”….”Years of statist indoctrination causes this.It is very hard to undo the years in state-run indoctrination camps (school) and constant media bombardment of statist ideals,not to mention the indoctrination passed down from your parents.When you do wake from your statist coma others will dislike you and say you are weird especially when you tell them you dont vote,because its all bullshit.

    • Thanks Jeremy. I hear you! And I agree, people are definitely catching on to what is going on. Thank you for the lovely comments. Much appreciated.

  13. A real excellent article Mary!
    While I haven’t watched, and am unlikely to watch this hit piece, I’m very familiar with the scurrilous tactics used, and so no longer get my ‘news’ and information from any MSM outfit…except for 7 minutes of Morning Report…which I say is my daily dose of propaganda.
    VFF is great and find Clare, Alia, and Libby’s manner so refreshing, especially compared to the smarmy MPs, not one of whom deigned to speak to any of the protesters at Parliament, or the left wing activists disguised as journalists of outfits like Stuff…

    • Many thanks Renton.
      Yes, they’re so incredibly positive and creative and they get so much done with such a light touch.
      In regard to no MPs meeting the protestors at parliament: It was their day of shame, for by not doing that they were advertising they had completely lost sight of who they are meant to represent and why they are there.

  14. Big protest in Wellinton on Tuesday 23rd August, please attend if you can, to show the muppets in charge, we have had enough! Their time is up…

  15. Thanks for another excellent, sober, balanced, honest and vital piece of reading Mary. I agree wholeheartedly. Thank goodness for those 3 courageous women who are fighting so strenuously and tirelessly for our freedoms & health. And thank goodness for Rodney, your good self, Guy Hatchard, NZDSOS, etc, etc, and all the other kind, caring, compassionate, brave kiwi souls standing up and speaking out against this insanity. The cracks in the ‘official narrative’ are getting bigger by the day. Thank goodness. Sadly the soaring deaths & injuries caused by this “safe & effective ‘vaccine’ “ are now irrefutable. This is despite Medsafe, the medical fraternity, our government and their compliant, complicit departments’ & media continuing to mislead & lie to us about what’s really going on here. Time for all kiwis to ask more and do more to protect their children and children’s children. ❤️

    • This is so appreciated Roy. Thank you. I agree, the cracks are opening up to one hell of a crevasse. The truth cannot help but continue to come out as it effortlessly cuts through the lies. And agree, we must protect our children and grandchildren. Always.

  16. The more the mainstream media malign and condemn VFF), the more public and vocal I become in my support of this wonderful group(s), and any others who speak to counter the lies generated by a govt and medical model captured by corporate interests at our expense. We pay firstly with our taxes, and secondly from iatrogenic harm. The loss is ours while big pharma amasses profit. Our govt. honours its contract with Pfizer while seeks to dupe the public they are meant to serve (e.g. avoiding transparency as per the attitude to OIAs – don’t write it down and make it discoverable).

    The pharma-marketing that mascarades as scientific evidence has too long captured our medical model- the ‘research’ is too often fraudulent and malevolent as evidenced by the $million fines that have ensued for those harms they eventually failed to cover up completely e.g. during the opioid crisis, and certainly with psychotropics including SSRIs.
    Our health system is sick.
    Thank goodness for VFF and the sanity, community, humanity and generosity they’ve excuded as an alternative. Their’s is a model for true wellbeing. Individual and collective. Thank you for this article, and thank you Libby, Alia, Claire. And chantelle. Sarah Preece, Nelson

    • Thank you Sarah for this detailed reply. It sounds like you’re very familiar with the medical profession. The points you make are astute and, in my experience, accurate. And then there are the wonderful ones you mention at the end of your comment. Amazing Kiwis.

  17. The irony of MSM comparing VFF to the Nazi party is not suprising as the actions of the left are to accuse your enemy exactly what you have been doing for the past 2 and a half years.

    Let’s examine the facts about the real Nazis in NZ as follows ;
    1. Control the media output by making MSM who held their hands out to sign up to the rules for taking the cash.
    2. This propoganda machine has continued by using the power of mass advertising on MSM for Covid narrative to hide the facts and persuade the gullible and fearful public.
    3. The Furhur preaches at her lectern to put fear into the hearts and minds of her subjects.
    4. Making statements ” we are your single source of truth ” right out of the Joseph Goebbels playback of propoganda.
    5. Isolating the unvaccinated by the use of the Covid vaccine pass , you might as well make people wear a Star of David .
    6. Use the jack boot of MSM to vilify VFF and anyone else you consider a threat to your control .
    7. Use apartheid policies such as 3 waters and health reform to divide the public of NZ , this is another way to defeat your enemy out of the Nazi playback.
    8. Some might say the gangs of NZ have been given privileges or law enforcement turning a blind eye to their illegal actions , I ask is akin to the Brown Shirts or SS in Nazi Germany, after all they were no more than criminals and thugs when founded.

    • Thanks Mark for your feedback. It was Winston Churchill I think that said we had to know our history or we were condemned to repeat it. You’ve spelled it out in key ways.

  18. Once again, Mary comes up trumps… she is a real asset in these un democratic times. She always tells it how it is, a wordsmith of worth.
    Thank you, Mary!

  19. Another voice added to VFF, am signing up.
    I want women like this whom I can respect running our country.

    Sad to say I voted twice for Arden – and now sincerely regret doing so.

    Much like the Pfizer injection she was untrialled, introduced to the public at warp speed, has costed – wasted – billions of tax payer’s dollars, is cloaked in secrecy, disallows transparency or open debate, bullies or cancels opponents, divides families and communities, pays media hound dogs with public money to do her dirty work, treats the government, judiciary and police like a personal fiefdom, tax payer’s money like it’s her own Monopoly money, mandates hard-working highly-skilled NZers out of their jobs to please the dictates of her WEF handlers, is far more concerned about achieving globalist plaudits for her personal gain than our public good, and has caused greatly more harm to New Zealanders than any good.

    I could go on but that’s enough for now. It hurts to even write this because I love this country.

  20. Wish I’d seen this early, and added to my article (might still do an update).
    At first I saw the funny side: the idea that that bunch of women were planning violent insurrection. Not any more. The baseless conspiracy theories being peddled by Stuff and the DomPost are downright dangerous.
    “NZ Stuff / DomPost Conspiracy Theories Empower Hate Groups” https://stovouno.org/2022/08/22/nz-stuff-dompost-conspiracy-theories-empower-hate-groups/

  21. […] However, the ‘documentary’ seems to have backfired badly with a large section of the population. Voices for Freedom’s signups grew by 400 per cent in the week following its release and the public responded with scepticism and incredulity. A number of articles critical of the film and it’s heavy bias have been published since its release including here, here, here and here. […]

  22. Countering the NZ govt tyranny and coping through it is one thing. Seeing that it never happens again is quite another.
    I think we need to advocate for an investigation of how the NZ Govt and Civil Service came to contrive the tyranny that killed, maimed and hurt so many. Then we need to punish the perpetrators.
    Otherwise we can look forward to the same thing happening again. And again.


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