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Watch: ‘Delta is literally bypassing vaccinated people and latching on to the unvaccinated’

The statement was made by the Prime Minister at a press conference on 5 October 2021.

Ardern’s claim does not match up with the experience of many vaccinated people today, who, despite being double, and triple jabbed, still get COVID.

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Meanwhile, at Bloomfield’s last scheduled press conference yesterday before his retirement, he claimed there was ‘no excess all-cause mortality’ in New Zealand, despite One World Data published last week showing New Zealand had the highest rate of any country.

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  1. That proclamation by Jacinda didn’t age too well. It would be highly amusing if it weren’t so serious.

    I genuinely wonder about Jacinda’s sanity. How on earth did she hope to get away with this.

    I guess psychopathy and hubris are powerful forces in the criminal mind.

  2. Most of NZ still doesn’t get it. No one ever thought anything like this could happen there. These ‘people’ are EVIL. Ice-cold evil. They are trained toKILL. To involve so many globally with such focus at all power levers, look for some kind of religious connection because not even ideology stretches this far. There’s a hideous, malevolent, deliberately engineered ‘virus’ out there alright, but it’s NOT ‘covid’. Whatever this ‘thing’ is, it wants a planet with only its own upon it – no one else. Through the eye of a needle, it has seen a way to do it.

    • They ‘don’t get it’ as the truth is so very disturbing that they don’t want to interact with the same!
      They would rather be comforted by the Commonwealth Games, Rugby, etc. while ignoring the very real possibilities of extinction level events. ie mutated viruses w./ DNA, RNA and mRNA, etc.
      Right now, that evil, horrible criminal Nancy Pelosi is enroute to Taiwan.
      Alternative media reports that China will shoot her ass down if she proceeds directly into Taiwan.
      That is when the Taiwan Strait along with the South China Sea and part of the Pacific Region will go kinetic!!

  3. I live in a populated part of Wellington, rarely wear a mask. I am not unvaccinated. I mix with many people. I know 4 people who were vaccinated 3x that got covid. Of the 4, 2 were very sick. Cold sores for one of them. I also know dozens of people who are unvaccinated and none of them caught covid. I have to believe my eyes and not my ears. Arden, you are a lier. You belong in prison.

  4. As usual, the Zio-Communist WEF / NWO / Schwab / Soros bitch and her masked lap dog Gloomfield are giving reports that are mirror-opposites of ’cause and effect’.
    This ‘government’ would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that it is deadly and dangerous to us all!
    Especially around election time…!
    Govern (to control) Ment (the mind) = MIND CONTROL via regulated and unregulated MK-Ultra custom tailored for individual nations and populations!


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