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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: When is compelling evidence just propaganda?

Ashley Bloomfield news

The BBC has announced “compelling evidence” that Covid originated in the Wuhan seafood and wildlife market.

Among scientists this announcement is causing some laughter. There has been a great deal of prior scientific debate on this subject which has left us in limbo. Principally because the Chinese blocked the possibility of independent investigation and access to data.

Certainly China, and incidentally the US National Institute of Health (NIH), have a high interest in repressing any conclusion that Covid originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Infectious Diseases (WIV) which is adjacent to the Wuhan wet market. After all, WIV was definitely doing recombinant DNA gain of function research on coronaviruses jointly funded by NIH and the Chinese government. If you want it spelled out with two barrells go here.

The BBC article regaled us with a chart of supposed early cases of Covid clustered around the wet market. The first problem with the BBC picture is that the locations of WIV were not shown. They are adjacent and close to the wet market, as Igor Chudov has illustrated (we have added them in RED).

Wuhan wet market news

Secondly the actual number, location, and date of early cases is a matter of considerable dispute. The WHO data used in the paper quoted by the BBC was supplied by Chinese authorities and has not been independently verifiable. Weibo data also quoted in the paper is from a later date.

But even if we accept the highly unlikely proposition that the official Chinese data is complete, accurate, and untainted by the authorities, the third problem is that the blue dots (the majority) are cases that have no known connection to the wet market.

Until now, location and origin ambiguity has been a telling argument to question any conclusion that Covid-19 came from the wet market (not to speak of the fact that no species carrying a coronavirus with a genetic makeup sufficiently similar to Covid-19 has been found in Wuhan or nearby or far away for that matter.)

The BBC announced that this problem had been solved by a second paper which suggests that the virus jumped from some unknown animal via an intermediate host (possibly Racoons, quaint furry creatures who sometimes catch a cold) in the SE corner of the market to humans not once but twice at two different times involving two different variants of Covid.

Although animals harbour a great many viruses which could potentially spill over into human populations, the crossover of new types such as Marburg disease or Ebola is a comparatively rare event and in most cases the host animal is identified relatively quickly. This is not the case with Covid-19. Therefore the suggestion that two distinct variants spilled over in roughly the same place within a short time span from an unidentified animal could be classified as an “ad hoc” suggestion designed to patch up a failing theory.

There are other explanations for the possible early appearance of two phylogenetically related variants of Covid-19 discussed in the second paper referenced by the BBC. For example some credible accounts have pointed to a laboratory escape earlier than November 2019 leaving sufficient time for the highly unstable Covid-19 to mutate.

We are in a period of what has been termed revolutionary science by Thomas Kuhn in his famous book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. During periods of uncertainty, scientists from opposing camps fight it out in the journals based on experiments and competing theoretical models.

For example the concept of the ether, an invisible substance which pervaded space, was eventually rejected as a result of Einstein’s theory of relativity and its experimental confirmation, but not before reams of ingenious counter arguments were published by scientists anxious to retain the ether concept. Much the same occurred to defend the notion that space was made of crystal, until Gallielo saw through his telescope the moons of Jupiter travelling freely through the supposedly solid crystalline structure of space.

It is quite legitimate for the authors of the two papers cited by the BBC to publish their observations and speculations about Covid-19 origins. That is a normal process in science. When facts and conclusions are in dispute there is usually a flurry of publishing presenting arguments and counter arguments.

But why did the BBC and their science correspondent Victoria Gill choose to present them to the public as compelling evidence which should end the debate, but omit to depict the location of WIV or discuss the counter arguments? It is an interesting mystery, but one I think dear readers you might be able to solve quite readily. I leave it to you.

Which brings me to another case of incomprehensible pronouncements in the course of a scientific revolution. Our Director General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield is retiring from the field of battle. Dr Bloomfield has been an unremitting proponent of mRNA vaccination and a person who has gone further even than Pfizer in establishing strict criteria to deny exemptions.

Dr. Bloomfield’s final message to New Zealand was a bombshell:

“To better track the risk factors of dying from covid-19 we’ve done some preliminary analysis….It shows convincingly, here in Aotearoa, that getting boosted is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your risk of death from Covid-19. Very consistent with the international evidence. Across the population, people not fully vaccinated against Covid-19, that is; they’ve had less than 2 doses, are 6 times more likely to die if they catch covid-19, compared with someone who has had at least one booster dose. That’s once you adjust for all other factors [my emphasis]. Now, for people under sixty, this risk [of dying if you catch covid-19] is even higher; more than 13 times greater for those who are unvaccinated or less than two doses.”

The key phrase here is ‘once you adjust for all the other factors’. Dr. Bloomfield didn’t let on what this adjustment involved. We have been tracking the official daily Covid death toll for months and it is absolutely clear that the boosted currently have the highest rate of death per 100,000 within 28 days of testing positive for Covid. This is contrary to what Dr Bloomfield asserted and much higher than the unvaccinated and the double jabbed. Yet he managed to spin the obviously elevated and officially higher mortality among the boosted into a giant health advantage for them by a factor of 6 compared to the unvaccinated population, and 13 (???) for the under 60s. This is not credible and cannot be reasonably asserted without explanation.

We note that the Ministry of Health has exempted its employees under 30 years of age from receiving boosters because of the high rate of adverse reactions in this age group. So what is going on here? Are boosters safe?

The Ministry of Health has decided somehow, without telling us how, that a great many boosted people are not dying ‘because of Covid’, but merely ‘with Covid’. Hence they have been excluded from the statistics of Covid deaths. You and I can’t really dispute this, because Dr. Bloomfield didn’t give any details of how his gerrymandering MoH backroom boys have done this.

I did just receive a response to a similar question asked of the Minister of Health Andrew Little a few weeks ago—the minister has noted my concerns and forwarded my correspondence to the Ministry of Health. So he also didn’t say what the boosted are dying of. One World Data reported last week NZ has the highest rate of excess all cause mortality in the world, but the Minister either doesn’t know or doesn’t want anyone to know why. And just in case we might find out, Dr. Bloomfield has conveniently doctored the data.

Fortunately for us sleuths, the already announced official historical count of deaths cannot be easily altered—the boosted have a higher rate of death than the double jabbed and the unvaccinated. So what are they dying of?

Might I suggest Dr Watson (sorry Bloomfield) that the only thing that distinguishes the boosted group from any other group by definition is that they have received more mRNA jabs. It isn’t a very big step to the conclusion that the boosted must be dying at a greater rate, not because of Covid, but because they are vaccinated. Boosters are not safe, they are killing us.

As Dr. Bloomfield has resigned from his job and leaves us today for an unknown destination, we may never be able to ask him how he adjusts the data. We may never be able to ask him why he refused to grant mRNA vaccine exemptions to people injured by the first shot. We may never be able to ask him why he thinks overseas Covid-19 data points ‘convincingly’ to the safety and efficacy of mRNA vaccination, but we do know there are very few, if any, credible independent researchers left who agree with him.

Through countless Covid-19 press conferences, Dr. Bloomfield has been rolled out as one source of truth for the NZ public, fully endorsed by Jacinda Ardern. We has left us with a message that will seriously harm many more people unless its is corrected. Dr. Bloomfield has sought yet again to inflame public against the run of facts and against the unvaccinated. Just step out from under his shadow and peruse the pages of a published scientific article such as this one. If you do, you might feel the need to treat Dr. Bloomfield’s recurring advice to get boosted again and again with a great deal of caution. Naked authority by itself does not amount to truth.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. Didn’t he use the same technology to prove that there was no lab leak that 2000 mules used to prove the US Presidential election was a fraud?

  2. I used to respect Ashley Bloomfield and at first felt we were in good hands. A relative of ours went to school with Ashley and had always held him in high regard. Not anymore. How he can call himself a Christian and get up there and bold face lie to people and ignore people who have been vaccine injured and lost their loved ones? It takes a special lack of empathy, lack of morals and frankly is just plain evil to do what he has done. Literally alongside our PM doing the devils bidding.

    Ashley’s parting ‘gift’ to us is to foist a poison – fluoride – on us. To be put in our water so we cannot escape it. All because why? A group of lazy parents won’t brush their kids teeth? So the rest of us must be mass medicated???? It’s sick is what it is. That isn’t a democracy, it’s a dictatorship. That move alone will earn the ire of and awaken more people.

    You people can run, you can resign, but you cannot hide and you will not sleep in peace ever again. I will sit back and wait and watch. Proverbs 20:22. How fitting.

  3. Guy, thanks for your work. I enjoyed listening to you on the Platform the other day! Rodney has been so awesome to listen to and interviewed some great guests including yourself. A breath of fresh air. I see the video has now been taken down from YouTube though so clearly you were right over the mark. You can bet your bottom dollar anything that is removed is too close to the truth for the cabals liking.

    Perhaps suggest the platform uploads it’s interviews to Rumble or Odysee for backup?

    Heartfelt thanks for getting the truth and the discussion out there. What a great group of people!

  4. Has Bloomfield dropped out to avoid risk of prosecution for promoting Covid “vaccination” when the science and Fauci show it was a very suspect?

    BBC? When did they last present the truth?

  5. If Big Bullshit Corporation (BBC) projects on China, it really means that the virus was manufactured in a US lab, as concluded by the Lancet Covid Commission.

    Canadian army personnel were infected well before the Wuhan public and the whole episode was hidden by Justin Castro. Exposed by Rebel news publishing the Army documents on this.

    Plandemic, period.

    • I agree with with your post but please don’t associate Castro with dustbin(Justin Turdo).

      Fidel was a champion of Cuba and it’s people. He had the balls to say NO to the satanic Americans. It has been under Illegal American sanctions for over 70 years.

      Cuba is another nation like Iran that will not kowtow to the thieving, looting, murdering west. Cubans still produce one of most highly trained doctors and other medical professionals and during the breakout of the pandemic (now rightly realised as a Scamdemic) was the first country to offer their medical knowledge and services.

      The likes of Castro and Chavez are real leaders of the poor and down trodden. We just need to get away from all the bullshit that has been drummed into us for decades if not centuries.

  6. It appears Dr. Bloomfield is attempting to write his own glowing review, just before exiting stage left.

    I wonder where he’ll end up next. My money is on either a big job at ‘Big Pharma’, or a bigger job at The WHO.

    Ultimately his final career move will be as a ‘permanent guest’ of the Department of Corrections obviously.

  7. These days I just use the BBC as a highly accurate ‘contrarian indicator’. Whatever they say, the opposite is true.
    A genuine timesaver for busy people.

      • Private capital tends to become concentrated in few hands, partly because of competition among the capitalists, and partly because technological development and the increasing division of labor encourage the formation of larger units of production at the expense of smaller ones. The result of these developments is an oligarchy of private capital the enormous power of which cannot be effectively checked even by a democratically organized political society. This is true since the members of legislative bodies are selected by political parties, largely financed or otherwise influenced by private capitalists who, for all practical purposes, separate the electorate from the legislature. The consequence is that the representatives of the people do not in fact sufficiently protect the interests of the underprivileged sections of the population. Moreover, under existing conditions, private capitalists inevitably control, directly or indirectly, the main sources of information (press, radio, education). It is thus extremely difficult, and indeed in most cases quite impossible, for the individual citizen to come to objective conclusions and to make intelligent use of his political rights.”


  8. The unrelenting gaslighting and 180° inversion of reality by the NZ government and their conflicted ‘experts’ has been astonishing.

    The most pressing question is, how can this unhinged covid-cult mass formation psychosis be stopped?

    • The truth will always be revealed. I think many have already started to wake up but are remaining quiet for now as they are annoyed at themselves for taking the poison.

      Shame on our MS media though. They have whored themselves to the govt.

      Thank goodness we are starting to get alternatives.

  9. Yeah, I was born at night. But it wasn’t LAST night.

    F*ck off BBC, your evidence does not “compel” me ????

  10. The fall of western scientific practice, debate and analysis has not only caused the critical thinkers of this world to question stronger and more vocally but it has been lead by what the author in this article has called the back room boys (BRB). The phrase its self arises from the secret operations of WWII were it was arguably a necessity to keep scientist’s, engineers, conceptual thinkers and propagandists safe from public critics as they suffered the causality lists -for example hard to spin the dead and causality figures to those whose families most affected.
    Yet herein the seeds of our demise were planted the war became cold, then it became ethnic/national and then morphed into Islam against west but the necessary losses never amounted to the required figures the BRB and governments of the world acquired leaders who pulled away from total war concepts (JFK, Reagan, Thatcher etc) yet as people became less concerned about others and more concerned about comfortable lives as technologies replaced the need for boots on the ground the stomach for total war changed. For example the Iraq wars if fought in the sixties would have required large numbers of troops the slow carpet bombing missions would crush infrastructure but not the bunkers or soldiers, fighter planes could be matched one for one and old radar systems would provide an early warning the result possibly several years of fighting and the nation rather like Turkey in the Gallipoli campaign would have rallied around the leader and fought for its land. This could have become a foreign war that was designed to reduce populations – China seeking oil could easily have got involved and reduced its population by a few thousand each year.
    But rather it panned out that over whelming air superiority, stealth aircraft, cruise missile (precision bombing) , bunker busting bombs, satellite imaginary of battle fields and internal troop movements allowed planners to see the enemy’s mind and finally special ops took out key strategic assets that could develop the mass casualties fear of the west.
    So these long wars of attrition, particularly the fear for nuclear war never materialised to reduce the worlds pop and so rather than the BRB being under wraps they started to come out thus on the 25th of January 1971 the World Economic Forum (WEF) was born out of the industrial complex (not to be confused with the Military Industrial complex as revealed by President Dwight Eisenhower) and these companies perceived of the need to control economies of the future as the 1970s spiralled into recession in the western counties particularly the UK, France, USA and the old order of self efficiency morphed into what is now called the global economy – or rather the monopoly economic model were one or two nations allow morally deficit companies to get cheap labour and thus enable them to increase profit through cheaper materials and costs via retaining of the brand and the charging of prices that reflect labour costs in the country of the brand not the country of origin the fact is pretty much every world brand is now made in China.
    It was for the WEF in conjunction with big business to look at population reduction and control of the people to effectively put back in the bottle what the destruction of establish state religion and introduction of scientific critical thinking of the 19th and early 20th centuries had let out of the bag. That humans had free will and could find their own way without government control. So education became a target, reduce it,’s quality, change it from rigorous critical expression to quick memory learning to match computer technical ways of testing. Change history by rewriting it, reduce the scientific method and create people dependant on sponsorship. Careers based on graduations rather than technical skills and of course new means of bring down the middle class in management and innovation – as the strata of human life most likely to produce the independent strivers as they look for social mobility and self awareness of creation and questioning.
    Now the BRB are hopeful they have new blood they have people of little moral fibre prepared to polish the figures and use stats as famous Statisticians often warned us about – to actually say anything YOU want.
    Firstly in this planned event : Its was a highly infectious and deadly disease look at these projections – 85.000 dead in the first few months – reality less than 1700 die with covid 19 in the UK in 2020- reported figures first released 17.000 the adding of a decimal point and some zeros result fear and high vax compliance.
    2- Vaccine 95% effective reality 95% ineffective and potentially 50% chance of death by adverse reaction.
    3- Wuhan patient zero – wet markets, bat being eaten, bat biting human, US military infected the Wuhan population, Wuhan Institute Virology (WIV) received funding from PLA and NIH (Fauci) US government looking for weaponising Coronavirus accidental leak – Why best way to cripple a nation is to destroy its health services and then attack war casualties / deadly virus attack / shut down of industrial action. (Oh yeah an you control the means of production for 85% of the national demand) PLA bio weapons instructions on Corona virus use.
    Then enter stage left the villain of the piece – WHO as world health organisation is the BRB of world government because as we know the UN as model has failed its purpose to arbitrate and reduce war and react to critical situations in fact the UN has allowed massacres of innocents because that reduces the populations of Africa – and that really doesn’t impact the west, accept it does it causes us to be less human. So up steps WHO to make health programmes, or rather stealth programmes. Control populations by vaccinations introduce new diseases to reduce populations HIV, AIDS and now VAIDS.
    Yeah we can say a lot about NZ own BRB but the truth is there the numbers polished rubbed and presented in sound bites to produce fear that don’t stand up to critical thinking but Jacinda and her minions of the labour left, brought up in the world of the new lie, the world Orwell could see forming in the mists of fascist Europe, makes them just apologists for WEF programmes but like a spider in the centre of the web is not Klaus or his political puppets no its the industrial complex of pharma and tech these two together have the total control of the web around us and the information. Gates Foundation is in fact eugenics – population manipulation for the 3% of the world wealthy. We can’t ever join him or those others of wealth so we become disposable as industry advances with robotics and human workers become redundant.
    Science has corrupted its self and I often think on how Science has become a new religion with a dogma and a set of high priests and lower functionaries that spread a message and it is this that Man can be like to God and is therefore God and its this message that corrupts data analysis and true scientific work. For example in his opus “ origin of the species “. Darwin is careful to place his theories in a critical frame work noting that adaptation of species occurs not in flash of light but over thousands of years as they adapt to food sources and environments. It does not suggest that pig developed wings because of land shortages or that jellyfish grew spines to move faster. His evidence was limited to what the natural history museum could prove and to the mind blowing discovery of dinosaurs in the 19th Century but the evidence of development was never there nor claimed and in fact Darwin did not deny the fingerprint of the divine. To this day his theories are still just theories we have Lucy’s bones and other Neolithic bones, and sure we have different sets of monkeys and homo’s species variations but we have no evidence of some dramatic change or event that combined us into Sapiens we have DNA links to apes but why are there still apes if evolution is fully scientifically proved then surely no apes would exist today under survival of the fittest and currently polar bears would be changing their bodies as the Arctic reduces due to global warming not just moving inland. No science has accepted a dogma of evolution and its taught as fully proven and beyond question and that is the dangerous ground we have allowed ourselves to step onto as we become spoon feed creatures.
    BRB are not a conspiracy theory they exist they are the nameless officials enforcing government policies or NGO policies like WEF or WHO and they are influenced by the pay check the secret nature of their work if they were know we’d challenge them. Dr Bloomfield has done his job he leaves NZ a worst place the unexplained excess death rate, the Vax injured and the divided society of those prepared to mask up for no real protection and those prepared to lose livelihoods over protection of inalienable Human rights.
    The UN has moved so far away from protection of Human rights it becomes a non entity for the role. Its 1948 declaration now lies in pieces on the debating chambers floor as woke politicians and former princes of the UK lecture them on so call new rights and sustainability.
    Not one person alive wishes the world to become ungovernable but we do agree on some facts one oil is running out so lets look at the tech the oil industry suppressed for 50 years or more, Electrical power needs cleaner production so lets do that pay the expensive bill government and get moving on super combustion and nuclear battery’s reducing radioactive waste. Stop unrestricted logging and consumer consumption yes limit people to one household spend on furniture and stop the furniture fashion industry, Make vehicles that last and move to a repair motor industry rather than a consume new car every year – I only have a new/used vehicle every 8-12 years so stop the motor industry changing the car every 3 years. Bite the bullet. You see we can do things but government is not really about the WEF goals its about people reduction so the wealthy can go one living the style they have grown accustomed to but there in lies the seeds of their down fall the stats will out and just as Babylon fell, just as Egypt fell, just as Greece fell and just as Rome fell so to will this model the 3% will not be safe from those they crush, rebellion and struggle sits like a Darwin theory across time itself and Klaus will die as a every human does and with him perhaps the big brother nightmare he supports – eventually.
    So in the end you can’t believe any MSM news and the BBC by becoming a political voice for WEF views strips its self of all journalistic credibility and now we can only trust reports if we research them.


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