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Watch: False flag event will be blamed on ‘anti-vaxxers’ – CoronavirusPlushie

Popular truth and freedom video producer CoronavirusPlushie questions whether we are being primed for another terror attack.

Legacy media messaging is also conditioning the population to believe that if such an attack were to happen, then the ‘anti-vaxx’ movement will be to blame.

In a recent interview with RNZ, security ‘expert’ Dr. Paul Buchanan said:

‘The New Zealand intelligence community has issued repeated warnings that the most likely origin of a violent act of extremism will come from the ‘anti-vaxx’ movement.’

A report in Newshub also pointed the finger at ‘anti-vaxxers’ as the most likely cause of a ‘terrorist attack’.

‘Further retrictions or potential vaccination programmes could be triggers for New Zealand-based violent extremists to conduct an act of terrorist violence.’

Buchanan also went on to say that recent threats against schools were ‘likely’ to have come from the ‘anti-vaxx’ group.

‘The anti-vaxx movement has morphed. And it has morphed into an anti-mask, anti-vaxx, anti-mandate, but it’s now become an anti-government, anti-state. It’s gone in many different directions, none of them pleasant,’ said Buchanan.

Watch more videos by CoronavirusPlushie on Rumble or YouTube.

Video sources:

42 Admitted False Flag Attacks

The article is also archived here. The article was written some time ago and a few of the web pages that are hyperlinked are no longer there, but many still are.

Three articles about/featuring Paul Buchanan (interesting reading): Here, here and here.

Expert thinks anti-mask movement involved in hoax bomb threats.

National security advisors warn COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine rollout could trigger terror attack.

Fire & Fury, from Stuff Circuit.

The Corbett Report: Red Alert: False Flag Incoming!

Chantelle Baker: Why are they trying to say that ‘anti-maskers’ could be terrorist threats?

Paul Buchanan: EveningReport LIVE: A View from Afar – US Portland.

James Corbett: When False Flags don’t Fly by

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  1. “Expert thinks anti-mask movement involved in hoax bomb threats” What does Buchana means when he says “think”. He either knows or he doesn’t. He needs to front up with his evidence. Or did he just make it up.
    How come these s***heads get to express bull***t opinions. Im anti mask. Why? Michael Baker said they dont work (2020 interview). Apparently there are a lot of unhealthy chemicals in the manufacture of them. Plus I cant breath properly wearing one and have an exemption and a puffer- required after the first jab
    So Im a terrorist now am I??

  2. “Further retrictions or potential vaccination programmes could be triggers for New Zealand-based violent extremists to conduct an act of terrorist violence.”

    Cool, leave us all the f*ck alone then.

    Problem solved ????

  3. So another false flag attack is on the way
    This is easily avoided stop the crap the covid virus is spent no more mandates simple by flexing force here you are digging a deeper hole
    Or is it a real false flag coming from the govt actors to bring in the WEF crap “you will own nothing and be happy “

  4. These fools never read the book about the boy who cried wolf…….????????????????????????

    The only reason we have these ex pat yanks here is no one in America was interested in their opinions. Send all these rejected Americans back to their own country and try and fix it, that’s where all the problems of the world are stemming from after all.

  5. Funny how they want to blame ‘anti vxxers’ – do they not realise they have created MORE anti vaxxers with their false narratives of ‘safe and effective’? Fools! In addition to the traditional ant vaxxers, we now have new ones like myself, previously fully vaxxed up but said no to covd shot, we have single shot covds, we have double shots no boosters, we have vax injured, we have people who know vax injured and we have wilfully vaxxed with covid shots but anti mandate. So, there are now a minority of people, just the media, public servants and a few oldies, still clinging on for dear life with their failing narrative and they think people are going to fall for a false flag? Get me off the floor! ????????????????????

  6. The real ‘domestic terrorists’ are the government and their corporate media lackeys. They terrorised, blackmailed, bribed, bullied and coerced the New Zealand population into taking a dangerous ineffective experimental ‘vaccine’.

    If that isn’t ‘terrorism’ I don’t know what is.

  7. Oh my gosh!!!! “Most likely” “they think” “could trigger” yay folks it’s a guessing game!!!!!! My favourite!!! So I’m just going to guess a few things. My guess is that big ears dumbo hipkins ( who is working closely with our legal gang the police) and has already had a trial run with the fake bomb hoax in our schools. My guess is that Covid also is a hoax and that the jab isn’t a vaccine at all!! My guess is that people not complying to getting this lethal injection could possibly trigger a ramped up response from the barnyard ( parliament) because we won’t do what we are told!!! My guess is that we are not divided enough in this nation so they are most likely inciting national fear and propaganda to turn us against each other. I think that this most likely could trigger a national response that they are not expecting. Let’s face it nz the Covid scam is over and their jab is as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike. And I think, most likely, that possibly, probably, maybe, it’s anyone’s guess

  8. Yet another self-appointed “expert” spouting the approved government party line in the hope of a big fat ‘consultant’ pay cheque. These grifters are getting a bit too obvious.

  9. Invent a problem and then provide the solution. The oldest trick in the book.
    It’s all ‘for your safety’ of course.

  10. This bloke is clearly some kind of mad tinfoil hatter ‘conspiracy theorist’ peddling dangerous unsubstantiated paranoid nonsense.

    Radio NZ should not be promoting deranged unfounded conspiracy theories.


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