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Watch: Greta Thunberg a ‘fake’ climate activist? – independent media

Video footage released last week of Greta Thunberg’s purported arrest at a coal mine protest in Germany had many asking if it was staged.

Just days after the arrest she appeared at the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos.

As she left a building rented by legacy media corporation CNBC she was approached by Ezra Levant and Callum Smiles, journalists with Canadian-based independent media outlet Rebel News.

For nearly ten minutes the two journalists put questions to Thunberg as the media scrum moved along the street. Thunberg appeared unable to answer basic questions about climate change or give her views on legitimate issues on the subject.

The activist, who is now 20, giggled off questions. Levant asked her if she was ‘a child actor.’

Clayton Morris of Redacted wondered if the ‘climate elites’ were putting on theatre to drive their personal agendas.

Social commentator Jimmy Dore believed Thunberg’s evasive and at times childish response to questions did not help her cause, nor would it win over climate change sceptics. The Rebel News platform provided Thunberg with a golden opportunity to reach audiences with cogent and persuasive arguments but she instead chose to ignore the questions. That was not a ‘good look’ – ‘it was weird’, said Dore.

‘Greta Thunberg, she has a huge platform. She’s been propped up by every news agency, every NGO, she’s getting propped up by lots and lots of people… she has a big reach and a lot of influence.’

‘So they [Rebel News] confronted her and they wanted to ask a few questions. I just want to preface this by saying she’s not a kid. She’s 20 years old… so she’s not a kid anymore. But, she acts like a kid. She acts like she’s 12 years old.

‘This is really weird… It seems to me that she has a chance to answer questions for people she’s going to have to convince so we can all get on board for this climate change thing because you can’t do it with only half the population or only a quarter of it. You have to get everybody on board. She’s an activist and she would want to reach these people and the people that watch them. It makes sense that she would want to talk to them and bring her message because that’s how you change people, with your message. She doesn’t do that. Let’s watch what she does.’

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  1. Al Gore spoke at Davos about “rain bombs”. Sounds like a song, “Rain bombs keep falling on my head…”. Perhaps Greta and Al Gore could do a duet together.

    I’ve heard that Al Gore (and many other “Elites”) own beach-front property. If they really believed in “global warming” and the sea level rises that it would generate as the ice sheets melted, then they would NOT own beach front property. I believe, therefore, that they do not believe in what they are “selling”.

    I’ve seen pictures over the last few years taken at the present time and about 100 years ago on different places on the Earth. They show that the sea level has not risen at all.

    These “green new deals” are not about creating new technology to deal with pollution but are rather money transfers: The intent is to tax United States, Europe and Australia and so on, and then give the money to Africa. The taxed people would then struggle even more to live and in Africa some of the leaders would buy weapons which would result in more wars. So just by moving money around, suffering would be created everywhere.

    Perhaps Greta should get a Physics degree and invent a solar panel that is more than 50 percent efficient, or perhaps a free-energy motor like Nicola Tesla did, or some healing technology like Raymond Royal Rife did, or some exotic propulsion like Thomas Townsend Brown did.

  2. Oh she’s a fake slright, she’s looked like that for the past how many years? She hasn’t grown older or developed. A child actor an adult acting as a child.

  3. She better show me proof that she lives in a handmade cotton tent, and sleeps on a bamboo bed before she spins the climate bs to me. Aren’t they embarrassed that people know and see their hypocrisy?

    • “Whisper it quietly – and don’t tell Al ‘Boiling Oceans’ Gore – but the Northern hemisphere may be entering a temperature cooling phase until the 2050s with a decline up to 0.3°C. By extension, the rest of the globe will also be cooled. These sensational findings, ignored by the mainstream media, were released last year and are the work of six top international scientists led by Nour-Eddine Omrani of the Norwegian Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research. Published in the Nature journal Climate and Atmospheric Science, the scientists say that the North Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, an important sea current that has been pumping warmer water into the Arctic, is weakening and that’s leading to a cooler North Atlantic area and lower temperatures, as was observed in the period 1950-1970.”

    • I think it was Al Gore 20 years ago that said we are heading into an ice age. These people just love their fear mongering. In the ’80s we were all going to die because of an ozone hole. In the ’70s we would run out of oil in 10 years.

  4. I agree that the world is overpopulated but there are other ways of reducing population than war, plague, and the sterilisation of gender confused children .
    What has been done the past 3 years is beyond the comprehension of the average human. We are horrified when a shooting kills 6 or 8 and we demand guns be confiscated. Fools. A knife, a car or arson can kill just as many.
    An army can kill thousands.
    Why do we resist even the thought that these people want to kill billions in the name of saving the planet? They have been quite open about their plans.
    Climate change is just another scam. Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Massachusets US is filled with mansions of the super wealthy and it is about the size of Stewart Island. They all like to live by the seaside and they like to live a long, long time. Haven’t you ever wondered at their longevity? Just now they are promised 100 years, but the likes of Jeff Bezos and Bloomberg are funding research which will extend this and they all live in the hope that they will be around so they can benefit from any future discoveries before their ‘expiration date’. They want to be immortal. It involves a type of vampirism. Are you surprised? And no matter what is said, this research is not for us. We are just the lab rats. https://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2022/3/human-age-reversal

    • They are physical and spiritual vampires like you say: They use Adrenochrome to extend their lives (research how it is manufactured). They create wars, genocides, starvation and then feed off the energy of fear that these things generate. They need the energy of fear in order to survive at a Spiritual level because they are “dark hearts” who have disconnected themselves from the “love energy” of the Creator by shutting down their Heart and Crown Chakras.

      The now demolished Georgia Guide Stones stated exactly their intentions in plain sight to reduce the population to 500 million: That would mean killing 15 or every 16 people on Earth.

      Also, we are teased in other ways where they explain what they do because they believe that by showing in plain sight what they do then we are consenting to it and there is no Karma, examples:

      (1) Mission Impossible 2 film came out in 2000. Greedy pharma company invents flu that kills in 2 days then invents vaccine for it so that they can release the flu and then make a lot of money on the vaccine.
      (2) Chrome internet browser whose graphics engine is called Adreno; get it?

      They want to live forever because they know what they will face afterward because of the Karmic impacts of what they have done in this life.

  5. I did not say they were spiritual vampires. I said that they seek a physical immortality which involves a ‘ type of vampirism’ which is explained in the link. Adrenochrome is not part of this research.
    These people are not frightened of karma, which they view as a poor man’s schadenfreude. They have no belief in an afterlife. They believe only in the here and now which is why they so desire immortality. The only thing which holds them back from scorching the planet is Cosmic Law which they obey because they do not know what will happen to them if they do not. Cosmic Law is ethical, not moral, hence the lies and inversions which can be passed off as philosophical argument.

  6. The Great Game. Wonderful Theatre. Sleight of hand and magical tricks. People fooled by misdirection as the actors perform and say their lines. One by one they come and go. The faces change but the song they sing remains the same. The puppeteer pulls the strings and his dolls sing and dance as he chooses. Wonderful theatre and magical tricks.

    The audience in rapture, marvel at what they see. Yet day by day the audience diminishes, their numbers failing. Fewer now. Sleight of hand and magical tricks…

  7. It’s bizarre how many gullible people actually believed this oddball ‘prophet of doom ‘ kid, it was all so obviously BS theatre right from the very start.

  8. I suspect Greta’s days in the limelight are numbered. She’s now become an embarrassing liability to her fiendish globalist overlords.


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