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Watch: New advertising campaign targets importance of keeping to the speed limit

There are no excuses to speed – that’s the simple concept of a new road safety marketing campaign which has been launched by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and NZ Police.

Superintendent Steve Greally, Police’s National Road Policing Director, says officers hear the same old excuses from drivers when they’re caught speeding, time and time again. But Police also have to witness the sometimes horrific consequences when there’s a crash. Drivers have a variety of reasons to justify their speeding and many simply don’t believe they will be caught, crash or hurt anyone.

“There’s just no reasonable excuse for speeding. We see the unnecessary harm on our roads as a result of excessive speed every day. Police are committed to making New Zealand’s roads safer, but we need everyone to play their part in reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries,” says Superintendent Greally.

“We want you to get to your destination, so slow down, drive to the speed limit and drive to the conditions. And know that you can expect to see Police out on the roads – anytime and anywhere.”

Tara Macmillan, Portfolio Manager Road to Zero, says excessive speed or driving too fast for the conditions are contributing factors in almost all crashes that either kill or seriously injure drivers and their passengers, and speed plays a crucial role in determining the severity of a crash, no matter what caused it.

“Travelling at the safe and appropriate speed is incredibly important in reducing the current level of harm on our roads. Alongside enforcement, ensuring the speed limits on streets and roads are appropriate plays a large role in keeping everyone safe, no matter how they travel,” says Macmillan.

new speed campaign

“Waka Kotahi and local councils are implementing safe speeds across the motu, contributing towards creating a safe transport system—and we want New Zealanders to do their part by driving to the conditions and under the posted speed limit.”

Through My Eyes launched on 11 December, with an initial run of digital and out of home ads. On 20 January the second portion of the campaign launched on television, radio, video-on-demand and YouTube. It is also rolling out on digital and social channels, running through February.

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  1. What a load of crap ,if they don’t want people to speed why make cars that do well over the sped limit just revenue gathering for the government

  2. Why don’t they tell the truth. The reduced speed limits across the motu are to limit the carnage caused by medical events due to the jab. And I hope the nz police gang are abiding by the rules, but I’m not convinced, “many simply don’t believe they will be caught, crash or hurt anyone “ after all didn’t one of their own just kill someone’s precious one after an all night booze fest, and got behind the wheel.🥴 Maybe when your speeding, your drink driving , your hypocrisy is removed, then the people will take you seriously when you say that “you want us to get to our destination” Get your own “net zero” you start by leading by example. Every single one of you better be obeying the law. No exceptions! Zero tolerance within your corrupt force should be your mantra! Make it happen or quit your job and start practicing what you preach.

  3. There have been ads on TV for a desire to get to a zero road toll which is impossible as that would require the complete elimination of cars as accidents can occur at even the slowest speeds…Oh wait a minute the WEF have already said they want to do away with private car ownership. This ad does not bother me as much as less accident on the road are a good thing but, Zero is impossible and would require the WEF gets their way and that does worry me..

    • Well said Winston. Guess it will come down to fitness in the end, with no cars it’ll be who can run the fastest, and I have seen some of those wef creatures and some of them have cuddly waists. In my opinion they should be really easy to catch. 😉

  4. Why not have a complete vehicle lockdown that seems to be the solution when there is a preventable death. The chances of dying from the flu are similar to getting into a vehicle fatality, public transport should be mandatory! Bring in transport mandates… and you should need to have a microchip inserted in your neck so you can ride the bus or train!! Yeah that’s a brilliant plan. All for you own safety of course

  5. The sleazy old Labour govt are planning to lower the speed limit, frustrating motorists and then accuse then of speeding when they travel at 100kmh. Its just a dirty fine/cash grab, tarted up to look like safety……guess they learnt a lot from the CONVID farce….$$$$


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