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Watch: Jab victims Casey Hodgkinson and Anthony Mo update

Pfizer mRNA experimental medication victims Casey Hodgkinson and Anthony Mo have given an update on their situation in a video posted to social media.

In the video (below) both stress the need to get the right medical professionals around you, ones that will listen, and also to get in touch with them if you are experiencing similar symptoms.

Transcript of Video:

Anthony Mo: My brain fog has cleared a tiny little bit, and it has helped with antihistamines and some other anti-depressants. But I’m still having major issues trying to form sentences and trying to say things. And just have stuttering issues, and this lack of mental clarity.

Casey Hodgkinson: I have times where I cannot even be me. I’m having what they call silent seizures, and it does feel like I’m stuck in my body when those happen. My spasms in my arms have gotten better, which were painful. Now, I’m just getting shooting pains down the arms, instead of the spasms. It’s the next part of the journey there. What we want to say overall is that if you are vaccine injured, or know anyone who has been vaccine injured, we want you to come forward and ask us about symptoms, anything you’ve been having, anything that you could tell us that we can tell you that yes we’ve had that, or we know others have had the same symptoms, and we can go through that and help you on your journey.

Anthony Mo: And please don’t do reporting to Medsafe and CARM, and go to a GP who will listen. Find a sympathetic GP. If they’re not sympathetic, if they don’t listen to you, don’t ask them why don’t you believe me? Go to a new GP and find someone who will believe you. And also, please tell them to refer to iMac (Immunisation Advisory Centre). And after that, kept looking for specialists, neurologist, cardiologist, rhuematologist and immunologist, that will look for your symptoms and give you an answer on what is going on. And if you have any vision issues, please do not hesitate to go to an Ophthamologist.

Casey Hodgkinson: We’ve both had those symptoms, we’ve had very similar symptoms, both me and Anthony, that are just strange and are not normal, and we’ve not known each other until this whole situation. So, two complete strangers dealing with very similar things after taking the jab. It’s an unusual thing that we’re having right now, and we want to know if you out there, anyone who knows someone going through symptoms we are. We’re on Facebook, we have a lot of things we’ve been dealing with, and if you want to contact us, we’re here. And we can help you through this journey, we’re going through it.

Anthony Mo: You are not alone.

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  1. Why do they keep going to the same industry that made them sick in the first place? Anti depressants, really? Man if you have not woken up from all this you never will. The doctors will try and kill you to shut you up. They tried to kill my daughter after giving her an anti psychotic which went wrong then they tried to give her MORE to finish her off! They might seem nice at first. Don’t trust any of them! They are too brainwashed or plain psychos. Do not trust nzdsos. Find a good herbalist!!

  2. I honestly cannot believe the words out of your mouth ‘go to a GP’ you are being used and manipulated, again!! this time to encourage jab victims to visit keep trusting Dr death! I’m sitting here face palming and shaking my head

  3. Thanks guys for your truths. ACC claims done I hope. Though no replacement for good health. Be careful of 5G. More major medical issues when that’s turned on.

  4. This shows the compliance of the government paid off media, as this is not apparent in NZ media and I am very sad annoyed, frustrated, fearful for these folk. I pray these two and others like them get the very best follow up as they may have huge ongoing health problems in the future.


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