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Crisis in Slovenia? Whistleblower nurse says politicians receive saline instead of mRNA jab

The eastern European country of Slovenia a person purporting to be a whistleblower nurse claims that politicians and other high ranking citizens receive saline instead of the mRNA experimental medication.

In a video on Facebook, which has been deleted by YouTube, the woman claiming to be the head nurse of the University Medical Center in Ljubljana, which takes care of receiving and managing the jab bottles for politicians, resigned and gave a press conference on the scandal.

Slovenia vaccination crisis news

During the conference she showed codes on the bottles where each contains 1, 2 or 3 digits, and then explained the meaning of those numbers.

Note: Daily Telegraph understands from our sources in Slovenia the original video has now been removed from Facebook.

Number 1 is the placebo, saline. Number 2 is a the mRNA. The number 3 is an mRNA stick that contains the onco gene, linked to the adenovirus that contributes to the development of cancer. She said those receiving the number 3 bottle will develop soft tissue cancer within two years of receiving the jab.

Slovenia fake vax news

She says she personally witnessed the jab of all the politicians and tycoons and everyone who received the number 1 bottle, claiming they received the saline solution, a placebo. This explains why the same person administers the jab to politicians when they take pictures for the media.

Some sources say, however, the claim is unsubstantiated, and that the woman continues to work in the facility and has disavowed the story as false.

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  1. Facebook have removed the video as well where she talks about the number codes. Slovenian media won’t report this. They are complicit in crimes with the government

    • We’ve known for ages they did not take the real jab. This info is useful for those who have loved ones who possibly did take the poison, need to find out how to trace the batch number back to the vial number

  2. Check out the video of Canada’s Prime Minister- Justin Trudeau and his useless beard “wife” getting their jabs. Their handlers didn’t even try to make it look real. The “nurse” administering the jab? Haha. Typical leader nonsense.

    • I watched the video. Can you point out what looks faked to you? Maybe I’m blind. Looks fine to me, although I’m definitely curious to know you see. I’ve seen videos of other politicians getting the jabs that DO look faked to my eye – but this one looks real to me, so far

      • The technician didn’t landmark or isolate the injection site with a pinch. They looked like they were trying to put a key into a lock. Technicians are trained how to properly inject patients- and that charade was not indicative of standard procedure.

      • A qualified nurse made a video pointing out that the injection was clearly fake that Trudeau got, using her trained know-how to inject, she pointed out 3 false evidences including holding the injection like a ‘dart’ and not even using the other hand to pinch the skin etc. His jab was as fake as the man himself. These political leaders are just actors on the stage to fool us into complying. Wake up folks if you want your family to survive.

        • Yep. Look up Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders alumni and see if your vaccine pushing politician is there. Gosh, Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, Jens Spahn, Tony Blair are all there for a start but I’m sure they weren’t taught to promote Schwab’s Global Reset agenda, surely? ????

  3. The Truth, Pfizer employees already show that there 3 types “vaccines” #DEPOPULATION All people who are saying that’s a lie BECAUSE they allready take 2-3 JABS and are AFRAID

  4. Is there someone who can post a translation of the video into English? That would be wonderful.

    Or, is the source available by email or phone to confirm the story?

    • Translation from translation
      Scandal in Slovenia yesterday: Google translation:
      * Yesterday in Slovenia a big scandal broke out and today the whole of Slovenia is talking about a big vaccination. The head nurse of the University Medical Center, a clinical center in Ljubljana, which takes care of receiving the bottles and manages everything, resigned, went out in front of the cameras and took out bottles with bottles of liquids.
      She showed people the codes on the bottles where each contains 1, 2 or 3 digits in the code, and then explained the meaning of those numbers. * Number 1 is placebo, saline. Number 2 is a classic bottle of RNA. The number 3 is an RNA stick that contains the onco gene, linked to the adenovirus that contributes to the development of cancer. For these bottles, number 3 says that people who received it within 2 years will have soft tissue cancer.
      * He says, he personally witnessed the sting of all the politicians and tycoons and everyone received the number 1 sting, then they received a saline solution, a placebo.
      And this explains why the same character stabs all our politicians when they take pictures for the media.

  5. Google blocked the link to this article because Google, like nearly every other large business, is run by fascist socialists colluding with fellow socialists running nearly every government. The fake pandemic, fake elections, fake, murderous, vaccines, anti-capitalist shutdowns, anti-freedom lockdowns and replacement of rights (freedom) with dictatorship privilege passports is how they are waging WWIII. Everyone involved, including politicians, billionaires, government employees, pharmaceutical company employees, military, police, hospital admin, doctors, nurses, etc. are guilty of war crimes and are fair game for the billions of people they are attacking. Take over governments, punish the criminals, seize their assets for victims, and segregate all remaining leftists (criminals) on prison islands.

    • Google wants the jabs for their AI interfacing technology. Pedos want covid and the jab rolled out for reasons of disabling parents and children and an excuse to seperate parents from children ‘for their safety’ ie no parents allowed on campus etc. Big pharma want the jab rolled out so they can sell more drugs to sick people. There are many horses in the race all colluding. Most stupid doctors don’t even read the basic info and use their common sense, they listen to corrupt vile doctors on the internet instead and follow govt advice

      • Question is: Who are big pharma going to sell all their drugs to in the future if the majority of their “customers” are dead? Is that not a bit short sighted?

        • People are being born daily. If one strata of population is holding up the advancement of the agenda then ots easier to debilitating them then inprison them. Prisons have a bad image, being sickly and dying in a western country is not unusual. Also, why did Pfizer say it needs 55 years to comply with a FOIA request on its vax? Because the toll will be taken by then. Every adult who got the shot will most likely be dead of old age or some illness by then. No repercussions then.

        • Who do u think will get ALL the money that the dead leave behind? – i.e. currently the ‘elite’ are behind BIG Pharma = who are currently being ‘paid’ by those taking their drugs, which, by the way, may be to get the money of those who have it/keep many people ‘poor’ – once ALL dead = they can then get it…thus no more need to make drugs for that purpose! Not that they need this money = but have to keep people/govts ‘poor’ in comparison to them so they can’t defend themselves ‘sort of thing’.

        • You may have missed the bit about the transhumanist agenda. But before that, you may wish to look at how the philanthropic Pfizer jab went from 4 bucks a pop to over 20 bucks in the space of a few months (the CEO mentioned uppping to over 100 over time). Once you’re hooked, you’re screwed and ideally you have less victims/patients paying more.
          There is a theory that mRNA vaccines will allow other pathologies to be triggered more or less at will (in this case cancer if we believe the #3 jab story), thus allowing the perfect business model that controls both the disease and the cure. All makes perfect sense in truth.

  6. There are many orders of magnitude more of “us” than there are of “them.” We, collectively, as the public need to all come together and destroy those misleading and ultimately killing us. These criminals include presidents, kings, queens, all their henchmen, the media, politicians, all of them. IF that is what the world’s people decided there would be NOTHING that could stop that course of action.

  7. They’ve been developing this injections for decades.
    The “England Hypothesis” (look it up) reckons they’re
    designed to produce a wide range of damages.
    Must be dozens of different ones in hundreds of
    millions of shots !

  8. In South Africa a news report went out on our national media channels last week where it was reported that one of our reputable clinics had given saline instead of the actual vaccine. When those people were recalled to get the correct vial….someone leaked it to the media. The clinic admitted the ‘mistake’.

  9. Saline Jabs have been given here in New Zealand too, Two separate locations that I am aware of. At one location, over 700 doses of saline were given by “Mistake”.

  10. Oh come on hahaha, that number with the arrow pointing to the “01”…. That big number is a Vaccine Certificate USI, not a bottle number lol. Just look up the first 10 characters online, and you’ll see that every single vaccine certificate appears to have “01” on it. So by your standards, everyone has had saline bahaha. Don’t believe everything you see

  11. We have all the evidence we need now and they are going to jail for all the crime they commited. Dead penalty to all the pedophile vaccine pushers. PROOF: Kids Will Die, Pfizer Knew. Pfizer’s War On Children Invades Canada and Israel As Experimental COVID Shots Begin To Be Injected Into 5 to 11 ????
    They’re going further than ever. Now, they need to force them into our children, children who are at no risk from Covid and do pretty much nothing to spread it. But they MUST be jabbed. It’s a religious imperative for the left, in their new coronavirus death cult. And they don’t care how many children it might hurt. Instead, the CEO of Pfizer is going around saying that people who question the official story on the vaccines are “criminals.”
    No. The real criminals are the ones imposing this medical dictatorship on us. And the crimes could be worse than that. BioTech analyst Karen Kingston is back with what she says is evidence that Pfizer knew the vaccines would disable and kill children before their latest vaccine trials even started. https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2021/11/proof-kids-will-die-pfizer-knew/

  12. This lady should’ve smuggled out a bunch of viles to be tested then gone public
    trouble is all of the equipment needed for those test is probably controlled by a Covid cult member

    Don’t forget the Report of all the deaths being caused by 5% of the lot numbers and those lots predominantly going to the republican states in the US.

    it does make sense that all of the shots could not be the same formulation as too many people would be dropping and that could be directly tied to the shot
    as it is a relatively small number of people are dropping although it appears to be rapidly picking up speed.

    Smart money
    Will evaluate the evidence
    Will study the history of similar situations
    Will ask if two and two are adding up to four
    Will ask who is benefiting
    Will look at the morbid benefit to socialist governments of removing the segment of the population that cost the most to support and are not net taxpayers taxpayers
    Will consider the governments of the past that have done just this thing
    Will ask why is the shot being forced on people
    Will ask ask why are mask so important if they have been proven to increase the spread of bacteria in clinical settings
    Well ask why 6 feet apart is so important when it has been proven in clinical settings not to do any good
    Will ask why why why why until they are able to make an informed decision.
    it does seem that smart money is telling them where to put the sand.
    Much better to Die on your feet than to live on your knees.
    Much better to trust in the providence of God then the wiles of men.

    Funny how people cheer for real men willing to die for a just cause even if alone on the scaffold but will shirk their responsibility and go along with the coward crowd knowing they should speak up.
    Sir Thomas Moore now more than ever.

  13. […] li se injectează soluție salină în loc de serul experimental Covid bazat pe ARN mesager, scrie DailyTelegraph.co.nz. Într-o filmare de pe Facebook, care a fost anterior ștearsă de YouTube, femeia, care pretinde […]

  14. I am from slovenia… and this is a true story, but is from mid July.. she also analized the vacines and found everythint that shuld not be found in it incuding uranium and similar stuf….

  15. true. why make an issue out of it? I too had the same experience. I work in the medical field and I’ve seen the vials. She’s right on the spot. It is true.

  16. Are the masses really this brain dead? I don’t trust the Governments of the World any more than you do, but let’s at least use our brains! This card shown, with the purple arrow pointing to the number “1”, which is supposed to represent the supposed “saline” shot, is just part of a number of an identification badge for an employee! NOT a vial for medication.! It is translated as: unique identifier, surname and name and a date of birth in 1979. I am lost for words at people’s gullibility and what sites will post with ZERO vetting.

  17. […] Crisis in Slovenia: Whistleblower nurse says politicians receive saline instead of mRNA jab A crisis has hit the eastern European country of Slovenia, with a whistleblower nurse telling the public that politicians and other high ranking citizens receive saline instead of the mRNA experimental medication. […]

  18. It is fake news. Daily Telegraph you should control your sources. The nurse does exist, but she is still employed at the hospital and has already denied this. This has already been proven to be fake news.

  19. ????COVID-19 Vaccines KILLED General Colin Powell who was former Secretary of State of USA❗He suffered from Severe COVID-19, even after getting injections of 2 doses of the VACCINE‼️ How many more TOP Leaders, Famous Persons and even Doctors must die due to the COVID-19 Vaccines, so that they can be declared DANGEROUS and BANNED❓
    ????If a TOP American General like Colin Powell can DIE because of the COVID-19 Vaccine injections, the Drug Makers, and the MEDIA promoting the Vaccines BLINDLY, shall soon face trouble from the American ARMED Forces. CENSORSHIP by the MEDIA shall come to an END soon‼️


  20. ????Are VACCINES spreading the COVID-19 Pandemic⁉In New Delhi, one of India’s TOP Doctors, the FAMOUS Padma Shree Award Winner, Dr K K Agrawal’s DEATH due to COVID-19, after getting the 2 doses of the VACCINE, seems to indicate that!!
    ????Strangely, Dr K K Agrawal had given many lectures on COVID-19 before his DEATH and he was also one of the most important PROMOTERS of the COVID-19 Vaccines in India! It is very IRONIC that Dr K K Agrawal got KILLED by the very COVID-19 Vaccines, which he was promoting very staunchly!!


  21. […] Fosta republică iugoslavă Slovenia se află în stare de șoc după ce o asistentă a denunțat din interiorul sistemului sanitar faptul că politicienilor și altor cetățeni de rang înalt li se injectează soluție salină în loc de serul experimental Covid bazat pe ARN mesager, scrie DailyTelegraph.co.nz. […]

  22. […] Fosta republică iugoslavă Slovenia se află în stare de șoc după ce o asistentă a denunțat din interiorul sistemului sanitar faptul că politicienilor și altor cetățeni de rang înalt li se injectează soluție salină în loc de serul experimental Covid bazat pe ARN mesager, scrie DailyTelegraph.co.nz. […]

  23. […] Fosta republică iugoslavă Slovenia se află în stare de șoc după ce o asistentă a denunțat din interiorul sistemului sanitar faptul că politicienilor și altor cetățeni de rang înalt li se injectează soluție salină în loc de serul experimental Covid bazat pe ARN mesager, scrie DailyTelegraph.co.nz. […]

  24. Where are the confirmatory lab test results of vial analysis ? This is heavy stuff- banned on Google, Facebook etc. Proof required to eliminate potential fake news. Did she keep any of the vials for lab tests ?

  25. […] Crisis in Slovenia? Whistleblower Nurse Says Politicians Receive Saline Instead of mRNA Jab WHO identifies omicron as new highly transmissible COVID-19 ‘variant of concern’ Out of Africa: The soon to be Named ‘Nu’ Variant Arrives in Europe Heavily mutated coronavirus variant puts scientists on alert ‘Worst ever’ Botswana variant now spotted in Israel as strain spreads to four countries in two weeks Belgium and Netherlands implement new COVID-19 restrictions as virus cases rise Stocks Tank on Fears of New Covid Variant, Dow Drops 890 Fauci: US Must Study Data Before Deciding on Travel Ban Over New Covid-19 Variant Dow falls over 2% as new virus variant spooks investors Vaccine Mandate Impacting Children’s Hospital’s Care for Waukesha Victims Irish senator proposes vaccine passports should be needed to buy groceries ‘General Hospital’ Actor Fired After 30 Years for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine Why is the COVID mortality rate spiking in Germany? How Amish Communities Achieved “Herd Immunity” Without Higher Death Rates, Lockdowns, Masks, Or Vaccines Vaccine Victims Share Adverse Reactions, Loss Of Loved Ones About 10,000 Marines Face Defining Moment Ahead of Vaccine Mandate Deadline At least 69 athletes collapse in one month, many dead Former Pro Calls For “Investigation” After Another Football Player Suddenly Collapses: There has been a 5-fold increase in sudden cardiac deaths of FIFA players in 2021 US leaves door open to Africa: Fauci says there will be no ban on Southern Africa travel – for now pending more study of super vaccine-resistant mutant ‘Nu’ variant – despite UK, Israel and Germany suspending all flights Unvax Tax: Expert Proposes Monthly Fines for the Unvaccinated Canadian singer Bryan Adams tests positive for COVID after flying to Italy Missouri judge says county health orders illegal and must be lifted The vaccinated sick will hate the unvaccinated because they weren’t stupid enough to blindly obey like Fauci followers did […]




    THANK Y????U

  27. Closer to real news-Dr. S. Gundry, Cardiologist, in Nov 2021 Circulation -published elevated cytokines that affect/damage heart muscle-, stay elevated for over 2 months post 2nd mRNA shot .Longer follow-up needed to learn when the body finally lowers these inflammatory compounds.

  28. This is hardly something not to believe considering what Covid is all about….

    “As a general rule, the earlier you recognize someone is trying to kill you, the better off you’ll be.” — Robert Gore, April 23, 2020

    The most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to RE-learn is that psychopaths typically are not physically violent crazies but always stealth predators (exploitative deceivers, which explains why the public has been fed a MISLEADING understanding of psychopaths). And then… the most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to gain is that a network of manipulating psychopaths ARE governing big businesses (eg official medicine), nations and the world (the evidence is irrefutable) and that, therefore, the Covid Scamdemic is a VERY DESTRUCTIVE WAR AGAINST NON-RULING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE — you and I. But that’s only ONE part of the equation that makes up the destructive human condition.

    It is NOT just a matter of “draining the swamp” at the top and we’re back to our former (sick) “normal.”

    The true, WHOLE, but “politically inconvenient” and “culturally forbidden” reality is more encompassing because “the swamp that needs draining” on a psychological and behavioral level is over 90% of people anywhere. Carefully check out “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

    Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity.


  29. “Some sources say, however, the claim is unsubstantiated, and that the woman continues to work in the facility and has disavowed the story as false.”

    Tell us these “sources”, telegraph since YOU are making that claim!

  30. This is a very urgent call to all who care!

    Please read, join and share information.

    The ‘Mainstream info bypass’ post gathers many alternative sources with the opinions of censored honest scientists, lawyers and experts. The post is bilingual in Slovene and English, similar to the y4na portal.


    The media, politics and medicine are carrying out global genocide without a doubt. Collective global action is essential for the existence of humanity.

    Dr Reiner Fuellmich: has all the evidence that pandemic is crimes against humanty!

    One of the effective solutions is the global collective quantum concentration under the leadership of dr. Grabovoi and with the support of the patented artificial intelligence PRK-1U.

    Look at comment 3:

    Light transformation of the action of dark forces Advent management! (comment3)!

    Join, spread information and save humanity!

    Some prophecies ( see the Y4NE portal ) speak of a ‘new island’ in the Pacific Ocean, where a new civilization will emerge after all the cataclysms.

    Maybe this will be New Zealand.

    The friend who gave me the link to the DT – NZ portal is very intuitive …..


  31. Ahaa, its niϲe conveгsatiօn on the topic of this artiϲle here at thіs webpage, I havе rеad all that,
    so at this tіme me also commenting ɑt this pⅼace.

  32. […] Upokojena medicinska sestra, Vera Kanalec, je v videu razkrila, da je bilo najmanj 30 % ljudem vbrizgan placebo in ne pravo cepivo, zato tudi nimajo stranskih učinkov. Ti so ostali zdravi in kot taki so idealni za nadaljnje promoviranje izjemno škodljive in nevarne genske terapije, ki so jo skrili pod naziv ‘cepivo’, da so lahko dobili dovoljenje za uporabo. O tem poročajo tudi tuji mediji. […]

    • […] Retired nurse, Vera Kanalec, revealed in the video that at least 30% of people were injected with a placebo and not a real vaccine, so they also have no side effects. These have remained healthy and as such are ideal for further promoting the extremely harmful and dangerous gene therapy, which they hid under the name ‘vaccine’ so that they could get permission to use it. This is also reported by foreign media. []

      • In some sources, we can assume that the percentage of placebo is as high as 80%. Vaccinated people should not rely on this Russian roulette, which is corrupt inhumane.

        I assume that collective vaccinations in important companies, such as electricity distribution, are 100% placebo, similar to mainstream media employees. Very immoral and unethical, but evil is just that.

  33. The second picture shows that the Slovenian Minister of Health Janez Poklukar was vaccinated with salt water – placebo. Let’s vote whether he knows or not.

    But Yoda knows this corpse dealer knows. The only thing Yoda doesn’t know and doesn’t understand is where the humanity of all these fake elites all over the world got lost.

    I monitor and compare our current conservative democratic government and the opposition liberal democracy. The conclusion is appalling. They all support vaccination.

    If we look at the United States, we see that Biden’s liberal democracy is even more totalitarian. This is normal, because such a reference is the communism of the turbo – capitalist totalitarian People ‘s Republic of China.

    Globalists have chosen the People’s Republic of China to replace the US. And the Chinese will be happy to play the role of a useful fool, partly similar to Hitler …..

    Hope remains if we look at the prophecies, especially the Apocalypse. But if evil wins, the planet will be cleansed after a cataclysm.

    Globalists do not understand that they too will fail! We are all aboard the Plandemic …. We must not dive.

    Thanks to the Daily Telegraph NZ

  34. UK Column news report dated 6.12.2021 has provided info. debunking these claims as a whole whilst the nurse is real and had outspoken re the dangers of quackcine but she was retired 10 years ago.

  35. We are hearing the same out of other nurses here in the USA that they were told to use certain vials as well and when we went to a stadium and we told them we were military they used a green marked bottle instead of red that was given to those who were not in the military. We sure wondered why. We asked the lady she said military were special. Should be from same colors as others.

  36. Whether or not this particular story is fake news is not the issue. The whole EUA vaccine push and all of the propaganda surrounding his “pandemic” will raise the suspicions of anyone capable of critical thinking. The media’s efforts to maintain a blackout on any therapeutic treatments and the serious side effects of these vaccines. Add the heavy handed governmental mandates on masking and vaccine status have created an unprecedented situation. Altogether they’ve created fear in the population and no visible way out for most of those uninformed. I pity the young kids whose parents are now vaccinating them.

  37. I wouldn’t totally discount this story. The government in New Zealand, and I understand the government in the UK as well, were forced to admit that there were “jab” vials that were saline solution. Although they did not admit that the saline solution was a specific placebo “jab” especially for them, the leaders, and other (so-called) VIPs it is pretty obvious to me that that is exactly what they are. It makes total sense amidst this panicdemic of lies, psy ops lunacy and mandated “vaccines” that are dangerous, ineffective and contain strange (unlisted) ingredients that don’t appear to serve any role in the product.


    To avoid browser censorship and blocked links, I suggest that you enter all Internet addresses directly in the address bar at the top.

    Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi calls on medicine to stop the vaccination catastrophe

    I join the call and share the sadness and hurt with this famous German scientist with a big heart who is brutally censored in all msm.

    But …..

    Every human being has great potential that the enemies of humanity do not have…. Let’s unite our strengths in collective information management according to the methods of dr. Grabovoi and stop evil and liberate humanity. Let us concentrate on the numerical string IMMEDIATE STOPPING THE NEGATIVE ACTION. Synchronized collective concentration exponentially increases the effect. We can organize this through local FB and similar groups.


    More information and detailed instructions on this can be found in my post – link below. But do not be afraid and do not doubt your abilities. You don’t have to believe, but concentrate to create the quantum effects of your consciousness. Dr. Grabovoi offers its technologies to all people for the salvation, development and well-being of humanity.

    Stopping evil or cataclysm of the planet

    Please see reports of successful treatments according to the methods of dr. Grabovoi on page 6 of my portal.

    Page 6

    Find out more on the English parts of my portal – links below.

    Home page

    Page 6

    Page 7

    Forum category in English

    People in many countries are suffering terribly from the plandemic and vaccination terror of their dictatorial government regimes. Let’s help the world and ourselves. Learn to manage information. Practice makes perfect.

    My ‘onemanband’ resources are too modest to be able to communicate instantly on forums. I apologize if I haven’t answered anyone. However, I would like to hand over useful collected information to help all those interested.



    Here is evidence of the solutions offered, which have been ignored by corrupt politics, medicine and the media in almost all countries.

    Offer of free of charge aid in protection against COVID-19

    The link below provides a wealth of information and solutions for patients with covid19 and for harmonizing the adverse effects of new vaccines.

    Protective and healing technology for all viruses, including the coronavirus


  40. Bank account of Mrs. B. Beović – President of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia


    That lady often changed her affiliation with political parties. Therefore, it is very likely that she also changed this bank account. I received the information via gmail from an unidentified sender and put it here as such. But Ms. BB is a very ardent supporter of compulsory vaccination in Slovenia. Perhaps, however, her zeal is sponsored by our ‘friendly’ globalist eugenicists …..

    Thanks to the Daily Telegraph NZ


  41. Delirium

    Observe the actions and reactions of your politicians, medicine and the media. They are not in touch with the reality of vaccination like the average person. The usual explanations for the global vaccine one-mindedness are incomplete. Vaccination agitators and decision-makers are in a state of delirium with rare individual exceptions.

    What are the possible causes of non-confrontation and human unresponsiveness to the vaccination disaster, which should have already stopped the vaccination agenda? In addition to several possible common causes, I assume hidden reasons. The first reason could be technological control over these people through VIP placebo vaccines, which could include chips and other means of transhumanization.

    The following is a link to the disclosure of such a router in Pfizer. Some will also remember Merkel’s unexplained tremors ….. We cannot have positive expectations from transhumanized decision-makers! Perhaps their unethically silenced VIP placebo vaccination was a hidden trap. They were caught in a noose set up by the top chiefs of the deep NWO state.

    Micro-router found in Pfizer vaccine

    Some sources suggest the possibility of VIP duplicates and even clones. But it is better to rely on your own observations and logic. These two tell me that transhumanized figures are brutally uncompromisingly, ruthlessly, antisocially, illogically, and inhumanely forcing a genocidal vaccination crime against humanity.

    I am adding information about 3 days of the night, in which I believe less than 30%. But it is better to know than not to know. I believe more in the messages of the biblical Apocalypse – up to 80%. So far, I have managed to explain a considerable part of the symbolic messages. It is essential, however, that evil is eventually defeated.

    3 days of darkness

    Biblical Apocalypse

    Now is the time of the Apocalypse and the seal of the beast is a vaccination certificate. The dragon obviously means reptilian masters over humanity. And so on.

    I dedicate my comment to the anniversary of my father’s departure from this world 12 years ago.


    • Other possible reasons for global vaccination one-mindedness

      Among the very possible influences are the activities of demons, larvae and other types of entities, such as invisible members of other races from higher dimensions. I equate demons with Arkons. I noticed the demonic-looking entity at my former dentist, presumably a larva from a neighbor who died of cancer soon after. Beings of light and friendly higher races are at war with the hostile entities of darkness and will drive them off Earth.

      I want to add another argument that I do not reveal my identity with a picture and a real name. In the past, it turned out that I inadvertently felt the problems of people who thought of me, or I thought of them. This manifestation of empathy can be quite stressful. And that’s one of the important reasons for my guerrilla hiding. This is the esoteric reason according to C. Castaneda.

      People do not be afraid and do not hate anyone, this is the message from my dreams today. Rather enjoy my winter walk on Ljubljana’s Rožnik a few years ago.

      Rožnik in winter


  42. They never name these “some sources”. Why is it? What are they afraid of to name the sources ? But they name the whistle blower….Hmmm, very strange.

  43. VIP placebo vaccine doses (1) are not ‘neutral’.

    This was shown by the death of EU Parliament Speaker David Sassoli. He was fully vaccinated and also boosted. This was said by a whistleblower from the EU Parliament even before he died, which has been verified through a friend of mine who works with this doctor’s sister.

    The links below reveal the extent and depth of the criminal genocidal conspiracy of vaccine manufacturers. These links also explain Sassoli’s belated death as a result of vaccination. The media continues to carefully obscure and conceal this, even though the EMA has announced that vaccination destroys the immune system.

    Reiner Fuellmich: “New Findings… Enough to Dismantle the Entire (VAX COVID) Industry!”

    On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination

    Premeditated Mass Murder?! Dr Michael Yeadon Joins Reiner Fuellmich To Discuss Genocide Clues

    Dr. Mike Yeadon: Latest Evidence of Premeditated Mass Murder by Lethal Injection!

    Prof. Udi Qimron: ‘Ministry of Health it’s time to admit failure.’

    Corona plague in numbers

    The DTNZ editorial team has been accepted into the ‘Elite Virtual Rapid Response Unit’ for its contribution to spreading the truth around the world. Here is Yoda’s choice of music to donate to the team and readers.

    Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising


  44. Treatment of vaccinated people and residual symptoms of covid19 disease

    I have prepared a compilation of possible solutions with technologies based on the Teachings of dr. Grabovoi. This can help affected people in the present and future especially with the support of PRK-1U artificial intelligence.

    Treatment of vaccinated and long-term symptoms of recovered covid-19 patients

    I saw a clip of the Maori HAKA (battle) dance in front of the NZ Parliament, which was just spectacular. On this occasion, I would also like to present the anthem of the Virtual Elite Rapid Intervention Unit. The anthem will be played in honor of Nurse Kanalec and DTNZ, who are honorary members of this unit.

    Laibach – The Whistleblowers

    The truckers protesting around the world are all activists of the new liberation front of the world, so the anthem is for them as well. Yoda is joking, but he is thinking very seriously.

    To implement Grabovoi’s new quantum technologies, we must first free our minds from the old paradigm and learn, learn, learn.

    PS: Laibach is the old German name for Ljubljana and the group was an intelligent provocateur even in the old communist ex-yu regime.


  45. Urgent – alarming info
    New sources and information with currently unverified status.
    Only warm beer is worse than an angry midwife (e.g. Cindy), but even worse is Schwab’s global reset

    United Network News

    Kimberly Ann Goguen: Universal Council = Trump, Black sun, ets, and who controls the world

    Special UNN Report with Kimberly Goguen

    How Trump’s vaccines prevent the Great Reset and save humanity?

    CANADA HAS FALLEN: The once-free nation is now under UN occupation and globalist control, with no mechanism remaining for peaceful return to democracy

    A Nation Under Threat by their Government – Australia’s Quarantine Camps


    Light transformation of the action of dark forces

    The information is, to put it mildly, controversial, but what is happening somehow confirms it. The great Slovenian writer Ivan Cankar wrote 100 years ago: ‘The nation will write its own judgment, ….’.

    What should I say at the moment about UNN? This may be the work of the Galactic Federation (Exopolitics) through quantum communication, or it may be a new deception of the Deep State.

    Yoda recommends everyone sober to use Grabovoi’s technologies urgently. These technologies work proven and reliably in accordance with and for the highest standards of human existence.

    For example, we use the ‘Light Transformation of Dark Forces Action’ protocol (in a genocidal conspiracy against humanity). We can use only selected parts of the protocol, or the whole.


  46. Freedom and dignity for all people

    Grand Jury – dr. Reiner Fuellmich

    Work of Grand Jury – online – Day 1 – February 5th, 2022

    Website of Grand Jury

    NARRATIVE #79 | Reiner Füllmich (interview)
    https://youtu.be/SXS-rdu07QI T

    Reiner Fuellmich telegram channel

    Website of Investigation Committee

    Video channel of the investigation committee


  47. ALL ‘World Leaders’ have had saline injections except for the Governor of California, who was jabbed with the actual, untested bio-weapon Covid-19 vaccine.
    When he got sick for two weeks, he was overheard by an alternative news reporter that he was “supposed to get the saline injection’ on camera as part of the VISUAL LIE!
    Saline injections are a well-known fact now for the PTB and their middle-minions.
    But, the MM’s will all be thrown under the bus when the PTB have had their use of them…!
    (source; Jay Parker ‘Illuminati Sex Abuse Part lll)

  48. I witnessed this here in NZ. A colleague of mine took dose 1 which was labeled 01 and 3 weeks later took dose 2 labeled 02 Dose 2 caused micro blood clots, tested using a D dimer blood clot test Luckiy to have survived. I have witnessed a 16 year old male family member diagnosed with pericarditis after his experimental shot..And another running colleague with her smart watch telling her something was very wrong the day after the clot shot Diagnosed myocarditis . I have attended multiple funerals with people that just seem to drop dead I have seen cancer rates explode amongst my friends with 2 family members dead. I don’t care what you think about my statement whether you think I,m telling the truth or not just go read page 30 from the court ordered Pfizer safety documents. I have. Samdog

  49. I have recently made an official information request asking if any of the 58 batches of the Pfizer jabs rolled out in New Zealand were placebos, and if so, which batches.

  50. […] ‘Stunning’: The Real Reason Health Officials Won’t Let Independent Scientists Examine mRNA Vaccine Vials https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/mrna-covid-vaccine-vials-data-leak-cola/?itm_term=homeA data leak suggests the real reason health officials don’t want individual vaccine vials examined by independent scientists is that the vials are all different — and the mRNA in the shots is not intact.   https://dailytelegraph.co.nz/covid-19/crisis-in-slovenia-whistleblower-nurse-says-politicians-receiv…https://www.howbadismybatch.com/ […]

  51. […] ‘Stunning’: The Real Reason Health Officials Won’t Let Independent Scientists Examine mRNA Vaccine Vials https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/mrna-covid-vaccine-vials-data-leak-cola/?itm_term=homeA data leak suggests the real reason health officials don’t want individual vaccine vials examined by independent scientists is that the vials are all different — and the mRNA in the shots is not intact.   https://dailytelegraph.co.nz/covid-19/crisis-in-slovenia-whistleblower-nurse-says-politicians-receiv…https://www.howbadismybatch.com/ […]

  52. UPDATE: Official Information Request was replied to regarding placebo doses of the Covid vaccine in New Zealand. There were no placebo vaccines or batches. That was the official reply from the Ministry of Health.

  53. Doctor claims GRAPHENE sheds from vaccinated to unvaccinated resulting in destroyed blood cells, clots


    Experts were warning of intelligent dark matter of extraterrestrial origin even before the C19 plandemic began. At the time, I found the tale of black intelligent matter of extraterrestrial origin terrifying, but I took the story with a grain of salt.

    We are now in the midst of real negative consequences and most warnings have fallen on deaf ears. A certain optimism is given by the fact that the genocide has not taken such a scale for now as predicted by uncorrupted scientists and planned by satanic globalists.

    I see the reason for mitigating the consequences of eugenic intentions in the actions of Dr. Grabovoi, groups and individuals working with his technologies and perhaps with the covert help of friendly aliens.

    In any case, Grabovoi’s number series for ‘reduction of unwanted consequences of new vaccines’ 2487498 is still relevant and very important.


  54. Mass heart attack after 5G activation in South Korea!
    Pfizer has not yet said whether 5G also kills the placebo vaccinated.

    Max Igan – TheCrowhouse

    Max Igan on the ‘stampede’ in South Korea (en /exyu)

    Video of the consequences of the ‘5G stampede’ in South Korea


  55. The deep background of the plandemic is revealed

    Former ‘Men in Black’ Operative Exposed the Alien Agenda, as Well as ‘Predicted’ the COVID Outbreak Several Years Ago (Joseph Spencer – confession)

    Why are there fortunately fewer victims than the dire predictions for now?

    A possible explanation and gratitude can be attributed to: a) the work of dr. Grabovoi and the users of its information technologies, b) the operation of the INTERGALACTIC FEDERATION together with the Earth Alliance.

    Dr. Grigori Grabovoi – world
    Health and youth with dr. Grabovoi
    The Prophesied ‘Second Coming’ ET Motherships, Webb Telescope & Congressional Legislation
    Elena Danan – Intergalactic tribunal for evil Colonizers of Earth



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