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Watch: Kiri Allan vows to bring in ‘hate speech laws’ before the next election

The Minister of Justice has promised implementation of the controversial laws.

Allan was speaking to Jessica Mutch McKay on this morning’s Q+A with Jack Tame programme.

‘I will be making announcements on hate speech by the end of this year,’ Allan told Mutch McKay.

‘I guarantee that I’ll be introducing law that I intend to have concluded and put into law by the next election.’

A clip of the hate speech law discussion part of the interview was shared on Twitter:

The full interview is now available on YouTube:

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  1. Who decides what is a hate speech?
    Jacinda Arden? or her subservient subagents such as Kiri Allan et al?
    Luxon or his poodles?
    STUFF & other MSM mercenaries?

    If lies and narratives are brought to public discussion, it can be termed as “hate” speech and then censored and the person is not only cancelled but piunished.

    We do have sufficient laws such as the defamation statues. On general matters, public interest litigation statutes can be relied on by the government.

    Are they going to appoint a national body with experts who have judiciary experience to decide what constitues “hate” speech? Or it is going to be just the unqualified “fact checkers” of Big Media & Big Tech?

    Jacinda’s regime imported this from the failed “Ministry of Truth” created by the Biden regime. Obviuosly, this tyrannical tool is part of the armoury of the WEF new world order agenda.

    It is only a matter of time “thought crime” will be something the police will be spending their time on. A large part of the resources will go into monitoring who is posting what in social media. Remember the pregnant lady in Australia was arrested in Melbourne and harrased in a inhumane way.

    A person has the right not to like due to religious and personal beliefs. A devout Christian or Muslim may not like to be liking prostitutes. Are they not entitled to talk on the immoralaity prostitution? In the same spirit, a person concerned about human rights may not like the presstitutes of the MSM who did the propaganda on behalf of Big Pharma. Are they going to call an individual’s opinion on the MSM presstitutes as “hate” speech?

    We are entering the next stage of control by the facist tyrannical regime. Having tasted the control of kiwis under the pandemic laws, the regime wants more of it and hence the new law.

    • Agree they have essentially finished with the Jabs, the damage is done. Next stop the boot on the neck. The destruction of farming. Ramping up racial hatred and division through co-govenance. Closing down 4G. Going after Independent media. Maintenance of high prices. And on it goes… Yep we’re heading to hell…

    • They imported it from George Orwells 1984:


      “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

  2. Farm emissions tax, NPSIB national policy statement on indigenous biodiversity, 3 waters, “vaccine” mandates, hate speech laws. I could go on, that’s enough to guage where NZ is going

  3. Will Labour last another 6 months?
    Who will adjudicate if a Maori puts down a Pakeha? Will proportionate ethnicity be a decider?
    KIck out the incompetent Labour Ministers.
    Will it be hate speech to criticise the PM for incompetence?

    • Do you think things will get any better if you vote in the woke cuck Luxon? Its game set and match to the Bolsheviks.
      Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote gulag archipelago and received a Nobel prize for it, he also wrote `two hundred years together` that novel was never translated into English, why? who was the other party? who owns all the publishing houses? who owns the media? why wasn’t it translated? would the people who committed the biggest genocide in the history of the world cover their tracks?

      • I’m hopeful that Ardern’s lot will throw in the towel as they struggle to handle the financial problems ahead. Pooh Bah is the imperfect Finance Minister.
        Voters are fed up so Luxon and coy will have to be more compliant too. ACT will help and Wnston if his health is OK.
        NZ is on the brink of revolt. One more Maori promotion may sink them all.

        • Make no mistake: ALL parties in parliament have forced NZ people to give up their freedom, autonomy of body, livelihood and employment. ALL OF THEM!
          And that two-faced lawyer Winston is what he is.
          Hell hath no fury but mothers scorned!

    • We will….start taking screen shots. There are multiple people we can implicate. Let’s start with the obvious ones like Willie Jackson and some of the other MPs. There are some really nasty left wing activists on Twitter as well. Some of them even have to have private AND public accounts so they can spew their racist bile to their little echo chambers of fellow ‘academics’ behind closed doors. Yeah that’s right, we’ve been watching ya – and taking screenshots. Don’t get too comfy! haha!

  4. Even though it is called “hate speech law”, it also covers the so called mis/dis/mal info which they will declare anyone disagreeing with the narrative.

    • ????Orwellian Newspeak????

      People of ‘Oceania’ spoke the same language. But it was essential that all citizens speak it in the same way using the approved terms of ‘Newspeak’. The intellectual purpose of Newspeak was to make approved thoughts the only expressible thoughts.

    • Sadly, she’s actually an electorate mp who won her seat from national in 2020. Part of the red wave. Red used to equate with communism, now it’s straight out fascism. Both are equally as bad as each other.

  5. Hmmmmm…..river of filth, white mofo…..pale stale male…..caucausity….coloniser…..middle class white boy….cis men…pale lot….gross white men….cis het women and my personal favourite slur of all time to people like me who were born here 6th generation NewZealander….apparently I am a ‘settler’.

    I actually find ‘honky’ and ‘pakeha’ offensive as well.

    So yeah check yourselves you unbelievable hypocrites. Goes both ways and if this ridiculous law is passed then I will be making DAMN sure the self righteous thin skinned lot who think they can can deal out hate to people like me without being held accountable are made an example of. I will be watching.

    Nga Mihi ????

    • I should clarify……all those names I quoted above I got from a quick look at just a few people on Twitter, some in very high government paid jobs……so yeah a bit of time for some self reflection huh?

      Nga Mihi ????

  6. Totalitarianism 101: take away their right to criticise those in power……just look at how this has played out in Germany.

    • Yeah, and that’s where edjewcation comes in: show me one NZ youth who would have any clue about history and I show you an informed citizen, eligible to vote.

  7. It is becoming very common to attack farmers by STUFf like sh*t media and wokes on social media such as FaceBorg. A sample is reported here


    No. Food must be used as weapon for population reduction and control of sheeples. Wokes will use their tyranny to steal food and will not hesitate starve famers. This is already happening in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe where farmers cannot make ends meet and even commit suicide. This is slowly spreading to Europe and other Western countries. Farming is deliberately made unprofitable as well as farmer hate is spread.

  8. Looking forward to this all the hate speech and hate discrimination against the unvaxxed. Bring it in and sue the backsides off everyone responsible

  9. Vote for the alternative third parties…
    This woman had the best in cancer treatment, while Pakeha women have been delayed with theirs, resulting in death in some cases!
    Can’t be anything untoward going on here, could there????
    Willie J., and the rest of the communist factions are allowed to spew off their rhetoric and their vengeful hate in the form of barring ‘Hate Speech’ (please define: I can’t find it in Black’s Law Dictionary) when in fact they are using the same just as the Zio-Communists are doing with ‘Anti-Semitism’…adjusted for the modus of MLK.


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