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Watch: Liz Gunn interviews Counterspin – explosive revelations

Liz Gunn talked to Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer on Friday for an update on the court proceedings and upcoming shows planned for The People’s Platform.

Alp confirmed his belief that police had been following them since February this year – this had been confirmed in police documents disclosed to them in the course of the current court case.

However, police tracking of Alp had started well before then.

‘We’ll be doing a show soon where we’ll focus a lot about my background because that’s been called into question by all these so-called ‘freedom fighters’. It’s basically digital noise, they’ve never accomplished anything in their lives and yet they feel it’s their right to bring others down who’ve actually got experience and know what’s coming down the pipeline and are trying to warn people about it, including my assassination attempt arranged by a senior police officer back in 2001 when I was living in Wellington. I will bring all this out.

‘We’ll also talk about Solomon Islands corruption – suitcases of cash in diplomatic mail to bribe politicians to bring down the Sogovare government through a vote of no confidence, the illegal taking out of Julian Moti of the Solomon Islands under retrospective legislation in Australia. I have it all. And I’m going to drop bomb after bomb after bomb until people realise that the facts and evidence are on our side, and the others have got nothing, absolutely nothing, and I’ll tear them a new one.’

Spierer added there had been a ‘massive coverup about New Zealand’s true history. Part of what they’re doing now is just trying to create further division between Maori and the rest of the people that live in New Zealand with 3 Waters and He Pua Pua legislation and this is all coming down through the United Nations. Critical Race Theory – Marxists love it, it’s just more divide and conquer.’

‘When are you coming back?’ asked Gunn.

‘We’ll be coming back as soon as possible and our first episode will be calling out Jacinda Ardern, and we’ve got a list pf questions we’ll be asking,’ said Alp.

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  1. Thanks Kelvin & Hannah. Counterspin is an excellent addition to free speech. What is wrong with an online media that covered the Parliament protest gathering? You showed us live fooage throughout NZ and the culmnation in the Police brutality at Parliament. I saw Police picking out protestors and signalling to their mates to tackle them while they waited for others to take the tackled on’es feet and drag them into a small Police mob. The tackled were doing nothing. It seemed sufficien to be in the front row.

    The charges preferred againt them are outrageous. Justice has fled from NZ. Is the PM on a personal glory mission trying to prevent others outside reading him lawfully in their own jurisdictions. Does NZ now censor the world.

  2. 3 of New Zealand’s freedom warriors right here! ????????????????????????. Thanks so much for what you do guys – we are 100% behind you all. This was an awesome listen thank you.

    The truth doesn’t mind being questioned- so why is our government so hell bent on shutting us up? Have they been hiding things? Are they afraid of FREE SPEECH? Are the scared of the TRUTH? What is so bad about FREEDOM? Yes, we all know the answer to that. These people do not represent us, they are only for themselves. Self serving hypocrites with no respect for taxpayers money.

    Thanks to Daily Telegraph too for giving keeping us up to date as some of us aren’t on social media (and at this late stage don’t want to start lol ????) ????????????

  3. Wow. It’s genuinely shocking that the NZ Police behaved in this appalling unethical unlawful manner. The forced DNA collection was beyond shameful and incredibly sinister.

    • I agree, it’s disgusting. As for the “i’m just doing my job” if someone tells me that I will tell them that’s what the people who closed the door on the gas chambers and flicked the switch said as well, and that Nazis were socialists- the same as this govt. Do these police want to be on the right side of history? Do they want to be this govts little SS? Walk away from treating your fellow citizens like this if you have any integrity. Shame on those police. They are fast losing any respect.

      • You need to do some research into the ‘gas chambers’ and then do some critical thinking.
        Then look at the definition of fascism and you will see that New Zealand is more fascist than the 3rd Reich.


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