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Watch: Masking children – All harm, no benefit

Masking children news

CoronavirusPlushie publishes new video refuting the government’s mask-wearing science.

Ofsted (the UK’s Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) says lockdowns and face mask wearing have left a generation of our youngest children struggling to crawl, walk, talk, dress themselves, make friends – even to go to the toilet unaided, according GB News presenter Neil Oliver.

The video features opinions from leading world scientists, working in Oxford, Harvard and Stanford universities, to name a few, demonstrating the wearing of face masks by children in schools is all harm, and no benefit.

  • ‘There is not a single randomised study, still, that demonstrates the efficacy of mask-wearing in children’ – Professor Dr. Jaya Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine, Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute.
  • ‘There is no evidence of whether masks in schools reduce the uncertainty about whether they work or not’ – Professor Carl Heneghan, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford University.
  • ‘They don’t need it [ie. face mask] for their own protection, and they don’t need it for protecting other people either’ – Dr. Martin Kulldorf, Epidemiologist and Biostatistician, Harvard University.
  • ‘I think people should not bother with face masks’ – Prof. Michael Baker * [Yes, you read that correctly].

This video is the latest in a series on face masks produced by CoronavirusPlushie, featured on DTNZ:

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  1. No benefit??? Thetre is lot of benefits to the tyrannical regime and their fake experts. Children are indoctorinated at a young age to think that the Government’s order must be obeyed, even if there is no benefit to them and unlawful. This helps to indoctorinate further in gender ideology, premature sexual deviance etc. It also helps to breakdown the family bond; for example to scar-monger parents that they will get covid from their children and suffer a lot even though children are not severly affected by covid. In short, it helps with the NWO satanist agenda of control and mass psychological manipulation. This is a conspiracy fact and NOT theory.

    Fake experts, like Baker, who will only use evidence favourable to his narrative and not the full evidence, are rewarded with more research grants, and state honours and possibly a place in the Bill Gates plan to have an Army of experts to mandate future pandamic jabbing etc through WHO (which is not withdrawn fully and waiting for reconsideration after few years).

    Jabcinda like agents score a political point with children because they are told that they are doing the right thing etc.

    When it comes governments, children are made to trust rather than question their actions. This is going to impact the children’s general awareness, whcih is good for the political agents. So there is immense benefits to the enforcers and not to the children obviuosly.

  2. I am proud to say my son started term 3 maskless with our full support and encouragement. He was singled out by a teacher for not wearing a mask but he just ignored her. As others saw his courage to not wear a mask, they too quickly followed suit. I can now report that he said there may only be one or 2 people wearing a mask in any given class he takes. I call this a victory and he has learnt a vital lesson in human behaviour.


  3. Dr Baker’s wilful ignorance regarding the ‘benefits’ of masks is beyond quackery.
    This dangerous man appears to be driven entirely by virtue signalling and ego gratification.

  4. Baker actually stated in a 2020 interview _video is on internet – that there is no value in wearing masks and the are not required. Time to get rid of Big Government Socialism! (i borrowed that phrase) Woke, leftist self ingratiating hooligans in disguise who only think of themselves and who take money from the Govt so they can be Govt hit squads against the people that tell the truth. Karma.

  5. What started off as disbelief morphed into anger and is now white hot fury. Michael Baker should be forced to wear a mask 24 hours a day for the rest of his life. I can’t even write what I think about this as it would be censored into next millennium

  6. Well done. Our son is in year 3 and we have told him not to wear masks. For some some classes, he shares the same room as year 4 students who are mandated to be masked by the school. We have written to the Principal and his teacher that under no circumstances we want him wearing masks. Some of the worst culprits are teachers. one would think with their academic background, they would at least follow logic- fat chance!


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