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Watch: Michael Baker’s face mask misinformation debunked by world experts

Michael Baker news

A recent video published on CoronaVirus Plushie’s Rumble channel makes a mockery of Michael Baker’s face mask claims.

In a recent interview with NewsHub Nation, Baker presents his case for the wearing of face masks in public, schools and social settings.

However, an authoritative body of scientists and medical experts around the world disagree – face masks don’t help to protect you at all, and they cause significant psychological damage to children.


Did wearing face masks contribute to an increase the number of cases and deaths?

Articles about the above two studies

Other videos, articles and studies on the harms of face masks

Criticism of Bangladesh study


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  1. Dear Dr. Baker,

    I have one simple question for you. Will you attend, and pay for, the funeral of any of my grandchildren who dies as a result of your call for them to wear a mask at school or anywhere else. Make that two questions. When you have finally come to your senses, and recanted your position, will you apologise to all New Zealanders and admit that you are a total ass, and have been all the way through the Covid pandemic. Either one would do. Sincerely,

  2. Real world class academics are usually shy of the media. Only low quality academics go aftewr the media to promote themselves, become popular, and therby take a shortcut for promotion to a higher position and funding. Baker fits the later type of academic personality. If you peel their research, you wont find any significant contribution other than certain narratives and opinions, poorly validated, presented as “research”.

    The mask issue is well settled in the scientific literature. There is no significant gain interms of acquiring or spreading viruses. WHO did correctly advise in the beginnoing and later on changed its stance due to political reasons and ot becuause of science. A highly politicalised WHO, a puppet of Bill Gates, was forced to provide a bad advice. If there is any moral strength or integrity, Baker type of academics, the mask issue would not be even something that will be debated. Baker, a low quality selfish poodle, has become a snake oil merchant for Agent Jabcinda, who wants to subjucate kiwis for the WEF agenda. Masking is a matter of controlling and preparing the public for the “new world order”. Baker type of poodles are a curse.

    • Spot on. And the worse thing is, he knows he’s lying, which means he’s been given guarantees in terms of his reputation and funding. I mean, the stupidity of claiming that school children can make effective masks to protect themselves and their whanau from a coronavirus .. and to advocate for general use of respirator type masks for adults, is beyond insanity. Yet he is the chosen one, prostituting himself in a bid to get some recognition that he would never otherwise get, because he’s a beta male and a second or third rate “scientist”.

      • Baker boy is a criminal like his boss vaxcinda. Like she is making millions from the CONVID clot shot, he is making millions from being the marketing boy for mask manufacturers.

        Aside from no benefit and ACTUAL harm done by masks, it’s been an environmental disaster, much bigger than plastic bags. Everywhere, roadsides, parks, waterways……..where the hell is that other mouse, the Green Party leader?? Why the F is he not complaining about the damage the masks is doing to the environment?? I suppose he is too busy advocating climate change hoax.

        My God, this is beyond unbelievable!!

        • To be honest it doesn’t help anyone when people make claims like this. Can you prove that they are making millions from promoting masks? ie: is Michael Baker receiving research funding from mask manufacturers? That may be a conflict of interest.

          If not then please don’t post this.

  3. I really want to knock this pos michael bakers block off, and susie wiles is working with NZ Royal Society of which the fake GG is Chair of – saying exactly the same thing.
    Soon they will declare that only women need to wear facemasks and then we can be New iSLAM. tHES POS WILL REGRET WHAT THEYVE DONE AND DOING TO nz.

  4. Two tales that illustrate the level of insanity currently governing the Health system.
    About a month ago I went to an 80th birthday party. There were about 80 – 90 guests, the vast majority of us in our 70s and 80s, not a mask in sight, vaxxed and unvaxxed, lots of hugging. Two or three days later we found out there were three carriers in our midst. No-one got sick.
    Someone close to me is in advanced dementia. Last week he took a turn for the worse, wasn’t eating, too weak to stand and looked close to the end. I called the ambulance. The Ambos first said they couldn’t take him to hospital because the ED was chocka*. I said he needed to see a Doctor for assessment so we could get some home help and we could not get him there. They understood the situation, rang the local Hospital and got permission to bring him in.
    I followed over and found that, on admission, he had tested positive for Covid. I (unvaxxed and having been very close, unmasked with him for days) tested negative.
    A very good doctor, rolling her eyes at the manifest stupidity of the rule, informed me that, against her better judgement, he had to be transferred to the Covid isolation ward an hour and a half away. She then phoned the city Hospital and told me that the staff there also thought it stupid but it had to be done. This was despite a second, negative test.
    We were told he could have no visitors. We were told he would not be released to home care as the house was inadequate by his “Social Worker” who confessed she had neither inspected the home nor even met the patient yet!
    *Note the Emergency Department presentation figures each years during May:
    2017: 98,192
    2018: 99,767
    2022: 92,242
    The system is broken and it is not the bug that did it. UK Column News thinks it is deliberate in Britain at least.

  5. We no longer listen to this self-delusional Big Pharma stock holding ‘Dr’ Baker, not to Dr. Rod ‘I’m Triple Vaxxed’ Jackson, Chrissy Hipkins (aka Howdy Doody) and our dear darling PM, Comrade Jabsinda…!
    And that does include the contemptable MSM who are actually seen sniggering if not outright laughing at us thinking that we all bought the lie…while they bully those who are not vaxxed (see the Liz Gunn interview with Steve Oliver at UtubeKiwi re; Hillary Barry and her hypocrisy, double standards and narcissistic behaviours).

    • They are all bought out thugs masquerading as experts!

      Remember when that Susie Viles woman broke the lockdown rules and was seen on the beach miles from her home. Judith Collins called out the hypocrisy but she was vilified by the MSM!

  6. Curse of Jacinda. Whatever she touches goes down the drain.
    New Zealand Proves Too Expensive & Second Worst Country to Migrate
    Expats in New Zealand struggle the most with their Personal Finance (52nd): they rate the general cost of living (75% vs. 35% globally) and their financial situation (30% vs. 21% globally) negatively. It might play a role that 32% do not feel fairly paid for their work (vs. 20% globally). Since 15% also do not see a purpose in their work (vs. 9% globally) and 26% do not like their working hours (vs. 17% globally), New Zealand only ranks 42nd in the Working Abroad Index.

  7. have seen before masks do not work and can actually cause health problems. Masks are about terrifying people and getting people to conform.

  8. Baker can shove his mask where the sun don’t shine. This guy isn’t an a academic. What has he achieved? When has he been right? He seems to be nothing more than an undereducated overpaid parrot who seems to enjoy the limelight who has somehow become a default mouthpiece for covid hysteria.

    The mask holes and vaxholes can join him.

    If they want to live in fear fine, go have 10 more boosters, double mask, do whatever the F*K they please, but just stop transferring your state of fear and anxiety onto others, take responsibility for yourselves and if you are that flipping scared then STAY HOME.

    I won’t tolerate it anymore. Any shops who insist on it then I will take my $$$ elsewhere and any other busy body who says anything to me about masks/vaccines will be sure to get the sharp end of my tongue and a bit of food for thought.

  9. Michael Baker is simply a third-rate snake oil salesman.

    His relentless dishonest emotive divisive hyperbolic fear-mongering is truly nauseating.

    I truly wish he would bugger off and mind his own business.

  10. It would be an immensely gratifying sight to see Baker and all his ilk crawling from cave to cave in the hills in their old ages, pursued relentlessly by a manic, merciless population hell-bent on maximum retribution for the filthy, fatal tricks they foisted on masses of ordinary people. Let it be so.


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